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At the beginning of the episode, we see that he throws everyone out in one go. On seeing him, Jim is thinking that I have not seen him since last 1 year, he has become very powerful, everyone there. After giving dust to the dust, Twin is asking Sense that what are you doing here, tears start coming out of her eyes and she is saying that I was cultivating with demons here for so many days so that you I can return only then the one who is his disciple because he would have been telling him that the master has not completed completely even in this I am also not able to understand that who is he in reality if you are not understanding So this is her ring which is speaking to her , is this lower link's run kar nation method, third in green cardination means cutting someone's soul a little bit and a part of it survives in a strange way, it is of the queen. Oh Lun, both.

Look exactly the same, but if it is really Blue Link incarnated, then Lower Link will never betray me and he Everyone didn't cheat me but after all who is that woman who looks exactly like her and she tried to attack me from behind. Reviews remember that those who have eyes of hunger are comfortable inside any person. Can peep only then the queen would have been with those people let's go quickly from here we will talk about it later sitting comfortably but till then we see that there is someone pulling her lady there from inside we will see a lot Big Master is shown who drags Lady inside and finishes her off. He tries to attack her but Sword Master easily blocks her attack. but what she asks is he has caught someone and he takes the queen inside the cake we.

Are shown that there is a dragon it must have been from the dragon king I smell a dragon in you Children, after all who are you and no one else, I was thinking that I had not even expected that there would be a dragon at this place because it He tells the name, he says well, someone else tells about your ring, because there is flame supreme inside his ring, the dragon says what flame supreme, he is following you, we see the film Supreme, that is our The dog immediately leaves and starts barking at the dragon queen, it seems that you want to eat this dragon but your man is not even doing so, then he leaves the dragon queen and says look at me human I don't have any enmity with you, I don't want to harm you. Someone says well, if that is the case then why have you dragged me inside here. He says look at the dragon.

, if I want, I can reach you directly and your blood thresti of the dragon. I can even reach the third level of the body, someone says to the dragon, have you brought me here so that you can hear me just this little thing, the dragon says no, not only this, there is something else. Someone starts leaving from there and he does not know who this stupid dragon is Where did I get it just wasted my time I shouldn't stay here for so long and after saying this he starts leaving but the dragon is asking him wait I still have to talk to you But he doesn't listen he is about to leave then dragon says to him don't you want to enter lower court real don't you want to update your blood trusted dragon body someone stops and tells him han me do So but I want to do it on my own and anyway what you're offering me.

Is not very attractive to me so I'm sorry I'm not ready for it Dragon is thinking seems to be more than I thought That big offer I am not going to give it I should have tried a little more but that dragon does not accept everything he offers a special thing to the queen and what would happen how would it be I am sure you must want this thing It will be and it is less than yours , the queen would have wanted that thing because it is a special type of sand. What is going on then you tell me what do you want me to do. The dragon tells that when he was very badly injured, the Azure Dragon Factory came here and he went away with his dragons, but his dragon X is his. The formation is different, if that guy hatches his dragons, he will become even more powerful, but hatching him is not that easy because he is being asked from time to time.

Why do you have so much faith in me that I will help you and bring your ex back to you ? One can see the soul inside any person that how much he is purified or not I had killed a bad man earlier also and you are not a bad man at all from any angle someone tells me ok If this is the case, then you are so strong, why don't you go and bring your ex back yourself? The dragon tells that he was very seriously injured earlier and is not fully recovered yet, and even the queen who yes he is powerful and at the same time he is inner disciple so can anyone help him to bring back his dragons what was the queen ok i will bring back your dragons but i will also have a condition.

That after today any You will not kill the human he says ok as you will bring my children to me so will you Whatever you have said, I will reduce all those of yours, I am not going to kill anyone again after today, after that someone asks me that how many presences can you reach in one go to lower quality different , he tells that Can reach only one person at a time because it requires a little bit of playing with time and dimensions and the death road gold problem is very dangerous and costs a lot more in the same time period If he goes then there is a lot of danger in sending only one person because in this a lot of it gets separated and now Jing starts going from there and he is telling the dragon that look, I am not going to stay here anymore. You will have to protect both of them for a few days, I will go out now and explain everything to both of.

Them so that everything becomes clear to them and you will also have to fulfill your promise. The train says okay, now next scene. We are shown that he has passed out and with that our episode also ends. Actually The thing is that its episodes are not coming out very late, if you understand it is not coming out, it has been a month or two, it has not been released yet and that's why I take it as my last episode and have done a new comic for that too. Do go and see once, it is also interesting

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