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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown the three biggest forces here, the first one is this one, the second one is this one and the third one is this one, these three are the most powerful forces here and they control everything. And the third force that was shown to us is considered to be the most powerful force among all, that means it is only a little awake, but still it is the most powerful inside the Sea of ​​Clouds and is thinking that it is the Holy Land. The bank is different from the family and I will not be able to protect this child for much longer because it has now clashed with the bank family, the atmosphere here is very tense, but even in this tense atmosphere, someone is very happy. happens and she is Rooh who is going shopping on full shopping and both of them are not understanding but again it doesn't matter because she is his sister and spend as much as.

I know Are you very much worried about your illness, that baby phoenix comes out at the moment and what is going on, I am giving you this moment. I want to give as a thank you because you have helped me a lot so please accept it from my side but what happens is that now this phoenix moment is of no use because very soon I will not be able to press it I will find it and then what was it, he starts moving forward, then he must have been defending but it does not matter, you have taught me many things and I am giving this to you as a gift, so you should keep it. So I am not going to ask anything from you, but the king is going and was saying that there will be no more talk about it, so definitely she is there, she is saying to the king that why are you not staying brother? Come on, we have to do some more shopping now, but he says that now we have to go to the Holy Land,.

She also says that we will go together, that child is also watching, smiling , what is going on, we have to go together. So what is this ? What happens at the very top of the mountain and what happens is that you hurry up, why are you walking so slowly and from here the situation is getting worse . It is because the sky is watching a lot, these people have been flying above the sky, and then they have been defending that sister is true, why are you climbing so slowly, look, in the affair of the girl, he forgot his friend, his friend every time. In the next scene, we are shown this man who has come to his master with the news of the bank's death and tells him who killed him.

. The show takes place in the small town of Sea of ​​Clouds, the kid has so much guts that he kills him. In the next scene, we are shown the place where Kin-Kin and his friends have gone. This place is supposed to be above the clouds. And then we are told its history that about 100 years ago, suddenly the whole thunder started shining and then changes started coming in this place, further in the story The twist is that a very bright thing is coming from the sky with great speed and that thing goes and collides directly with the back of the mountain . The story turns out to be such that a lot of evil spirits reside inside it and all the evil people start living there, further we are told that some of those people Those people settle at that place and they.

Become the leader of that place and whatever happens, and there are some people who become big officials of this ascension photos when these people were moving forward. Someone throws a sword in front of them, but the queen who happens to save them both, only then we are shown, this is a banda, he comes forward and why do you guys have so much courage, you guys on our holy line without Do you want to die in front of the permission ? So that child goes ahead and tells the person that they have come to become a display of this holy land. A is there and K has proof of everything but he is of the opinion that you are so small but when he sees King, his condition worsens and he is wondering how he reached the ninth level work in such a short time. Gaya and it starts getting rate but it happens to those people that look my mood is bad you guys get out of here immediately and when I am not practicing then.

You guys can come back now leave from here but that kid starts saying that we have taken him here for cultivation and we have all the proof also you can't stop us like this but that guy starts saying that for this you have to We have to be more strong because those who are our displays always cultivate and are strong, only then he says something to the queen which this guy does not like and he takes out his sword straight and throws it straight at whom and It seems that you guys want to die but before she reaches the sword, the queen would have been there to save her and what would have happened is that don't be afraid, I am not here and then what is left is that You are absolutely right, it doesn't matter if we reach here or not, now I have come to know what else it was, the man who points his sword towards him and what do you think is going on? Ours is going like this.

, it is such a wasteful place that if you do our man then you will go, if your man does then you will go, he will attack him. It is taken but stops in the middle of it and if no one else had stopped it, then it would have been because of Banda that you are making me very angry, why was it because what happened , you are ahead of me. In cultivation, why are you not able to control your short, then they start making fun of it and what is happening, you are thinking that you have been practicing for so many years but you still have not mastered this technique. You will get it but he used to get angry and was saying that you just stop for a few days I am going to technique this master and who are you? Let me teach you a lesson, how did you attack my sister.

? It is very fast, but that man also would not have been able to lose so easily, but you know that the queen gets overpowered here and she kills the man. He throws the head so far in a single slice that he enters inside from outside and here this child is thinking that brother really turned out to be very powerful but he doesn't get hurt that much, he is very angry. It happens and coming out from the back, where did you learn this from, you are changing the team in the middle of my cultivation. It is very good master that you have come, you have come at the right time, these people are disturbing me in my cultivation, we should kill these people, but his master is not saying anything, what is the master doing to.

Us now. They should be killed because they insulted me and at the same time entered our holy place, then his master says that you keep quiet and then his master says that you are not feeling strange that you According to Hari's power of cultivation , how did you reach our holy line? Not you, he is the one next to you, but still he is a child that I have some regions of my own, because of which I cannot go back , I want to join it, then he starts saying that no, I cannot join you. Ho and your personal region doesn't make any difference to me because your cultivation is too low, it would have been of Indian and it would have been of garbage, but here it would have been smiling and it would have been a long time Gaya after a long time someone has called me garbage, he is enjoying poetry.

And then he comes and says that my brother is not garbage and he is much stronger than you guys, but he who is a master starts saying look. This set of ours does not take such and such a brother, here your cultivation power should be high and yours is still at the fifth level in five elements, how can you come, then here we are shown to the business man and this The master is of the second set and he is laughing very loudly, why is he laughing, you will come to know in the next episode. will

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