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At the beginning of the episode, it is shown that Queen has dropped him at his place and says that I have returned, after that the light turns on, meaning Sodhi, his light is on and where are you now ? Even when he is here, it is shown to us that the spirit suddenly wakes up and it is his breath . He starts laughing loudly and keeps saying that it is you master, you are looking better or more ugly than before, but it is really you because he is asking me who made you in this condition. And then this soul starts telling its story that as if the ruthless word was divided into nine parts, one part had fallen at this place and this guy became here, but there was a small demand , he tried to mess with it. Was doing and then while screwing up, a fierce fight started between.

The two and when he was not able to defeat the Demons man i.e. Soul then he used the Cutting Sword and then How did its soul come out like this and what you are seeing has been hammered on its forehead, whatever can be done has been put on all four sides and this is a special method which will not come out so easily. If anyone tries to get rid of him, he will try to kill him tomorrow too. We are shown that a red color dragon emerges from inside his head, which is quite willful and asks him to come back now. Let's start, we see that dragon gradually eats this soul, then this soul is being told by its master that you get out of here immediately, this place is not safe but no one is going to go. It 's because you have worked hard and I can't leave you here like this but it.

's about no master you leave here it can be very dangerous for you and we'll see That half of his face has already blown up and it was slowly dying. He suddenly got a lot of energy in all the shots he takes inside the soul. And those selfishness are slowly shaking, they reduce on the sword energy, that means now it is the soul that is happening that the lenquin from you part says that no I can fight it, they will keep all the swords. They are moving forward, he tries to fight with them, but one shot goes straight to his witch hand and puts it, but still there is no mani, those swords are coming, he is trying to avoid it, but one comes and directly hits his head but he is still laughing and saying that I will keep you out of here, here we are shown the entrance from outside.

Where some strange movement is happening and here But all these people keep sitting and keep saying that I do not know how high the sky is or how deep this ground is and some people are talking that Han is right, we have heard that before this one decibel Ja went inside but he could not come out till date. Mr. is about to come, it will be best for you, you go to someone who will help you and you guys make clothes rope and then take your friend out but that child says you are a fool, where are you brother, who is this distict Do you understand that defeating them is not that easy and by then he would have also come out, he would not have taken out the queen alone, he would have brought an artifact with him and he would have told the child that let's go now People walk, those people are going comfortably,.

Then there are more people there and this also happens that what happens is that the effect you have, give us where did you get it and tells him that you don't care. but there are other people who go there and take him home and surround him, why don't you give us the attifact that is in your hand and these people have come by making a complete lie, well, they say such a thing and Wait, when you went inside earlier, your cultivation was level 7, but now that you have come out, I can feel your cultivation. Not happening and then what was it some people started laughing loudly because we had come to know that he had sacrificed his spiritual power instead of Divine Weapon and all the people would have been saying that you are a big ass and Then what was it, everyone starts laughing, everyone flies away and what are they doing, I also see such a person who has no one.

There is no cultivation, how can he keep this divine weapon with him, but then the queen comes and attacks him strongly, but he stops this attack with the help of his spare and what happens if you do not have good cultivation then you You will use your full power, this is also not too bad, your power is good, but I want to give you that I can only count till three, and if you do not give me that artifact before counting to three, then understand what I am. I will do it someone is laughing at him and he is saying okay I count till three get out of here character you guys will be killed by my hands then that guy gets very angry he gets his foot out and says I was saying that I will not leave you, it is known by now that it has got messed up again, here we are shown that it lets out its spirit, which is a very big snake and what happens to you children. I will not leave you now.

, but why is that snake doing nothing wrong, easily blames it on the snake attack And goes straight and kicks it on the man's face, kicking it so fast that his garden bone is broken and when the bone breaks, it falls on the ground, it was not even moving, this bank man's It would have been that I will not leave you, I told you that I won't go till three and then I am not going to leave after that, what was it? You killed, you really killed, you know who you killed, she was a member of the sister's family, now you are not going to survive . I am not afraid of others, the person feels bad after hearing this and what is happening, do you want to say that I am.

A small mouse and I am afraid of these people, understand this, only then you do not have the courage to kill me. He says that no, there is no such thing, why would I kill him without any reason and anyway we both are good friends and these people are moving forward. A says brother, I know that he gets angry very quickly but he is very coward, he is not going to do anything, why says yes, I knew this thing long ago, both of them are wanting but till then A goes on their way and keeps saying that enough is enough today I will prove who is stupid and who is coward I want to fight you to the death if you have guts useless man then accept this challenge of mine Karo is very angry , the queen is very happy and what is going on, this is a very good thing, a garbage like you will get to learn a lesson, who harasses innocent people and thinks that he is more powerful, now I.

Will teach you a lesson . I will keep doing the location you have chosen, where you have chosen , I can call you at the time you want, either you can go now, he says you are shown in the next scene, the audience starts making fun of the queen. This kid doesn't even have cultivation and look, he has come to challenge him, and here the people on the other side are wondering No, this stupid child has got hurt on his head, doesn't he have cultivation and he also knows who this person is, he is the most powerful person in our area and he has come here to challenge him, everyone has full fun of the queen They are being generous as much as they can but it doesn't matter if someone says to bind if I do n't have cultivation then why are you so afraid of me why do you want to do death battle you can do normal battle too if you want but you Why are you doing death battle then he says han then what happened if you do.

N't have cultivation then I know you have learned martial arts and you also have then you can kill your enemy very easily with your power Even if you don't have cultivation then what happened and what are you guys thank you so much for showing so much support now the next episode will also come soon don't worry see you all in the next episode till then bye Bye

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