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Hello everyone my name is KD I welcome you all in my first YouTube video I'm going to share weekly schedule of animes starting on Sunday we have one piece am I actually the strongest my tiny Senpai the Duke of death and is made season two Atelier Riza classroom of Heroes.

Zanayaka on Monday we have mushoku tensei season 2. Masa Moon kun's Revenge season 2 dark Gathering malevolent Spirits mononogatari season 2 level 1. Demon Lord and one room hero Yami shabai 11. on Tuesday we have the girl I like forgot her glasses the dreaming boy is a realist sweet reincarnation sindhuacity Noir on.

Wednesday we have bongu stray dog season five my happy marriage reborn is a vending machine now I wander the dungeon help on Thursday we have jujus 2 Kaizen season 2 undead murder farce spy classroom season 2 The Devil is a part-timer season two on Friday we have Rurouni kenshi the most heretical last.

Boss Queen from villainous to savior the great cleric sugar apple fairy tales part 2 on Saturday we have bleach Thousand-Year blood War horimia the missing pieces zom 100 bucket list of the Dead rent a girlfriend season 3. the Eminence in the shadow season 2 reign of the seven spellblades the masterful cat is depressed again today.

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