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Friends, have you seen the Call River series, if you have not seen it, then definitely check it out because it has 100 plus episodes and now more episodes are yet to come, definitely check it once, it is a modern type cultivation which is slowly- Dheere ab ghustachar aa raha hai in old times, you will definitely enjoy watching, once try will definitely find it in your playlist. The episode starts with a time skip where one year has passed and the incident is shown to us. This beautiful beautiful mountain where some people are going and they are talking to you that after exactly 3 months the solution festival is going to come and this 80 solution is considered to be a very good and big festival, it is shown here There are three people where a boy, a girl and a Buddha are fodder, that child says that time will also come out with a list in.

Which it will be ranked who is the most powerful, who is the lowest, then the girl is the Big Brother Young . He is an expert as well as an expert, but who is this child and who is he? How much more powerful he belongs from a small town and what do you think I will be more powerful because his competitors are too many both of them don't like this thing at all then this yellow guy starts telling me Where have you heard about Jim, the girl from the beginning of the episode, tell me the comments, and then D Light Shadow of D Light Family and Joints Ka Joints, and then the same and some other competitors hote hai aur ka raha hota yeh boot Or there is nothing in front of them if that train thinks itself more powerful and wants to come in the tension list then first of all he has to surrender all these people and it can only be a donkey who thinks about it After sarfaraz all three.

He can go upstairs but that girl starts saying yes your point is right at some places but I don't completely agree with you because all the people you have mentioned about whom Except the rest of the people are all very old but the voter is only 17 years old and very old. He is very powerful, haven't you seen his power, then the child starts making fun of Scooty, he is young, that means he will die there for sure, but that girl is getting angry and saying that you should not say this about her. That's why the girl screams loudly, then he says what happened, why do you give things so loudly, then we see that the wing which happens to have fallen directly on the yellow haired child and that child screams in pain. It seems that he has broken my leg and it is the girl's that who is this who fell from the sky and broke her leg and the girl immediately.

Takes the queen to the side and is lifting her but he does not lift her Grandfather is the only one to hurry up and look at this, it seems that he is very serious about this matter, then the guy with yellow hair must have been saying that you should first see your cousin Kinari and not his shameless falls at our feet as his grandpa happily goes to help the queen but what remains is that What happens to Grandpa, he has fallen from the sky, may be God's will to kill him by falling from the sky, but we are going against God, you should not do this, but his Grandpa is going to listen to him, he goes but Now look, maybe we are tampering with God's will, God doesn't want us to save him, even if there is a child, there is a little rule, that girl starts saying that you should not do all these things, this is very I feel badly.

That we should help him. Now we are shown that after a while, King regains consciousness and Grandpa asks him who are you, child, what is your name. Here we see Quick thinking. Yes, it was a matter of time when both of them had tricked the king, why was he saying that your master's name is really useful, he would say that at least both of our lives were saved and they both had a lot of fun. They are passing inside the special but suddenly something happens and both of them start getting attacked. Veen doesn't remember anything that happened to him, now again in the present, Mera Naam Hai, and Mani Man thinks that we have been tracked inside the Space Channel for almost a year. Maybe he was inside and got separated in Blue Sebi now I don't understand what has happened these people are very nice he has yellow hair.

Leaving the child, why are there thanksgiving, then they say, there is no interest in thanking you, we have just helped you, and then they keep saying, look, there is a lot of danger here, the yellow one starts saying hey i think he has nothing let's leave this here and go then that girl tells queen her name and she is saying that there are a lot of monsters in the jungle around here so best for you It remains here that you come with us, she comes to him and carries him, eat this bill before walking . The one who is a child with a badge hair takes this bill and how can you give it, you know it is a very valuable treasure of our clan, it is a third level pillar, you are just like that Can't give it but she starts saying that it is my heart and I.

Can give it to whomever I want, you are tight voter in the middle, a fight starts between the two, the yellow one says that you are like this only. Can't give her this moment, she starts saying that this moment is mine, I will keep giving it to you , do n't come in between and carries that if you don't remove your hand, I will bite your hand hard, then she will take her hand . He removes it and then the girl brings it to the queen and gives it to the queen. The queen says thank you very much for giving the appeal. You haven't given it yourself and see this bill is not going to affect you because you have snatched it from us and you are thinking a lot because it was inside for a year, then a book comes out and what happened Here it is, this is a body level martial skill, I want to exchange with you, then she starts saying, oh no, no, there is no need for this, don't.

Take my cousin's words too seriously, he is an ass, he just keeps talking like this. Whatever comes in his mind, don't pay much attention to his words. In the next scene we see that the horse is on the cart and when the girl carefully When she looks at the book, it is of earth level, she is shocked to see because she had lied to her that she is of low level, then that girl would have been asking her grandfather, who is this person, is it normal for me at all? If he is not feeling then his grandpa says that he has earth level martial arts means it is simple but it is not as simple as we understand it horse would have been driving the car and why would I have done all this I am not feeling well, the girl says, should I go and ask her who she is and here we are shown the Queen, who is sitting comfortably, that I was trapped inside the space channel for a year and back. I went to this Holy.

Land and I've run out of pills with me, I have to find some way so I can refine more pills, then we see that girl with great joy She comes inside and why is she asking that if I am not the head of a big family in the isolation fortress, then she would come closer and carry her, then why so? It is possible that you can come out with such a good martial arts book, and what example does it give, like the vegetable seller sends mangoes to any vegetable in his area and gives it immediately, the same way the vegetable seller would have given it to him. Hai ki book kaise nikal ke dediya starts joking that woh ho ho mujhe pyaas aur hota hai but he was not able to understand anything then she gets excited and carries him by the way bhai king kya You also want to participate in this solution festival, but why I do not see.

Any spiritual energy fluctuating inside you, it may be that my cultivation is too high, that's why I cannot see your cultivation. Talking about the festival of Wing Kiya Tha , then she also gets a little surprised and carries, don't you know about this festival, it is the biggest festival of our Desolation for Dress and by the way, are you? Is it from the mountains that you do not know about all these things, that's why it is shouting from here What was the matter, I had already taught you that he will be from a small town, since then nothing is known, but still this girl does not care and why does she want to tell that what will happen to the one who comes first in the angel list. The price is about to be received but he says no, he is not at all interested in what should happen in the first list, but still she starts telling King that the first.

The one who comes will get this price because I told you that I am not really interested in knowing this thing, but she becomes flirtatious and starts telling that listen to me, there was one and a half man who lived in a desolation continent for 100 years. First came the one who had six hands and two hands and many more looks like human but there was one piece it is very strange that he has already killed but his spiritual power is still fluctuating inside and then Next she starts telling the whole history that it happens like this and the one who comes first in the competition can absorb the power of the person . I had reached, maybe she is talking about the same master. Hearing this, the queen also goes into a deep thought that two hands and then two hands means six hands are the best, like her four hands, she says what.

Happened, you think. Why did I post, only then we are shown this image in Queen's Man. Has anyone ever seen this guy? Tell in the comments. If you have seen Dena then only then I know King from his dream world and what is going on that after all who has given her body but he says that the girl must have been very afraid and the episode ends with this fearful game. Let me tell you how was today's episode, I told you that today's episode is going to be great, so see you tomorrow at 3:00 pm okay

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