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As we saw in the previous episode, King and all his friends have left for their new adventure , now they have reached some distance in the desert, they are half way there, they are asking that they will not go to the next city with King. Can because after here they have to go somewhere else there they have very important things. Let's go to the next city and we will talk about it comfortably. There is a very powerful gang in the lower city, they call themselves the Blood Gang and there is also a Lone Wolf Cain . They are telling that when we will reach the university then we will have to collect all these gold gold water fire earth there, they.

Are talking about punch tokens so that they can go to lower lap real love and Right now they have some such place which can cause tension because it is a sand place, there are many powerful masters there . All Field Thunder you will get to see a lot of things there and you can practice there and there is also a lower stage in which there are many different types of things where purification can also be done and challenge can also be done. May be it is a very lotus place but it is also dangerous. The queen is thinking that the place is going to be better than what I thought. In the next scene , we are shown that these people have reached the Lower City. And first of all those people find a room to stay, then it has been of Banda that you are welcome for the officer, its one day charge will be 1000 Spirit Stones i.e. ₹ 1000, i.e. he can ask for a lot of money according to the time. But we want to.

Become as rich as this card turns out, you can also consider it as a credit card of the time, it keeps one million spirit stones in the card and what happens, will this be enough for you, seeing this His eyes would have been torn and what would have happened would not have been enough, this is too much, come on, no one now I am going to tell you a very secret technique, due to which you can become very famous on YouTube very quickly and that thing is that you have to subscribe this channel and spread it all around to your friends, see that very much The entire comic explains that if you do this then you will be in great advantage and then in the next scene we are shown that this girl comes with a boot i.e. it seems that both of them are having an affair, why is that girl from Indian. It seems that brother , there is no difference between this place and the disoutation photos, both look exactly the same.

. Queen says yes, you are absolutely right because all the houses around there are all desolations. What is the queen reminding us of the fort, let's go to the courtyard and rest, in the next scene we are shown that it is night, lights are on everywhere and here we are shown three miscreants Those who had brought weapons, these people were threatening the sword master that you have so much courage. But now you have come , you are not going to return alive from here. Here we are shown to Sword Master, who is telling from the engine that Master, these are some of my old enemies who always bother me. A goes to do it. Queen says well that's the case then okay I leave this matter to you. They are very happy and going straight to go to those goon's sister.

. After all these years, how is her student performing, does the queen need to have taught her the sword kendu technique, has it gone in vain or not, here their number has increased a bit, everyone comes to attack and they He goes alone to attack them but we are shown that the one who is the voice master has over power and all the people who are there are killed instantly no one can stand in front of him don't know why from there It seems to be doing very well and on the other side he is playing bandh for all the people, in the next scene we are shown that this It's early in the morning, he kills some masters in the desert, what is happening, this much will be enough for many days, only then someone comes from there and he was saying that you have so much courage, you can't kill me like this. Master is his best, here we are shown that he who is.

His tiger is ready to attack the same union but the quinta he is one of his own. He kills Tiger with a single hand war. Seeing this, this girl would have been very angry and she is carrying that how much courage do you have, you want to die, wait, now I will teach you a lesson, I will not leave you. And why here it is remembered that there are some very powerful people in the desert with whom she will have to live for a while and then here we are shown that a very powerful Bheem comes out and as soon as that bomb comes out that girl tries to escape from there. Looks and the girl is deep that child this time you have survived but next time when we meet then see you are not going to survive you will be killed by my hands she has run away because there is Sword Master A. And he is wondering how all this happened because that girl is very powerful and.

He is telling the master about the girl that she is very evil . What is it, they all start telling that there is a mountain in the desert, it is a very big mountain and it Yes, the divine light keeps on shining and I think it is because there is a lot of treasure kept inside it and because of the sand, it is not visible so easily but there comes a time when the light The queen looks at it and says okay, then let's go and see how big the treasure is there. In the next scene, we are shown the mountain which is the top end. Are the same people here also there are two men with her that girl is deep I left you alive it means what do you think of yourself you came here to kill me this is not the.

Case at all Who will survive or who will be killed, but the girl is not in the mood to fight ; What is it, she starts going from there. Tell me, while going up the mountain, by going here and there, and then in the next scene here, we are shown that many All the people are standing around someone, in fact it is Jean and they are troubling everyone and saying that you should not have rejected the marriage proposal, I still want to advise you to walk quietly. Aur woh jo ka raha hai usse han mein han mila do jeen aapko toh woh ladki hahi hain hai na it was in the very beginning of the very first episode. She would have been trapped in a big trouble now but by then our hero would have been there and she says.

What are you doing here, what are these sword masters doing, what are these people doing here . But does he use his speed and he was trying to save her from the people who had already reached him, don't you guys have any shame, so many people are troubling a girl right now, let me tell you Let me tell you, if you want to watch its episode now, then you should watch it from the playlist itself, because now it is going to come once or twice a week, and anyway There are no more episodes, it is not releasing now, it is releasing very slowly, so what I am doing now, please watch it, now I am doing a new comic, now episodes will come with its daily, then see you in the next episode, bye-bye.

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