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Friends, as you saw in the last episode, King swallows the bill and then suddenly his power increases, but when he is not exploited, these people go there and they are making quick perfect allegations. Yes, she is a queen, but the print was not going to make any difference to all these things, she was saying that you people just had to talk to me, now that I have not accepted this bill and talk to you There is nothing else to do, so I leave here, I have no one here, now the queen is leaving here and while leaving, she also says that the test was very good for this film. Thank you guys very much for this and that guy was getting very angry but the fellow who was with him was very hot minded, he takes out his sword and says wait let me show it Won't leave it now.

He goes attacks the screen but why is it suddenly hanging on the tree and at the same time it is mouthing Both go to sleep, that too within a second, everything happens and he was rubbing his hand here and there, and it becomes deep that look, don't mess with me unnecessarily, otherwise I don't know, I will kill you guys by seeing so much power in him. The condition of all the friends had worsened and they were scared and started running away from there, then he started saying that you are garbage, you are of no less, he does not even have any cultivation, then the queen turned to him. If you have so much courage then why don't you directly come to kill me Why are you making other people useless Are you afraid of me He says no I am not afraid of you at all and at the same time you don't even have any cultivation it's just that swords period with you that's why.

Twin what was o ho that's why you're scared babu don't worry you won't come out you can attack me Hearing this, this person becomes very happy and what is going on, okay, now you have given me only, so what can I do in this, this person? I take my formation , I start doing my ninja technique, let's see how it's coming out, slowly, and it's Banda's, now when you want to die, I'm not going to delay, who's going? that your power is not as bad as i thought you turned out to be better than me we are shown that he takes out a big sword with the help of his power and directly hits the sword towards the king but the quiz is very He must have become powerful, he grabs the voice from here and breaks it into pieces , that selfishness was nothing in front of him, and after seeing this thing, when his 100 is broken,.

Then a lot is said about him. There is a big attack because with this energy he is sort and moving straight towards him and saying that I never thought that I will kill you, he is pressing his face and going. Was pushing back and keeps on but you tried to use me again and again I'm not going to leave you as you are in its eyes I can see how much anger he takes and hits his head straight over there on a rock and he was saying no you can't kill me I'm Jikkong's san you can't do me like that he's great but unfortunately I don't know him and I don't know so why would I leave you as he goes to die there a security guard comes and he saves the guy then we see two people come up there and what Who has got the guts to kill my son,.

And he belonged to Banda, she is the queen of Daad, she is not even standing properly It doesn't even have any cultivation, yet it can touch the protecting jet plate . Hota aur kare hota hota it's you Govinda starts saying I can't believe I never thought I would meet you here are you He recognized this fellow, he is fond of the fellow, he is asking why do you know him ? I will get it then I will recognize it as new pahchanunga so I am going to recognize it but this guy starts laughing very loudly and what is happening that when in a few months.

I met you earlier, you are very strong, and instead of being more powerful, now look, you do n't even have your cultivation, so how can you kill me, I can't believe that you can really kill me. The queen says that I will definitely kill you and I will kill you with this selfishness, I will kill you in such a merciless way that you will not be able to think but that guy was still laughing and is doing well, do you really think that you will be able to kill me? When you don't even have a cultivation base and he is making such a joke that you will be able to harm me with one shot, that too is half broken, so you can't do anything with me, but here he is getting very angry. We see that he throws his sword very fast now everyone thinks that it is a normal sword but no it is not a normal sword it is actually a sword spirit which is controlling this sword as well.

And as long as it is Joe's uncle It is said that wait your head, first listen to me, till then this self has crossed its path. And that too directly from the heart and then they have come to know that there is a sports period. You will be killed for sure but someone is near it and it is yours, you are also not going to survive, I will kill you today, I keep doing what I do once, but it was of Banda that you know Whom have you killed ? This is the sword of the holy line, you give it to me before it reaches the wrong hands, but the queen must have gone to kill her, must.

Have thrown away her sword, here we see that this is the swords period and these people Can't see Swords period Sikkim can see but its dad tries his best to save his son but it's too late It remains a little clear and the son of swords is killed, his grandfather is crying holding his son but is not even crying and then it is shown here that you become a heron. And going to use your full power the kid you have invited your death now I am not going to leave you until another guy comes from behind and this is also loaded means bigger than this and then this Those who are uncles are explaining to their lord that this happened and there is a best who has killed their son, so now they want to kill that best.

Comes very calmly and is asking him child do you regret that you killed him child and then here this red haired lord also comes and they are asking him to go back What do you mean to say that along with the child also comes and then we are told that this red haired person is not normal, he is the Lord of the Sea of ​​Clouds. Do you understand that there were three parts, out of 3 parts, one part is this and one part is Lord, as soon as it is known that he is Lord, he bows before him and bows down to him, but he says that there is no need to be so good , only then we are shown that my lord is here, today is really going to be very auspicious, so this lord with red hair should ask him It seems that you have said whether it is a guild or not, after all, what is it.

For, then this person starts telling that one of our peerless genius has been killed in this and then tells the whole story in short. It happened like this, but then suddenly in a terrible and terrible way, even if it appears here, then what is happening to it, what are you doing here, but this person who waits, becomes flat after seeing it, and what is it? It happens that she is such a beautiful girl and our episode ends with a beautiful girl, but hey, you guys forgot to speak Ek Hathi, the two episodes that I had posted in the morning If you are watching the afternoon episode , then the middle episode has disappeared and our gas bus ends here, don't worry, I will bring the next episode soon, then see you all in the next episode , till then for this Bye bye, reduce it, get 27 thousand subscribers this month, it.

Will be a great favor for you people, may God give you two GFs, that too as you like, but except mine.

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