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At the beginning of the episode, we see that Miss is near the phone and after seeing the form , tears come in her eyes, then Rooh tells her who are you and what have you come here to do, so she immediately Tears posteen and carry that some dirt had gone into my eyes, so tears came from my eyes, I came here so that I could wash my face, by the way, it seems to me that you wash those clothes a lot. Are you looking more happy do these clothes belong to someone you like wait she tells which of her brothers these clothes belong to she says this is your brother's clothes and then she starts loving him Rooh says sister what are you doing she says don't call me sister you can end me after a while when I am phoenix she asks sex question do you want to stay by your brother's side forever Or are you always on your.

Brother's side, she says yes, I always want to be on my brother's side and help him, but he wants me not to be with him. yes and i can send it back to the family she then asks this phonics do you want to practice she says we want to practice because i don't want to be a burden on anyone especially not at all i always save them I want and don't want anyone to harm her, then she suddenly vanishes . There are fangs, he says you are the one, why are you there, she says I am not, he says let's go, it is time to go, she says wait a minute, I will come now, and now wait, she starts leaving and is thinking. Brother, I will keep looking for you, I am even more powerful and then.

You will wait for me till I return, here we are shown what Ms Phoenix is ​​saying that you are very talented and if this is your goal So there is no harm in it because you are very talented and friend family also like you in their hand There is a photo of a person and she is saying that I should also continue with my mission. Here the scene changes and we are shown that his masala is taking power and is becoming stronger, so what is the spirit of the sword? The master was yours, you have turned it into a lotus, it was the 89th master whom you have killed and you are absorbing its masala power very fast, if you keep doing this, then very soon it will become a motel and someone will become very powerful. Even will not be able to stand in front of you, now let's hurry up and recover your old strength as soon as possible and when the queen is getting disturbed, he says that you.

Are too talkative, you talk too much, then he says that it is okay. Ok master, I just want to say one last thing to you master, your physical body has become more powerful than before and now you have become so powerful that you can unblock the magic sword array as soon as possible. Thank you very much for a little compliment but now you have to go back he says back Will have to go he is keeping his shot from back inside then it is also disappearing no master you can't put me inside just now I had taken it out poor man is crying but he would have used his sword in his statement And it becomes deeper that you keep quiet, you make a lot of noise, then when the king goes a little further, he is shown a very big and beautiful tree, which is also called the World Tree, then his splitsvard starts saying that So there is a world tree, I want to tell you.

That all these world martial arts come from inside history and Rumors believe that in this world tree, a fruit plays in it for thousands of years, whose name is There is soul fruit and this fruit is very precious, if you eat soul fruit, then you can unlock new martial arts techniques, martial soul, and even many things , master, I think so. Should we go there and check whether this rumor is true or they keep saying that there is soul fruit inside it. even or not ok let me go and check after that what was there someone has a super in information and he flies after that he uses his celestial so he can see up to 4X sorry 100x till and there he sees that fruit only one fruit but then there comes a huge snake he doesn't try to card the king.

But it has rung and this snake has three eyes and it is very dangerous, then the queen further tells us that according to the mythology, it is absolutely true that whenever any fruit means shoal-foot here But it turns out that there is definitely a master here to save him, who is very powerful , so he carries the period of swords. See master, I told you that everything is absolutely true, now let's hurry up and give him the fruit. Let's take it but it is not a small-fat snake, this snake is very big, just like a dragon, but our quinta was also less, it removes its sword and you know that its sword can go by itself. So its taste increases in many parts due to which that snake gets confused and that sword comes from all sides and starts penetrating it into the snake. – It breaks.

Into pieces and again the sword is in the queen's man and the sort deepens, master, how much tension you give him . Why are you taking it, I have finished it, let's go and take the Soul Fruit, so anyone forgets the useless things and goes straight to take the Soul Fruit, from there it is fake fruit. But just as he is about to grab it, the fruit suddenly vanishes from there. We are shown that this bondage would have taken him to the Soul Fruit and that as a foreigner you cannot take the Soul Fruit. Yes, you don't even have any Cultivation, you only have Body Refining Cultivation, and you have a one time magic weapon, you still want to take this Soul Fruit, I don't think you should take it, don't you destroy it? Kar hota master can I take it out I will taste it no no no sit there in your name so.

I alone is enough for this and then it happens to be of Banda look baby my mood is very good today because I got this soul Got fruit that too after a long time look my mood is good so I am letting you go and till my The mood is good, you leave quietly from here, you will regret a lot later, the talent queen does not come out . Will move forward for and you snatch this fruit, why am I right ? Uses it but doesn't even attack . Queen says well you are a spirit but that guy is still saying look today I am in a good mood and if you leave here I will save your life. I will give it, but someone.

Here suddenly gets transformed and he is worried about what happened after seeing this form of mine, was he scared ? don't be stronger than me now wait let me show you what my real power is It happens that the tree would have raised its figure in the top but still no one has killed it, it seems that someone is near it, whenever the prayer is removed, it can show us that the queen has defended itself and its The black body looks like a devil, it looks very dangerous and what was it because it comes directly to attack it and says wait, I will enjoy you, it catches its mouth and then it What happens to the man, what if I am about to die, can't you kill me, but the queen.

Takes him and drags him all the way, now why would he have a fruit in his hand and he would have bought it from the man, that's all . You had more power and with this much power, you are thinking yourself a very big person, you will never be able to defeat me with this, let's see that this is some confusion, it is happening that please forgive me, spare my life. please don't kill me it starts falling all over ok ok i'm not going to kill you now come on tell me a place where lots of people gather and then that guy thinks this is the chance but as soon as someone looks at him he starts sweating thinking that he can kill the queen secretly but no it was not going to happen and then this guy says ok let me take you to that place where there is a lot of people and there is a fight that just ends the episode now the episode will come in the evening ok punch or 6:00 pm then punch again.

Six 5:00 baje man lo aayega to punch se raat ka 9:00 pm in between and ae jayega punch six episodes bye bye

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