What If Ash Grew to change into a Frontier Brain? (Portion 4)

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Access to all the parts of my patreon exclusive series what if Ash used his old Pokemon entries closed 11 59 pm on August 31st aest and if you subscribe to both channels you get two entries in the competition so what are you waiting for a month's worth of free and early content is just a click away had Scott's pronouncement of the.

Frontier bring tournament All Eyes fall upon sunglasses clad man with him grinning these had this whole shebang planned for a really long time and it's gonna be a spectacle unlike anything they've ever seen he then looks as though he's gonna say more but when the man who actually seems to be Paul's brother clears his throat the frontier.

Boss stops himself saying that Reggie's right he doesn't want to spoil the surprise at least not until all the brains are present he then bids them all farewell though not before instructing them to Rendezvous Palmer's battle tower since that's where the Tournament begins and just like that Scott departs leaving Ash Annabelle Palmer brand and Paul and.

Reggie alone in the pyramid at once Paul makes a beeline for his brother stating that he finally did it he beat Brandon and became a frontier brain just like Reggie always wanted however instead of Pride the man with the ponytail simply asks at what cost deep disappointment in his eyes and tone meanwhile Ash and Annabelle have made their way over to.

Brandon greeting their fellow Canto brain and asking how he's faring after that loss stoic as ever Brandon replies he had hoped that making Paul fight his way through the other brains might have helped him through his misplaced anger similar to how he tried to guy Dash away from his own hubris during his Frontier run however it seems this was overly.

Optimistic so now he'll have to wait and see if Victory might be the closure the purple-haired boy needed stubbornly ashra taught that he's not about to just wait around and see what happens since afterward Paul's put Chimchar through he needs to be taught a lesson Smiles slightly curving the corners of his lips Brendan commented feeling his young.

Colleague would say something like that heading this has a lot of similarities between Ash and Paul so perhaps he's the only one who can set him straight he then heads over to speak with Palmer with Ashton to Annabelle and ask if she at least agrees with him which the Lilac head girl nods saying that during that battle she used her empathic powers to.

Check on Chimchar once more and from what she felt chimcha's deterioration has only gotten worse since her battle with Paul a few weeks back looking troubled Ash what exactly that means with Annabelle grimler replying that to put it bluntly if Paul doesn't change his ways soon Chimchar will die this news hangs heavily over Ash for the rest.

Of the day with a young Junction Master barely speaking as he and Annabelle set about looking for a way to get to the battle tower having been informed by armor at the location of his facility during their trip to snow Point fortunately they are soon able to come across a fairy head for the small island to the East and so book passage agreeing.

To meet back here in the morning it seems the other brains have their own means of Transport as Ash and Annabelle are the only ones to catch the ferry the next day but when they arrive on the Battle Zone a day later they are not the only brains present spotting their five Kanto colleagues as well as five new faces who are speaking with Palmer and.

Paul approaching the Sinnoh brains Ash and Annabelle introduced themselves in turn getting to know Thornton Dahlia Derek Caitlyn and Argento all of whom seem excited to participate in the tournament well almost all of them as Caitlyn loudly comments that she had planned to take a nap today before scooter drag drab to this island as if.

He had heard her or perhaps because he'd been waiting for everyone to arrive Scott chooses this moment to descend on the back of his Ho-Oh greeting everyone and welcoming them to the frontier Championship he then begins to explain the rules saying that this tournament will be rather unique as the entire island of the Battle Zone will be their.

Battlefield with them battling it out in a series of single elimination battles until there is only one one brain left standing curiously Lucius had matchups determined with Scott grinning these glad she asked there will be no designated pairings with this being complete free-for-all meaning any brain can challenge any other regardless of.

Which region they represent however to help them find opponents he has had his people specially modify a series of poke catches so they'll show a map of the island with little dots to represent each brain who is still active in the tournament though this is the only neat thing they can do as they can also be used to issue challenges and transfer in.

Any Pokemon to wear a possesses similar to The Transfer Machine in the battle Junction the brains should choose carefully who they transfer in though since each battle is a 1v1 so a bad choice could end their tournament run before it even begins he then starts handing out the devices while informing his employees are the final two rules.

The first is that since this island is full of high-level wild Pokemon they're free to capture them and use them in the tournament if they wish and the second is they should remember to put on their game faces since this whole tournament is being televised to raise awareness for the Battle Frontier at these words Ho-Oh takes off into the sky followed by.

A fleet of Ramirez signaling the start of the tournament causing Ash to immediately scan around for Paul though it seems the purple Ed youth has already brought out a hunch Crown taken to the air knowing to let the other boy get away Ash activates his new poketch and uses the transfer function from Pidgeot sent over before he and Pikachu scramble.

Onto the Big Bird's back and give Chase due to it still being fairly early in the day the cloud cover is still quite low resulting in Ash soon losing sight of Paul figuring there's poke catcher's map will come in handy here Ash looks down at the little screen due to his dismay there is no way of telling who Paul is as it seems almost every breath.

Has begun to scatter seeking out old rivals or trained with their Pokemon battling style will have an edge taking against the nearest dot will be Paul Ash decides to follow it hanging a left and soon surmising that it must be heading for that big mountain range near the battle tower ducking below the clouds Ash sees the person he is telling is not.

In fact Paul but someone on a toga kiss the freaking change course his poke Edge beeps informing him that he has been challenged by Arcade star dahlia and asking if he'd like to transfer any Pokemon briefly Ash weighs his options until he hears a voice above the weapon wins instead of Dahlia as she calls out asking if he'd like an aerial battle.

Since they both already have their Flyers here seeing this is a fun Challenge and a chance to do something he doesn't have much experience with Ash happily accepts causing Dalia to grin that she knew it'd be cool before teasing that she just hopes he won't cry when he loses since her togeki kisses number one in the air she then attempts.

To prove this with a high speed charge which sees her flying omelet Ray gets wiggle on kid shirt's underbelly for making a sharp turn to fire a point-blank aura Spirits back this causes Pidgeot to squawk in pain but having faced worse it quickly writes itself and retaliates with a gust attack which buffets Dalia and togeikis as the.

Arcade style laughs it seems Ash Battles just like her hit him fast and hit him hard good since she hates battling Egghead to overthink everything and don't know how to go with the flow smiling now too Ash replies that he knows the feeling that after telling Pikachu to hold on tight gives his next command wing attack Dahlia tells her fly.

Dude likewise and it wants the two Speedy even saw each other their wings clashing like jousting Lancers for Toby kisses and flipping forward mid-air having clearly lost this little duel gripping tied to a Pokemon Dalia is that Ash is the real deal all right let's see how he does the distance she then Rises to her feet on toky kisses back telling.

It to use Hyper Beam without hesitation the Jubilee Pokemon fires off a large orange burst of energy which flies right at Ash Pikachu and Pidgeot petting pidgeot's flank Ash if it's ready with the bird Pokemon trolling confidently before it takes off going from zero to Mach 3 in a matter of seconds in the face of such overwhelming speed not only.

Does Toby Keith not have a chance to adjust its aim to strike beer shot but he cannot even move before it is struck with a super powered wing attack if this wasn't enough to take it out what follows certainly would be as a moment later the sound of that impact catches up with Pidgeot taking the form of a sonic boom which blasts Toby gets into.

Unconsciousness while also sending Dahlia flying off into the open air exhibiting a bit more of the incredible speed Pidgeot is able to catch her though before similarly grabbing toky kissing its claws so that does not hit the ground giving a thanks to Ash and Pidgeot Dalia concedes the match causing a DOT to vanish on the map and she asked.

The pair to put her in Toki kiss down on that nearby mountain range happily complying Ash does so for we're calling Pidgeot since it deserves a break after that battle playfully telling the boy not to make her look bad by losing to anyone else Dahlia follows suit returning tokis to its ball and beginning to walk back to the battle.

Tower to watch the rest of the matches in comfort and she goes Ash looks around seeing if any of the other brains are within sight so he can challenge them to his pleasant surprise he does see someone ducking into a cave further down the mountain and though he doesn't recognize who it is from his fleeting glance he figures it wouldn't hurt to.

Follow and get a closer look sliding to the cave entrance Ash and Pikachu step inside being surprised at how clearly they can see in here thanks to the veins of magma running through the walls which act almost like natural lamps following the sound of footsteps in the distance Ash soon discovers the person he is following is not Paul or any of the.

Other Frontier brains in fact it's not even one person it's a trio of shady looking people carrying a glowing reddish orange stone it looks like lava made Solid having figured everyone else had been cleared off the island for the tournament Ash us what they're doing here with the sound of his voice alerting the Ned Jewels causing the.

Seemingly to debark the illegal to hang back and drive off this brat while he used the magma stone to bring Heatran under his troll at once the subordinate pair break off or the leader advances bringing out a stunt tank and paragli though even combined they are no match for Pikachu who blast them both with Thunderbolt allowing Ash to press.

Forward taking off at a run now Ash and Pikachu attempt to close in on the man due to theirs May when they step into a chamber filled with lava near the back of the mountain they find him holding the stone Aloft as he orders he tried to come forth and serve him a second later the Pokemon unlike Ash has ever seen before bursts from beneath the surface.

Of the lava climbing up the wall of the cavern like some sort of spider before dropping down to stand between Ash and his Target up close Ash says that like the stone the man is holding it appears to be a creature made of magma though with pieces of steel armor around its head and feet there is a majestic Radiance the way this creature glows all.

Except its eyes which remain dull as if something is clouding them cackling arrogantly the man with the magma stone states that he transfers order is his loyal thrall is to destroy this interfering brat and his Pikachu and though for a moment the Beast looks hesitant when the magma stone pulses it complies firing off a heat wave action.

Pikachu have to LEAP out of the way to avoid resulting in a thick staling might just behind where the power was standing being reduced to a molten puddle in an instant taking this to their warning of how strong Heatran is Ash and Pikachu ready themselves the truthfully Ash doesn't want to hurt the lava term Pokemon seeing as hell isn't really.

Trying to hurt them to this end he begins formulating a plan for how to get the Stone from the bad guy figuring once he does that he trying to stop attacking unfortunately Ash isn't given much time to strategize as of its Master's command he Trent begins levitating large chunks of scalding Stone and hurling them at the heroes forcing Ash do what he does.

Best adapt looking to his buddy he tells him to use iron tails and Thunderbolts anything it takes to hold Heatran at Bay without hurting it well he'll take the other guy not indeterminedly Pikachu begins a barrage of bolts exploding the stones in mid-air not only proving his might to be equal to that of heat trans but also clearing Ash a path to charge.

Headlong at the villain letting in a roar of indignation the old man declares that this impudent brat has no place interfering with his genius though with the growl ashra taught that no one can call themselves a genius if they mistreat Pokemon before rolling into the Baddie and causing them both to Tumble over this also serves the magma stone.

Flying into the air with a pear Birds scrambling to their feet and attempting to catch it having longer legs the man quickly gets a lead on Ash with it seeming like he'll be the one to recover his prize though Ash is not out of Tricks yet as with a cry he asked Pikachu to help him out being in perfect sync with his trainer Pikachu abandons.

His current strategy of batting away rocks instead using quick attack to LEAP from flying Stone to Flying Stone until he is close enough to the magma stone he can strike with an iron tail sending and shooting back towards Ash who takes a running leap and catches it letting an anguish Roar the old man snarls that a mere child cannot hope to control the.

Raw power of Heatran though in a firm tone Ash replies that he isn't going to control he Tran he's going to free it he then hurls the magma stone at the cave floor causing the glowing Rock to shatter into a million pieces and the loss of two at last return to hitran's eyes now with nothing to hold it back the Blazing Beast rounds on its former.

Master fury on its face desperately the old man tries to intimidate he Tran commanding it to yield to his Superior will this attempted dominance is somewhat undercut by the erupt picture of fiery guys directly beneath him which sends him shooting through the cave roof with his bum on fire with the original Intruder now gone he Tran next turns his.

Molten eyes on Ash and Pikachu though when Ash gives it a smile thank you for getting rid of the bad guy and asking if it's okay the heat Dome Pokemon reciprocates the gesture trudging up to the boy and rubbing its armored face against his side from behind him Ash then Hears A Familiar voice that of Annabelle as she grinds that looks like.

Ash has made a new friend fretting that she managed to apprehend the two women as they were fleeing with Espeon currently escorting them to the Island's Officer Jenny thank you for the assist Ash prepares to go beating Annabelle and Heatran goodbye but before he can his poke hedge beeps stating he has been issued a challenge by Salon Maiden.

Annabelle while still with that grin on her face Annabelle reminds her compatriot they are still in the middle of a tournament allowing a smile to form in his own lips Ash accepts the challenge the freaking cycle through his roster Annabelle makes a request saying she'd like to have a battle with Heatran if that's possible in ordering to make.

He Trend do anything it doesn't want Ash looks to the fire Steel type asky would be okay with this to which he Trend rumbles the affirmative giving Ash another smiles and trudges over the stem between him and Annabelle looking a little sheepish the salon Maiden then says that she hates to keep making requests but she does have one more can.

They please have this battle outside she's sweating like a grump Pig in here a few minutes later the group of Ash Pikachu Annabelle and Heatran find themselves standing in a rocky Plateau outside Stark Mountain ready to begin their battle with espion off escorting the crooks ashhouse who his friend is gonna use with animal green that.

Actually he hasn't met this Pokemon yet since she caught it after a loss to him during his Battle Frontier run this only excites Ash more asking what it is to which Annabelle enigmatically answers it's a perfect rival for Heatran before using a poke Edge to summon an Ultra Ball which she tosses to bring forth the legendary beast of Thunder riko Landing.

Gracefully ryko lets out a roar like a Thunderclap though even still Ash and Heatran are undeterred with Ash whipping at his Pokedex and quickly learning he trans moves he then takes the first move calling for an earth power they're being faster Riker is easily able to pounce away from the erupted geyser boy think back with an extra sensory which while.

Ineffective still does some damage to he Tran worriedly Ash has the heat down Pokemon is okay then staying strong it nods then on his command fires back a prolonged Heat Wave which quickly heats the entire air making it inescapable and paying ryko back for the psychic attack grinning and about the nastash if they're done warming up to which the.

Young Junction Master nods causing both Pokemon to shift into high gear as one the two Frontier Brands can call for their strongest moves magma storm for Heatran and zadkan for ryko with the blast of lava and electricity clashing in mid-air as both Pokemon attempt to show dominance however just as Reiko as the superior one in terms of speed so as.

Heat Trend when it comes to master of its element with the turret of bubbling magma breaking through the bolts and scolding the cat who kisses in Fury wanting to retaliate Annabelle hasn't respond with thunderfang there was fearsome electricity crackles in Riker's jaw Ash has heat transmitted with Stone Age like in the magma chamber large.

Stone chunks then begin soaring in ryko and while I was able to reduce the First Freedom Pebbles by chomping down on them this is not sustainable with a rock soon burying the Sabertooth sadly this is not the worst of it for Annabelle as now that reiku cannot move it is helpless against the super effective earth power forming beneath its feet so that when.

The eruption occurs it along with the massive Stones Ascend crashing into the side of Stark Mountain before rolling back down to the plateau where it lies unconscious ending the Battle of Legends and Annabelle's run in the frontier Championship recalling Reiko with her thanks Annabelle congratulates Ash and he train on their Victory smiling.

They're a formidable pair and if Ash were to catch the heat down Pokemon it would be a great addition to the battle Junction's roster since he doesn't yet have a Steel type smiling too Ash agrees that would be cool though it seems the most enthusiastic one is Heatran who nudges our society in as if asking what he's waiting for smile only growing.

Ashes for the fire Steel type is sure then where it rumbles its affirmation he pulls out a Pokeball and catches it adding the legendary Pokemon to his team following this capture Ash Parts way with Annabelle heading back down the mountain to seek at his next Challenger though he's in left to wait for long as before he can even make it onto Route.

226 he sees Paul and Chimchar waiting for him wasting no time with Preamble Paul states to the sore ashes battle with Annabelle and so demand of Dash bring out Heatran so he can face it too with a cold look in his eyes Ash refuses saying that all Paul respects his power and while he tread is powerful he will show Paul a different kind of power when.

He and another friend earned together born of trust and mutual respect he then adds this Pokemon wants to train like Paul and when it left him and actually found a trainer who loved it for who it is not what it can do that's what it truly reached its full potential something his chimcha will never achieve while it's being treated like dirt he.

Then Taps his pokage manifesting a ball which he throws into the air revealing Charizard dismissively poorer thoughts that he already beat that loser lizard but still Resolute Ash replies in that case he should have no problem doing so again without that quad effective Stone Edge this time never want to back down Paul agrees that he will and so the.

Ideological rematch begins taking the first move this time Ash calls for a flamethrower while Paul having forced chimchan to its unbridled Blaze state does likewise with the two moves clashing mid-air for the most part hard it seems they are comparable in power that there is one key difference this is chimcha's ceiling well Charizard is just.

Getting warmed up to prove this ash calls for overheat with Charizard's flamethrower being replaced by an orange orb which cuts through chimchar's toront of flame as if it were nothing before striking in head-on and sitting and soaring into the air with a squeal landing hard on its back chimchuk groans in pain though savagely pulled boxer to.

Get back up with a medic monkey doing exactly that it's pink guy's still a light with rage as it employs a flame would have fly into the air screaming as it does bellowing ferociously Charizard misses with a steel wing and there's no decisive as overheat it does manage to break through chimchar's assault knocking out of the wheel and leaving.

Exposed to a dragon breath and sends it plunging back down to the ground as this happens Ash and Paul both nurse and several drameros are watching them taking footage of the battle from different angles checking a hunch Ash takes a look at his poke itch but then confirming that he and Paul are the last two brains in this competition meaning.

Not only will this be the place where one of them proves the validity of their ideals but it will also be the match to determine who is the winner of this tour with a hint of Pride Ash informs Paul of this so it seems the purple head boy doesn't want to know instead asking how Charizard is so much stronger than last time confidently Ash replies that it's.

Not the difference is him he's grown as a trainer and learned from his mistakes while Paul hasn't though hopefully by the time this battle is over that will have changed he then orders another flamethrower which Dows his Chimchar causing the smaller fire type to stagger a bit as it gets to its feet some of the guts still having left it nonetheless on.

Paul's command it lets loose into the flamethrower of its own well from the other side of the field Ash tells Charizard to do the same like the first one this proves to be a stalemate even with Charizard having lost a bit of Firepower due to overheat knowing about this drawback poor girls and chimp try to end things with the chimp trying its.

Best Tara and its screeches subsequently the Flames of this flamethrower grow significantly bigger though even still they cannot break through with action forming Paul the chimchas at its limit and he pushed it too far whereas he and Charizard have energy to spare he then does his Firestarter show Paul the power of their bond with another Bello.

Charizard obeys creating a pillar of flame three times the size of chimchars consuming the monkey and its attack while even causing Paul's hair and clothes to whip around from the massive amount of heat radiating from the move when it fades Chimchar is unconscious on the ground having combed to a fetal position at the last moment to protect.

Itself while in contrast Charizard looks as strong as ever as it lands beside Ash receiving a hug from its trainer and playfully blasting with flamethrower in response it is only now that ashtran's attention to Paul who is staring at his Pokemon hollow-eyed the true Aid of this loss hitting him all at once as he is forced to accept only as his ideology.

Been proven false it has happened in front of the whole world approaching the purple head boy with Charizard by his side Ash told this was always going to happen sooner or later since while he was able to draw out a great deal of power from Chimchar he did it the wrong way by forcing it beyond what its body is capable of handling and worse by.

Using fear to trigger that change while this could work in the short term it stunted chimchar's capacity to grow just like it some him as a trainer while in contrast he and Charizard of Limitless potential due to them growing together as partners and as friends he then looks at chimcha's dwindling towel flame and in a sad but firm voice says this might.

Be Paul's last chance to learn this lesson for it's too late for both him and Chimchar so unless he wants that it's time to take a long hard look inside and reconsider what the real path he should be on is for a moment no one speaks then in a Gruff tone Paul concedes that this battle has given him food for thought at the very least he.

Then returns Chimchar to its ball although he cannot confirm it Ash thinks he is a bit more respect in the other boy's voice as he tells his fire monkey there to get to Nurse Joy still silent Ash watches the pair go Mickey and mention her to keep an eye on his rival moving forward as while this is not the complete ideological shift he'd been.

Hoping for he can see the seeds of change already taking root in the other boy and for that he is hopeful not only for Paul's sake but for chimchar's too he then receives a buzz on his pokage with it being a notification that as the winner of the tournament he is required back at the bad Tower he took a ride on Charizard's back Ash soon finds himself.

In the tower's Courtyard where all the other Frontier brains are assembled here Scott presents the young Junction Master with a handshake in a trophy naming him the champion brain and congratulating him on his achievement however this is not the only prize Ash's one as with a grin Scott tells Ash that if he wants it he is entitled to take part in an.

Exhibition match against him seeing this is the chance he wanted to face Scott's hoe again Ash eagerly accepts with the other brains applauding as the frontier boss grins widely stating you could count on Ash and promising they will make this a battle no one ever forgets and that's where we'll leave things what Pokemon will ash bring to his rematch.

With Scott will they allow him to overcome the power of a man who stands above all the other Frontier brains and can our young throw finally surpass the legendary Pokemon he met on the very first day of his journey find out as the journey continues

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  1. Since this version of Paul never attain character pattern due to the Ash grew to change into a Frontier Mind in this AU, I have to glimpse Red from Pokemon Origins combating Paul. Why? It is due to the what Red stated to Giovanni when he learns that now not handiest he is the leader of a frightful alternate group, but he is Viridian Gymnasium Chief. Additionally, he called Giovanni the enemy to all Pokemon. Now, if Red (Origins) had considered how Paul treated Chimchar and how Chimchar endure below his care, I'd imagine Red (Starting up place) to horrifyingly enraged at Paul for his cruel medication of Chimchar. Additionally, he had considered Paul as worse than Giovanni (Starting up place) and thr finest enemy to all Pokemon apart from to using his strongest Pokemon to war Paul. Plus, to rub off to Paul's face, he would employ Mega Charizard X on Paul and sign how bond and caring makes a Pokemon stronger and crashed his beliefs.

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