What If In Naruto With Tenseigan Fanfic Chapter 156 to 162

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Chapter 156-162 listening to kakaza's cold words sway Jean was reminded that throughout his time at Akatsuki kakazu did indeed changed several of his partners by killing them in fits of rage and it wasn't until he was teamed up with Haydn did the duo lasted together for a long while simply because kakazu couldn't get.

Rid of or kill off Haydn due to the dude being sort of immortal thus there the two became famous as the zombie combo this shows that the week will never be safe even if one joins the Akatsuki she wouldn't be able to survive if he she is weak sighing deeply sweiji no longer cared about the nameless akitsuki member who.

Lied on the ground in cold instead focused his attention on kakazu the full brunt of the lightning ninjatsu was bored by the Akatsuki member but sway Jean was also affected by the paralyzing effect of the lightning attack so body movement was a bit difficult kakazu obviously understood suaijin's current situation so without wasting any.

Time to let the other party recover he directly closed the distance between the two at the same time the four masked monsters also surrounded swaijin from the four sides sway Jean immediately printed hand seals tiger Ox monkey rabbit Ram boar Ox horse monkey tiger dog tiger snake tiger Ox.

Monkey rabbit bird water release great waterfall technique with the launch of suijin's ninjatsu attack a huge amount of water was expelled High into the air from his mouth and after reaching high enough it cascaded down towards kakazu in the form of a giant waterfall kakazu's expression shrank and for the.

First time in a long while he showed a surprised expression the power of this great waterfall technique was far beyond what he expected from the other party even in a place with no water source nearby the opponent could perform such a large-scale water-style jet suit in kakaza's experience of over 70 years not.

Many people can do such a thing although kakazu was surprised that didn't delay his reaction he tapped his foot on the ground as a result a high mud wall Rose to defend against the great waterfall technique at this time the thread monster with the red pattern mask opened its mouth and spewed out a countless barrage of.

Fireballs seeing the incoming Fireballs sway Jean immediately printed hand seals and shouted water release multiple water dragon technique instantly multiple small water dragons appeared around sway Jean and directly faced off against the fireball's barrage boom.

Boom boom the fireballs and the multi-water dragons collided against each other with booming sounds and producing high pressure steam that covered the forest in a thick mist it didn't take even a few seconds and a wind released Jutsu was fired off by.

Another mask wind release pressure damage the attack was strong enough to blow away most of the steam covering the area damaging the leftover water dragons and also throwing away sway Gene by the resultant pressure the water dragons collapsed and fell to the ground with water crashing sound.

While sway Gene crashed on a tree branch and held himself by the support of his legs but he didn't have the time to recollect himself as at this moment kakazu jumped to the adjacent tree branch and punched sway Jean right in the face while still hanging on the tree upside down sway Jean hurriedly took out a.

Kanai to meet the incoming punch ding the metal can I couldn't cut through kakaza's hand and produced a harsh Collision sound obviously kakazu has used the Earth's spear technique in this attack that swaijin could judge based on the dark color of kakaza's arm giving it a diamond hardness.

Using this opportunity while kakazu retracted his arm swaijin leaped back using the offset momentum while thinking this guy is really so strong this time kakazu didn't immediately pursue but pointed towards swaijin who was still in mid-air and stretched his arm that separated from the joint and extended towards the leaping sway Gene.

The black threads extended and quickly shot kakaza's arm towards sway Jean in mid-air being in midair sway Gene couldn't avoid it so he attempted to spew out a jet stream from his mouth to dodge the incoming hand however the enemy was faster than him as a result swaijin was caught by the two arms that clutched his.

Neck tightly with the other party caught kakazo slowly retracted his arm and brought swaijin before him when his arms were again back to Joint he held sway Jean by the neck and said indifferently boy your strength is definitely not weak but it's about time we finish this game now tell me all you.

Know about Yama and I can still let you live while desperately waving his legs in a struggle sway Jean suddenly stopped putting any resistance instead with a grinning tone gee guess why will I I spare why your life as soon as he comprehended what the other party meant kakaza's expression.

Shrank uar boom boom boom before kakaza's words fell a series of violent explosions occurred centered around sway Jean who was held by kakazu flying out of the range of the explosion.

With some Burns and injuries kakazu coughed violently while looking for the bastard's figure at this moment another sway Gene came out from behind a tree and said thoughtfully even such a close-range explosion couldn't hurt you you really are as they say the immortal kakazu I have to say you aren't half bad either.

Using an exploding clone to deal with me huh it seems that I was underestimating you the unusual green eye reads with no pupil or sclera stared at the masked individual and spoke it was when the steam covered the battlefield that you substituted yourself with a clone smiled and tilted his head sideways as.

He in a comical tone as expected of someone with your vast experience you figured it out in an instant very well I want to see to what extent can you keep up with this sentence kakaza's eyes became sharper at this moment kakazu understood that from the beginning the other party never.

Got serious and the act of using the multiple water dragons to face off the fireball barrage was not just a defend but also to obscure his field of vision with the resultant mist and create a clone to obtain a recovery time it wouldn't be wrong to say that kakaza was playing exactly in the hands of his opponent it is only thankful that he.

Didn't actually deactivate the Earth's spear technique that kakazu was able to withstand the exploding clone without any damage but playing into the other's hand is very embarrassing for him somewhere near the land of Fire shinichi and biwajizo were sitting in front of a bonfire while stretching his waist shinichi.

Complained in annoyance Payne wants us to find some mysterious person all over the world but we don't even know what the mysterious person looks like tell me isn't this a bit ridiculous for all you know Yama could be anyone in fact some neighbor and we wouldn't know because the guy wears a freaking mask how are we supposed to recognize him.

When he appears before us without the mask sitting on the side leaned against a rock Boulder unperturbed by shinigi's ranting he didn't react to shinichi's complaining at all and it seemed as if he was already accustomed to Uchiha shinichi's daily grumpiness while the two were sitting suddenly a.

Thought wave was transmitted to the two people's minds immediately shinichi curled his lips and said now what does the leader want biwajizo didn't say much just made a few hand seals and muttered the Magic Lantern body technique connect as soon as the two used the magic lantern body technique their thought.

Waves were converted into illusionary projection and appeared inside a cave the cave looked gloomy and dark with the face of a wooden statue that looked very strange with nine closed eyes and an open mouth that contained a large scroll between its teeth the illusionary projection appeared on one of the fingers of the statue.

Coming back to the familiar sight achihashinichi looked around and discovered that in addition to him and by jizzo the leader of the organization has also brought two other Akatsuki members Payne who stood on the thumb of the right hand said kakaza's team has encountered a powerful enemy in the.

Territory of the land of fire from the report zetsu has delivered the other person is somehow related to Yama Orochimaru Sasori achihashinachi and biwajizo the four of you are nearest to kakaza's location I want the four of you to go after him and immediately capture the other party alive.

Shinichi said huh from the looks of it kakazu appears to be a strong guy I didn't expect that the Ragdoll couldn't even handle another Bounty Ninja orochimaru's gays stayed on shinichi for quite a while before he turned towards Payne and asked is the other person Yama Payne shook his head there is no detailed information about the other.

Party only that he is related to Yama therefore you are to go after him at this time cesori and his hiriko puppet questioned location after telling the four people the location of kakazu Payne said this band immediately the spiritual projection disappeared from the cave the ninjas in the traditional akitsuki.

Cloak were running fast towards the land of Fire their movement speed was so fast that they left a trail of after images behind the ordinary civilians who saw them couldn't help but be dazed for a while thinking that what they saw was probably some sort of hallucination while running achihashinachi said to his.

Partner next to him do you think that the lead this time would be worth making us Rush all the way the members of the akitsuki have been searching all over the world to find any useful information about the mysterious hunternine named Yama for a while now Achi hashinachi and by jizzo have already been searching through the land.

Of fire with no leads whatsoever till now therefore this pointless task has been annoying the hell out of shinichi for quite some time now by jizzo just shook his head helplessly while stating who knows in jizzo's eyes finding that mysterious person is not necessarily a pointless.

Thing after all someone who could make the leader a bit interested must be extraordinary and this is clearly reflected with the fact that there has been no information about him anywhere whatsoever therefore akitsuki should have some information about this mysterious person.

After passing through a forest shinichi looked towards the distance and asked that should be the town that pain mentioned right jizzo looked forward and nodded hmm that's the one after entering the town the two immediately went towards the direction of the black market Branch to find the.

Bounty exchange officer and asked which direction did kakuza go zenji didn't dare to conceal anything so after giving out the information he quickly pointed in the direction where swaijin and kakuzu had left kakusa Sama and soijin Sama have left in that direction sway Jean shinichi frowned but doesn't.

The information states that it should be Yama zenji explained with a wry smile it is indeed so aging Sama who is fighting against kakuza Sama and according to suijin Sama Yama is their leader zenji understands that whether it is the organization that kakuzu is part of or the organization that swaijin is part of.

Both doesn't seem easy to provoke so he only hopes to not get involved any further in the personal issues of these two organizations because his heart wouldn't be able to take it listening to zenji I mentioned the other organization shinichi chuckled an Intrigue the other party is also a part of some organization.

Jizzo said with a serious face come on let's go after leaving the town the two of them went in the direction pointed by The Bounty exchange officer and soon found the distant Sky covered in black clouds with occasional lightning and thunder sounds hm.

That's strange why are the clouds only in that area shinichi muttered curiously the clouds do seem strange the altitude is also very low my guess is that they are the result of unnatural phenomenon possibly produced due to someone fighting in that area so kakuzu should be there.

A Shinobi with a wealth of experience who has survived even the encounter with the Gate of death was quick to judge at this time shinichi turned his gaze to the side and said someone is coming Jizzle was immediately alert is it the enemy after feeling a bit shinichi added don't worry the two are Orochimaru and Sasori.

Without making them wait much Orochimaru and sasseri's figure appeared before the two Orochimaru glanced at shinichi and said with a hoarse voice aren't you two a bit slow ignoring orochimaru's sentence Jizzle pointed towards the rain cloud in the distance and said it seems that kakuzu.

And this swaijin Kai are fighting there the young figure of cesori who was standing atop of a tree turned over and said with a chiseled grin the movement there is really big the other party seems to be a good puppet material shinichi was disgusted by sasserie's Antics and snorted coldly Baka Payne ordered us to capture the other person.

Alive I am afraid that you can't have your fun here on the battlefield the steam produced by The Continuous Collision of water and fire filled the entire surrounding forest in a thick cover of mist and the light drizzle from the rain clouds giving a hazy look to the battlefield.

At this time swaijin crouched on the ground looking around carefully several of the mud spikes immediately Rose from the ground but before they could reach high enough a severing slash of water cut through all the spikes around the 360 degree with sway Jean at the center kakuzu was surprised the battle between.

The two has been going on for quite a while now and yet neither side has been able to gain the upper hand the more he fights the other party the more he has realized that the other party has an amazing degree of water nature release mastery from start to finish the opposite party hasn't used any chakra nature other than.

Water release this made kakuzu conclude that swaijin as the name suggests has water chakra as his only nature but even if he lacks any other element the degree of water release alone is amazing while kakuzu was thinking this swaijin was also analyzing his situation after this short confrontation with.

Kakuzu suai Gene found out that dealing with kakuzu isn't as easy as he initially thought this guy is way too cautious and isn't leaving any opportunity for him to destroy those masks with the combination of the four masked thread monsters kakuzu can use all five basic chakra release with various.

Combinations that adding with kakuzu's Undead Ragdoll body and unpredictable taijitsu style combined with his experience in cautious plus cunning nature makes him a fierce enemy to deal with the most Troublesome thing is that the black thread monsters can fly in the air and their cooperation is very tacit.

Making it more difficult for sway Gene to destroy them even with all that trouble sway Gene has still managed to keep the battle to equal grounds which is a big thing considering that he only uses the water release I guess I have had my fun for now and it's about time I retreat.

Thoughtswagen as the amount of refined Rim yako chakra he has access to without the tensigan purifying it is reaching the limit if he uses too much of remyaka chakra there are chances that the petrification effect will start to appear what's more his purpose was only to fight a fierce battle for faster soul.

And body adaptation as for whether he could kill kakuzu it was totally unimportant to him for now in fact swaging himself isn't very confident in killing kakuzu at this point because he knows that the moment two or more of kakuzu's hearts are destroyed he would become extremely cautious and choose to retreat immediately thus the fact that.

Sway Gene knows the effective method to break his immortality will be known to which isn't something swaijin wants the other party to be aware of until suaijin is sure to kill the guy while swaijin was planning to retreat the thread monster with blue lines on the mask found suijin's Trail and immediately opened its mouth to release.

A lightning ball hmm sway Jean jumped up and avoided the attack Earth release had obvious restraints on water as water breaks when facing the Earth whether it is Earth wall or body hardening these ninjatsus have a natural restraint even though so aging's water.

Release is extremely overbearing because of high-intensity water nature chakra but the proficiency is still far from reaching senja tobarama's level but in the face of kakuzu who can use all five chakra Natures with equal proficiency more and more faults and lack of experience in using water release are starting to come to light as.

The battle continues after landing behind a tree swaijin observed the four thread monsters with the bukuken as finding their position is an easy task for him and turning his head downwards he also spotted kakuzu hiding within the Earth now this was the perfect opportunity for him to retreat while kakuzu hid inside.

The earth however the moment he was about to flicker away he noticed the arrival of several chakra sources coming straight towards them with an explosive speed moreover sway G knows who these chakra sources belong to at least he recognizes the three of them and without making him wait for long the.

Four figures appeared on the four sides one after another and seeing those familiar faces sway Jean couldn't help but smile bitterly while thinking to himself is it possible that my good luck days are finishing how come the akitsuki teams have come here together standing atop a tree achihashinachi.

Stood with hands folded around his chest and snorted Yaya kakuzu you can't even clean up such a low-level guy at this moment kakuzu appeared out of the ground as if he wasn't exhausted in the slightest and said with an irritated tone of voice you think this guy is that easy to deal with then why don't you try carrying his loyal kobikurubocho on his.

Shoulder commented after observing the battlefield I would say that not even many Shinobi of kirigur would have such high-level Mastery of water release listening to kakuzu and juzu's words cesori said eagerly you think in that case I will deal with him I am very interested in him I want to examine if he a good puppet material.

While the last person Orochimaru lazily leaned against a tree observed sway Gene for a while then lost his interest and his gaze shifted towards achihashinachi as he licked his lips in fascination ordinary ninjas even if they are a bit stronger don't interest Orochimaru anymore what he cares more about are those precious men jikyu Sharingan.

Inside achiha shinichi's eye sockets as I thought it's Orochimaru shinichi Sasori and finally by juzo thoughtswagen aside from by jizzo sway Jin was already aware of Orochimaru shinichi and Sasori because he recognized their chakra signature and swaijin standing in the center being surrounded by five Akatsuki members felt a little helpless.

All of them were looking down on him which was something he didn't like so he jumped on a tree and stood at the same height still being surrounded by the five sides looking at each of them one by one he finally spoke I have to say you have a lot of people in your organization shinichi said at this time it would be.

Best that you don't resist and come with us willingly so as not to die accidentally glaring Gaggers at him sway Jean cursed shinichi under his breath this idiot jizzo pointed his kobikurubocho towards swaijin and questioned what organization are you in and who is Yama suaijin pondered a little and said you.

Tell me the name of your organization and I will tell you the name of the organization I am in swaijin needs some time to refine some roomyaka chakra therefore he decided to humor the gokatsuki otherwise he is sure that escaping from here is an almost impossible task that is only unless he chooses to blow his cover.

Hearing suijin's response Jose nodded as he seemed to have the idea of recruiting the other party in the akitsuki so he said our organization is called Akatsuki and our goal is to bring peace to the Shinobi world for that reason we are collecting individuals with good strength to help us achieve it I see that your strength is good join us we.

Could use someone like you akitsuki that's such a cliche name don't you think with a pause sway Jean continued ah but I am not the one to judge and although I am honored to be invited to join such a high-level organization that seems to hide such monsters from so many villages at once which makes me wonder the.

Identity of your leader who could reign in you guys but you'll have to forgive me as I have already sworn my loyalty to the organization I am part of it's called amitsukumi and I too think that some of you have good strength and potential why not join the organization that I am part of.

Emit sukami Sasori muttered while taking out a scroll from his ninja bag and you say that akitsuki is a cliche name at this time even Orochimaru was slightly intrigued and paid some attention to sway Jean and the clothing that sway Gene wore it wasn't difficult for him to judge the various seals sown.

All around that cloak with the golden thread but what surprised him more was the unfazed temperament the other party displayed when put in such a situation in orochimaru's eyes even those powerful ninjas bearing the title of kaga of the five Great Shinobi Villages would sweat heavily and panic when surrounded by the five sides even Orochimaru dare not say.

That he would be any different from those kagas after all there are five near kagetir ninjas that are surrounding swaijin from the five sides there is no possible Escape Route and still the other party has the gall to be so casual this shows that either he is plain stupid may be over extremely cunning or.

That he just has enough confidence to make it out alive if it's the first and second possibility then it wouldn't be too Troublesome but Orochimaru is unwilling to believe that it's the third option because he doesn't believe that anyone other than the god of Shinobi or his rival could have such strength.

And now there is the mention of Ahmed tsukami it seems there are more of such guys his guess is that Yama is also part of that Ahmed tsukumi if this doesn't make Orochimaru interested then what will the term amitsukumi itself implies something therefore his attention was now focused.

On swaijin as his tongue hung out sway Jean observed the five akitsuki members and their different reactions and finally figured out the countermeasure he is going to use as for the reason he didn't panic it was simple the sway Jean body is just a clone body although of extremely good quality but still a clone body so even.

If the Clone is destroyed it wouldn't have any effect on sway Gene himself in the worst case scenario he will lose the Clone but that's not something to be very worried about as there is still another clone body in the secret Laboratory the only thing that would have been normally Troublesome is the cyan gourd.

Carrying the rim yako but swaijin was still not much worried as he has already engraved the summoning seal on it so that he can summon it anywhere and since his life wasn't in any danger therefore he wanted to see if he could retreat by still managing to keep the Clone body even though he can discard this body if.

Need be but if it is possible where he doesn't have to discard it then he would rather not after all his soul already has a certain degree of resonance with the Clone body after the battle with kakuzu and that resonance between soul and body is the direct sign of soul body adaptation this is why he would try to escape with.

The Clone body if possible with that decided suijin's eyes fixed on Achi hashinji and he decided to carry out his plan of Escape if this plan works then the percentage of a successful Retreat would increase while suai Gene was beginning to start his Escape Plan Sasori on the opposite tree unrolled the scroll in his hand.

With the term ice written on it poof and out came a corpse puppet before everyone with a burst of white smoke sweijin observed the puppet dressed in the caricature's Shinobi vest and forehead protector implying that the poor ninja belongs to Kirito before Sasori laid his hands on the other's.

Body moreover what surprised swaijin was the cold chakra that he could sense from the Curie puppet and he thought to himself could it be that the puppet was a user of ice release kekai genkai ice release has a natural restraint on water release so without delaying any more sway Jean took a deep breath to initiate his plan.

Escape from gokatsuki and shouted after printing a series of hand signs water release water colliding wave instantly a large amount of water rose up like a massive tornado forming a giant water spout the moment this water spout reached its extreme point it burst explosively and the water rushed in all directions like a high wave with sway.

Gene as the center in the face of such a huge wave the five akitsuki members didn't resist from the front as that would only waste their chakra but dispersed in different directions the moment Siege was broken and when no one expected it sway Jean took advantage of the cover provided by the water wave.

And rushed towards Orochimaru tiger rat horse snake Dragon hand clap water release water severing wave the chakra needed in his stomach was released as a high pressure water jet from suijin's mouth which slashed towards orojimaru cutting everything in its path Orochimaru squinted slightly and avoided.

The water severing wave by twisting his head strangely and while still in the air he stretched out his right hand towards swaijin at the moment the snake hand was close to the other party he used several Shadow snake hands to fire poisonous snakes towards him with the added lightning chakra that further increased.

The final speed by several Folds sway Jean has long expected this attack and dodged them one after another with short body flickers and used a rising water slash to cut off the lightning Shadow snake hand the lightning imbued snakes were cut off and squirted hot blood that soon evaporated.

With that out of the way sway Jean stepped over the water wave and leaped towards Orochimaru as he spoke rule one of a battle take out the weakest guy first weakest the weakest the weakest the weakest.

The weakest Orochimaru smiled lightly as the sound of the weakest was again and again heard throughout the battlefield and in his mind like an echo anyone familiar with orochimaru's character can realize that although there is a slight smile on his face those golden and vicious snake pupils.

Were clearly reflecting the murderous intent in his heart and since weijing was familiar with Orochimaru he knew that the first step of his plan was a success the other four saw that Orochimaru and swaijin have started a fight so cesori didn't rush to use the ice puppet but stood aside and watched the show.

Kakuzu jizzo and shinichi also listened to swaijin mocking Orochimaru but didn't rush to intervene and watched the two of them fight each other after having a short bout with Orochimaru soijin suddenly turned around and ran in achihashinji's Direction Orochimaru naturally wouldn't let him go so easily and followed after him.

Shinichi saw that swaijin was running in his Direction and his smirk widened as he said hey are you trying to run away if that's what you are trying to do then coming towards me was the wrong decision you made Orochimaru who was chasing swaijin noticed that shinichi's entire attention was focused on swaijin coming towards.

Him and seeing that Orochimaru suddenly had an extremely crazy idea someone like Orochimaru who doesn't even care about the position of the Hokage naturally doesn't give a damn about the Akatsuki his entire purpose of joining the organization was to gather more knowledge from the group and his interest in the Rinnegan eyes of pain.

However the cruel reality soon made him understand that with his current strength he wouldn't be able to seize the rinigan from pain which is known as the eyes of the sage of six path with that realization all he could is to look at the next besto Jitsu which just happens to be the Sharingan at least in his knowledge.

When he heard of the news that shinichi of the achiha clan awakened the legendary manjiku Sharingan he was really ecstatic and felt that the manjiku Sharingan was already in his pockets but during his follow-up investigation he soon found out that Achi hashinji with just the powers of his menjiku.

Sharingan stirred up kanoha upside down this does have a lot to do with the lack of strong combat power in kanoha but the main reason was because of the unusually powerful abilities he awakened with the manjiku Sharingan the basic information that it is very difficult to kill shinichi was obviously passed to him and this made Orochimaru.

More eager to obtain those eyes but at the same time it also made him understand that obtaining achiha shinichi's manjiku Sharingan wouldn't be so easy due to this Orochimaru has been waiting for a perfect opportunity to make the shot and take away both the eyes in one Fell Swoop but it's a Pity that the.

Akatsuki members operate in a two-man team and unfortunately Achi hashinji is not his partner therefore Orochimaru could only covet those eyes from a distance while waiting for the opportunity to come and now that such a golden opportunity has appeared before Orochimaru how could he not take the chance.

Sway Gene didn't turn his head to observe Orochimaru he didn't need to turn his head to know how restless and eager orochimaru's heart would be at this moment to take shinichi eyes after all no one knows Orochimaru better than him orochimaru's desire to obtain the manjiku Sharingan is much deeper than one might imagine.

And this greed of Orochimaru is the most important key to soijin's Escape Plan he knows that if presented with the opportunity Orochimaru wouldn't hesitate to attack shinichi and the moment he does so the current five members that are present here will fall into a chaotic state which will give swaijin the best chance to make an escape out of.

This predicament who was very eager and planning an attack to attack him sway Jean cursed under his breath idiot don't be so eager to kill me that you really end up having your eyes gouged out by Orochimaru not even a second later swaijin and Orochimaru quickly approached achihashinachi.

Just before he was a few meters away sway Jean quickly used hand seal and spoke water clone technique instantly sway Jean used the water clone technique to create a water clone and change the course one body went to the left side and the other went to the right side separately.

What shinichi frowned slightly and even with his men jikyu Sharingan he couldn't exactly distinguish between the real sway Gene and the water clone similar was the case with jizzo kakuzu and Sasori as they too couldn't tell which one was real and which one was the water clone.

While Orochimaru who was running just a few steps behind swaijin didn't respond to the sudden change as his entire attention was focused on achihashinachi at this point he was less than eight meters away from achihashinachi such a short distance is close to nothing for a ninja of his level shinichi also noticed that Orochimaru.

Didn't continue to chase weijing who changed his direction of Escape but was rushing straight towards him so he immediately asked what do you want to do but before shinichi could complete the sentence Orochimaru jumped straight towards shinichi like a cannonball and stretched out his right hand to take away the manjiku Sharingan off.

Shinichi's sockets in the short span of time from the moment Orochimaru jumped shinichi didn't Panic as expected by Orochimaru instead he printed the hand seals instantly and opened his mouth to fire a large Fireball at Orochimaru the heat emanating from the fireball evaporated all the nearby water giving a red glow.

To the forest Orochimaru who was very just a step away from the fireball didn't dodge it and dived right into the fireball technique even if this body is melted and burned by the high temperature flame he didn't care at all passing right through the fireball while resisting the burning pain orochimaru's.

Right hand reached shinichi's eye sockets and touched his eyeballs now your manjiku Sharingan is min Bang but before he could celebrate for taking out those eyes shinichi's body disappeared by turning into white smoke the sudden disappearance of shinichi.

Left Orochimaru stunned and he muttered in a daze a s Shadow clone how could it be a shadow clone Orochimaru has been paying close attention to Achi hashinji from the moment they arrived here he can be sure that shinichi didn't use the shadow clone technique so the only possibility that remains is that Achi.

Hashinji in front of him was a shadow clone from the very beginning the first person to react to the sudden change was shinichi's partner by jizzo before Orochimaru could come out of his stupor Jose had already rushed towards him with the kobikurubocho Orochimaru how dare you betray the Akatsuki finally regaining his self Orochimaru.

Spits out the kuzanagi blade to meet jizzo's slash with a slice Merc on his lips and for some reason jizzo was increasingly annoyed by that Sly smirk kakuzo glanced at Orochimaru and jizzo duking it out then turned to look at two sway Gene escaping in the opposite directions and finally said your matter.

Solve it yourself I am going to chase after that guy with that said kakuzu along with the four thread monsters randomly choose one sway Jean and chased after him on the other hand Sasori deeply stared at Orochimaru and without saying much he manipulated the ice puppet and chased after the other sway Gene since they.

Can't distinguish between the real swai Gene and the water clone so kakuzu and Sasori separated to chase after each of them individually Humane to break out of that Siege also noticed everything that happened with his beakugan and smirked while thinking of what would orochimar be thinking at this moment.

He was also happy to see that shinichi hadn't forgotten the instruction sway Jean gave him and never dropped his guard against the other Akatsuki members so he was sort of prepared for orochimaru's sudden attack and finally he was extremely happy that his plan to induce infighting went unexpectedly well.

The original one vs 5 has now become one versus one after turning to look at cesori who was chasing after him sway Jean started to think of the next step to take in fact he is a little sad if only he had the tenseigan in his clone body then he would be able to again take away that ice release puppet but alas luck won't always be by your side.

Shaking his head swaijin began to analyze the situation while still continuing the Naruto run currently he literally didn't have much chakra left as the natural energy from rumyaku has started to slowly invade his body the more room yako chakra he uses so urging the rim yakub to borrow chakra is not an option.

Now it's not that he can't continue to fight cesori with the amount he has left but it would still be better not to engage because kakuzu would soon figure out that he is chasing after the water clone therefore escaping is the best course of action what's more sasseri's strength should.

Also be close to the level of kakuzu even though he no longer has the sand in kazakage puppet but swaijin still wouldn't underestimate Sasori not to mention the ice release has a natural restraint over water release therefore escaping would be the most prudent option while sway Jean turned his head to look.

Back so sorry spoke in a mocking tone you can't escape sway Jean ignored sasserie's comment and increased his speed at this time cesori flicked his fingers following which the ice puppet suddenly performed an ice release ninjutsu instantly a smooth and clear ice track appeared on the ground and extended Port.

Sway Jean at an extremely fast pace Sasori and the ice puppet slid on the ice track that increased their chasing speed thus the relative distance between Sasori and swaijin kept decreasing seeing such a method being used so aging's eyes widened in Surprise ice release can also be used like this noticing that the relative distance.

Between the two was continuously decreasing so aging's face sank he suddenly stopped and jumped on a tree seeing that sway Jean stopped Sasori 2 stopped and said with a chiseled grin I'll kill you here and no one will know so sorry didn't care about Payne's order to capture the target alive this is because the story didn't believe that.

The amitsukumi organization that swaijin was talking about could threaten the Akatsuki in his opinion it is obviously better to kill them directly and use their corpse to make puppets instead of wasting a lot of time capturing them sway Jean focused on his surroundings and after confirming that there was really no one chasing him other than.

Cesori he briefed a sigh of relief while simultaneously thinking of the countermeasures however cesori didn't give sway Gene any breathing period and immediately flicked his fingers manipulating the chakra line and said Softly ice release secret technique 1000 flying ice needles of death.

Instantly the moisture in the air condensed into thousands of ice needles hovering in the air all pointing straight towards swaijin stiffened and with his Insight he could see that the suspended ice needles were cutting off all his Retreat routes leaving him with no choice but to fight Sasori damn it seems that I wouldn't be.

Able to escape so easily initially thought that provoking internal conflict would give the best chance to retreat but didn't think that sassery's Mobility would be so high with the ice puppet it seems that from my previous Feats I started to underestimate the Akatsuki muttered sway Jean with acai.

Now focusing his mind swaijin devised a strategy on how to effectively deal with Sasori seeing the other person just standing on the opposite tree so sorry said already lost the fighting spirit ha it's a Pity that I still won't capture you alive so you will only be becoming a part of my collection.

Leaving that sentence so sorry waved his hand fiercely swish swish swish swish swish thousands of ice needles suspended in the air rushed straight towards sway.

Jeans standing on the tree water release water severing slash almost at the same time sway Jean used the water severing slash to cut the tree next to him then reverse kicked the broken half of the tree trunk towards the sorry at the same instant he jumped on the tree trunk that was rushing towards the.

Sorry tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck.

Tuck tuck tuck tuck thousands of ice needles hit the spot where sway Jean was standing with a piercing momentum causing the tree to break and sawed us to fly off even sway Jean wasn't spared as several.

Of the needles pierced his back causing blood to leak out of the wounds be that as it may sway Jean just gritted his teeth while focusing his attention on cesori boom with a booming sound the tree trunk slammed into the position where cesori just stood a moment ago hidden behind the tree trunk sway Jean.

Stomped on the tree and leaped up using the reaction force and again made a reverse kick at cesori who was still in midair at this time cesori had a playful look while still in mid-air but his fingers kept flickering ice release ice lock the ice puppet that was on the left side of sway Jean immediately turned around.

And fired a stream of freezing water that entangled suyjin's left arm didn't even turn his head to look and wave the Kanai in his other hand to cut off his left hand Bound by the ice ninjatsu then again rushed towards Sasori the sudden action of abandoning the arm lets the sorry a little Dazed And before he could react sway Jean was.

Already in front of cesori with his Kanai piercing sasserie's chest although cesori couldn't block the Kanai he managed to barely avoid the core area then kicked swaijin violently sending him flying and himself too flew back using the reaction force both flew out on the opposite side but neither was idle while in mid-air.

Sway Jean bit his finger and slowly made several hand seals from his only hand and spoke Bang with a loud burst of white smoke a sturdy large wild boar suddenly appeared in the forest sway Jean steadily landed on okinabuta's back and shouted run.

Okinabuta with a large tiger in its mouth was a little confused as to how come he suddenly appeared here obviously he wasn't used to being summoned however when he received suijin's order he stood up on its Hooves and ran wildly with loud thumping sounds on the other side Sasori looked at the Kanai piercing through his chest with a.

Few detonation charms that made a burning sound tied to the Kanai immediately removing the Kanai off his chest so sorry threw them away while he unfolded a scroll with the other hand Bang a salamander type puppet named sensual appeared out of the scroll and the moment cesori landed on the ground he.

Rolled sideways and hid inside sensual which is a defensive puppet created by Him boom boom boom not even a second past when cesari hid inside the puppet and the detonation charms caused a loud explosion.

After a while when silence covered the field cesori got out of the damaged puppet with a gloomy expression with a burning anger in his eyes even his defensive puppet couldn't withstand the explosion and was damaged to a certain extent and this greatly angered cesori after coming out of the puppet Sasori looked around for a while.

But there was no longer any sign of swaging around only the cut-off arm that was frozen in ice lied nearby a broken tree disappointed that even he let the enemy get away suddenly walked towards the arm so sorry controlled the ice puppet to release the ice jetsu and picked up the arm.

However the moment he picked up the arm he suddenly heard the familiar hissing sound and he subconsciously lifted up the sleeve and found that there were several Dead Nation charms stuck on the inner sleeve or the hand this answering side while tiredly lying on the back of.

Okinabuta sway Jean took out a bandage roll to wrap it around the arm and simply treated the wounds around the back of his shoulder with all that done he sat up and looked back with the becooken to confirm that there was no follow-up seeing that Sasori didn't catch up swaijin breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time he noticed the large tiger that was still held by okinabuta in its mouth and kurodo was annoyed while trying to calm himself down swaijin shook his head helplessly and said just throw that tiger you can eat so much later this is an escape you can't keep that tiger in your mouth okinabuta groaned seemed to be.

Complaining to sway Gene that it had spent quite a bit of effort to catch the big one this time small ones no longer fill the belly sweijin patiently spoke again throw it away it's important to escape now okinabuta was again groaning as if thinking whether to throw it away or not but then it opened its mouth wide and.

Swallowed the whole tiger in one bite and continued running sway Jean was left speechless you idiot Pig you are still thinking about eating when the enemy might chase after us anytime and you'll definitely be the first one to die if he comes after us boom boom boom.

Boom boom as soon as voice fell a series of explosions came from behind swaijin finally nodded at this moment as he knew the Trap he had left behind has activated this is the advantage of fighting using clones as long as the user wants he can.

Deploy more cunning and deceptive tactics to fool even the strongest of the Shinobi whoosh whoosh whoosh accompanied by the sound of Breaking Wind three figures appeared in the messy Forest the three of them were dressed in kanoha.

Shinobi gear and the leader of the team carried a Mud Pot on his back wearing sunglasses and looked very calm the two accompanying him were two teenagers a boy and a girl of about 14 or 15 years old after taking a casual look around the forest the young man with short brown hair dark colored eyes with markings.

Under his eyes carrying a long sword on his back muttered with a disbelief look this did a war broke out here the young girl with a kanoha forehead protector and straight purple hair that reached down to her waist and worn brown eyes coupled with a shade of red lipstick on her lips knotted as she was also shocked by the sight before her.

What light before three Shinobi was the forest that looked as if it was a Battleground for a war not long ago with just a casual glance one can easily find the traces of all Ninjutsu of all five chakra natures even the size and range of the battlefield appeared as if the battlefield was a site of a small-scale.

War involving several jonans in the battles the jonan captain of the team said with a solemn voice yugaochon hayekun search around the parameter and see if you can find any useful Clues yes captain with the Captain's Order both yuzuki yugao and Gekko hei-8 immediately.

Dispersed after a while yuzuki yugao landed on a big tree while in search of any possible Clues huh this is looking at the corpse of a snake lying on the ground near A Burning Tree yugao muttered in Surprise after checking the snake corpse her face.

Immediately changed this is a snake from Orochimaru could it be that Orochimaru was also involved in this battle with that conclusion Yugo sealed the corpse in a storage scroll and continued to look around after the three reunited the captain asked so did anyone find anything Yugo nodded and brought out the snake's.

Corpse and explained Captain I found this from what I can guess this should have been used by Orochimaru that means we can conclude that Orochimaru 2 was part of what happened here picking up the snake's corpse Captain frowned slightly the news received from the black market Bounty officer states that what happened here is the result of.

A feud between two Bounty mean organizations so how could Orochimaru be involved cough cough after recovering from his coughs hayate said with an unpleasant expression if two bountying organizations had a feud that could affect such a large-scale battlefield then the total number of people involved.

Should be well over a few hundred the captain nodded agreeing to Hyatt's guess after all ordinary Bounty ninjas are only at the level of a genin or a TuneIn just three or four Bounty ninjas can affect such a large Battlefield therefore the most reasonable analysis points towards the involvement of more.

Than 100 Bounty mean here at this time the captain states there is also no smell of blood in the air this shows that The Winning Side not only strictly cleaned up the battlefield but also made the corresponding disguise to mask their presence here but what need did they have to do this what are they trying to hide.

Yugao asked Captain what should we do now after thinking a little the jonan captain replied the movement of bounty mean is quite strange but there is also the involvement of S-Class missing mean Orochimaru the matter can't be taken casually it would be prudent to report the situation to hokageama as soon as.

Possible and then decide on the further course of action as per his orders inside a dark cave in the land of rain under the call of the Magic Lantern body technique the spiritual projections of all the Akatsuki members that were part of the capturing mission of suai Gene appeared at the top of the fingertips of the ghetto statue.

Payne looked at the four members and questioned in a deep voice why was the mission failed achihashinachi stretched out his hands helplessly you can't blame us for what happened if you want a reason then blame Orochimaru by juzu also nodded gently Orochimaru betrayed the organization while we were.

Still surrounding the Target in a Siege he suddenly attacked shinichi wanting to see shinichi's manjiku Sharingan which disrupted the entire Roundup at this time cesori added with a cold snort I said earlier that he shouldn't be recruited all he would do is steal the information and try to take advantage of us.

The pain was silent upon hearing this he naturally knew that the purpose of Orochimaru joining the Akatsuki wasn't pure but Payne thought that his strength would be enough to deter Orochimaru and keep the snake in check and therefore it was better to keep these types nearby rather than let them run around on loose however it seems that pain.

Underestimated orochimaru's greed and the fact that Orochimaru would dare to betray so soon after a little contemplation Payne questioned is the identity of the other party confirmed this time it was kakazu who hasn't spoken anything from start the other party claimed to be swaijin part of an.

Organization known as amitsukumi and the Mysterious ninja named Yama is their leader other than these we only know that he only uses water style and taijitsu for combat what he looks like other affiliations age and everything else is a total mystery one thing to note is that there was a symbol of water chakra nature around the.

Chest part of his cloak which was different from that of Yama as described by hiroko and Shino Amit sukumi pain chewed these few words with a gloomy expression Amit sukami refers to a category of gods which is something unacceptable Payne firmly believes that only he with the Rinnegan is the Shinobi capable of.

Bringing peace to this Shinobi world this is his responsibility he must fulfill yahiko's dream while pain was mulling over the matter shinichi folded his hands and said with an exaggerated smile ha that sway Gene isn't easy I tell you look at how the three teams involved on the mission ended up with such an embarrassing.

Result against just one guy one of us ended up dead in Friendly Fire one rebelled while the two of us couldn't suppress him it was a shameful defeat shinichi was obviously very happy by the defeat of the akitsuki organization at the hands of Amit sukumi the members of akitsuki are all world mean with extraordinary combat power therefore.

They don't even put any of the five Great Shinobi villages in their eyes in this small Mission the organization dispatched six of its members of which five had the extraordinary combat power of close to or higher than the level of the kaga of the great villages and even with such an absolute advantage of six to one not only did their mission.

Of catching the target alive failed but they ended up two members down this is the biggest defeat akitsuki suffered since pain came into power withdrawing his thoughts Payne asked indifferently what is suijin's strength level kakuza said I hate to say it but he was very strong although he only used water.

Style and basic taijitsu along with some use of tools taijitsu alone surpassed the level of a jonan but the most exaggerated was his Proficiency in water style what's worrisome is that he appeared inexperienced in water style at the start and gradually improved during the combat if he is allowed to grow I wouldn't be surprised if he even.

Surpassed kanoha's night aim Hokage in water Style after kakuzu finished talking everyone looked towards the story after all among the various people only kakuzu and Sasori were the ones who basically fought against swaijin so sorry hum lightly the next time I meet him he will die and turned away his.

Face refuse to speak any further so sorry was very embarrassed about what happened this time not only did he let the other party Escape but also damaged his defensive puppet with those explosive charms and this all happened when he was assured of his victory this routine reminded him of the time when he lost the kazakage puppet to that damn.

Hyuka kurodo and this greatly frustrated him Payne nodded in after a bit of thinking he ordered cesori kakazu you both will temporarily form a team kakazu and Sasori glanced at each other and finally nodded in acquiescence to Payne's arrangement Akatsuki operates in a team of two.

Members and since both kakazu and Sasori have lost their team members so it is reasonable for them to form a team together with this out of the way Payne ordered next everyone will make sure to keep interrogating about any intel on Yama suai Gene and amitsukumi we have close to no information about the enemy and.

That is unacceptable so apart from all your missions keep searching for all the information you can find about their organization we need to know everything about them the location of their Base number of members in their organization their objective identities from smallest to biggest anything and everything.

Also no one will take Reckless actions if they encounter any of the members of the Hamid tsukumi yes at this time's the story added I suspect that Orochimaru might have something to do with amitsukumi the timing of his rebellion was too coincidental after a little consideration Payne spoke the task of chasing and eliminating.

Orochimaru would be left as the story in kakazu Sasori nodded ha it will be done after finally taking a look at the several members of the Akatsuki he spoke disperse after deactivating the Magic Lantern body technique hayne's Consciousness appeared back on the tallest tower on the rain Village.

Sitting on the top of the tower in a light drizzle and looking into the distance Payne had a thoughtful look the sudden appearance of the Ahmed tsukumi gave him a bad premonition but he still firmly believed that his strength was enough to put down the five Great powers and control everything while he was thinking a spiraling whirl.

Appeared behind him out of which came the masked man this person was none other than the Mastermind behind the QB's rebellion and many other problems that kanoha has been facing for a while now the one who claims to be Achi hamadara pain didn't look back or reacted to the arrival of Achi hamadara and just stated.

Lightly the mission failed hearing from pain that the mission was a failure Madara achiha was disappointed even the identity of the target has not been investigated any trace of Yama has disappeared while the three teams failed to catch swaijin the only intelligence obtained states that they are part of an organization.

Called amitsukumi and yamas is their leader Amit sukumi muttered Madara while thinking to himself is the person I met at the root face also part of this organization but if that's the case why do I feel that I somehow know that person you have been alive for such a long time.

Madara are you sure you have no clue about the Amit sukumi ask Payne Madara shook his head with a sigh not that I can remember well fine from now on investigating Ahmed tsukumi is also part of the objective of all teams that sounds reasonable Madara nodded with that discussion.

Completed Payne added Orochimaru has rebelled this wasn't surprising to Madara and this time said after pondering over it a little it seems that we need more manpower to achieve our objective tendo Payne was silent and stated flatly after a while no one can stop me kanoha Village at the outskirts of the.

Death Forest Hugo kurodo's secret Laboratory after escaping from the gokatsuki's clutches swaijin sneaked into his laboratory and immediately transferred his soul back to the main body Psy the damage is really too much rubbing his chin kuroto's side while looking at the state of swaijin body.

He didn't realize it before due to the adrenaline rush but now that he was back in his main body and observed the clonee estate that was laid on the test bench he discovered that clone a was more damaged than he initially thought the right arm is missing the muscles at the back are ruptured and frozen solid due to being penetrated by Ice needles.

Several of the rib bones are also broken while carefully observing the state of the clone a kuroto recorded the injuries in detail initially thought that losing the arm was the most serious damage but now he realized that frostbite caused by the ice release at the back is the most severe.

This is because the muscle damage caused by the ice needles has also damaged chakra veins and acupuncture points the destructive power of ice release on the human body is much higher than I expected although these injuries may not be very eye-catching when all these small injuries were combined it made the Clone.

Unusable anymore after collecting all the data kuroto thought a little and finally destroyed the clone a as it has already lost all its function the encounter with akitsuki has made kurodo understand that simply water release wouldn't be enough to deal with the enemies of the level of the members.

Of the Akatsuki if he wants to ensure his safety of the water clone he must learn Ice release and master it thoroughly with that thought in mind kurodo looked at the Clone be still floating in the nutrition tank and after nodding to himself he brought out that clone to the test bench after recording all the basic.

Stats of Clone B coroto again used the tencigan soul descent to transfer his soul into the cloneby body it only took some time to get used to the new body with simple auxiliary movements while he got used to the Clone B body kuroto also discovered that despite what the test data States about clone a and.

Cloneby having similar stats that is actually not true while his soul is actually present inside the Clone B he could feel the obvious differences between the two the major difference is that the intensity of the primary chakra nature of clone a and clone B is different compared to the secondary chakra nature.

Of both the Clones I.E the water chakra nature of clone a was extremely dominant over wind chakra nature which is not the case in Clone b as the ratio is slightly balanced this fact did increase the power of water release techniques of clone a significantly Superior than what clone B would perform with the same amount of.

Effort but kurodo can be sure that this balanced ratio of the chakra nature of Clone B will make it easier for him to learn the ice release kekai genkai regardless of whether clone a or clone B both of them are the results of the fusion of his and haku's cells and since Haku has awakened the ice release katyai genkai therefore theoretically both the.

Clone bodies should be able to use the ice release kekai genkai because the ice release is actually the fusion of water release and wind release it's not like it is only limited to those with special bloodline inheritance like the Sharingan or the Bia Cookin therefore Awakening ice release should be possible as it is more dependent on.

The chakra Fusion so the difference is only the amount of effort it would take after a while when kurodo was used to the Clone B body for a while he again dressed as hyuka kuroto and came to the underground residence where Haku lived bringing Haku to a distant forest from kanahagakur kurodo ordered him immediately this time I want you to use.

Ice release techniques take it slowly from how you form ice from the basic level Haku nodded and gently stretched out his right hand with the Palm facing upside and slowly a snowflake took shape in haku's hand kurodo observed the entire process with his beakugan and observed the direction.

And method of chakra flow while Haku formed the small snowflake in his hand in his field of vision he could see that when Haku used ice release the ratio of fusion of water chakra nature and wind chakra nature is eight to two out of which the major role is of water chakra related to the shape transformation while the wind nature is.

Only added for the nature integration after recording this data kurodo ordered now show me your ice release ninjatsu Haku asked Anno corotosama what kind of ice ninjatsu do you need me to perform after a little bit of thinking coroto stated the strongest Haku nodded and after taking a deep breath he shouted.

Ice release secret technique demonic mirroring ice crystals instantly smooth and clear ice mirrors appeared one after another around the two out of thin air and a huge ice Dome was formed that enclosed kuroto and Haku inside it looking at the ice mirrors around him kurodo asked curiously Haku can you.

Control these ice mirrors floating in the air yes kurodo sama Haku nodded in after making a leap he merged inside one of the mirrors immediately afterward the ice mirrors started circling around kuroto giving the Dome an optical illusion as if the entire ice Dome itself was spinning.

Kurodo was surprised although he could find haku's True Body if he were to use the tencigan however solely using the beef cooking it was quite difficult as haku's chakra was equally distributed through all the mirrors after giving a short demonstration Haku stopped the rotation of the ice mirrors and leaned out half of his body from one.

Of the ice mirrors and asked kurodo while panting lightly corotosama W what else I have to do next kurodo shook his head stating nothing for now and carefully recorded the chakra flow mechanism of this secret technique in the puzzle gaze of Haku after putting away the scroll that he used to record.

Data kurodo printed the same series of hand seals that Haku just performed to cast the Demonic mirroring ice crystals understanding what kuroto was doing Haku asked in a surprise tone why you can also use ice release coronasama kuroto didn't give an answer and just focused on the chakra flowing mechanism to control the water chakra in his body.

After printing all the hand seals kurodo shouted ice release secret technique demonic mirroring ice crystals with coroto's shout several curtains of water appeared around him instantly the basic shaping is completed now on to the next step after glancing at the thin water.

Curtains that were very close to haku's ice mirrors kurodo began to infuse when Nature chakra into them splash but the moment he manipulated wind nature chakra in his body to infuse into the water curtains the floating water curtains fell apart and collapsed as a result splashing on the ground.

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