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Sup' you beautiful people!Hope you've had a fantastic day! Welcome back to another new episode ofWhat if Deku Becomes a Pokemon Trainer. In this story, it is simply what you might expect:the story of My Hero Academia but in world filled with not only Quirks, but also Pokemon!If you guys enjoy this what if comment down below and let me know.And go ahead and check out other what if's in the channel after watching this video.Before we get into it though, don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave a like, and alsoshare this video with your friends. So let's start this Video.Izuku Midoriya was on his hands and knees, crying his heart and pain out as his wishbecomes true. Before him, in his deflated.

And weakened state, was the Number 1 Hero andSymbol of Peace, All Might, and he said the words that Izuku always wished to hear:”Young Man, You Too Can Become a Hero!” Izuku could barely believe the words, thinkingin disbelief that this was unreal, a dream. The comforting touch of Eevee and Pikachu were allthe proof he needed to dispel thoughts and fully believe. Izuku cried and shook even more.Then All Might said to him “I deem you worthy of My Power. My Quirk is Yours to Inherit.”The tears and shaking stopped and Izuku looked up to his Idol, trying to comprehend the words spokento him. “Huh?” Was all Izuku was able to say, his face one of pure confusion and disbelief.All Might looked upon the boy and raised his head in a thunderous laugh. He said “HAHA, Oh, youshould see your face right now! Don't worry!.

I'm not going to force this on you or anything.That wouldn't be quite Heroic of me, would it?” All Might stepped closer to him and raised afinger to the sky. “Listen Well Young Man! This is Your Choice!” All Might yelled out. He thenthen shot his finger out to him and shouted again, blood comically shooting out of his mouth, “DOYOU WANT TO ACCEPT MY AWESOME POWER OR NOT?!” Izuku couldn't comprehend what was going on,his brain practically short circuiting at the words said to him. 'What is this?' Izuku thoughtbewildered. 'What's going on?' Izuku at first though it was all a joke when All Might laughed athim, but the words that followed and his question just made him more confused. Izuku looked toEevee and Pikachu, who too were stumped. Izuku said “What do you mean?What are you saying All Might?.

What do you mean by 'Inherit your Quirk'?”All Might coughed and wiped the blood from his mouth. He said “Let me explain. There are a fewthings you should know about me and my Quirk. Everybody thinks that my Quirk is Super Strengthor some kind of Invulnerability or even both. When Reporters or Talk Shows ask me, I alwaysmake a joke, dodge and forget the question. And that's because the world Needs to Believe thattheir Symbol of Peace is a natural born Hero, like any other. But I'm not.”Izuku stared at All Might in shock and wonder. All Might raised his hands above himand proclaimed “I Wasn't Born with this Power. Its a Sacred Torch that has been Passed onto me! AndYou are Next Kid! I can Give You My Powers!” Izuku laid there silent before shrieking outin shock. “No Way! That's not Possible! This is.

Going a little too fast to comprehend! The idea ofpassing along a Quirk in of itself sounds crazy. Ihaveneverheardanythinglikeit. Theverythoughtaboutpassingoversomeone'spowerisunheardoff.” All Might and the two Pokemon stared at Izuku,lost in his own mind, mumbling incoherently about how impossible it was or how world changing itis. Pikachu facepalmed while Eevee stood there and sighed, a comic sweatdrop on his head. All Mightstood there and sighed at the boy's never-ending stream of work vomit. He said “Uhh sounds like youare overthinking this whole inheriting thing.” Wishing to put a stop to it andbring the boy back to reality, All Might shouted out “STOP NERDING THINGS OUT!”Izuku snapped out of his mumble phase and knelt straight, not wishing to get yelled at by hisIdol anymore. All Might sighed and said “Look,.

You are just going to have to adjust tothis new reality. Plain and Simple. I can transfer my powers to you. And that isjust one facet of my secret abilities.” All Might held out his hand as itglowed in a rainbow light. “The True name of my Power is One For All!””One…For…All.” Izuku repeated out. “Yes!” All Might said. “One person improves thepower and then hands it off to another person, and it continues to grow as its passed along. Itis the cultivated power and life energy of those before me that allows me to save those in needof a Hero. That is the Truth behind my power.” Izuku stared at All Might in disbelief.'This world shaking truth. This power. Why would he tell me? Why would he chooseto give it to me?' Izuku thought..

He voiced his thoughts and All Might replied”I was on a long hunt for a Worthy Successor, to pass One For All to another and have themtake my place.” He looked to Izuku with full conviction and said “And then I met you,and saw how you jumped into action while the rest of us stood by and did Nothing. You may be aQuirkless fanboy, but you chose to save that kid, in spite of dangers, in spite of holding no powerof your own, in spite of the fear in your eyes, and your Pokemon followed you withno hesitation and followed in your bravery. You acted like a True Hero.”Izuku gaped in shock, the words echoing in his mind like a mantra. His eyes glazed as thetears came back with force. Izuku grabbed and hugged Pikachu and Eevee holding them tight asthey looked upon him with the same conviction.

And passion that All Might had, their eyestelling him that all that his Idol said was true and that they believed in him.As Izuku broke down, All Might chuckled and said “Jeez, you gotta stop crying if you wantmy Quirk. Come on Kid, I Need an Answer.” Izuku thought 'All Might said so much to encourageme, told me what I wanted to hear. He even told me the truth of his Quirk. He believes in me. Pikachuand Eevee believes in me. Its time I start to believe in myself too. And it starts, Here!'Izuku let the two Pokemon go and stood up, looking upon All Might with eyesfull of passion and strength. “OK!” Izuku shouted. “I'll Do It! I Accept!”All Might looked upon his new successor with pride, smiling brightly. “No reluctance. Nohesitation. That's exactly what I like to hear.”.

He reached out his hand towards me and said”Welcome aboard, kid, let's get started.” Izuku took his hand, shook it andsaid “Yes sir. I am Izuku Midoriya, and I will strive to be your truest Successor!”All Might smiled brighter and said “Very well, Young Midoriya. My real nameis Toshinori Yagi, but you can still call me All Might if you still want.”Izuku nodded and said “Ok All Might.” They let go and Izuku stepped back and knelt towardsPikachu and Eevee. He looked to All Might and said “I would formally like to introduceyou to my childhood partner Pokemon, Eevee, and my best Pokemon friend, Pikachu.” Thetwo called out their names in greetings officially to the Symbol of Peace.All Might nodded and said “Its good to.

Meet you two, as well.” All Might then perkedup and a look of realization popped up in his face. He then looked to Midoriya and said “Oh bythe way, before we get started, I think its best if we inform you parents of this, or ratherinform them of a reason for me to train you, so that it wouldn't suspicious of an old manlike myself to spend so much time with a kid.” Izuku face lit up in realization too and said”Oh yeah right. We need to ask my Mom about this.” Izuku's look of realizationthen turned to fearful horror. “Oh Crap!” Izuku cursed. “Mom! She doesn'tknow about what happened with me and the Sludge Villain! She must be worried sick about me!”All Might gained a similar look of realization and said “Oh Right! We wouldn't want your parentsto get worried about you! Alright, let me get.

Changed up a bit and I'll drive you to your home.There we can discuss this with your parents.” Izuku nodded, biting back a retort about hisMom being his only parent, as far as he was concerned. The four then walked down the alley,as the sun started to sank behind the buildings and night began to settle.A few hours later… After All Might changed into a more respectablelooking attire, a white dress shirt with a red tie and black dress pants, and following directions,the four stood outside the Midoriya household. Izuku started mumbling again about what to say tohis Mom before being shocked by Pikachu. All Might gave Pikachu a thumbs up to which the ElectricMouse Pokemon rubbed his head in embarrassment. All Might said “Just breathe Young Midoriya.Remember what we discussed on the way. We.

Aren't going to tell your Mother about myreal identity or the truth behind my Quirk, we are just going to inform her about the incidentwith the Sludge Villain and tell her that I wish to train you to get into U.A., alright?””Yeah.” Izuku confirmed. “It's just that my mom…she worries a lot. It has just been the twoof us, and Eevee, for as long as I can remember, so she worries a lot for my safety, especiallywhen I was told I was Quirkless.” All Might looked to his successor, happy that hechose a successor with a kind and thoughtful heart but also sad at hearing about him and his mother'shardships. “What about your father? Surely, if your mother is as kind as you told me,then he should be around more often?” Izuku looked down and shook his head. “No. I don'tever remember a time with my Dad. The only thing.

About him that my Mom could tell me about him wasthat I had his eyes and that he works overseas in America. Other than that, nothing.”All Might frowned sadly. He also noticed Eevee brushing his on his legs, a look in his eyesthat All Might interpreted as 'No more', probably trying to spare his partner's feelings. AllMight nodded and said “I see. Well, enough gloomy stories. I believe we got a mother to inform.”Izuku nodded and rang the doorbell. Almost in an instant, so fast even All Mightbarely registered it, the door opened to reveal Mrs. Inko Midoriya, shorter and morewider than her past years, who rushed and hugged Izuku in an tight, painful embrace thatcould give a Bewear a run for it's money. “OH MY BABY!” Inko Midoriya cried out, a waterfallof tears shooting out of her eyes. “I SAW WHAT.

HAPPENED ON THE NEWS! KATSUKI BEING CAPTUREDBY THE SLUDGE VILLAIN, YOU TRYING TO SAVE HIM, AND ALL MIGHT SAVING THE DAY! OH I TRIED CALLINGBUT YOU WOULDN'T PICK UP AND I WAS AFRAID YOU WERE HURT! PLEASE DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!”'Huh.' All Might thought. 'He wasn't lying when he said he takes after his mother.Waterworks and everything.' Izuku hugged his mom back and comfortedher. “Its ok Mom. I'm fine. Both me and Kac-Katsuki are alright. All Might was there andhe saved us. So there's no need to worry, ok?” Mrs. Midoriya broke the embrace and nodded, wipingher eyes. She then noticed the man beside Izuku and said “Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't notice youthere. Um, Izuku, honey, who is this man?” Izuku shook his head and said “Oh um yeahum, we might want to take this inside,.

It might take awhile.” Izuku mentally cursed athimself for his inability to lie to his Mom. All Might walked up and held out his hand andsaid “Hello ma'am, my name is Toshinori Yagi. I am a representative of All Might. I was taskedby All Might to drive your son, Young Midoriya, back home after the Incident with the Villain,and to talk to you about something important.” Inko stuttered and quickly shookhis hand, introduced herself, and thanked and invited him inside. As theyentered the household, Inko called out “Mimey!” Coming out of a room was a Mr. Mime,wearing an apron similar to Mrs. Midoriya's. “Mr. Mime?” It called out.Inko said “Quick, help me make some tea and treats for Izuku and our guest, and some ofEevee and Pikachu's favorite Pokefood.” The.

Two mentioned Pokemon cried out in delight andquickly made their way by the living room. All Might said “Oh please, don't trouble yourselfon my behalf Mrs. Midoriya. I'm quite alright.” Inko replied “Oh but I insist, its theLeast I can do for both you and All Might, for saving and taking good care of my son. Iwon't take No for an answer.” She looked to him with eyes that flared with such resolve.The Symbol of Peace was taken aback by such fiery determination and nodded. “Ok.” He said. Inkoimmediately took a 180 change and smiled happily, telling him to sit by the living room beforerushing over to help Mr. Mime. All Might thought “Wow. Her determination, plus her caring, motherlynature, reminds me of Nana. And those powerful eyes, they were so fierce and…beautiful.'Toshinori shook his head, trying to dispel.

The thoughts, not wanting to come onto YoungMidoriya's mother. Still he couldn't help but ogle her caboose as he walked to the living room.Izuku noticed that interaction and stood there perplexed as to what happened, before shakinghis head and heading towards the living room. After a short while, Mrs. Midoriya sat with herson on the couch while Toshinori sat in a chair, all holding a cup of warm tea.Pikachu and Eevee laid close by, nibbling hungrily at their Pokefood, whileMr. Mime stood by the kitchen sweeping. After settling in, Mrs. Midoriya asked”So, Mr. Yagi, could you please tell me what is it that you must talk to me about?”Toshinori nodded and said “Yes. Ma'am, as you know from the news, Young Midoriya, and his Pokemon,here were involved in a recent Incident with a.

Sludge Villain, to which the Villain was stoppedand apprehended by the Pros and All Might.” Inko nodded and said “Yes, I was quite worriedsick when it happened. From what I heard, Izuku, Eevee and Pikachu were almost killed by theVillain. Please, I thank you for taking my son home safe and sound, and I wish to extend myheartfelt gratitude towards All Might for saving my son. Izuku has always admired All Might, morethan anything in his life, and I'm glad that our Symbol of Peace was the one that saved them.”Izuku blushed in embarrassment, knowing full well said hero was right in front of them. All Mightsmiled sheepishly and said “You're welcome, Mrs. Midoriya, and I will make sure All Might likewiseis told and apologize that he himself isn't here. Unfortunately as the Number 1 Hero, there comes alot of paperwork. Though I can already tell what.

He will probably say. He would say that “ItWas No Problem Young Madame. I Am Overjoyed For Your Thanks and Glad I Was Able to Have Such aDoting Mother be Safely Reunited with Her Son.” Inko giggled blushing and said”Yeah that sounds like him, and please I'm not that Young, Mr. Yagi.”Yagi smiled sheepishly. “Could have fooled me. When the door opened, I didn't know if I wasmeeting his Mother or his Sister.” Inko blushed and giggled more, all the while Izuku stoodthere in shock at the obvious flirting that even a social dunce such as him could tell. Izukufaked coughed which got All Might's attention. All Might coughed embarrassed and continued”Anyways, about the Incident, the Villain also took a hostage, a young boy by the name of KatsukiBakugou. Izuku here saw that his friend was in.

Mortal peril and tried to rescue him on his own,before All Might intervened. But before you claim that I mean Izuku to be at fault, I'm not. Farfrom it. In fact, me and All Might wish to praise Young Midoriya for his brave actions. Before AllMight came onto the scene, the Heroes there were outmatched and struggling against the Villain, itwas likely that Young Bakugou would have had fatal injury. But then your son stepped up and tried tosave the boy with no hesitation and even succeeded in freeing him from the Villain and made it easierfor All Might to defeat said Villain. In fact, your son's courageous spirit inspired All Mightto save the two of them, no matter the cost.” Inko gasped and looked to her son, her eyesbrimming with proud tears in her eyes. She hugged her son and said “Oh Izuku, I'mso proud of you. You saved Bakugou and.

Earned All Might's praise! But pleasedon't do anything so reckless again?” Izuku smiled and replied “Thanks Mom, but itwasn't just me. Eevee and Pikachu helped me blind and hurt the Villain enough so I couldfree Ka-Bakugou. They helped save me too. But, I'm sorry Mom, but I can't do that. WhenI saw his eyes, eyes that were scared and needed help…I couldn't just stand by and donothing like everyone else. I just couldn't. So if someone in front of me is danger again-“Izuku lifted his eyes to look at his mother with pure determination. “I won't standby and do nothing. I will save them, just like a Hero would! Because that's the HeroI want to be! A Hero that saves people that who can't help themselves, with a Smile!”Inko looked at her son in shock. The words he.

Asked when he was little flashing in her mind.”Do you think…I can be a Hero, too?” Inko teared up more and lookeddown, shadows covering her eyes. “I hurt you, didn't I?” Inko asked.Both Izuku and Toshinori were taken back with what she asked. She continued with “Whenyou asked me if I thought that you could be Hero, even without a Quirk, I hurt you deeply whenI said I was sorry. When I said no. I hurt you deeply. You were my son, my pride and joy,and when you needed me to help you, I tried to destroy your dreams. I didn't believe in you likea mother should have, like I should have.” She sniffed and wiped her eyes. “But you didn'tquit. Even after that, you still didn't give up. You kept running toward your goal with nohesitation. You had to walk this path alone,.

With no one but Eevee and Pikachu by your side,with nothing but their support and your own, and I wasn't there to help you. I'm a failureof a mother. But Izuku, you saved someone, you inspired All Might himself, and did itwith no Quirk of your own. I'm so sorry Izuku, I should have supported you. I should have toldyou the words that you should have heard. No, the words that I knew I believed in.”Inko looked up to her son with a river of tears in her eyes. “Izuku, I do believe that you can bea Hero, and I will support you with everything I have, and make up for me failing you.”Izuku looked to his Mom shocked. His shock turned to tears. He brought his hand to hershoulder and said “Mom, you don't have to apologize to me. Its true, that you hurt me backthen, when you didn't support me. But it doesn't.

Matter now. I forgave you a long time ago. I knewthat you just wanted to look after me. You are not a failure! You are the Most Important Person inthe World to me. You were what kept me going when everything stood against me. You, Eevee, andPikachu, you were the ones that gave my life meaning. You made me into who I am today.”He looked to his Mother with a whimpering smile and said “I forgave you Mom, and I forgiveyou now, and I will continue to forgive you for the rest of my life. Without you, Iwouldn't be here today, and I'll make it up to you by being the Hero that you see thatI can be. A Hero that will make you proud.” The two embraced, tears pouring. “I loveyou, Izuku. With all my heart and soul.” Inko said. Izuku replied “I love you too Mom.”Pikachu and Eevee jumped onto the couch and.

Hugged/cuddled the two Midoriya's, with Mr.Mime coming up and hugging all them too. Toshinori stared at the heartwarming momentbetween this family. He too shed a tear and knew he made the right choice. 'I know I made theright choice, and I know you would think so too, Nana. This boy has such a pure heart, the Heart ofa True Hero. One that will outshine even me.' As the Midoriya's and their Pokemon brokeup their hug, Izuku realized All Might was still there. He blushed embarrassed and shoutedpanicky “OH I'M SO SORRY AL-MR. YAGI!” Izuku corrected. “I SO SORRY THAT YOU GOT CAUGHT INTHE MIDDLE OF OUR WHOLE FAMILY SITUATION!” Toshinori smiled and said “Its truly Ok, YoungMidoriya. In fact, I'm honored and humbled to have witnessed such a moment. It has made metruly confident in what I have to offer.”.

Inko confused asked “Oh yes, what isthis offer that you mentioned?” Toshinori said “As I said, your son risked hislife to save the boy, despite not being a Pro and did it without having a Quirk as you mentioned.Not to mention that his bond with his Pokemon shows that he has a passionate, trusting heart.This kind of Heroism and potential I feel would be wasted if not grown and trained to its fullestpotential. Like you, I also believe that Izuku has the makings of a True Hero. Mrs. Midoriya, I wouldformerly like to offer my services to train Young Midoriya to become the best Hero he can be.”Mrs. Midoriya was stunned. She said “Are you sure?”Toshinori smiled and said “Yeah, I do, 100% sure. In fact, I wish to helptrain him for the U.A. Entrance Exam.”.

Mrs. Midoriya stuttered out “Um this isall so sudden. Oh my baby has inspired not only All Might, but also someonethat works for him who wants to train my son? Oh this is so much. I wonder whatkindofmoneyIwouldhavetopayfor ?* .mumble.*” Izuku and All Might stared at the mother witha sweatdrop. 'Well, the Applin never falls far from the Trevenaunt.' All Might thought. 'Isthat how I look like when I mumble?' Izuku thought as well. Pikachu and Eevee were holdingthemselves back from laughing, tremendously, while Mr. Mime mimed out an invisible frying panand started hitting himself with it, which made Toshinori almost crack up in laughter.Izuku snapped his mother out of her trance, to which she apologize for her mumbling. Toshinorisaid “That's quite alright. But have no fear,.

Mrs. Midoriya, this training offer I have won'tinterfere with Izuku school life or your work life. I plan to have this training both physicallyand mentally prepare your son for the exam, with benefits that will also improve upon hisoverall health, like a sleep and food schedule. I also wish to say that you do not have to worryabout having to pay me back, this training will be free of charge and I will personallyprovide any funds for any extra groceries or work-out equipment that you might need.”Inko replied “You can't! This is too much!” Toshinori said “No, it isn't. To see yourson become the Hero he can be and to help him fulfill his dream on becominga Pro, I will gladly do this.” Izuku said “Mom, I already accepted this offerbefore when he met up with me after the Incident..

He told me that both he and All Might thoughtthat I could be a Hero, that I had what it took to be a great one. All my life, I dreamed foran opportunity like this, to have a shot into getting into U.A., All Might's school. I couldn'tsay no, but I wanted you to know about this and to ask for your blessing. As much as I want to becomea Hero and train right away, I knew I couldn't do it without your support. So please, Mom, pleaseaccept! Please let me train with Mr. Yagi!” Inko looked at her son and smiled proudly,same with All Might. She then said “Thank you Izuku for taking my feelings intoconsideration and I'm proud of you, for finding your calling in life and working tomake that a reality by your own strength. But, I have one condition before I agree-“She looked to All Might and said “Mr. Yagi,.

My condition is that you take care of myson. To protect him. Lead him down this road and help him become a Hero but pleaseassure me that my baby boy is safe.” Toshinori stood up and bowed. “I promise you,Mrs. Midoriya, I will do as you ask. I promise to lead Midoriya down the this path and keephim safe to the best of my abilities.” Mrs. Midoriya smiled and said “Then I have noreason to disagree. You may train Izuku.”

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