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Hello brother, everyone is welcome on my channel, episode A has already been done, if you have not seen it, then go and watch it, that episode is very good and let's start today's episode, Yeh jo banda hota hai yeh apni talwar straighta queen ki Throws forward but that sword has already fallen in front of the queen and what was it wanted to show that its cultivation power is very high. You don't live in this drum at all that I will lose you like this and he also takes out his ruthless word and all the fans are going crazy, still everyone is saying that this child is near to him. There is no cultivation power , it can't win at all because this guy is the most powerful guy in this city and just like that he went without cultivation, then what was this guy straight out of his middle.

And It seems that now you have had enough children, today you are not going to escape from my hands because you do not even move and there We see that there is a huge explosion, this one is direct to the queen and everyone starts laughing out loud because everyone already knew that this guy is going to win because there is no cultivation in the king and How can he fight with a Cultivation man with a sword but no it was not like that at all because you and we know that when he is a queen he is not going to give up so easily and it would have been exactly the same he would have gone out And what was happening was that the queen was in her own power, the sword comes out in its own form and is talking to her, are you ready, then Ruth says yes, master, I am ready . How did it happen here all the people are laughing because here the queen is acting like a madman,.

He is talking to his shot and everyone is feeling that his head has been hurt because he was hit by the man. We were not so strong, it seems that you are going to lose the queen, everyone is feeling like this, but what happens here is that he throws his sword in one hand. That guy strikes very fast, he doesn't even know how to move and he has won the match on the spot, then another guy comes and he comes with a lot of speed and gets a little confused, this guy is the master of yours. You have so much courage, you have hit my display so recklessly, I am not going to leave you now, he cuts his hand too, you know that he does not show mercy to anyone, but this guy starts shaking his hand, someone belongs to me . Because this is a life and death arena, isn't it obvious that I will have to kill him to end the.

Match ? Do death battle but after hearing this, he starts laughing very loudly and when he is laughing, he asks the elder why are you laughing so much, then he says that it is obvious that you are the elder of this place. He is a big personality but you want to do death battle with a new generation like me I am laughing a lot then he gets angry he would have waved his hand Why are you having so much courage, you want to make me feel embarrassed in front of the whole public, they are coming directly to attack him and why are you saying that if you remove the elder from me, then I will be in this holy line. I am very powerful and see today is going to be your last day in isarina but king was saying to him that no I am not going to fight with you so easily then Elder would have been sad and would have been saying what are you talking about Ho and those people stop there, the queen is telling him.

That you will believe in front of everyone that you want to do a death battle with me, and what was it openly, he also accepts the challenge and all the people who are here are completely surprised. because he was the most powerful DCPL of the Elder who has been killed and now he is not going to leave the Elder Indian, everyone is saying the same thing and that Elder was also less and was not there, you know who would have been Elder He is more powerful than his disciple and that small child is thinking that his brother must have There must be some way that he can make him an Elder Kumar that's why he has accepted this challenge he elders are laughing and saying ok when you have this wish then I will accept your teachings and you will not have much to die just a Only one move will be enough for me, I will finish you in one move. Those elders start increasing their power, but said less that would have insulted him.

And why is it that you move first then see if I don't kill you then change my name Hearing this the result gets very angry and what is the matter that he is such a rude child and then What was that all of a sudden we see that something happens there a huge explosion and this Elder's throat is slit and then we see that he was killed by none other than his ruthless word himself and what happened It happens that now you are sure that everyone is surprised to see it because all these people can see it during the swords period and now they have come to know that when the queen went inside the big pit, then that artifact was normal. The thing was not that it was swordspeed and this swordspeed which is not a normal thing as you just saw it can move on its own and someone having sword spirit is a big thing in itself.

But The Queen has no Cultivation Base and everyone is speculating that she will die as soon as the Sword Spirit's power runs out. The character will calm down automatically. This is the period of swords, it takes the power of its master so that it can attack. Do you understand how the queen is pointing to this guy? It is possible that I will welcome him in a good way, then the person would have known about this, but only then another person came from behind and was saying that master, you should not be too impulsive, it can be dangerous for you, he says that yes I know, but time and again someone keeps coming to him, but this man accepts it and was saying that now I am leaving from here and this man is thinking in his mind, children, today I will keep you alive. I am giving up but see the day when the power of your sword spirit will end, how badly we all will.

Die and no one will be there to save you. He starts going along and all the people are talking that once the power of the child's sword spirit gets exhausted, then these people will kill him. Will go and kill them but as long as people are talking about the queen, he comes in between them and seeing this their condition worsens, they all run away. In the next scene, we see that this house What are you doing here, here we are shown that she is washing the clothes and tells the queen that the clothes that you kept open earlier are very dirty, that's why I am washing those clothes, so what is he doing, soul, were you looking for me for that long, she must have been doing what happened, why are you looking so surprised? He says no, nothing. no one asks me.

Hey han tell me why were you looking for me then she says i didn't see you since morning so i was worried about you very much and i wanted to see you even if it takes whole life So I will not be happy in this but he says what nonsense are you talking about and while offering it he becomes then the queen is going inside here and there but everyday sleeps It seems that you will not believe but I am not talking about Betu at all. Here we see that he enters inside and closes the door. He also has a ring in his hand and he is thinking. It happens that why did this happen, but the very next moment we are shown that his place has been changed again and he has brought it to the place where the general's statue is installed, by the way friends, have you reverse lap Have seen the comic, if you haven't seen it, do check it out once, I have delved 105.

Episodes and now episodes will keep coming daily and I think it will be more than two episodes, it is a modern type cultivation comic, but a little different That's why you like it more, you will also see the over power min character who keeps playing everyone and his story line is also going on perfect now , so do check it out once, then see you in the next episode till then. bye Bye

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