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As you saw in the last episode that the guy hits Mr. Gaon very hard and he hits the roof of the house but even after hitting nothing happens to him, he says my hammer is back where it was. Why is Math not going to give back the hammer then cringwoods and says give him back his hammer that was good you too han I was talking about you but as he looks at the queen he must have understood that now it is first The one is not going because this mental has become too strong that yellow guy has been doing it again you have so much courage you are using my drive skill still you want to cultivate if you cultivate till the third level If you can, you know that I will kill you, yet you have so much courage, you are trying in front of me, that I do not know about all this, you quietly give him his hammer, for him his hammer is very important, but.

That guy Seems to say is it necessary I don't feel a bit at all because an alien far away He has kept an eye on all of us and the one who uses this technique destroys his family , then why does he immediately give up and think that I am still giving you a chance, listen to me. And whatever happens, when he falls, this girl goes and catches him, but he caught her as easily as if it was a cosco ball, but this guy immediately went ahead to pick up the hammer, and what was he doing? I want that Hema, she is important to me too, but she blocks her way and what is she doing, don't you understand human language ? You have so much courage first you cut my hand then you are blocking my way now this guy takes out his sword and.

Is reading some pulse and after reading the spell suddenly lots of yellow light comes out all around and It is also shown here that a rakshasa emerges from the portal, which has one eye and a big mouth, whose name can be read as this. He used to summon him to master laughing too much and says go back from here character you will be killed by my hands then he was looking very sad and going back then what is that yellow guy Stop with this master why are you so sad all of a sudden I have equated you here why are you obeying him he tries a million times to stop him but that monster becomes very sad as if the queen has given him a cigarette I have told that look, I have made your video, if you agree to it, I will make your video viral.

And he goes from there . He would have been moving forward but also here he uses his special like a third level and after seeing her eye, that guy gets scared first because she is white and white but still he tells the king that I I am not going to leave you, today I will accept you only after finishing it, but the one who is king, When told, it is shown completely and it does not have the courage to move, it seems that some unknown power has come and it has been tied from all sides and it was wondering who you are and you are. How can you keep our family secrets like this and what is cooking like when you have recognized the Hammer of Sky, then you must have gasped that who am I? Something is not done without thinking.

And something is given time but immediately goes and makes him less of a man, hits him directly on the neck and these people have already left him in the forest, he threw his body. That's why both of them have been chasing here and have been doing what are you doing brother, are you okay ? They are saying that brother, you are not able to see from you and the competition is just about to start, now what should we do that you should not worry at all, I can see everything clearly. In the next scene, we are shown that they have reached the place where the competition is going to take place and today the crowd has come here in large numbers and the aajmasters who have come here are also very tall. Are of level, as soon as the prince sees the queen, it is where it is. Hey, what happened, you are blind.

, you are not able to see anything. Yes , I had thought that I would do this with my Shiva hands, but you have ruined all the fun, but the Queen does not care about his words, she just ignores him as if he is something. Not only this, he also pushes along, only then the person who is with the Prince, he gets very angry seeing that the person who is Quinn is not respecting the Prince, while the rest of the people are like the Prince. He bows his head but the one who is our Quinn is hitting him and he was asking to apologize to the Prince but he hears where he is going, this guy lets out his spirit and It seems that I will kill you , but from here HP is there to save him, you have so much courage to raise your hand on my master,.

And this scene looks like a movie, two heroes for heroine Fighting if both are equal then it would have been of Banda that child you had two tricks but now it doesn't matter I this time I will eat with such help that you will reach directly to the top, only then the king is worried that you also do not hold back, you also put your full strength and finish it, at the same time we are also shown this person. The muscular one also goes here to the queen and it is said that your experience really looks like a lotus, he says that someone new is not as good as you, here I am shown the fight of these two where But it becomes very powerful and that man was not able to stand in front of it, he was saying that Prince save me, but where does the Prince come to save me, he attacks even more powerful with his speed and kills him. What was the master's.

Work with him ? How tried to harm the prince of the family but here we see Mr. Gaon who is telling Senji that he doesn't care to do because here their grandpa has been here and today their grandpa is going to teach them pleasure well they go and are just as dangerous as thor i die what kind of tournament is it everyone is killing each other even before it starts no one No rules, no regulation , but after this the atmosphere becomes completely calm, on this side we are shown the General who comes on the stage and cares that now the atmosphere is calm, so let me start the speech while all of you It is known that this tournament is going to happen and there is a lot of scope and hope in this.

Tournament, so only 20 people will be left to go to the second round in this tournament. Can also be made i.e. an air which is not available to everyone and the first round which is going to be very easy and with simple tools like all the other rounds, in the first round all these people have to fight with each other but Battlefield i.e. Battlefield is about to happen, this gentleman will tell us, see this is a portal which is an image of The inner world will open in the multiverse, the world will be like this, this world will be very real for these people, but if someone dies inside it, then it will be really killed and if anyone starts kissing before the first round starts He can cute if he wants to because after this he will have no option but to go up or go to the second round or go up and every 10 minutes they will announce who.

Is the winner but I This guy is not feeling well at all because there is some evil plan going on in his man and you must know who all these people are behind and why but the next episode is going to be a lot of fun. Because in that you will also see some old characters who are evil, it is obvious and a different kind of fight is going to go on between them, the next episodes are going to be a lot of fun, really, I am waiting for the next episode very soon.

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