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Sup' you beautiful people! Hopeyou've had a fantastic day! Welcome back to another new episode of whatif Naruto was Justice League's Fire Shadow. If you guys enjoy this what ifcomment down below and let me know. And go ahead and check out other what if'sin the channel after watching this video. Don't forget to Subscribe and Leave a like,and also share this video with your friends. So now let's start this Video. Back in LA. Naruto was usually not the one for nightmaresbut he had been getting some of them lately and he did not like them one bit. The nightmaresincluded dealing with some weird looking.

Beings that looked like those demons that hehad dealt with in the past alongside Shion, and his father Minato way back in the past. Butthey seemed to be attacking some other race… all of whom looked non human to him. And there was avoice there somewhere, speaking in Japanese to him yet having an accent that he could not place towhat he had been able to learn while in this city. As the blonde Shinobi looked at the coming dawn, he decided to go out on a routine patrolrun in his regular garb and as he got out, he decided to check the news and saw Supermanonce more. The blonde smirked a bit and went to eating something from the supplies he hadbeen able to buy with the money that he was getting from his editor. He was pleased that hisstory was beginning to get off the prototyping.

Bit and was soon going to be seen in actionand he was hoping that would do all right. The story of his life was very much the same ashis previous experiences, the only key difference was that he altered his appearance to resemble theimage he had of himself with his mother Kushina's hair and had it at the same style as his fatherwith blonde highlights at the tips. An odd image to be sure, but was not all that bad, and theeditor thought the same since the image added some uniqueness to the character. The only thinghe did not change was his name since he never used his real name that much out in public anyway so hedoubted that anyone made the connection just yet. He also made sure to be faithful to thestory of his life and used all the events, even the ones he preferred personally toremain buried. They were painful memories,.

But they all made him into who he was right nowand denying them was a bad move on his part. As he got his food ready which was ramen which hehad bought in a shop before and sat down to eat, he listened to the news of Superman and thenheard some people who were not too keen on him, speaking about the time he was usedby that alien warlord to invade Earth. Naruto sighed a bit and merely listened as hebegan to chow down on the ramen that he had. He thought about his reason of not spilling thebeans as it was said on Superman's identity and knew that it was the right one. The fact was thatSuperman reminded him of what he was like when he was struggling to prove that he was not Kurama,the demon fox who destroyed Konoha and killed so many people when it was freed from his motherby that bastard Tobi. It was never an easy thing.

Since so many people were killed, including theparents of his father figure Iruka, and while his father figure never hated him, others were notas open minded as he was. Apart from Iruka, it was only a handful of ninja and people who saw himas a human being and a soon to be hero of Konoha, while the rest did not. It was only after so manytrials and his defeat of Nagato, and his defeat of Madara, Tobi, and Sasuke did he prove that he wasthe hero his parents and loved ones saw him to be. In Superman's case, it was different inthe sense that he had been seen as a hero first before being brain washed by that alienwarlord who's name still was hard to pronounce. And because of his actions under that being'sinfluence so many lives were lost and now he had to prove to the world that they could trusthim again. No doubt he had some supporters,.

With the staff of the Daily Planet being oneof said supporters, and also that dark haired woman Lois who he had to admit was quite theeye catcher. But as Naruto had experienced, it was not an easy road and there would be timesthat he would be tempted to take a different path, but staying true to one's morals, beliefs,faith, and principles was the ultimate test when everyone else thought you wereevil all along and not to be trusted. After all, he knew what that was like, he couldeasily become like what his friend Gaara had been when the now deceased Kazekage had been filledwith such hatred and loathing of the world and all around it. He could have easily allowed Kuramato possess him and make all of Konoha suffer for what they had put him through when he and Kuramawere still enemies. He could have easily given.

Into hatred and despair as well, becoming the verymonster so many in Konoha long ago despised. And he could very well have become like Nagato whenhis clansman had suffered so many losses and had been further corrupted and manipulated by Tobiin the past. It would have been so easy for him, but he did not. He firmly believed in theWill of Fire and his desire to prove that he was someone who was very much a memberof Konoha. And he did it, he won and proved that no matter how dark things were, as long asone held true and kept his or her faith strong, and never shut out those who cared forthem, they could win no matter the odds. This was the reason he was going to keepSuperman's secret since he had no doubt that he and Superman were the same in the sense oftheir desire to prove to others that they were.

Not the bad guys, as it were. He however hadno doubt that he would be questioned by either the man himself or by that blonde cousin of hisat some point should she try and find out more about him. Trying to protect her cousin'sidentity was understandable to him as well, after all Hiruzen did the same thing by using hismother's clan name to hide his relationship with his father after both his parents died savinghim from Kurama's last attack to slay him. His father Minato made many enemiesand if they learned of his existence, they would have never stopped hounding him toattack his father, even more so since Minato was now dead since killing him would ensure thatnothing would be left of his father's legacy. And only a select few in Konoha and even fewerif none at all now outside of Konoha knew of.

His mother Kushina's power as well as her clanlineage which was why no one suspected a thing, with the marked exception of the Kumo Ninjawho tried to kidnap her when she was still young. And couple the unique chakra typeof his mother along with her clan's unique vitality and life force, he would have beenquite the tempting target in those days. Thankfully no one was the wiser of hisunique bloodlines as the Uzumaki Clan were skilled in sealing Jutsu, he did notdoubt that even after the fall of their home, they were very efficient in destroying therecords to prevent being hunted and it was only through luck or through extensive hardwork that anyone found anything related to his mother's clan. let alone find any of his possibleclansmen who might still be alive in the world.

He placed the thoughts aside for now as hefocused on his breakfast and once that was polished off with a glass of milk, he wentto his mission. He wore his original garb but this time had his Chuunin vest on andboth swords on his back for easy reach. He had no doubt that sooner or later, there wasgoing to be some answers to his nightmares. The question in his mind was naturallyif he was going to like the answers. Later. Naruto was moving about the city while keepinghimself out of the sights of the people for now since there was not much for him to workwith. The cops were doing a good job and he would only get involved if it became toodangerous or they were not able to make it.

In time. He had to make sure to that he also kepthis Senjutsu senses on. Naturally he had to leave some of his Kage Bunshin in certain parts ofthe city in order to gather the nature chakra to keep his Senjutsu mode fully powered. Hehad gotten so used to this form for years that he did this as a natural precautionand it certainly helped him in this city. As he moved through the place unhindered withthe aid of his wired kunai and his chakra chains, he was quick to sense something, or rather someonewas in the area. And from what he could sense, the person in question was not human. Hestopped from his movements on a roof to focus his Senjutsu sensed and lookedin the direction where the signal was coming from. And he was quick to sensejust who it was that was coming his way.

It was a signature that he had sensed beforein Metropolis, and it was not Superman, but Supergirl, and he had a very good idea asto why she was here L.A and not at Metropolis with her cousin. He waited a bit more untilhe sensed her speed up, no doubt she finally saw him and was heading his way. He turnedand spotted one of those helicopters that he had read about and decided to get out of thearea to avoid having the media follow him. He had no doubt that Supergirl was goingto be following him so he headed off to the highest building there and hope no onehe had no ties to decided to follow him and Supergirl. He quickly moved fired outone of his wired kunai and soon moved out, reinforcing the kunai wire withhis chakra to reinforce it.

He was not wrong in his assumptions ashe was now being followed by the blonde super heroine and soon they reached his target Naruto managed to land on the roof,quickly used a Genjutsu as Supergirl was within the area behind theGenjutsu and he released it. The Genjutsu was not one of his best butit would do as it made the area outside of the said Genjutsu appear all the sameto anyone looking at it from the Outside. As soon as he did so, he relaxed himself andturned just as Kara landed in front of him, she looked at him seriously and he could tell thatthe blonde heroine was not in the best of moods. He decided to come out a bit moreserious than before as being a.

Smart ass was a course of action had gottenhim into more trouble that cared to have, even more so since she no doubt had thestrength to equal Tsunade and Sakura. He decided to get things rollingas it were as he spoke to Kara. “All right Supergirl, what's the reason youcame all the way here to L.A to find me?” Kara crossed her arms and replied. “It's pretty simple, how did you knowabout my cousin's other identity?” Naruto raised an eyebrow and replied a bit tothat, thankful that he still had is mask on. “It was not some simple event mindyou, I just got lucky and curious.” That did not sit too well with theyoung alien woman as she replied.

“You got lucky AND curious? Look here, Iwant you to stop playing games with me, how did you know and whatdo you plan to do about it?” Naruto could not blame Supergirl fromnot being convinced and he replied. “I plan to do nothing, I gave my word thatI will not reveal his identity to him and I did for the past many weeks. If I did not want tokeep my word, I would have revealed it long ago, so I don't really see why you shouldworry about anything right now.” Kara was not all that relaxed, butshe did admit that he had a point, he had ample time ever since Metropolisto reveal to the world that Clark Kent was Superman, but he had not done so atall. She did not like it and went there.

To find him and figure out just whathe did to figure out Clark's secret. “I have a right to worry. My cousin's already…” “I know about that whole Darksied incidentSupergirl since despite the fact I look like a teenager, I DO read the newspapers. I knowthat he does what he can to earn the trust of the people once more, to prove that he is not theenemy even though a lot of people think that he cannot be trusted. And I respect that, since ina way, I went through the same thing he is now.” “What does that mean?” Kara looked at Naruto who was still wearinghis mask even though she could see right through it. She was not as experienced asher cousin was but there was a part of her.

Stating that he might not be lying to her.But she was not going to just let it lie, how could he say that he went throughthe same thing that Clark did. Unless. “Are you an alien like me and my cousin?” Naruto shook his head at that. “Nope, I am a human, but not your, average human.” “So you're a meta-human then?” “You… could say that, and the abilities yousaw me use from before are indeed part of me and what I have been training with for a while.But I am already being honest with you Supergirl, I have no intention to reveal your cousin'strue identity, nor do I plan to profit from.

It as well. Besides, any evidence I hadbefore, I already destroyed before I even spoke to your cousin when we met. And like Isaid I went through something similar to your cousin's struggles so I know what it's liketo try and win trust from others as well as prove that you are not the enemy even wheneveryone sees you as an enemy… or worse.” Naruto then turned to look at the cityand sighed a bit as he carried on. “Suffice to say that it's not the same in everyrespect to what he is going through right now, but the situation and struggle is the same. That's whyI have no plans to reveal what I know about him, after all, being a ninja is to keep secrets, eventhough when I was younger, I was no too good with secrets myself. And besides, if I did revealthe secret, there's no doubt in my mind that.

Everyone who has an axe to grind will come afterhim and endanger people precious to him, right?” He saw Kara tense just a tiny bit, butthat was enough to convince Naruto had he had hit a nerve. That meant that Clarkdid have important people in his life, Lois naturally being one of themso if his dual identity came out, every criminal he had ever royally pissedoff would be gunning for her to get to him. He then turned to Supergirl and then took offhis mask, revealing his face to her and he spoke. “To prove that I am serious, I willtell you my name so now I want to see if you can keep a secret,that secret is naturally mine.” Kara was silent at this and nodded a bit.

Naruto decided to tell hersome things about himself, but not too much since he was not goingto reveal everything just like that. “My name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Iknow it's a long name by your world's standard, but it's mine and I am proud ofit, it has a lot of meaning to me so I carry it with pride. And whileI might be speaking to you in English, suffice to say that it'snot my original language.” “Really? So what's your natural language?” “The one you might know as Japanese.” Kara looked at him and was a bit confused,by all rights this Naruto guy looked like an.

American unless he grew up in Japan andjust arrived in the US to settle down. “You're an American who grew up in Japan then?” “Not exactly, I'm not from Japan or anywhere elsefor that matter, I am from another dimension, I got sent here in this world in a very unexpectedfashion from where I actually came from.” Now if she was a normal person who grewup in a normal life style and family, Kara Kent would have called Naruto nuts andsuggested he go to a doctor to see if he was not suffering from either getting hit on thehead, or taking too much of something. Or he was delusional and was trying t fool himselfand her with a warped sense of reality. But she was not a regular teenager, and she wasnot a normal human girl, she was from another.

Planet far away from Earth and had powers nonormal person would have. That was why Kara did not freak out too much as she nodded tohim to say that she was following him so far. “Where I come from, we don't have the level oftech that this world has nor do we happen to have people from other worlds like you and yourcousin. I know this because I was able to sense his chakra when I met him and I also sensedyours when you came here to look for me.” “Chakra? That sounds like one of thoseancient beliefs that exist here.” “To you it's just words on paper and beliefsfrom others, but where I come from, Chakra is very real and it serves as the foundationof all the techniques I use. You see, in our world chakra is present in everyone and those whoundergo the training can do very surprising things.

Such as walk on water, climb walls or trees,unleash attacks that are elemental in nature, enhance their speed and strength, and so on.I'm naturally one of them and I am a ninja, in fact most of the users of chakra are eitherthose who have very unique roles in society, serve in the military or are ninja, both those alignedwith a village as it were, or mercenaries.” “So that means you've beentrained as an assassin?” “Yeah, and I have killed before, but the ones Ipersonally killed were powerful criminal ninja, one of them actually started awar that claimed a lot of lives, he was even the one who playeda part in my parents' deaths.” That got Kara's attention quicklyas she saw the look that Naruto gave.

Out at the mention of it, the expressionwas rather solemn and despite her youth, Kara did get some lessons from Barbara onhow to tell if someone was telling the truth or pulling her by the nose with a lie. Narutowas not lying to her and she replied to that. “I see… sorry about that,you have my sympathies.” “Thanks, but I managed to mend fences aboutit, and let's just say what my parents… had found a way to speak to me one last time.I'm not all that sure with how they did it, but I was happy to have seen themone last time. As to how I got here, I was on a… mission that was to save my homefrom an attack. I and those who accompanied me managed to foil it, but I got… caught inthe whole event. I should have died actually,.

But I came here and so I decided to try andget used to this place and try to fit in.” “So you're doing this hero thing for what reason?” “To help people obviously, unlike what you hearabout ninja, not all of them are mercenaries and killers for hire. At least in my world andsome exceptions here in this one as well, and you could say that the only time we everkill a person or a group of people where I was from is when it was needed or unavoidable.I don't mess around with the cops though, if they are there and can deal with it, I'llonly help out and not try to act like I am doing a better job than them. They risk their liveseveryday from what I have seen thus far. Sure they do have their share of corrupt nuts, butthey are not all bad and I respect that a lot.”.

“Besides, I have the ability to do thesethings so I will use them for a good cause, I mean considering the things I can do,I could easily have been a thief or more, but I guess being a hero is somethingthat I want to be, and the fact that my parents always believed that I was born tobe a hero where I really came from adds to that. I did become a hero in my world and soit's part of my nature to do the same here.” “Anyway, I was on a mission with a fewother ninja, high ranking ones to stop a band of rogues who were planning to launchan attack on our home. We managed to stop them but they unleashed the weapon theywere hiding and aimed it at the village, I managed to stop it and by all rights thetechnique I used saved it but it would kill.

Me as well. But I came here, alive obviouslyand with all my parts in working order.” It took a while before Kara decided thatshe learned enough to be more relaxed. She had a feeling that he hid some things fromher when they were talking to one another, but she had a feeling that it was fora reason. And from what she learned, it was a very good reason and to add to that,Naruto seemed to be very tight lipped about it and he was showing the aura of the kind ofperson who did not react well to being forced to say something he did not want to say. She couldhave tried the more physical approach of getting the answers she needed. But decided against it,not only because Clark would not have approved, but because the guy had an aura of being… well,warm and safe to be around. A weird feeling but.

Not in a bad way and as such, fighting him was nota good idea, besides, the fact that he had told her something himself willingly showed to her thathe was doing his best to give a good impression. It kind of reminded her of the time Clarkhad revealed his story to Lois way before she ever came to the picture, though Narutoapparently preferred to keep secrets. And if she recalled what ninjas did, then itwas something to be expected of them, further cementing the facts to her thatthere might be some truth to his words. As soon as it was over, she decided to sum it up. “So let me see if I get this right, you're aninja from another dimension who had no idea how you got here in ours since you should haveactually died from whatever mission you were in..

You have these abilities because of your chakraand you are using them here to help people?” “That pretty much sums it up, and yes, I know that I am possibly holding somethings back, but I have my reasons.” “Hm, well let's hope those reasons don'tcome back and haunt not just you but all of us as well. Now I am going to go back toMetropolis, but bet on the fact that if I hear anything that might put my cousin in danger andthose we care about, I am coming back for you.” Naruto then decided to havea little fun and replied. “Sure, I'll make sure to dress nice for it too.” Kara gave a slight smirk and soon left, makingNaruto relax a bit more as he decided to put.

Off the Genjutsu and head off to do the routinepatrol thing once more. This time with his mask on and him swinging on the chakra chains thathe used on occasion. This was also the time that Kurama decided to get involved with theresults of his conversation with Supergirl. ((“You know Naruto, it seems to me that we are going to beunder observation soon by that girl.”)) (She's welcome to it any time, though I have beencurious abut those dreams I have been having.) ((“That huh? Well I can say this much, thosedreams were not yours in the slightest, someone sent them into your head and mine.”)) That got Naruto's attention as hemoved to the roof of another building,.

Ran over the same roof, and then leapedoff to fly down and fire another chakra chain that looped around a nearby flagpole andallowed him to swing over to the next building. (Are you telling me that someone triedto send me dreams? Literally tried to hijack my dreams? That soundsweird Kurama, even for you.) ((“Ever had moments that seemed off at times inyour life? Just like the time that glass of yours cracked a bit to tell you that Hinata-san wasgoing to give birth to your first born daughter and you were on the other side of the village?Well, if there's one thing that can tell you, what sounds bogus to you might have some truthin it. Remember, we're in a world with super powered beings, AND we just had a chat with abeing that LOOKED like a human but has powers.

That many could only dream of happening.And let's not forget you and me either.”)) (Okay, point taken, so you're saying thatsomeone is sending us a message in dream form?) ((“Yeah, still out on who or what is sendingthem, but after what I had managed to decipher with what that force sent unexpectedly into myhead along with your own, I think I can guess what it might be, mind you, this is merelya guess, not a full blown certainty.”)) (That being what?) ((“A warning Naruto, if you recall what you canof your dreams, the figures that looked like demons were chasing other non human beings andhunting them. Then we saw fire and destruction along with voice saying. “They are coming.” I amwilling to wager a guess that the ones that are.

Coming are the ones that hunted the other nonhumans. You don't need to be a genius to know that if they are coming here, the same thing'sgoing to happen to everyone on this dimension”)) Naruto frowned as he got on thetop of a building's water tower and spoke one more time to his long time partner. (So it's a warning, wager a guess we'renot the only ones getting this Kurama?) ((“Nope, if it's as bad as those dreams suggest,there's bound to be others who got the dream too, wager a guess one such person wouldbe Superman. I guess that we're going to have to go there to Metropolisagain and stake things out a bit.”)) Naruto nodded and then spotted whatappeared to be another hostage situation,.

Only this time it was in a very largebuilding and as he used his Senjutsu senses, he found at least a dozen and a half peopleall over the place in the building. And there was a larger amount of other chakra signatures aswell. Judging by the pattern of the first batch, they were the hostage takers. Narutoquickly observed the situation and decided to intervene just a bit by lesseningthe numbers facing the cops. Plus there was a chance that they might be walking into atrap if the hostage takers had planned ahead. Two days later. Naruto was quick to arrive at Metropolis aftertaking the time to try another route and that was by sneaking into a passenger plane. As soonas the plane was opening it's landing gear,.

Naruto leaped out and as soon as hehit the ground safely with chakra enhancement on his bones and muscles onhis legs, he quickly moved into the city. He had sent a message to his editor thathe was going to be gone for at least a few days to tackle some personal matters, but notbefore sending the next script of his story to his editor. Once that was over, he snuckonce more into a plane bound for Metropolis since going at it by train was a bad idea.Never go into the same land in the same way twice as his sensei used to say since there'salways a chance someone would get wise to you. As soon as he was in the clear, he switcheddisguises once more, coloring his hair a deep black and then using his Henge to hide his whiskermarks. He was now dressed in the regular male.

Fashions of blue t-shirt with white undershirt,grey pants and shoes. Not the exactly stylish, but normal looking as far as he was concerned.And as soon as he was away from the airport and away from security, he blended into the rest ofthe people going to and fro in the city streets. The incident in L.A had been resolved whenhe took down a few of the hostage takers and left the rest for the police. Theones he had dealt with were not too bad, and when the police came in, they foundthe ones he had taken out tied up and stripped of their guns. Narutohad just left his calling card, a metal piece that looked like red flames with ablack shadow background. Once that he was done, and moved around the city to see if there wasany other matter that he had to deal with.

Finding none, he decided to head back andpack what he needed to go to Metropolis and see if what Kurama and he suspected was righton the money. Besides, if it did not work out, he could always go up and have a bit of fun bysaying hi to Superman and his cousin later on, as well as that dude Steel. And now here he was inmetropolis once more and he was off to get himself a place to stay, though he decided a low costapartment was more in order to keep it simple. He went apartment hunting and after half theday and a hearty lunch found a nice place in the western side of the city. It was only atone hundred dollars a month and since he paid a full five hundred for as long as he was therein the city, the owner was all right with it. He did not bring a lot of stuff and since he hadno deadline to worry about until next month,.

He did not bring his Laptop and USBs and keptthe two safe in his base back in L.A. Setting himself in, he decided to operate now atnight, no more moving about in day time, he was a ninja after all and whilemorning runs were all right with him, he decided early on that it wasonly in L.A he was going to do this. Night over Metropolis. Naruto had waited for night to arrive andsoon moved out and while he wore his clothing, he was also making sure to stick to the shadows.Running over the roof tops and swinging away before anyone could see him, he soon moved to theDaily Planet and switched to using his Senjutsu once more. That did not take long as he soonfelt the chakra signatures of the people inside,.

It was obvious that Superman was notinside the building so he moved out, but not before leaving another Kage Bunshinto scan the area in another direction. (Where is he?) As he moved further to the city limits, he felt the faint trail of chakra thatwas uniquely Superman's and followed it as fast as he could. He made sure to be at highspeed as the trail grew stronger and fresher, only to encounter another chakra signature hedid not expect. It was not enough to slow him down as he moved through the trees and in theshadows, but it was enough to make him curious. (That's Batman's chakra signature.).

((“Hmmm, that's unexpected, what is tall darkand brooding doing here in Metropolis?”)) (Guess we're about to find out.) And find out the Jinchuuriki and his Bijuu partnerdid as they arrived at a massive building that Naruto recognized as an observatory. And thesaid observatory was one of those so called deep space models as well judging by the sheersize of it. He had managed to read some of it when he studied the country he was in, dippinga bit into science. He never did understand the fascination people had for looking at thestars and all though he did it when he was deep in thought when he was younger. That train ofthought ended when he spotted Superman on the top of the dish as he climbed up the nearestand highest tree away from the tree line.

He could not see that well but apparentlyBatman was pursuing three figures who might be a lot more dangerous than he expectedsince Superman was behind him. He looked on to see just how this was going to go downbut suddenly he spotted Superman suddenly begin to spasm somewhat and then falldown from the sky. And at that same time, both he and Kurama were suddenly hit by anotherseries of vivid dreams. The blonde gritted his teeth in annoyance as Kurama growled a bitat the sudden mental assault as he spoke out. ((“Damn it… when I find this mentalhijacker, I am going to shove my fists down his ears and see how he likes it whensomething unwanted gets shoved in his head!”)) Naruto agreed as he fought backthe images and looked to the sight,.

Only to see the whole station suddenly go boom.He saw that Superman was still out of it as the three figures leaped away as both Batman andSuperman were sent flying. He quickly recovered, jumped off the tree, landed easily on theground and rushed to save both Batman and Superman as he leaped upward with his chakrahelping increase his leaping ability and then fired both chakra chains at them. Batmanspotted him and realized he was there to help. The chains caught both Batman and Supermanas Naruto quickly yanked the two of them away from the heat and debris of the blast andthen lowering them to the ground. Naruto was pleased at least the two heroes were unharmedas he laid the two of them safely. He turned to see the three figures who looked likethey had just been sent into the blender..

Yet he quickly saw them move and rearrangethemselves back together and the three of them smirked arrogantly at him and nodoubt to Batman and Superman as well. Naruto glared at the three alien beingsand he quickly walked towards them, the three smirked at the blonde, but that gotthem into trouble as Naruto suddenly faded from sight to appear right behind the woman andsmashed a chakra enhanced fist right into the gut. The blow was enough to surprisethe three as there was some serious power in said punch as the disguised female was sentrolling off and then slamming into the tree. The other aliens were briefly surprised bythat but that shock faded as they quickly attacked Naruto as he expected but, he did notsurvive for nearly a century to be caught flat.

Footed by anyone or anything. He blockedthe kick aimed to his head while quickly flipping upwards and landing a chakrareinforced heel kick on the chin of the second attacker as it was about to punch him.The attack sent the undeniably none human foe back while Naruto quickly turned and smasheda knee into the face of his other attacker and the strength actually sent the facecontorting in a very unsightly fashion. He flipped back and replied. “You three might not be human, butthat does not mean you are immune to getting your asses kicked! Come on, isthat be the best you three bugs have?” The aliens were about to attack when the one.

Naruto knocked back shouted inthe human language of English. “ENOUGH! We must not waste time!” The two got away and as Naruto was aboutto follow them, Kurama spoke to him. ((“That could be a trap Naruto,let them get away for now, I get the feeling we can track them downlater, for now let's go greet the gang.”)) Naruto nodded as he knew that despite theiralien energy signatures, he could find them well enough later so had to check on Batman.He turned to see that Batman seemed to be all right and Superman himself seemed to be upand about now. The blonde smiled behind his mask as he saw that Superman had indeedrecovered, though the shocked look was.

A bit of a concern for him. He howeverspoke to both heroes in a friendly tone. “Nice to see you two againeven if the meeting is not exactly the kind one sets tea andbiscuits for. Though I am curious as to why Batman's in Metropolis sinceGotham's usually your base of operations.” Batman glared a bit and replied. “That's not really something you shouldbe concerned with right now Hokage.” Naruto shook his head and replied. “That might change soon enough Batman, if whatI saw was any indication, by the way Superman, had any interesting and vivid dreams lately?”.

Superman was quick to look at the Hokage andhe could not help feel that the only reason the Hokage would ask him that, was if he hadthe same dreams too. The Hokage had indeed kept his word in not revealing his secrets forthe past few months now so he was in a more relaxed mood. He had a meeting with Kara whenhe found out that she had gone to Los Angeles and while he was curious about the outcome, hewas relieved that Kara had decided to let the matter of the Hokage knowing his identitybe. He however suspected that Naruto had done something to convince Kara to finally letthe matter be, he wanted to know what it was, but Kara was tight lipped about it, notsomething he expected but decided to let lie. Besides he had a feeling that therewere more pressing matters to attend to.

“You could… say that, I take itthe reason you came back here to Metropolis is that you had the same dreams too?” “You got that right, my partner told me hesuspects that those dreams were not ours, something or someone sent them to us.” Superman and Batman raised an eyebrow to thatand Batman turned to Superman for confirmation. “You've been having dreams Superman?” “Correct and none of themwere the least bit friendly, I can tell you both that I have a feelingthat they are not mine. Your partner said that he suspects someone or somethingis sending you and me these dreams?”.

“Yep, he also said that he thinks it's awarning. I'm not all that sure if it is a warning and neither is he yet, but the factthat you had the same dreams as I did means I am not losing my marbles. So if it is awarning, it's pretty serious, and too much to ignore. This night's festivities tell me thatthe dreams and this attack might be connected.” Batman had to admit that it made somesense, those three scientists he had been fighting before were anything but human,and the device that he suspected now was some sort of bomb was proof of it. That wasnothing like any known human technology and certainly not the kind common criminalsused, and certainly not the creation of any of his Rogue's gallery. He then spoketo Naruto as he wondered just who this.

Partner of the Hokage was since he wassure that Naruto usually operated alone. “What exactly made your partnersuspect it was a warning?” “Because when I told him the dream, heknew immediately that it was not mine, and he suspected that someone or something sentit through me. I trust him since I worked with him for a very long time and while he's hardto find by your means, he's not in mine.” The two other heroes remained silent for a while,and Naruto could silently hear Kurama snorting a bit in triumph and he could not help but expectthat. Batman decided to speak to the two as he knew that if this was merely the beginning,then they would each have to be on guard.. “If those three were part of itand these dreams are warnings,.

Then we all have to get ready for anything. Thisis not the first time this happened actually, several Waynetech deep space observatories allover the world have been taken down already but only after sending out very powerfuland encrypted signals into deep space. And now I know by whom or rather what. You doknow what these places do right Hokage?” Naruto looked at Batman and repliedin a slightly annoyed fashion. “Please, just because I don't exactly delveinto this science stuff does not mean I don't know what they are for. The fact thatthese places were hit must mean something.” Superman nodded in agreement. “He's got a point, you need anyhelp in figuring this out Batman?”.

“No need, I'll be able to handle this on my own,I've already got the key details in my hands.” Superman sighed at that but he decidedto give both the Hokage and Batman communication watches as he moved out ofthe area. No doubt the fire department was coming and as Batman turned to speakto Naruto, he found himself looking at thin air. The blonde had managed to escapehis attention long before he even knew it, further reinforcing to Bruce that the blondewho looked like a teen was anything but a teen. And he also realized that he nowfelt what Gordon felt every time he decided to check out before he could finish. (I wonder if Gordon ever thought of nailingmy feet to the floor when I did that?).

In Gotham. James Gordon was busy reading the news at hishome, and that was something that did not happen often as Barbara came back into the kitchencarrying a dish filled with greens for a salad. “Dad, are you coming downwith a cold or something?” “No, I had the cold only eight months ago Barb.” The situation in Metropolis was still verymuch the same as before the next day as not many were aware of what was going on. ThoughNaruto was currently watching a large protest going on while still in Henge to avoid beingseen easily in the same disguise as before, though with a different wardrobe of whileshirt, and brown pants with brown shoes. He.

Had heard about these devices called nuclearweapons and what he learned was enough to remind him of Hotaru, and the Kinjutsu shehad in her. This was similar though it was done with stuff he could not even begin toguess. But there was no doubt the stuff was highly destructive so he could not say hewas against them rallying and protesting. He then watched in a television set in adiner while having lunch the recapping of the current meeting with the world assemblywhich reminded him of the Council back home in Konoha. Only difference was that it hadall the leaders of the world together like the Kage Summit that he heard about from Gaaraand Mei. The man named Senator Carter was one of the heroes of some expedition on anotherworld called Mars had appointed Superman to.

Be the one to help defend earth and thusthe need for nuclear weapons was over. The military naturally protested the whole thingand Naruto could not entirely blame them for it, having been Hokage for a number of years hadtaught him the value of having a strong armed force for defense and offense, even more sowhen protecting the peace he and so many fought long and hard for. He also felt that Superman'sacceptance and actions was somewhat misguided. Itachi had told him long ago when the brotherof his best friend was brought back to life, that the reason his father Minato became Hokagewas because the villagers acknowledged him. And he cared for the people as well as he did Kushina andhim when he was born. Taking on the responsibility of saving and protecting the world as if it wasyour burden was a dangerous path in Itachi's mind.

As he said that he could have very well beenMadara had he forgotten that and his friends. Superman was powerful, buthe was one hero and no one, not even the Man of Steel can do everythingby himself. That was why he had to agree with the hero named Flash that he hadhis doubts about the whole affair. However, he knew that he had his own mattersto deal with and he decided to see if he could find Batman if the Dark Knight was still doing hiswork in the city while he was here. As he walked out and headed to his apartment, he waitedfor night to come in and blanket the city. Thanks for Listening! I do hope you enjoyed.

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