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In the beginning of the episode, we see that the fight between Red and Pink is about to start and as the fight starts, the attacks of both of them are very dangerous, but in the beginning we are shown that it is showing its spirit. When he goes out, everyone starts shouting seeing him, this is the most powerful spirit of his van family, which means that it is passed from generation to generation and this speed is very powerful, the second person has been that I have taken money from the bank. I didn't even expect that he would bring Strict in front of this guy so soon, it seems that the young man who is fighting with him is very dangerous, he is also telling the queen that the queen is very powerful, that's why If you didn't do it so quickly, then where was the one who believes that he kicks his spare and breaks his dragon into pieces.

In one go and then breaks his spare too? Who knows what happens that it is lost because it is broken in spare, then why would it be? Hai Hai Meri Bank comes from the family, if you try to make me angry with any member of my family, then you are not going to survive. I do and what is happening that if you have a bit of mind then bow your head in front of me and let me go over you still nothing is happening suddenly we see that he kicks her Lal Lal Bandar loses his balance if he does not kick at all, and when he was falling down, when he touches his own hand, he gets slapped very hard, as if he was hit on the head with a stone . Here we are shown that These people are surprised to see all this,.

Because they understand that inside the bank family, they come from top-it families, and if someone hits them on the head here and there, then what respect will be left, but what happens here His throat starts hurting a lot and he was crying that how dare you show so much . That's why it was a mistake, it is not visible . That this bank belongs to the family and yet look, the person slapped it, yet it is not doing anything and the joke of the big family becomes immediately, it would have been listening to all the people and on this itself Uncontrollable, it again comes out of its speed and what is happening, you hit me, I swear I will not leave you now.

. I was standing and as soon as that red hair guy comes, I again hit him on the face and this time with a lot of force and here his guards are there, they are saying that how can this happen, then the one with earrings Banda tha, he would have been saying that you guys just keep watching the spectacle like this, by the way, I think your master is not going to survive today, so his guards are getting very angry. That someone is killing his master so badly in front of their eyes, so these people cannot see that they are going to attack, but before attacking, there was a huge wall in front of them and that was it. It was about the child, if you go ahead, you will be killed, but it is about the cards that children are on our way, go, we are not going to leave you , but now this child has become more powerful than before. He.

Takes care of himself and we are shown this side. The face of this man is completely swollen . And then takes what was there and puts it again in front of his guards then that kid comes and again he is apologizing that all this happened because of me if I would have handled him then you would not have to do all this Queen says no no such thing I was just helping you here her guards get very angry because of her Mr. Joe Malik has done both his shoes and was about to faint and is asking what to do with that card . Then these cards are being played on the screen, children, what should we call you, brave or stupid, you know .

No, you have messed with whom, once our master recovers from his back, we are not going to leave you, just look at his face ; And here these people are watching the show, those who are sitting on the right side, I don't know why this scene seems so familiar to The Balinese, because this scene had happened earlier also, but here this Lal Lal Wala Banda hota hota hai, he has crossed a lot, because of which he is not even able to stand properly, then his card says, Boss, why are you worrying, have you forgotten that our family is the top it family here. One of this and our family is very powerful what has killed you just a little bit now don't worry wait wait I understand now then it starts saying baby best for you it's better to.

Apologize to our master Lo because you don't know which family is our family and if you apologize to our master then we will let you go If not, then understand what is going to happen after this, and then this guard starts going ahead of his own, what is happening, see if you are not going to accept your mistake, then our family is so big that your whole family Can finish it in one go, but the person listening to it says where it goes and directly destroys the card itself, then after a while it is shown in the sign where it goes to the soul, the soul is very worried about it. Queen says look at yourself, how ugly you are . People have already left, but they are concerned that why do you worry, I am there, after that all three.

Start leaving the place and someone is asking Chuki, is there anyone else here who had insulted your father? If there is anyone, then tell me, I will ring his band, but that child is not born, now there is no one who has already gone, now he has shown us here. When everyone leaves then a grandpa comes and says masterback you are gone from here now you can get up but he is not moving he must have fallen all of a sudden because the poor thing is so scared Ki has been killed and all the people here see him killed, the atmosphere becomes very dangerous, because he was from a big family, and the queen was just normal, small and fat, came and went away after killing him, now it becomes very dangerous. In the next scene, we are shown that Ruho and Quingan go to a shop and there are bubbles in front of the shop, but these are special bubbles, now Ruvo likes these bubbles,.

So she bursts them with her finger. And Carrie is having a lot of fun in it but these bubbles are not meant to be played and what was the queen has to pay a heavy price for it means she has to pay more money than what she had and the shopkeeper who was He had become rich in one go, very rich and then later it is shown that both of them are together. He is asking what are your future plans then he tells future money I tell and he has killed and the news of his death is going to spread in the whole city very soon because his family is very big and powerful so this People are not going to leave us so easily, anyway the news will not come out, there will be time for the news to come out, then when the news will come out, then the whole atmosphere will remain in the whole city as it was created there, and then further this child tells that he will join yuvan can holy.

Land bhai aur yeh king se bhi kare hota hai would you also like to join me but someone tells me that i don't have any special plan so that kid starts saying if you don't go with me i will It seems that we will have to have a temporary separation, but brother, he is now an outsider and you do not know about the benefits inside, and the benefits inside are huge, because there are many big forces inside, and you already know. is how the forces reduce means there is another major force inside that force and three major forces There is a big family out of 3 major forces and the whole system has been set up in the same way, okay gas, see you again in the next episode, bye-bye

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