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in Francis Ford Coppola's gangster epic The Godfather we followed Don Vito Corleone head of the most powerful of the five New York crime families as he looks to transfer control of his Empire to his reluctant son Michael the Aging veto in poor health and slipping into semi-retirement mentors his son and.

Guides him through the treacherous underworld of the mob and helps before his death to orchestrate the five family hit or baptism of fire where at the end of the film Michael wipes out all of his enemies and leaves New York for Nevada where in the second film he looks to legitimize the Korean family business but his plans are put on hold when he is.

Subject to an assassination attempt and must find who the traitor in his family is one key suspect is Frank pentangeli the man who is in charge of the Korean crime family in New York after the death of Korean Captain Peter clemenza my Michael tells businessman Hyman Roth that patanjali was behind a hit attempt and he'll take him out as revenge and.

Roth the man really behind the hit utilizes the situation by trying to kill patanjali and blaming it on Michael patanjali survives the hit and the series of events leads him to flip and testify against Michael at his Senate hearings on organized crime when Michael later arrives with pentangini's brother from the old country Frank changes his.

Mind about betraying mid-hearing and thus Michael is spared from going to prison patanjali later kills himself for his betrayal after negotiating safety for his family with Tom Hagan now one of the side characters who's there but never the center of attention throughout all of this is really Chichi Willy Chichi is an enforcer for the Corleone.

Crime family he has very little screen time in the first film being mentioned more so in The Godfather novel with Vito Corleone's son-in-law easy reporting to him and he being tasked with protecting Sonny Corleone during the five family War he clearly makes an impression on his superiors as he's trusted enough to be assigned the task of killing mob boss.

Don kunio as part of the baptism of fire he trapped kunio at the revolving opening doors of the Elegante Hotel after kunir Gets a Haircut and shoots him dead he is also present when tessio is outed for his betrayal and taken away searching him and presumably playing a part in his death with new regimes come new faces and Chichi like Rocco lampone.

And al-niri are the new faces of Michael Corleone's Empire replacing the likes of Paulie Gatto and Luca Brasi from Vito's era Chichi has a memorable recognizable phase and he does look a bit creepy there's something sleazy looking about him in any case when pantanjali becomes the street boss of New York Chichi becomes his right-hand man acting as his.

Bodyguard going with Angeles to the party at Lake Tahoe where he and patanjali suggest clemenza did not actually die of a heart attack Chichi is with pentangy when he meets with the risotto Brothers waiting outside and not knowing the risottos are killing pentagity inside the bar when a cop approaches the scene it all kicks off.

With the risottos storming out guns a blazing and Chichi taking part in the street shootout appearing to be shot and getting hit by a car presumably dying along with patanjali but of course it's later revealed Frank survived and so did Chichi and what's more surprising is that Chichi testifies against Michael and the Koreans Chichi's evidence is.

Damning for Michael's character as he says he killed Virgil salotso and the police captain as well as the planning of other murders however due to the buffers in the family and not receiving any orders directly from Michael Chichi is unable to directly implicate Michael in any of these Major Crimes which is why pentangeli's testimony is so.

Important it's likely the feds wanted Chichi's testimony to act as a character assassination before patanjali comes in with the slam dunk directly implicating Michael in order and murders Chichi's reasons for his surprise appearance as a witness will largely be the same as fantangelis Frank didn't know that Roth ordered the hit against him as the.

Circumstances all made it seem like Michael was behind it Michael was all cozy with Roth who backed the risottos he didn't allow pentanji to go all out in his war with the risotto brothers and told him to make peace and the Clincher is of course when one of the brothers says Michael Corleone says hello as he strangled Frank so Frank had nowhere to.

Go he thought his boss wanted him dead and he turns to the feds in a way it's a testament to Chichi's loyalty to his boss that he went along with potentially but of course on a macro level Chichi has broken or murder and under the mob's rules he deserves to die Chichi would likely have been frustrated and felt betrayed not just that Mike Michael.

Tried to have Frank killed but because he as a man on the street level would have first-hand experience with the war with the risotto Brothers as people he was on the Frontiers in the trenches and the news from the high Ivory Tower where Michael was having champagne was that the guy is doing the fighting had to handicap themselves concede to the.

Risottos Chichi would have been Furious thinking like Frank that Michael had lost his way become disconnected from his roots after the street shootout Chichi would have been picked up and made an offer from the feds after being threatened with perhaps charges like murder and racketeering and been offered a deal it may have even been that at the.

Time he had no idea that Frank pentangy was still alive so really he had no tangible reason not to testify and what of chichi after he testifies well this is where things get a bit weird because him testifying is his last involvement in the film we can assume he started his reduced sentence during his time and living out his life maybe being released.

At some point maybe even dying in prison from natural causes or a Corleone contact taking him out he wouldn't go into witness protection because at the time the witness protection program didn't exist if we take the real life figure Joseph alachu who Chichi is supposed to have been based off then like his real life counterpart we can.

Assume Chichi spent the rest of his life in protective custody but what really happens to him we don't know could it be that Michael thought of chichi as too small of a fish to go after him that his testimony didn't amount to much and Chichi may have been intentionally vague in his testimony to get a lighter sentence but not actually say too much.

Having his cake and eating it similar to what Larry barisi does in The Sopranos where he testifies but pins murders on people who are already dead or like pentangy Carlo testio and Fredo would Michael give orders for Chichi to be found and take taken out I think the latter is more likely given Michael's temperament but he never mentions Chichi.

When the corleones are discussing their plans it's likely it's on the agenda but way down in the list because Michael has bigger fish to fry which is why I find it strange that Chichi was actually supposed to be in The Godfather Part 3 essentially playing the part of Joey Zaza Chichi would be running what used to be the Korean Empire becoming a.

Direct antagonist to Michael azaza was but when Joe Spinell died the character was Rewritten into a new one I've always found this very strange as it seems bizarre that Michael would allow a man who ratted out on him to not only happily walk around the street but to run the Corleone family I've read several draft scripts of The Godfather.

Part 4 which include Willy Chichi and there doesn't seem to be any mentioning of his testifying or any of that stuff brought up and talked about he just runs streets and comes up against Michael I could never quite understand how a rat would be allowed to live and Thrive and there's no explanation for it maybe that was part of the point in the original.

Idea for the third film that Michael is now legit he does not want part in mob violence so chooses to allow Chichi to live and it hangs over his head that this guy betrayed him with Michael fighting with the idea fighting with his nature to take him out but decides against it that makes a bit more sense and would add an interesting Dynamic to.

The Michael Willie beef but it still poses the issue that the rest of the mob world would surely not allow a rat to walk free and would be one of many problems with the third movie either that or Chichi simply made amends with Michael and climbed the ranks with the two men still having amnosity towards each other which apparently is closer to.

The original vision for the third film with Chichi wanting revenge for pentangeli and mindful distrusting him and resenting the fact that he's mixed up in drugs with Chichi eventually being gunned down by Vincent Mancini but this is hard to believe really with him being a rut it feels like a way to shoehorn the character into the third film but.

The story works better with the New York boss being Joey Zaza not Chichi it's possible that spinel's death wasn't the only reason not to bring back Chichi and Coppola knew it wouldn't make sense for a rat to be a boss though I've never heard him in interviews or anything saying this it's possible his fate was left vague intentionally in case the.

Filmmakers had plans to use the character in future movies but as far as I am aware Paramount notwithstanding Coppola himself had no intention of making a follow-up to The Godfather Part 2. there's lots of information on the internet about Chichi some things saying he died in prison some saying he was bumped off but unless these are being.

Taken from alternative media like video games or something it's all guesswork as none of it is backed up by evidence and as those who have read The Godfather novel know the Michael Corleone timeline in The Godfather Part 2 doesn't actually happen in the book so it's of no help to us here so there you have it what do you make of Chichi's testifying do you think.

He was justified and what do you think happened to him after the Senate hearings let me know in the comments below and thanks for watching before we finish I'd just like to thank my patrons Nicholas Curtis Daniel P and Stefan mcmanolis and also my channel members Michael Watley Rikers Joe grossberg the new on ground 24 lone Wanderer Tristian.

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  1. I've continuously wondered if the Rosato brothers botched the hit on Frankie on goal so Frankie would switch on Michael, or become once it appropriate blind qualified fortune that the cop walked in after they had been doing it? There's an argument to be made for both instances being lawful.

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