What if Naruto Six Paths Used to be in Re:Zero Chapter 13

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Chapter 12. so your name's echidna Naruto said narrowing his eyes at the white-haired girl feeling suspicious he was feeling a bit unsure that this is echidna she looked nothing like a witch though he looked nothing like a trained assassin and she looked very much alive another reason why it was hard to.

Believe that's her was that she couldn't be that young that reminded him of Beatrice's apparent age seeing as she looked around 12 and was actually around 400 years old now this woman right here sitting on a chair with a teacup was introducing herself as the witch of greed someone not only far older but far more like.

Dead what's up with that reaction I am a very delicate woman you know she said an edge of annoyance in her voice are you really echidna Naruto asked slowly pointing his finger at her.

Did I meet the wrong person perhaps I walked in the wrong place I mean surely the name echidnet can't be that uncommon echidna's jaw dropped in shock at his unsure reaction w h Watt hold up I just told you I am echidna The Witch.

Of greed she said as she pointed her finger at herself but she seemed ready to explode when she saw the human just turn around and began walking away sorry lady but it seems I'm in the wrong place perhaps you can help me find Dash I'm right here you idiot Echidna is me.

Can you just take a seat here and have some tea she said breathing like a Berserker she calmed herself as she crossed her arms and gave him pout for turning away could this guy seriously not know who she really was Naruto turned to the girl who was trying to convince him that she was the witch.

Of greed he detected no lies from her and she's convinced she's a witch he was going to entertain her if she was telling the truth she created the sanctuary in the barrier and maybe she could tell him how to destroy the barrier all right all right.

You're echidna my name is Naruto Uzumaki the blonde Shinobi said as he walked and took a seat he noticed echidnas pointing at the teacup no doubt for him to drink sorry I don't drink tea I only drink water or juice tea is the only thing I have here.

Gosh why don't you like tea young human I heard if you drink too much tea you can't grow taller eh that's not true tea is good for old people well I'm a young adult but believe me I can drink this tea and there's a good chance I can grow taller guess Naruto had no choice but to drink tea with her.

Besides this is his first time drinking tea he was curious about the taste the fact that a witch had made it for him made it all the more peculiar however he noticed this tea had something weird it could probably taste bad but since when was he known to be careful he took a deep breath before drinking.

His first tea his eyes gazed at Echidna who had a surprised expression Naruto set his empty tea cup on the table and looked at her wow you actually drank all of it even though it was something a witch offered Echidna said then what is this tea made out of.

Why did you offer me to drink the tea in the first place Naruto's voice became serious like he knew something his body felt weird after he drank the tea but managed to stand against it you have sharp eyes Naruto the witch said in Surprise it was my body fluids but I'm going to.

Tell you more since you interested me I applied treatment so that it'll be easier for you to familiarize yourself with the witch Factor sleeping inside you instead of the green face she expected him to have she saw no change in his expression it was clear she never visited Mountain mayoboku which factor.

Naruto wondered having heard the same word from Beatrice after he told her he killed pedalus I I'll tell you a bit more importantly if you are the one who killed sloth what happened to the witch Factor Kashira was she talking about the same witch Factor Naruto didn't know if it was because she.

Didn't tell him and he didn't ask her however Echidna seemed just about to explain it to him I'm impressed you killed an adherent of the witch of envy when that adherent died the witch Factor transferred to you though it seems there's something else inside you as well.

Echidna said as she set her teacup down on the table and traced her finger along its Edge her gaze locked on Naruto black eyes met azure this boy is just a human but his Mana is powerful and definitely something inside him was as well unlike the other humans he looked alien.

Like he wasn't from here or maybe not from this world his smell was definitely something that she found out of the norm is she talking about the beet juice or the witch scent Naruto thought let's talk about that later don't you have things you want to say to ask.

Echidna asked yeah I do So I entered a tomb only to end up here what happened to my body I know I didn't teleport you're correct your mind's inside my castle this place is a dream so his real body was most likely knocked out in the Tomb left it there at the.

Mercy of wild animals then can you tell me about the trial so that I can help my friend break down the barrier you created that traps the demi-humans and humans in the sanctuary he said sorry for telling you this but I don't know about the trial I haven't participated in it.

Stop lying to me echidna I know someone who already took the trial Echidna looked at the human's sharp eyes he had the nerve to tell her she's lying no human has ever done that before I'd love to tell you but I'm not allowed to speak about the trial you must pass the trial first and then I can tell you.

She said okay then can you tell me about the six witches he asked very well allow me to tell you about them Echidna grin before she did something to their surroundings the atmosphere of blue skies and green.

Fields instantly started collapsing the sky shattered the fields caught Flames the world Beyond the Horizon progressively collapsed Naruto saw the table shatter like glass except for the two chairs that they sat on the whole place became a Dark Void so what would you like to know.

Is it about the witch of gluttony Daphne who created God forsaken beasts to save the world from Hunger about the witch of lust Camellia who sought to fill the world with love and gave emotion to those without others about the witch of wraith Minerva who punched all people into Health while lamenting the strife-filled world dash.

Wait what Witch of wraith Minerva who punched all people into health Naruto asked blinking his eyes in confusion yeah some people are confused about her ability so you're not the only one Echidna said continuing to tell him about the witches.

Anyways where was I got it is it about the witch of sloth segment who drove the dragon beyond the great Cascades just for some peace and quiet about the witch of Pride Typhon who brought judgment upon criminals with the innocence and ruthlessness of a child Naruto shook his head not wanting to.

Know about them though he stored all the information about the witches in his head just in case is it about the witch of greed Echidna thirst for knowledge incarnate whose vestiges even now linger posthumously in this world Desiring all wisdom there is or is it about the witch of Envy satella.

The one who destroyed all of the other witches and the one who turned the entire world into her enemy Naruto's eyes turn serious and sharp fast when he heard about the witch of envy his chakra flared up in response to his raging emotions he had a lot of questions about satella.

Why the serious face I guess I overdid it but this is my first time seeing you look like that Echidna admitted truthfully with a raised eyebrow I have a lot of questions about the witch of envy Naruto breathed slowly preparing himself to use his power to deflect what was.

More than likely going to try to kill him what do you know about return by Death he tensed his muscles in preparation for what was about to happen nothing happened that was weird the last time he and The Bijou gave a name to the strange power that brought.

Him back to life the last time they had to fight back a lot of shadowy arms that invaded his mind and tried to squeeze his heart thankfully he wasn't alone and all of them fought the annoying things till none remained return by Death sounds unfamiliar but I think I've heard.

It before Echidna said with a thoughtful look as she put her finger on her lip she was so sure she heard it before but she couldn't quite put her finger on it the witch didn't seem to recognize that ability but he hoped she could give him information I might know that ability but can you.

Describe it what is it like she inquired whenever I say return by death suddenly Shadow hand grabs my heart and squeeze it I noticed their unseen hand just like pedal usability Naruto said satella what.

I've never heard about return by death but unseen hand belongs to sadella if I'm correct about what you saw you're the only one who can detect the Unseen hand nobody can see them but somehow you can her words made sense to him since he had sensed and seen petal goes shock at him not only seeing them but destroying them.

As well Naruto knew he could see the Unseen hands but he was unaware others couldn't he fought petalges alone and in Sage Mode since the very beginning so he saw them without difficulty but that brought another question did this world had sensors even if they couldn't see them they.

Surely could sense them right on another note he wasn't surprised that the Unseen hand belonged to satella considering one of her devoted followers had them but if what he sensed was right then the witch of Envy gave him return by death seeing that the Unseen hand had a similar feeling satella's power more.

Than likely but why did she give him that ability that voice could it be Naruto thought as he looked at echidna can you tell me more about sadella 400 years ago satella absorbed Envy which factor but things went very wrong her magic went out of control and she killed the other six witches of sin.

While nearly destroying the world she said out of control was it because her magic took over her and made her kill the other six witches Naruto asked you're correct I'm surprised you didn't seem all that intelligent when you didn't recognize me.

Satella and The Witch of Envy are separate personalities I see Naruto said softly as his fists opened slowly he was absorbing the new information with an open mind he finally found what he was missing something underneath the underneath that told him that things weren't as transparent as.

They seemed so can you let me meet the witches yes I was planning to let you meet them anyway Echidna said good luck meeting them and have fun so who are you Naruto asked looking at a little girl with green short hair.

He was surprised he was expecting a lot of things regarding the witches he wasn't expecting them to be pretty girls especially one so young how could this little thing represent a sin she has red cheeks tan skin and wears a white and blue one-piece dress she also has a blue flower hairpin.

She stared at Naruto as if looking at an alien typhoon The Witch of pride she introduced herself as she pointed her finger at him who are you my name's Naruto Uzumaki Echidna told me about you she sent me here to meet you he said with an outstretched hand in.

Greeting a so you're narrow typhoon said as she smiled happily at Naruto she gave him a short name too things seemed to be going well are you a baddie Naruto blinked his eyes in confusion at her question he finally shook his head.

I'm not a baddie he said typhoon walked toward him and tilted her head at him she grabbed Naruto's outstretched hand feeling how soft it was she was surprised his hand was so soft and warm he didn't seem to be a baddie but just to be sure.

Huh Naruto heard her whispering but didn't hear what she was saying he was going to ask her but suddenly felt a light shock he felt a pull so he curiously saw his outstretched arm no he didn't he couldn't see what wasn't there his arm wasn't where it was supposed to be why.

He looked at typhoon who held his arm looking at him intently he blinked for several seconds before he screamed like a little girl his reaction was priceless and quite ridiculous it doesn't hurt so you're not a baddie you're a good person The Witch of Pride said with a smile.

Noticing Naruto running around while screaming in shock stop yelling it'll fall if you move too much and if you do you won't get it back Naruto realized he felt no pain and his wound wasn't bleeding with a deep breath he calmed himself it was a dream he remembered though looking.

At the stump that was his arm he could say it was scary to see his bone and pink muscle even if it was a dream so can I have my arm back he asked approaching her but suddenly his body lost balance and he fell forward into the little girl's lap the blonde quickly looked at his legs and his right one was suddenly gone.

He sighed and face bombed he noticed typhoon stroking his hair she smiled lightly at him with a small giggle that sounded so very pure he couldn't just stay mad at the little witch even if she was responsible for him losing his leg and arm ha very funny you're a kind person.

Your hair is so soft she said I guess it's time for you to meet someone Naruto was going to ask her who but suddenly the place changed typhoon who was with him a second ago was no longer here but he found another woman in her place.

His Azure eyes meet the magenta eyes she looked a little older than his and echidna's age was it just him or her expression looked tired her magenta hair was extremely long her skin and lips seemed abnormally pale she wore a dirty and frayed clerical robe Hugh looks like I'm up next.

Psy I guess I have no choice but to do it the Pretty Woman said with a lazy look as she began to stroke his hair asterisks I asterisk you're pretty heavy but your hair is very soft Sai you're quite lucky being sent by Echidna then to Typhon and now me.

Having face-to-face meetings with three witches in turn that's something only a handful could say that flu gel or Reed Swisher of sticks sorry who never mind them are you a witch Naruto asked asterisk SI asterisk I'm segment hmm it's really a chore but I guess you.

Could call me or not call me the witch of sloth sign out that I'm asking to be called at all it's really all a bother you chatting makes my restless so can you stay quiet sekmet asked did she continue to stroke Naruto's hair however I have to admit your hair is.

Soft Naruto Uzumaki it's nice to meet you sekmet Naruto said staring at her familiar expression she reminded him of someone you know you kind of remind me of my friend the magenta-haired woman raised her eyes lightly at him.

I remind you of your friend she asked curiously as the blonde nodded to her well he's lazy and sleepyhead who always says what a drag just like that when someone tells him what to do Naruto imitated the voice of his friend causing the woman to giggle Softly.

Anyways can you help me get my arm and my leg back Hugh nothing I can do ah actually this works fine this was a pain for me too cute so I'll just leave the rest to her and go to sleep huh breathing such a damn chore sekmet said as she looked at him.

Hopefully the next time we will meet again wait a minute are you talking about Minerva Naruto wondered starting to sweat a little after he learned about Minerva's witch Magic oh I think I might pass this one dash.

It was too late when he saw a different person and SEC met no longer with him he found a pretty blonde girl with blue eyes she wore white and blue clothes that are easy to move around in looking at her she seemed to be his age the blonde girl didn't look bad at all but why is she looking at him with some.

Anger right arm missing left leg missing no bleeding or pain you got punished by Typhon that girl she went off doing whatever she likes again she's just awful she yelled as her eyes clouded over with Fury.

Her whole speech filled with anger her attitude explosive her actions were filled with violent passion tears welled up in her eyes yeah it was pretty easy to guess which sin she was Naruto's body was shaking with fear at her attitude he was having flashbacks of the other.

Healers he knew and their anger are you mad he asked out of reflex thankfully he didn't call her granny or the story could have ended very differently I'm really mad that Typhon making these wounds and just leaving them there and at this world that lets her do these.

Awful things and at people fighting and hurting each other and making each other suffer the craziness of it all okay now she was rambling another trait he was beginning to associate with Healers now Naruto started to get really scared of her.

ESO you must be Minerva the woman who can age heal people by punching Dash he screamed loudly as Minerva tossed him up into the air very high and he landed in her arms I won't forgive it not pain not fighting not wounds as if I could leave it like this.

She yelled her shining eyes stared at Naruto as she tossed him in the air and began to make a strange pose with her body no doubt about to punch him oh no oh no jh now then how did it what happened to you Echidna wondered looking at Naruto who.

Seemed to be defeated after meeting the three witches the blonde raised his head to look at echidna things are great but Minerva does she always do that to people he asked his tone one of acceptance yes that girl's just a little too quick to put her Dukes.

You have to get used to her and her healing Magic she said as she drank the tea I'm happy you enjoyed meeting the three witches how come I met only three can't you just let me meet five of them Naruto asked ekinda's browse furrowed feeling.

Troubled her gaze wandered around for a while eventually coming to look at Naruto well you can meet carmilla tomorrow but Daphne I really think you better not meet her she said why not well you and Daphne would have a.

Terrible affinity or you could even call it horid even if you met her a useful conversation wouldn't take place you see can you not meet her ever I can only let you meet Carmelia tomorrow what's wrong with meeting Daphne.

I can tell you that later just not today Echidna said Naruto blinked his eyes at the witch wanting to argue but he just nodded and listened to her reasons well he met three witches Typhon sekhmet and Minerva so that was cool but he didn't meet the other two witches.

Carmelia and Daphne tomorrow Naruto would meet Carmelia however Naruto doesn't know why Daphne was a bad match for him but he had no control of this realm it was echidness he was grateful she allowed him to meet the witches even if they weren't all Echidna Dash the blonde paused as Echidna got closer to him.

He felt a fingertip touch his forehead and something transferred inside him I'm giving you the qualifications to take the tunes trial the qualifications does that mean Dash if you have this you'll be able to take the trial at night whether or not you take the trials up to.

You but now you have the option to take the trial instead of that important girl of yours do whatever you like no that's it it was nice to meet you Echidna you and the other witches Naruto said walking toward the door.

Created by echidna the first thing Naruto felt when he woke up was the touch of someone's fingertips stroking his scalp he didn't have a headband on his forehead it's familiar weight no longer present his eyes opened but a slender hand blocked his view of the world he caught a glimpse of Amelia's.

Beautiful face looking worried at him Emilia where am I he asked his eyes scanning his surroundings he noticed the walls were quite old it seemed like he's out of the dream world and out of the Tomb in the house on your bed Naruto Amelia said continuing to stroke his head in a soothing manner.

Naruto nodded as he attempted to get out of the bed but his memories held him back he put his hand on his forehead and remembered meeting Echidna inside her dream and the headache that had been meeting the other witches she told him she gave him the qualifications to take the tomb's trial.

So he could help Amelia now so he guessed that the mission was successful in a sense Emilia pushed him down with a little force and he just plopped on her lap without offering resistance she was worried about him and him stopping out of nowhere could have made her think he had some sort of headache.

You mustn't get up you haven't slept as much as you should so just stay in your bed she said gently pushing Naruto's chest with her hands to stop him from leaving the bed the blonde side in defeat but he couldn't say no to the half elf he just lied down on the bed for her.

Noticing her hands still touching his chest this made him look at her Naruto saw her face turn red as she realized her hands still on his chest and pulled them away slowly he didn't have his armor plate because she took it off so he could sleep better Amelia was embarrassed about her actions but she still tried to not let him go.

She was worried really worried after she found him unconscious in the Tomb so what happened to me was I Naruto knew what happened to him when he entered the tomb but what happened after was a mystery to him you suddenly fainted right after you went in.

I was really worried Emilia said I really didn't know what to do it didn't look like you'd been injured or affected by any kind of strange Magic Naruto did something happen to you I'm fine I met Echidna in Her Dream mentally which explains why you saw my body.

Unconscious in the Tomb since it had no mind to control it you met the witch of greed in her dream s yes I met her and talked with her she doesn't seem to be that dangerous to me but I would prefer it if you didn't meet her Emilia is a half elf so he wasn't so sure if she would be so civil with her.

Like she was with him since a half elf killed her and the other witches worst case scenario satella attempts to murder Amelia immediately he had to be relieved at the fact that he now had the qualifications to take the trial Emilia I want you to know that I got the qualifications to take the tomb's trial.

Echidna gave them to me are really how she gave them to you I don't know how but let's not worry about that if you're uncomfortable taking the trial I can go inside and do it for you Naruto said not wanting to reveal the fact that he drank echidna's fluids.

Something told him that wasn't going to go well for him Naruto I thought the tomb's trial only lets a half elf or half human take the trial Dash I am dead serious Amelia and you know me I never Dash Emilia interrupted him by grabbing his hand with hers as she looked into his.

Eyes what if you fail the trial I don't want you to get hurt like Roswell or trap inside there forever you did so much for me already and I want to do something for you please let me take the trial she said as she grasped his hand Naruto did so much for her because he.

Cares about her and she never had a chance to repay him however it didn't seem like he wanted any kind of repayment for his actions only doing them because he thought that those were the right thing to do it wasn't very fair for her not to help Naruto even if he was powerful he was just a human and he would surely feel.

Good if compensated for his efforts she wanted to do this for him Emilia Naruto said softly didn't know how to respond to her so he just smiled and nodded his head she really wanted to help him who was he to stop her surge of determination okay Amelia.

After Emilia received a yes from him she released a beautiful smile to him glad to know that he trusted her with the trial thank you Naruto I won't let you down she said as she still held his hand with rosy cheeks this time she's going to confess her feelings to him again just like the.

Other day she made sure no one was going to interrupt them this time she took a deep breath to calm her heart and her mind she had been waiting for this moment for a little while now so with nothing else to lose she just took a leap of faith trusting her melting heart and ignoring her mind feeling her head with insecurities.

Naruto I want to say something to you yes what is it hi I'm in love with you Naruto looked at her with surprise eyes not believing what she was saying wh what did you say he asked I love you Naruto she repeated hoping she was letting her emotions show on her eyes just like in the books.

W when I first met you I was afraid that you would run away from me because I revealed to you I am half elf but you became my first friend without so much as a second thought I I am saying that you're not scared of me and I really like that about you not that you don't have any more qualities I like it's just Dash.

Naruto was speechless his jaw was slightly opened his eyes wide he couldn't believe Emilia confessed her feelings to him poor thing was spitting out whatever came to her head and her face was beginning to imitate a tomato not that he was any better right now finally Amelia calmed down enough to.

Speak properly placing her hands above her heart and taking another deep breath and Naruto I love you because you gave me a chance and you saved me for my loneliness I I hope I'm doing it right the half elf said looking away from his face with a nervous chuckle trying to hide her teary face.

You understood my feelings and helped me fight through the hardships then I I started to realize that your feelings were just like mine both of us were hurt scared we felt weak I I like the way you hold me we ate together studied together and a lot more things I didn't even know could be enjoyed like you taught me to.

I I know this is selfish for me to ask you this but see can you stay here in this world I want you to stay with me I want to continue to continue to live my life with you she closed her eyes preparing herself for the worst some tears ran down her face when she thought of the possibility.

And her hand squeezed his in an effort to comfort herself why hadn't she thought about this before this would change everything between them how they talked how they interacted and if he said no could she take that she didn't know yes Amelia.

Those words washed over her like a bucket filled with nothing but relief she looked to him with a smile on her face oh really she asked feeling unsure yes Emilia I accept your feelings and I will stay by your side until the end.

He said softly taking a knee in front of Amelia noticing her sparkling smile and watery eyes he took her hands in his and thought about what to say next do you remember the reward you offered me I remember well I finally know what my reward is.

Going to be I want you Emilia to visit my world with me if I ever find a way to go back Amelia widened her eyes with shock covering her mouth with her hands feeling extremely happy that Naruto wanted to present her to the people he thought of as a family are you sure.

I I am a half elf Dash she said her insecurities coming back with full force I'm sure my friends would love to meet you Naruto said as he held her cheek with his hand and used his thumb to clean her tears you don't need to be afraid of them trust me Amelia.

They're good people and I'm sure you'll like my home I'm happy I'm so happy Emilia said with a smile as she cupped his hand I I never had someone who wanted me to visit their home what should I do.

If I visit your world what should I do well you can do anything you want just be happy and enjoy yourself Emilia you deserve to be happy and don't worry so much not even I know if this is possible thank you Naruto thank you she jumped to hug him wrapping her arms.

Around his neck causing Naruto to land on his butt her voice was full of Happiness she couldn't help but hug him after she heard such a sweet offer from him she couldn't help but hold him tight her life had never been as happy as it is now all thanks to one man she now had friends in the people of.

Earlham Village she was trying to make a difference for the better in her own world as the king of the lugnika kingdom and she was now in a relationship with her perfect night she was sure that many things awaited them in the future but she felt that she could conquer it with him by her side Naruto couldn't help but hug her back.

Her happiness was certainly infectious if his fears were true then that meant going back to his Homeworld was nothing but wishful thinking but since when was he stopped just because of that Emilia sama is Naruto Kun awake their moment was interrupted by rem's voice coming from the other side of the door.

This brought them out of their thoughts and their related emotions making them realize the position they were in at the moment Emilia was straddling Naruto's lap and he was holding her waist with both his arms this made them blush automatically and they quickly separated leaving them in awkward silence neither of them.

Having experience with this kind of situations standing up Naruto carved a little to ease the tension in the room and approached an embarrassed Emilia burying her face in her hands her pointed ears Glow In Red Amelia REM needs us he offered the half elf a hand hoping.

She would snap out of her embarrassment before they kept REM waiting more Emilia took a second seeing the offered hand though a crack she made with her fingers and finally took his hand in hers looking anywhere but him oh let's go this time it was Amelia who spoke leading him to the doors quickly to.

Distract herself from her embarrassed State breathing slowly to stop her face from glowing red through all this her hand never left his Naruto and Amelia got out of the room to see REM with and an unknown kid Naruto Kun Amelia Sama I want you to meet Lewis she said.

Luis is a little girl with long wavy pink hair she was looking at them with a calculating gaze betraying an intelligence above that of a normal child she seemed as old as Petra who was around 11 or 12. she wore a white robe with dangling sleeves her hands barely visible.

I am Lewis Meyer I'm the representative of this Sanctuary more or less Lewis said as she scratched her forehead with barely visible fingers I apologize for interrupting you too but are you boy who went in the Tomb she looked at Naruto names Naruto Uzumaki yes I went into the tomb.

Louis's eyes scanned his body seeing he was a human but with a presence that made her think otherwise that and he held himself like a trained Warrior muscles ready to strike but seemingly relaxed oh yes Naruto Kun Roswell wants to speak with you REM said noticing him growing.

Uncomfortable with the little girl ogling his body as if looking for something okay Naruto said as he looked at Amelia who held his hand with hers she was now looking at him concerned with the recent events all playing so fast he totally forgot about his.

Animosity towards Roswell and what Amelia though of the whole thing it's okay Emilia I'll just talk with him he tried to reassure her but she still seemed hesitant the half elf got a gentle kiss on her Knuckles from Naruto to ease her worries okay Naruto she said smiling blushing.

Slightly at the foreign but not unwelcomed action she let go of his hand and watched him start walking away before he stopped briefly to say a last nice to meet you to the representative of the sanctuary before continuing his path the hakuchiyai has fallen and the Cardinal of sin targeting The Village.

Has been repelled congratulations for become Amelia's night by the way Roswell said with eyes closed still in bed and rubbing his chin Roswell called him to ask him the things that have transpired while he was gone and Naruto saw no harm in doing so first allow me to convey you my.

Gratitude I thank you for protecting my land and people and being her first night I cannot thank you enough for the great service you have devoted to Amelia sama Roswell expected at least a half-hearted thank you from the blonde what he didn't expect was silence.

Intrigue he opened his eyes to look at the blonde but was met with an unamused expression from the blonde one could even call it spiteful or even hateful you don't seem happy to see me may I ask you why Roswell asked you know why I'm here you left us even though you knew of the possible danger why.

Naruto said keeping his emotions in check I've been in confinement here so it isn't as though I left the Mansion unattended for a few days on then you got injured like that by challenging the trial to free the Earlham villagers you put here in the first place.

Me Amelia REM and the others took care of the witch cult while you were gone you abandoned your people and left them to their luck you knew that would happen arguing with someone who gets angry at logic does pay off truly a good trend Naruto didn't get angry at his words and.

Barely looked phased Roswell you better explain to me why you're in the sanctuary he said his tone getting deeper as he took a step forward he made a promise to REM and Amelia so he wouldn't kill or even injure the already bruised clown but he wanted answers.

Unfortunately his action was confused as RAM quickly got in front of him to protect Roswell Roswell Sama is burdened with his injuries even so he surely could burn you to mouth Dash don't interfere Ram I won't hurt him.

Naruto said harshly as he glared at the pinkony I just need answers I know you're still loyal to him because he saved your life but I won't hesitate to put both of you down he understood that like REM Ram had a strong sense of loyalty toward Roswell for saving them so her actions were not.

Out of hate but out of loyalty toward the clown so he didn't hold them against her since he would do the same in her shoes Ram shivered at the very cold glare Naruto was currently using against Roswell she stepped aside reluctantly since she knew Naruto would just Barrel his way through her without a problem.

She knew him to be a man of his word but he didn't seem to be the kind man she knew him to be right now it's okay Ram you heard what Naruto Kun said he won't hurt me he just wants to talk Roswell said with a smile as you say Roswell sama she said.

Glad to know we're on the same page now you promised Amelia that you could melt the ice encasing the earlier Forest if she becomes a king can you Naruto said Crossing his arms as he glared at the Clown oh my I never thought Emilia would tell you about that but I can see why she trusted you so.

Much Roswell said with a chuckle the truth is I can't melt the eyes of Elliot forest with my magic but there is a method that can melt the ice without hurting the people which is dragon's blood the blood of the dragon that grants.

Bountiful Harvest upon the land and cures deviant Earth it wouldn't kill the dragon the only thing needed is a drop of blood if Amelia Sama becomes king she'll get a chance to ask the Dragon for its blood he was telling the truth he didn't feel anything that pointed to him lying it was a bit underwhelming that the only.

Thing needed for such an important task was a single drop of blood from an oversized lizard but who was he to judge feeling the atmosphere of the room lose some of its tenseness he decided to sit down on a chair beside roswell's bed any more questions Naruto Cullen Roswell asked just one.

Can you tell me about Amelia's life Night Comes the atmosphere sure is spooky around here it looks creepier than yesterday Emilia said holding Naruto's hand as she turned to look at him do you think it's fine to go in yet it should be fine to go in now Naruto said no longer seeing the Sun in.

The sky are you sure you can do it I'm sure I can do it Naruto believe in me Amelia said with a smile raising her pinky finger to him I promise I'll find I'll return to you why are you worried about me.

Amelia seemed to have gotten bold all of a sudden when she fluttered eyelashes at him in a mockingly innocent gesture it seemed her was rubbing a little of his attitude on her that or she was reading too many books the blonde's face turned a little red making her giggle he held her pinky finger with his.

Something small children would do if they wanted to seal a deal seeing themselves make such a childish ritual they laughed at each other she smiled at him one more time to assure him she'll be okay before she entered the tomb to take the trial I'm going now she said as she stepped on the stone.

Stairway and the tomb's lights flickered to life all of a sudden the tomb light up Naruto seems surprised perhaps it was something similar to Fu and jessu it's proof that the tomb has recognized Amelia Sama as someone who has the requirements to take the trial Lewis said.

Naruto watched Emilia enter the tomb feeling a bit of fear when he thought of the danger she was in if she failed this though lead him to think about those that once had his back was this how they felt once worried about him but being unable to stop him because he was such a knucklehead.

Now he felt like a dick Naruto calm down the tomb has welcomed Amelia Sama into it you don't need to worry Lewis said you know what it consists of I've taken it before if you're a half breed and it judges.

You're qualified It comes naturally for you in the end I wasn't able to beat it at that moment everyone held their breaths when the tomb lost its light source the lights REM said surprised they're meant to stay on while the trial.

Is going but Lewis looked kind of lost even though she should know what's going on without a second thought Naruto ran toward the tomb ignoring the others who called his name when he entered the cemetery lit up for him he was inside the tomb looking everywhere and trying to sense any magic.

He felt something trying to reach his mind fortunately the tailed beasts and his own resistance to psychological attacks held strong he was beginning to grow annoyed since his senses were being affected by the tomb but sighed in relief when he found a pair of slightly open doors leading to what.

He didn't care he goes through big doors to find Amelia lying on the ground unconscious he was relieved to see that she wasn't injured like Roswell even though he knew she was able to take the trial safely and the clown wasn't finally growing bored of the thing trying to enter his mind and knowing.

That Emilia was in no danger he relaxed and told the tailed beasts to drop their defenses but to be cautious of any danger he quickly lost Consciousness and fell to the floor next to the half elf first face your past a voice said in an eerie tone th that's impossible.

How did you beat the first trial so quickly I'm familiar with this test my past once plagued me but I've long since accepted myself and my story your little tricks are nothing to me I see that makes sense you're not like the others.

I finally understand why satella brought you here she brought me here why allow me to tell you what satella brought you here for Naruto opened his eyes regaining consciousness he remembered through the haze of his.

Mind that he entered to look for Amelia since the lights went off then he found her and took the trial himself it was nothing to him really he had already taken that test so he also understood how it could be difficult to others right I took the trial he said.

He smiled a little at being reminded of his friends his family even though it was just an illusion of his past it was nice seeing them Naruto Emilia is over there Karama said reminding him why he was here in the first place the blonde Shinobi nodded as he started to get up.

He found Amelia collapsed in the back of the room he to check on her and felt some relief until he noticed her expression she was mumbling in her sleep with fear and a pained expression her emotions were a mess her face is Twisted in agony and she was covered in sweat.

Her arms and legs are rigid perhaps to stop her from moving about in her distress if Amelia's trial was the same as Naruto's that means she must have had a dream about her past but Amelia's past was plagued with suffering especially the day Roswell found her Naruto didn't know how much times passed.

Since he fell asleep and when he asked the tailed beast they didn't know either since they fell asleep to concentrate on protecting his mind of any harmful effects of the trial but looking outside to the Moon he guessed it had been about 30 minutes since Emilia looked like she wanted to cry.

The blonde could only look at her in concern hoping that his thoughts alone could help her but being unable to do anything since he thought that she was still in her trial but then Emilia's once rigid limbs begin to flail uncontrollably reaching for something anything in her desperation her expression got worse and she.

Actually looked like she was suffering seeing that leaving her in that state was basically leaving her gets tortured he embraced her and tried with all his might to interrupt the flow of magic in her mind to stop the illusion from plaguing her mind any longer Emilia hey calm down.

Emilia he had to be careful since Emilia's mind had no chakra Pathways worst case scenario he could fry her mind and leave her brain dead or he could release her and risk her going brain dead due to the increasing stress the trial was forcing on her the choice was obvious so with a.

Concentrated burst of chakra Emilia went limp for a few seconds before she began breathing slowly her heartbeat slowing down as well it was after a few more minutes of deadly silence that Emilia finally began to stir in her sleep slowly opening her eyes na Naruto.

She said sounding exhausted are you okay Naruto asked if she nodded take it slow take a deep breath Emilia was breathing as deep and as slow as possible filling her lungs with precious air and helping her mind comprehend what was going on.

He lifted her in a princess carry not wanting Amelia to stay resting in a brick wall the half elf looked around only to find Darkness her mind still rebooting after her trial in a dark place alone with Naruto Emilia said just calm down.

He was rewarded with silence for a few minutes before Emilia began to shiver I I remember I took the trial and she gasped as she suddenly hugged herself no no that I I didn't mean to Emilia Naruto said in concern.

Her voice was shaky and she couldn't make solid sentences her hold on herself tightened and her teeth began to chatter as if cold she shook her head repeating the same sentence it wasn't me I didn't do it Emilia covered her face with her hands and began to cry hearing her sobs filled with pure sorrow.

Broke Naruto's heart he decided to stop walking to the exit figuring that Emilia wouldn't want the others to see her like this he helped her get to her feet and just embraced her when she could stand in her shaky legs connecting his chakra with her magic as best as he could to bring her as much comfort as possible.

It's okay you're okay I'm with you I'm here you're not alone he said gently patting her back as she shook and cried her face was hidden in his chest trying to stay as close to his warmth as.

Possible reminding herself that she wasn't alone leave me Naruto P please don't she called desperately I'm not going anywhere I'm here she finally calmed down Ram said to the worried Naruto.

He sat on a chair right beside Amelia while she's sleeping on the bed the poor girl not wanting to move from his side he guessed that it had to do with his chakra invading her body and soothing her mind Ram had no idea which events made Amelia like this but guessed that it had to do with the lights going out suddenly.

When both of them came out of the Tomb Naruto was leading a shivering Emilia who looked like she was trying to merge herself with his arm she looked at Amelia's eyes but when they locked their gazes it was as if she was looking through her piercing her soul with lost eyes it scared her Naruto kulin what did you say about the.

Trial facing your past was it REM asked since Naruto tried to explain to them what had happened but was more focused on reaching the Hut they were staying in as a result he said a bunch of random things at least to them they were correct.

The first trial is about facing your past your fear your guilt and things that make you unable to cope with your past Naruto explained now speaking in no hurry there are three trials but unfortunately if two people enter the tomb together it wouldn't let us do the second one.

That means you'll have to try again REM said I'm surprised you passed the first though Lewis said how did you do it trust me I've dealt with these things before Naruto said before he heard emiliamon.

The silver-haired girl was now awake but her mood was hard to describe her mood her facial expression seems sad guilty and ashamed I I am so sorry for causing so many problems inside the tomb and now she said it's all right Amelia.

The blonde said as he used his hand to stroke hers gently how are you feeling Naruto Kun I think it'll be better for us to leave you two alone REM said with a smile knowing that Naruto would be able to comfort Amelia better if they were alone Ren left the room first.

Ram came second dragging Garfield by his collar Lewis wanted to ask Naruto some things but thought it better to leave them alone in the room for now all other people were gone now leaving the two alone Naruto looked at Amelia's face in concern.

She seemed really exhausted and shooked after she took the trial Amelia are you okay I am okay I I failed my trial B but it's okay Emilia said her voice and her body shaking I'll do it again I I am already starting to know what.

Happens in it in the trial all right her eyes shed tears breaking Naruto's heart to see her like this Amelia don't blame yourself it's okay tomorrow I'll take the trial for you he tried to calm her before she hurt herself in her sorrow but that seemed to.

Be the wrong thing to say and Naruto you you can't leave this to me what you saw me doing badly so you're thinking you can't leave the trial to me so in my place no I didn't say that Dash no I can tell what you're thinking Naruto.

Why you were able to overcome it properly but far from overcoming it I I hadn't even resolved myself to face it that passed with this trial Amelia shook her head not listening to Naruto's words her lips trembled slightly this wasn't good for her she was torturing self something he could not.

Save her from unless she wanted him to but if I don't face it I won't overcome the trial right that's right if I don't overcome the trial don't overcome the past I'll never be a ruler if I don't let the villagers and people from Sanctuary outside Dash whatever Amelia going to.

Say was cut off by Naruto who pulled her into a hug Amelia don't he muttered while patting his hand on her back you don't have to do this to yourself please relax and rest everyone looked at me because mother and me no.

Th that's not true the truth is different back then I I Dash you don't have to remember Amelia please calm down Naruto tried to comfort her why won't you be mad why you saw how I failed but you're.

Still being kind to me Amelia said her hold on him tightening because I love you Emilia I'm not mad at you for trying and failing I'm sad that you're hurting yourself like this Naruto said I'm here for you if you ever need me you can always count on me.

Remember that I'm your knight and most importantly you're my girl I want the best for you Amelia widened her eyes more tears flowing down and she let out choked sobs before she buried herself in his chest she let out a whale and cried out Never Letting Go of him until she ran out of Tears.

Naruto could tell she had a horrible past and wouldn't stop blaming herself for it this situation was really beginning to creep him out and he was catching himself thinking silently about it more and more Emilia was more or less his Mirror Image an outcast of society that had no hand.

In her pain but was still going out of her way to try to not only change the minds of those that hated her but also lead them into a better future even the very situation they were in mere moments ago was similar to one of his own Journeys she was trying to cope with her past and overcome her demons in order to be the best version of herself.

Just like he did Once Upon a Time the main difference was that she had some people in her life already while he had to start from nothing and he was going to be damned if he abandoned her now he understood that Amelia would trip and fall in her way to being the person she wanted to be but she would have him to.

Fall back on he was determined to help her reach her goal to see her Bloom into a powerful Mage that would be feared by her enemies and a wise King who would lead her people to Greatness they stayed together for several minutes not speaking to each other only seeking.

Comfort and warmth from their embrace Naruto's chakra and presence managed to calm her down she was no longer shaking anymore feel better now he asked uncaring for his now-stained shirt yes she muttered while snuggling in his.

Chest that's good then he noticed she didn't let go of him and that she had no intention of doing so anytime soon they stayed together for another minute until Emilia reluctantly let go when they were face to face she couldn't help but notice his Azure eyes and the.

Care hid deep beneath them this in turn made her realize that they were back to the position they were in when he woke up from meeting with Echidna but his time she didn't back off her heart desired something at this moment and Naruto was the only one who could give it to her damn those books and their sweet words so she just lunged.

For it who knew why she did what she did at that moment was it because she was tired because she was emotionally damaged or perhaps because she just wanted to she certainly didn't understand what was going on not until her lips tasted another pair.

She saw Naruto's eyes widened slightly before he relaxed and allowed her to do what she wanted to the moment was magical to her her stomach was filled with little butterflies her lips felt as though in heaven her mind shut down for a second before rebooting and she felt lightheaded it was nothing more than an.

Innocent gesture of the love she felt for the man in front of but for some reason those seconds meant so much for her when they finished they only looked at each other's eyes both with rosy cheeks she changed her mind her books could not describe the feeling she was experiencing at this moment.

Emilia grasped his hand with hers feeling a pit of dread forming when she thought of Naruto she she didn't care where she just wanted to stay with him be it in her world or in his it mattered little but for now she was content with her life who knew how the future was going.

To be but she'd crossed that bridge when she was there she felt his hand holds her cheek and cleaned the tears she didn't know she had shed she grabbed his hand before it got away as she placed it on her cheek again to feel his warmth now you feel better.

Naruto asked looking at Amelia who nodded to him that's good I was already missing your smile Emilia giggled softly and finally lied down on the bed her mind shutting down without her wanting it to Naruto see can you sleep with me tonight I want to rest in your arms.

The half elf said with a blush on her cheeks using every drop of energy to try and convince him the blonde smiled softly before kissing her forehead he took off the black sweater and his headband as he placed them on the drawer he slipped into bed with Emilia his arm encircling the half elf Amelia moved.

Closer to him and hugged back their foreheads touching and staring into each other's eyes her head was now resting on his shoulder in a position Only Lovers would use but neither cared enough to move away they finally fell asleep with Amelia nuzzled into Naruto's chest she enjoyed in Naruto's arms and felt so.

Much safe with him she wouldn't remember the next day but that night she had the best dreams Echidna sat on her chair in the grassland that was her dream drinking tea with a smile on her face strange why was she smiling normally she would have an uninterested scowl or an evil smile.

She was thinking about her new acquaintance Naruto the young man certainly brought a smile to her face he was at no point hateful toward her and didn't seem threatened at all Naruto was a singular human her favorite interaction with him was probably the whole tea makes you small thing.

Echidna let a worm giggle how entertaining those few seconds were she was looking forward to his arrival too bad he's gone he's a strange one she said before her eyes turned serious she felt familiar Mana approaching her position but perhaps that's just what I should expect from someone you're.

Entrusting your feelings toward only to him only to him only to him only to him a soft but powerful voice repeated that sentence sealed up in your castle and even with the occasional meeting fears and wins.

Are being made to forget what a predicament you can be so insistent not that I can comprehend it she said her voice now to void of any emotion don't touch my beloved don't touch my beloved echidna's browse furrowed in displeasure.

To the figure in front of her before her eyes the figure of a woman appeared a silhouette plaid in a pure black dress with long silver hair an ominous black shadow covered everything from her chest upwards her face not visible The Witch of greed accepted the presence.

Of this thing which suddenly appeared after Naruto's departure as if it were natural as if she knew it was going to happen call it a natural result you get to stomp around recklessly through the heart of your dearly devoted I tried not to touch any of your domains but.

I suppose you too can't keep from the encroachments she asked even a finger even a flap of skin even a Nail's cuticle even a single hair even one bead of sweat even one drop of spit.

Even one single word even one gasp of breath even one fragment of emotion all of it belongs to me is what you mean my goodness when I'm with you even I want to Forfeit my name of greed I can't conceive going so far for just one single person I love you.

I love you I love you I love you and so Envy Shirley would not forgive Greed for touching what was hers the figure took a step forward by that action alone the whole grassland was swallowed by Shadows Echidna barely managed to avoid damage.

By jumping backward but the shadow took the form of an arm as it perused her aiming for her neck she let a single size slip being erased here would make me leave behind more than a few regrets you forced me to take a rather cowardly way out Dash right after Echidna Ducks the arm aiming for her was abruptly.

Deflected by another very similar in nature so incessant with the summonings ha can't get any peaceful sleep phew a familiar voice said it was segment she flopped on the floor not wanting to stay on her feet this didn't discourage the Shadows that repeated their actions.

But huh it's not good the same happens as Shadows fought an almost invisible battle half of the darkness subsided the silhouette raised its head Loosely lifted its right arm and pointed at segment commanded by the simple action a huge.

Swarm of arms sprung Out of The Shadow covering half the room a black curtain of death was heading toward the lazy witch in the floor didn't just I tell you it's not good you the whirlpool of black shadow arms dissipated in an instant and the after effect of it slams into the silhouette shooting her toward a wall made by more.

Shadows segment hasn't moved at all during all of this and is still just sitting there with her knees in her hands the silhouette's body started breaking down still getting assaulted by sekmen's attack with most of your powers sealed ha and while inside a castle made by that.

Mean-spirited Echidna Cube in a condition inferior to your true strength you have no chance of beating me you segment yawned the attack stopped and the figure fell to its knees when a merciless Blow from above crushed it doping to the floor after the merciless assault Envy looked at greed why.

Interfere with me why interfere with me why interfere with me and him huh even answering would be a pain sekmet said as she watched Envy's Shadow being scattered into nothing this is such a pain how was that again oh.

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