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As we saw in the previous episode, King tells about his father that his father has passed away many years back but the misphonics deny it saying that it is impossible . It cannot happen because the people who enter into practice live in one of the top axis, that means their father must be in the top of human existence and there are eight different types of people living here in 8 continents and their father is so If you can't kill easily then he says that how can this happen then Miss Phoenix starts telling that if you can have your father then he will still be alive as far as I am concerned with 90% claim that he Will be alive till now but the condition which you have told, that condition will also change with time, so let's change this thing a little bit to stay with it, but it is very angry and was saying that see the soul.

I have younger sister and what condition do I have to meet her I don't want to put any conditions with her just if you want me to Wanted to talk then I am going from here because now I have no less vote here and starts going from there but then Phoenix says have you never thought that after all these years why I have never gone from Ruko If I meet, then what can I do about it, it is your choice, whether you want to meet her or not, anyway , you are of no less value, when someone is leaving from there, suddenly he gets a lot of attention. He feels powerful and hum and he gets scared and he goes to attack miss phoenix and he is saying that you can't keep your mouth shut but she stops him very easily comes in a finger on his head and says ass somewhere he is feeling pain too miss phoenix says.

Let me keep one more condition for you how about if i help you to merge your sword spirit with yours If you do this, you can also bring back your lost cultivation and you will become even more powerful, but he does not say that I can solve this problem. I will solve it myself, she says well, you can solve it yourself, by the way, I have heard rumals that those who break through with magic sword for, their cultivation level suddenly increases a lot as well. Also they get a chance to go to the magic sword but it lasts for a very short time and there they can get the magic sword too, it says what is the magic sword, then mens phoenix starts telling that There are total nine demon sort out of which one is Hori Holi rally of demon client and it is very easy to get but for that you have to enter.

Into Spirit of Gods and Demons but before that she starts telling very strange things . That which is mentioned in Demon Sword, it is in the practice of Gods and Demons, so it has to use Immortal Art because there are monsters outside Vyas to guard them , their masala power is very high and those people absorb too much energy and I tell you I can send it to the outside and if possible your father can also come back and he says that he will definitely go there, look ahead, he will get a new power and see how the story will become interesting, now the quiz is too much mighty mighty men are here he goes so i phoenix is ​​saying to him ok i will cast a magic spell on you because the place you are going it is very difficult to stay alive in the place and if this If you cast a spell on.

It, it can stay alive for a little longer because it is earth but it is of a different type, don't you think? I go back after that and then he starts leaving here Miss Phoenix is ​​thinking that girl who keeps calling Kin-Kin as brother all day long I think she likes Kin-Kin very much as brother No he has crush on her but she is very nice he also likes roko but like a sister and these two can be a great team He would have reached home and some people are standing in front of the gate of his house and those people are talking a lot, they are talking about the soul only, they are talking a lot but if they do not talk bad, then they will say to those people. I feel like moving to the side, I have to go, you guys are making too much noise anyway, and then he starts going inside the queen to see her.

After this people start saying that he is the one who does not have any cultivation but he is looking very powerful then the other guy says don't forget that he is Miss Phoenix's decibel. I don't say all these things, here we see that the soul is cooking because there is already there and he sees the soul that she is cooking that you are cooking means that the food must be tasting. Han says the food is ready, now I am going to serve it, now we are shown in the next scene that these people are eating, what is the queen, that you have prepared very tasty food, what is she doing? Ki han, this is the first time I have tried all this food, but still it is very good, now while eating, the queen is saying to her that look, I will have to separate from you for a few days, what would she have been saying, what happened brother, why? you are about to leave me again its.

Time maybe her father is still alive and queen will have to go to find her father for few days this Koi becomes emotional on hearing this and says that daddy is alive. In the next scene, we are shown Miss Phoenix re-reading her spell on Quik so that she will be safe even after going to the place and she will rest at the place. After casting the spell for a while, this spell is completely cast, it is cast on his chest and then Miss Phoenix is ​​telling him what to do and what not to do, but The most important thing is that as soon as you go there and meet everyone you meet very carefully because no one is going to be good there and along with casting the spell, she also gives some of her feathers to the queen. Feathers are visible to us here and it is being said that when you are in a lot of trouble i.e.

At the time of extreme emergency you should use these feathers and if you use even one feather then I mean lightning strike would die. By the way, she will go to help, thank you very much, then she says thank you, then I should do yours because You have been taking care of my daughter for many years. After a while we are shown that the portal is now open and anyone is ready to leave. Yes, that place is very rule but also very interesting, then what was it, Quinn goes here, we are shown on the other side , in the diameter of Demons and Gods, that portal remains open and as soon as Queen lands there, she The above gets attacked but it somehow escapes it in time. We see that it is a wool, it is not a normal, it is also of a level somewhere around the queen, and it is very powerful.

. He is trying to kill the wolf with his sword, but the boss is fast and powerful , his sword is not causing any harm to the school, here these two means that the spirit sword belongs to both of them. That's it, it's not that much, it's not easy, it's going to be difficult, there is a scene change, on this side we are shown that some Six other people would have gone to Holy Land, that means leave here immediately, but these heads tell that they are from the Phoenix family, and hearing this, they become sweaty and their name is fenklang, and it is quite It is also more famous that first of all I go back after asking my senior, then those who are Mr. Fan are saying that it is okay to go and come soon after asking, it is shown in the next movie that all the three Lords are here. They are talking about how the Phoenix.

Family is stepping into our holy line today, although there is no enmity between the two and they are all joking and they are Mr. Friends. Searching all the three lords, they bow down and tell all their things that it is like that and then they also talk completely that it happened like that, after that this is Mr. Frank, I come to the point, why are they? It happens that he wants to meet someone from his thrown family, Lord says that he is at our place, he says that this is a lot of talk and then In the hug scene, there is this phoenix, she has come near the soul , and our episode ends here, tell me, how did you like the episode?

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