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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown that Rooh's parents have suddenly changed. She comes to Queen and Carrie says that she is feeling very cold, why don't you worry too much, I am here. No one will be able to harm you, we see that Roku suddenly faints and a huge blue colored phoenix comes out from inside and he gets shocked seeing the phone XPN but looking into the eyes of the phoenix He is watching and then he also takes out his wings from behind and says that she is my younger sister and I have so much ability that I can protect her, so let that phoenix go there. He goes away then wait suddenly wakes up and she sees why there is so much blood on the queen's back she is crying what happened what is wrong with you and why did I suddenly stop feeling cold He.

Used to say that you stupid girl don't worry at all no one can harm you because I am with you Here they are shown all three guns which are straight towards the mountain, they know that it is Phoenix but only then they hear a sound and all three stop there, we are also told that sound that whatever It happened here it happened because of my Frankland guys you guys have no less here you guys can go back they must have come to know that this is the voice of senior fan now that their master has told these guys It has been said that there is no shortage of these people, so these people start going back. Here we are shown these two where they are worried that their level of cultivation has suddenly increased very much, they are in the Heavenly King Real It has reached the first level that very well you are progressing day by day, further she.

Is also saying that the evil forex speed inside her has surfaced too much, so from now on she will take care of the Indian. And will save him from everyone but he says ok ok that too will happen but you have saved Grandpa and everyone else for a long time So after a few days I will take you back to this family so that you can meet all the people back there but she is taking flowers and saying that she does not want to go back then why does not say anything He starts going from there and here the soul is thinking that I do not have any problem with the fact that no matter what the danger may be, I just want to fight by your side, but I do not know what you think. Here we are shown the queen who has arrived at a place and it is a very good place, then a man stops her, I am saying at the gate that foreigners cannot come here, you go.

. Go from here only then a voice comes again and what is he saying let him come inside then this guy doesn't say anything to Quick and he goes straight inside he sees a lady there and she is crying tell the queen how do you like it all else everything is fine but there is some difficulty in finding this place and the lady starts smiling and crying is that you are the other guy who is interrogating at this place so he knows why I sent you that sound transmission he says no I don't know about it so she starts telling that when I It was of your body then I felt another that too of my phoenix plan so I thought it would be yours but it was not yours otherwise it says that junior is not understanding anything about what you She is talking but inside she was thinking that she must be.

Talking about Ruvo, she is talking to the lady that I don't even know whether you are understanding or not but now this Nothing matters because you are here now and you have every right to write your destiny in this place if it were to happen that this jackie who is this spiritual energy is 10 times more powerful than the outside world i.e. here The pressure is too much if it is written in your destiny then you can practice here but only for one day he says thank you very much senior A but I don't know your last name she suddenly disappears but her voice still echoes that her name is by the way don't pay too much attention to my name you have come here to write your fate so practice Practicing very hard and then wondering what happened, is this phoenix, in the next scene we are shown a guy who has been.

People's eyes can tell that the throw can take their Franklin to even greater heights and they will keep on pecking, here there is a whole herd of them and these people are moving towards the Holy Land in about 10 days These people will reach there, after a few days we are shown the queen, only then she is already there and she is saying that your reality is not very high, but I do not know why I feel that there is something else in you. It is also a special thing that there is no thanks because he gave her a chance to cultivate in this magical land, which has increased her power even more, so she says no, no, you don't need to thank me. Because you will be released on your own, later if his miss says that just look, today the weather is looking so pleasant because there is a waterfall, the water is falling, there are fish in it, it is good.

, but that much Not too beautiful she says why he says just look up there in the sky I don't know from there why It looks like a lot of negative energy is coming out and it is very dark, just look how evil it looks. She asks can you see me. He says no, I can't see it, I just feel it. If I can do it, she starts praising the queen and carries it, it is really a matter of lotus, because there is so much cultivation in a young child like you, you have to agree that you are special, next she starts telling miss that it is a spirit formation. He says of demons and gods, she asks of demons and gods, do you know what is your identity ? The lady has doubt that the queen knows her name, so she is asking.

How do you know my name, but she is scared and thinking why, it is definitely you, but what are you doing here. yes it is called phoenix empire i.e. very powerful in phoenix plan and it used to be that forgive me senior I have heard many stories about you in my childhood but I cannot believe that you are in front of my eyes now. If I have friended you, please forgive me for this. It doesn't matter but I will always remember this name, this ku and here swing is thinking that I had forgotten it was very famous before I was born and I have entered the middle court real, till then I Became famous but means it's too old she says ok now you can leave from here then he says ok senior looks it's farewell for both of us and then he leaves.

From there and here is james She is thinking about her husband, I don't know why she is feeling like this, but I feel like our daughter was coming from inside her and very familiar, I feel if you see her If you don't come out of the place within 1 year, then I will go there to find me. Some other person sees the queen and is thinking It seems that it looks familiar and here it is thinking that the face of the one who is missing looks very similar to someone else, it seems that I know him very well, if you feel it, then you can tell in the comment. Because the episode ends here, it will be known in the next episode , otherwise in its next episode, you can tell by commenting now.

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