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At the beginning of the episode, it starts returning that what do you mean by saying that your son's cultivation has been destroyed by this criminal, has the criminal killed your son ? Absolutely true and could have done anything other than this there could have been a lot of casualty in this matter but I would like to tell you that my son's cultivation was very super very high and it wanted to remove him from his way So that no one in this whole holy land can stand in front of him, so he killed my son, then you know his answer , what happens, tell me brother, the whole line is very dangerous, so listen, this guy who Who was it that the girl next to this I want as I want so that as much as I have strength I can create even more love list genius with my strength.

So that there is no shortage of genius in our holy land It remains that if you want to increase, then go and give somewhere else, but don't post here, but this is what happens. It is believed that if we work harder, we can really bring many peerless geniuses here in this world within about 20 years, and in this way, first of all, what is the name of this child, why his loss. No, he will keep regretting it again and again, and he will keep releasing his mistake, what mistake did he make, and at the same time, more geniuses will keep coming to our holy land, so do n't you people think that my The proposal has been made a lot, but all these people do not like this thing even sir, yes these people are Lord, you can understand how such a thing can be liked by anyone and why are you my husband, only then there is a lot of power from above and The energy comes directly towards the man.

And he gets a direct hit and that energy is carried, that is, there is a voice that you have so much courage, how did you need to say such a thing and here he is shouting and why are you Who are you and are you attacking me secretly ? They say that it is too late, now nothing can happen , she is calling at her place that I have to go, but she is crying that no, do n't go there, I am feeling danger there. Says that you don't worry at all, senior is not going to do anything to me and you quietly go back home from here, only then another Lord who is there is saying to the criminal that you should not worry at all, I will keep it safe. I will reach inside the set, there will be no fire on it, then who is it, thank you very much Lord,.

Because it has been known that whose queen is and here it is shown that Queen A has been Happens with miss phoenix only phoenix will speak sounds better then when he comes in then they sit there tea is in front and miss phoenix is ​​talking so you have finally found out what is between her girl and me If there is a relationship, then someone says yes, I know that she is your daughter, that this soul, this soul is her real name, because her surname and her surname will be this soul. I am saying that I want one thing from you and in return you can ask for whatever you want in exchange, I will give it to you, then Queen says yes, I know this is what you want, shouldn't I stay? Take good care of him and don't let him get hurt, she says you are really very intelligent sir, tell me now what can I give you in return, he says it is very easy.

, scene change. It happens here we are taken to the nearby where we come to know that Queen's family has adopted Rooh and both of them are very happy because if you are with me then it is a good thing, isn't it now with you? Has a complete family but Rooh is sad and she is saying that Han has a complete family but her mother and father do not want to adopt her, so they have brought her into this family but try to understand her a lot. but she may not have been a man it was a long time ago you can see how young they both are and then the queen is telling miss phoenix It happens that there is such and such thing and then you come back to the present scene and it is deep that I want you to go and meet him and talk for a while and do not answer more questions than that. do it but she says do you want artifacts and those diamonds javarat pearls pills all that.

But it gets angry and says stop talking to me about all these things Please do it doesn't matter to me I care for her because she is my younger sister and nothing else and there are some people in this world who leave their children only after hearing this Those who are misphonics would have had a lot of trouble and what would have happened to them, why did you dare to say this once again, why didn't you say yes, if my father had not gone to the forest that day and he would not have been crying. She would have become a victim of Dhoom Step Monsters, because I have been right, today she is not even alive in front of you, nor can you even hear her voice , Miss Phoenix is ​​sad to hear this and she would have been It is absolutely true that she was in this condition because of me, after that Miss Phone asks about her father, after all, what was.

His father's name? This is the name, by the way, I have never heard about such a person, but what was she doing there in the domestic forest, it is impossible that She is there in the drowning forest because she should have been in the practice of God and Demons. There is a point i.e. the middle point is between the human world and the spirit and the lap of God and it is further told that there is a lot of existence on the other side of the world, there is also a human existence, but the human beings live there. Of the human race, those people come in the weakest existence and but these people are not even human, in a way, after that she starts telling the king that there is a lot of meaning, isn't it?.

She is the first of them so when these guys are running then she was very small and miss phoenix is ​​running with her here and there and they have just reached the corner of practice means in the side means on one side If he goes, these people reach directly in the human world , now listen further, the story remains that they A spell was cast on Raho that if any angry person comes, he should trigger the spell or someone with killing intent should not hit Ruvo and it carries the impression that your father may be very good. He must have come in the practice and at the same time he must have got the soul, he is there, by the way, where is your father now, but he tells that his father has passed long ago and now the secret about his father is about to be revealed. There is a lot of shocking trick whether it is his father or he has already passed so stay tuned.

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