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It is shown in the beginning of the episode that this guy would have suddenly appeared in front of all these people and laughing very loudly he would have asked the other master that if he doesn't want to go towards you then why don't you let him go. let me keep it with me you can come to our holy land clouds the child starts telling the criminal that this is the holy land it is divided into three branches first cloud holy land second d cloud silent third it is all one They belong to the Holy Land, do you understand that there is one island, it has branches in three, the names of all three are different, but all three are the same, and these three forces are very powerful and always want to show each other down. In the competition, it keeps on showing below, but in terms of strength, all three are still going on, that means, sometimes someone is ahead,.

Sometimes an actor, but almost all three remain equal, so why do you start thinking a little and after thinking for a while? Well, let's go to the Holyland Sea of ​​Clouds, but he stayed deep but brother it is you, he says no, I wanted to go there, I think it will be a good decision, the child says that it is okay, then they are masters, what are they doing, that my name is Yun Jean and I I am the protector of the Holy Land Sea of ​​Clouds, yours or me, would you also like to join us ? Can follow because after going there they will be separated na all three and what happens is that all three of us have to live almost together then he says ok if this young lady wants then she can also join us I can walk there together,.

I ask if there is any objection, then that child becomes happy and what happens, okay now I agree and that master is also happy, but here we are shown to this fellow The mouth would have been removed and it would have been a lame child with a stupid mind and a beautiful girl Master, why are you going like this now? You have not even said anything, you are not doing me anything, so what will happen to our Holy Land, if such people keep coming here, but his master says no, he goes away, when his master does not listen to him, then he is king. Starts showing attitude on top of it and what is happening kids, if not today then tomorrow you will know that this holy line is not a place to joke , this place is very dangerous but it would have been for the soul that I know that my brother It is much better than you, that's why here we are shown a small stone which comes with a lot of speed and.

Goes away biting its face, then I look back and wonder who is so much. If they have the courage, they ask the master what happened, haven't you seen ? It seems to say that I thought that you are the protector of our religion, but now again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again you keep on bullying me. I don't like the matter at all, I respect you because you are our product, so what are they made of, what proof do you have that I have killed you, if I have not killed you, I will kill you and by the way, you do not know the rules Hey can't you talk to me with such rudeness that master makes his face then this kid gets scared what are they doing don't forget master is not here and even if he was here.

He would not be able to save you He says please forgive me and he goes straight to the kid and asks did you hit the stone he says no no I didn't hit the stone but now another stone is coming fast but this time He must have seen the stone, he stops it with the help of his short, but still the back pain goes far and this stone has now shown that the queen is still only in swift level, that too five elements realme and he who is banda he is haveli king realme and third means it is very much above this five element realme name ma Star is thinking that it seems I have instrumented this kid, master says he is fine with the guy, now enough is enough, now you can leave from here, they start scaring him and why are these boots my friend Before going to my holy land, remember one more thing well, this is not normal, this light is digital,.

So in future, if you ever meet this person, then understand that you should talk to him nicely, you will not talk in such a rude way, and no. If you understand, I will explain to you, that man must have passed away, he could not even make a sound . So Chuku child is asking Twin that why did you decide to come to this Holyland he says because here I found something interesting well in fact there is a lot of interesting thing ahead of it there is also a wonderful secret wait about next In the scene, it is shown to us that those people have reached the place where they branch and the master who is there is saying that first of all they have to get registered, which means that the master will do it himself. We will write the name , the money is not needed for that, because this is not the old school, not the new one, and then.

They are taking this child with them, because their main aim is this child, the queen is here only . Came like a guest who will stay for a few days and this blue guy is taking these two with him. He is going to take because that child has just separated and these two will go with him but its strange looking at him pointing his nose this is your place so this is the place we have to sleep here But this place is not even looking so good, so why not get a place here, it is very difficult, thankfully, I am also getting a place to sleep. Give it for a few days, I can get you a better place than this, why what do you think about it and on the other side , a strong punch on the face, this guy also gets angry, he lets out his spirit.

And this happens at ninth level, it doesn't matter what level it is, how dare you hit me, I will not leave you now, before he attacks, the queen immediately comes and hits him on the guy's forehead. But he keeps his hand and by taking it straight into the ground, he strengthens it. Tells where he came from and who he is, the guy is surprised to hear what happened and how did you know about it, then we are taken to a little flashback where we get to see this guy It is shown that you must have seen it in the first episode and it is telling the blue guy about whom he is of low level means you can easily defeat him, but you have to defeat him, you don't have to kill him. So this guy says ok actually all this planning is done both of these cream waj guy says.

Look you have 3 seconds to reach me to my room character what was that I am delivering why Says look 2 seconds have already been beat he is saying that Han Han I am reaching come on let me show you the room of you guys and then it is shown that he takes them to a very nice room which What happens is that in future, take care of this thing, understand the character, now we see that this happens in the room, suddenly something starts happening to the soul and a strange light comes out. It seems that here we are shown a strange spirit from inside the soul, which is coming out and gradually it continues wrapped in something like a thread, here the queen has come to know that now what is going to happen actually the spirit inside him has taken Raho as his master man now this is going to be his evolution and the dangerous spirit inside him comes straight out.

And as soon as that spirit comes out we All the three guns are shown which are very dangerous because these three branches are its head and here we are shown the soul which has now come in its new avatar, so tell me how did you like this avatar See you again in the next episode till then bye bye god watch reverse also now its episode will come daily

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