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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown that all those people are passing through the forest comfortably and the horse carriage is driving happily . Actually these people are going for a grand party where there is going to be a lot of food and the car is going on smoothly, then suddenly something happens and the horse car has stopped there, so what There is a rescue, he is asking his teacher what happened, why the car has stopped suddenly, then his teacher is telling that it seems that our luck is broken, I feel that the rear tire It is broken and now we will have to walk on foot but if we walk then it will be too late for us to go then it is to say that there is no problem, we can walk comfortably and go further. Even if we walk a little faster.

, we will reach there quickly, so his teacher said, but I am afraid that if someone happens in this forest, then we will do it. Will not be able to even run, it is shown that when someone has no other option left, then the teacher who is there is saying to Chuku that it's okay now I think there is no way left, so we have to get a horse. The car will have to be left here and will have to be left here on foot. The child says that it is okay, it will take one hour, as soon as he goes, we see an attack on him, but this time it was lucky that he survived, then the second one. The attack is also coming, it reaches in front of it, it covers it and it happens that you go hide somewhere and don't look here and there at all when an arrow comes but he catches the arrow and returns from the same direction. I throw and it would have been targeted from a long distance but this ninja is game over,.

That's why he who is a teacher would have been running and running and if there is love, young master, you are fine, but why? Now he has become suspicious because his Radhe is not feeling well at all and it is exactly like this, he is letting out his spirit and what is happening to the young master . Was using it and its speed disappears then this master starts saying how is it possible you are just a small martial artist that too from fifth level five elements reality and you come from low level region After all, how can this happen, the child has come to know that his teacher wants to kill him, then he is asking why do you want to kill me, after all, what have I done wrong to you, that teacher starts laughing and starts laughing and Kyra hota hai u want to know na yaar master why i wanted to kill you and what was my plan ok i will tell you all but.

After you die and then we are shown that there are so many powerful ninjas all around them He would have taken them home because he was telling the child to stay behind me and be careful, and then what was it that his ruthless word comes out and it seems that all of you will have to be killed and then only one Inside the blow, the game of those four guys ends, the teacher is that now I have understood that you Why have you been a target since the beginning, I have come to know that I was the middle stone in your plan and you want to sideline me, so you keep telling me again and again that I should not go with you guys or take rent in your house. I am not able to stay and you are able to kill it, I am a teacher , he would have been completely naked after seeing it, and what is there to care, who are you and how did you defeat such powerful dams, then he says no one much, just a minor I am three ageri to him he.

Keeps sword on his garden but now that teacher is laughing and gets deep if you killed me then how did you know who sent me what are our plans and what are going to happen While those people were talking, we are shown from a distance an arrow which is moving forward with a lot of speed and kills the teacher, and the teacher's fountain has come out, very dangerous and only once. I finish it, it is his teammate, the queen must have seen where the arrow came from, and with great speed, it starts going to the man. to catch him from but as soon as he reaches to the guy that guy uses google and explores means gets self-exploded his pictures have blown up and all this this kid is seeing for the first time so much All tomato sauce in front of his eyes and he is remembering his teacher's words that as people see from outside.

By the way, if they are not there, then this child must have got shocked, he is remembering all the words of his teacher, then why does he come to her and why don't you think too much about him, he deserves it. It is not that you can mourn her death and tell fun facts, but she was sitting in the car for so long and then what was happening to the king that you should not worry at all, children and depression at all. Don't worry whoever is behind all these things I will definitely find him and kill him with my own hands. In the next scene we are shown that those people have reached the place where the grand party was going to happen but when this child When he is going, everyone starts making fun of him, hey, look, he is the same, isn't he, you are absolutely right, he doesn't even come under 100 families here, he means the lowest. Comes in the poverty line.

And see the poor can not even afford food and here in the party kyoigin says who is saying all this, then this man gets angry. What is going on and what is going on, you are tall and short, to whom are you speaking, he says all these things ; The fat strong man who holds the ninja with him and shakes him and asks what is the meaning of saying this tall and short one, I am speaking to the one who is speaking and there is a lot of people who understand. So that ninja says hey he is speaking only to you, he is directly calling you a donkey and even then he gets angry and was saying what are you people looking at like this face and attack him then two of his companions You are trying to make our master angry, but he hits the bed at a dangerous point,.

Falls down and grabs the other one's throat, then he must have realized how much He is more powerful and takes it, he enjoys it, and what happens to him, it's okay if you want to take revenge , you can take it, but what is going to happen next? I will not give a guarantee, now seeing so much power of the queen, this man's condition becomes tight and he silently turns his face and nothing is being done, the queen also does not torture again and the soul of this child The encouragement grows deeper that you should never look down on yourself, always consider yourself above all people and it does not matter who is doing what, after that the three triples are ahead with great style. They are going and all the people are watching oh my god who is this after all which family has such a person who is as handsome dashing stylish as well as powerful he is going to have the title.

Of a child but like When the child moves a little further, then this child stops suddenly, then we are shown its battered condition that its father and he had come here earlier also, but at that time someone had insulted his father a lot and He has not forgotten the matter yet, then what was there, as soon as he opens the gate in quick, its condition is getting worse, there are guards there too. And they wonder who has come at this time, and the person who was not wearing a ring in his ear, people are telling him that he had gone out now, he must have come, but these people see that he is someone There are other people and some animals do the same thing, they enter inside, they don't even pay attention to the start, and what was it, just this tumbling, it also happens here and you will come to know now. The story is about to happen, it has taken a completely different mode, means it is moving, now you will not know, but later everything.

Will become crystal clear to you, then see you in the next episode, till then bye bye

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