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Hey everyone welcome to the Redux of what if Ox King raised Goku as many of you have probably guessed I wasn't entirely happy with the original start to this story while I did like the foundations there's a lot I would have liked to add had I known what I know now to this end I'll be rebooting the story keeping the good and expanding on what.

Should have been expanded upon the first time speaking of expanding why not help expand this Channel's reach by liking the video and subscribing to the channel to my surprise only 12.2 percent of viewers are subscribed so if you haven't done so already please hit the Subscribe button because it's free tells the YouTube algorithm that you like my.

Content and make sure you never miss out on an upload but now that I've said subscribe way too many times in one sentence let's begin what you're actually here for the story our tale begins in age 737 with a sleeping child lost alone in space he is among the last of his kind a Saiyan named Kakarot thanks to the foresight of.

His father little Kakarot has been dispatched to Earth in Hope of avoiding whatever Sinister fate the tyrannical Frieza has planned for the Saiyans finally after many days Among the Stars the boys pod descends upon a nearby mountain range however these are not the familiar mountains of Mount pazu but rather another set further to the West.

Fire Mountain falling fast now the Saiyan pod comes to a stop with a tremendous shattering noise as it smashes through the stained glass window of the ox King and Ox Queens bed chamber raking a divot in their floor for the ox King this is quite a sight to behold but the aux Queen has bigger things on her mind namely giving birth with a loud cry.

A healthy baby girl is born or from within the Pod a matron cry rings out as the ox queen holds her daughter the the ox King uses his mighty ax to pry open the pod and collect the child from inside with Glee he tells his wife that it seems they have been blessed with both a son and a daughter today and lays the boy in her arms as well the ox Queen.

Smiles lovingly at the pair of infants as they nuzzle her welcoming them both to this world as behind her Ox King pulls them all into a massive hug after much deliberation it's decided they will raise this boy as well who they name wagyu and present as the younger twin to their daughter Chichi they're a loving family with the new parents doting on.

Their son and daughter as their Kingdom also comes to adore the young prince and princess in no time at all however a few months into the young lives of chichi and wagyu tragedy strikes and the illness claims the life of the ox Queen now a single father Ox King does all he can to care for his children showering them with gifts and attention anything.

He can to see them smile this forges a close Bond between the trio with the twins coming to realize that beneath his scary exterior their dad is just a big teddy bear who loves to joke and told them stories of his days training with his old friend Gohan and the legendary Turtle hermit Master roshi as for the relationship between Chichi and wagyu.

They get on Just Fine despite being Polar Opposites in many ways Chichi is well matted and outwardly demure while possessing a strong will insatiable ambition and a wicked temper for those who cross her wagyu on the other hand is Carefree fun-loving and driven by a desire to always test his limits however despite this there is a strong sense of.

Familial love between the pair with wagyu proudly protecting his sister from anything that might scare her while she in turn protects him from his own sheer bone-headedness this unfortunately is a trait that no amount of Royal training can cure him of as despite the castle staff's best efforts to mold wag you into a fine.

Prince teaching him etiquette and diplomacy which do make him generally more polite than his Canon counterpart he steals a knack for getting himself into trouble as the one most commonly by his side this frequently leaves Chichi exasperated lambasting her brother for his carelessness even if she does enjoy the Little Adventures they go on.

Together whenever his persuasive personality overrides her good sense unfortunately despite this things are not entirely as rosy as they appear as the cost of now raising two children one of whom eats his weight in Food daily coupled with Ox King's desire to create the best life possible for his children drives him and his armies to begin.

Raiding nearby settlements for their treasure as a result he will often be away for weeks at a time and this saddens Chichi and wake you to see their father go with the boy more than once asking if he can join in on these raids always to no avail perhaps it would have been better hadox King said yes however as one evening while The Prince and.

Princess are waiting for their father's return they decide to play a game of hide and seek wagyu knowing that his sister will never think to look for him up there decides to scale one of the Castle's towers and hide Up on the Roof unfortunately as he pokes his head over the parapet something large and luminous catches his eye the full moon down below.

Chichi lets out a terrible shriek as from her window she sees a giant ape rampaging across the castle roof guards naturally try to subdue this monster but it does little good as their halberds and Bows do little more than irritate the ape it seems like the castle is destined to fall until from the distance a mighty hornblast sounds signaling the.

Return of the ox King in his Knights Chichi immediately rushes to her father's side and with panic in her voice tells them about the monster attack and how she can't find wagyu anywhere since he's probably still hiding this worries the king who promises to stop the monster and find her brother he and his men then make.

Their way up to the top of the castle with a giant and ape is causing chaos and with a mighty Bellow oxygen challenges the Beast to battle oxen apes and charged each other fists raised but thankfully the king is smarter than the brute and so hell's his giant accident's leg unfortunately or perhaps fortunately this attack misses the leg entirely.

Cleaving through the monkey's tail instead and just like that the battle is over as the Beast lets out one last Furious Roar then begins shrinking down losing its fur and becoming wagyu cradling the unconscious child in his arms Ox drapes his cloak over his son to keep him from catching a chill and Tulsa's assembled soldiers never to.

Mention what they just saw even to wagyu himself one day perhaps the boy will be ready to learn what happened but for now he deserves his innocence and if the day should come away you must be told about his monkey form he ought to learn the Dreadful secret from his father not random gossip Chichi is of course delighted to see her father and brother.

Returning safely though like any child would she has questions sang deeply Ox tells her that he managed to drive the ape demon away and then found wagyu a technically true statement but one built on heavier missions this becomes the official line throughout Fire Mountain there was rumors tend to do it spreads with some Whispering that.

The ox King actually captured the ape demon and could unleash it on his foes at will this Legend draws the attention of many both the benevolent and less so with people from around the world flocking to see the sight of the battle with the ape demon one such visitor is a man who calls himself blue and says that he has a proposition for the ox King Ox.

Says that he is listening and so blue explains that he represents a group called The Red Ribbon Army whose home mission is to protect Humanity from threats such as the ape demon for that reason they'd like to install a Garrison here on Fire Mountain to investigate this monster sighting and use their findings to improve their technology and.

In exchange they will share anything they develop with the King and his men so that if such a threat arises again then they will be ready optimistically Ox King thinks that this could be beneficial to keep everyone safe but at the same time he's cognizant enough to know that you probably shouldn't let these guys be around wagyu just in case.

They figure out that he was the ape for that reason he decides that it's time for his children to experience life beyond the mountain and so contacts his old Master asking if he would be willing to take them on as his students roshi is delighted to hear from Ox King though laughs that he's too old for such things prompting the ox to beg until finally.

Roshu relents the next day wagyu and chich are informed of their departure and while wagyu is over the moon with excitement Chichi is less so complaining that she doesn't want to leave her home for some dinky Little Island especially when that handsome and Charming General blue is about to move in comfortingly Ox King tells her that this will be good.

For her but when even this fails to appease the stubborn girl he plays his trump card innocently telling her that she doesn't have to go that's fine though it'll mean wagyu being out in the wide world on his own shuddering at what horrible Fates could befall her sweet Dopey brother in such a scenario cheat she had last relents though it is with.

Incredibly ill Grace as she tells her father that was a dirty trick the siblings then depart for kame house where they agreed not only by the turtle hermit but also by his newest pupil a noseless bald boy named Krillin thanks to the knowledge of what Ox King will do to him if he ever finds out that he sent his kids out to pick up girls for him.

Roshi chooses to skip that particular trial instead getting right to their training the early days are challenging with Chichi constantly objecting to the grueling menial labor like delivering milk or plowing Fields while Krillin attempts to use trickery and flattery to connive his way out of the more strenuous tasks roshu will have none of.

This and so punishes them both by denying the meals until they start to take their lessons seriously kind-hearted wagyu attempts to slip the pear food once or twice but quickly learned that this achieves nothing except getting his own meals taken away as well though these tactics do little to endear him to his students they do.

Finally manage to get them to do as they're told albeit more out of spite and self-preservation than a genuine desire to learn no matter that can come later are and so day by day wagyu Chichi and Krillin begin to not only build up their bodies but also a sense of camaraderie that even extends to roshi when he starts feeding them again.

Eventually roshi mentions his intention to enter them all in the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament in a few months and it inspires the kids to work even harder a three-way rivalry sprouting up as each of them wants to prove to the others and to themselves how far they have come as martial artists this at last creates the sense of drive and.

Devotion row she had wanted to see in his students with the trio helping each other to grow such as the earnestness of the ox siblings encouraging Krillin to assure his more sneaky tricks in favor of hard work while the way wagyu and Krillin are able to encourage Chichi to be a feisty self rather than play the demure little princess she always.

Thought she had to be as for wagyu he needs all the help he can get when roshi implements the study portion of his training and thankfully Chichi and Krillin are more than happy to act as tutors with Cheech even finding an old fan roshi threw away to hit her brother with when he slacks off as it turns out this is the legendary banjo fan with.

Creating a massive Whirlwind which sends wagyu crashing through the wall of karma has the first time Chichi smacks him with it this comes as quite a shock to everyone most of all wag you or from the living room roshi informs the kids they won't be having any more meals until they fix the hole they made in his house nonetheless he is impressed with the.

Natural proficiency with which Chichi wielded the fan gifting it to her in the hope that it will be more use to the girl than it was to him as a potholder wanting to keep things Fair he also decides to give each of the boys a gift presenting both his old flying Nimbus as well as a stack of dirty magazines the instruction for wagyu and clone to.

Decide among themselves who gets what having hung around the guards Barracks quite a bit in his youth like you is well aware of what pornography is though he has little interest in it saying he'd rather have the cloud however as a point of politeness he'll let Krillin choose first with the bald monk in turn adopting a humble expression as he says.

That is a testament to their friendship he'll let wagyu of the clouds since he wants it while he'll graciously take the inferior prize unfortunately for Krillin no one would wagyu buys this act with Chichi and roshi seeing the bald boy's eagerness as he Scoops up his gift and scarpes away though neither say anything since it seems that everyone is happy.

With their gift from here train resumes as per usual with the three Turtle students growing exponentially their youthful enthusiasm mixed with their rivalry pushing them to higher Heights than even roshi could have imagined possible at such a young age Hawaii and Chichi this also involves practicing with their gifts as while roshi forbids.

Them from using them in their day-to-day training wanting students to grow without relying on tools he does encourage them to spend their downtime in additional training with wagyu quickly growing increasingly skilled flying on his Nimbus well cheat she finds the banjo fan to be incredibly helpful both as a melee weapon and for.

Its ability to attack at range by summoning whirlwinds however this is not the only extracurricular training the ox siblings get up to is when they feel as though they've gotten a handle on the basics they begin imploring Master roshi to teach them the Kamehameha from their dad's stories having been impressed by his students determination thus far.

Roshi admits that maybe one of them could learn it though he warns that took him 50 years to perfect this makes Chichi Grimace that she'll be as old and wrinkly as roshu by the time she Masters it then but the old Hammer draws her out of a river with a light Bonk on the head with his staff telling her that the Kamehameha is only for the most serious.

And disciplined martial artists so if she wants to learn it she'll have to stick with it to the very end as will her brother as he doesn't show his secret with dilettantes having already internalized the work hard portion of the turtle School ethos the young prince and princess are happy to accept these terms with even Krillin joining in once.

He hears about this extra training both to avoid being left behind as well as to impress Chichi who you start developing a little crush on in order to teach them about the Kamehameha rushi must first teach the king it's about key which is often taken the form of metaphysics lectures Chichi being a bright girl is mostly able to keep up while Krillin.

Does okay after a little bit of tutoring but poor wagyu has left up a creep without a paddle and roshi wonders Phil even have a chance of learning the Kamehameha after 50 000 years however these fears are all laid when it comes time for a practical demonstration after witnessing roshi before the move just once wagy was able to perform a possible.

Imitation that makes Roshi's eyes almost fall out of his head maybe he's had his Ox Prince wrong from the start and he's not a blockhead at all he's a genius unfortunately this too is an incorrect assessment as roshi soon comes to realize accepting the wagyu is no genius he just has a gift for battle the likes of which the turtle hermit has never.

Seen before unfortunately the same cannot be said for Krillin and Chichi who despite their best efforts cannot emulate wagyu's success not wanting them to grow discouraged roshi tries his best to comfort them reminding the pair that this is the result he expected with wagyu being the Oddity wanting to help his friend and sister wagyu also.

Attempts to coach them as thanks for the tutoring they gave him though all you really manages to is further complicate the situation as his success was instinctual an instant cannot be taught as a result neither Chichi nor Crone can perform the attack by the time the tournament rolls around though thankfully roshi is away lift their.

Spirits presenting all three of them with a total School gear to wear in the tournament expressing great pride in how far they have all come and claiming they've earned it gratefully the kids all thanked their master and after getting changed into their new orange attire catch their plane to papaya island due to Fire Island being a small.

And fairly isolated Kingdom and kameha is being so secluded the hustle and bustle of the tournament grounds an assault in wagyu and Chichi's senses with even Krillin needing a moment to adapt after spending so many months on the island nonetheless the spectacle more than makes up for it the roshi fondly telling the kids to go enjoy.

Themselves though the stern instruction to be back in time for the qualifying rounds taking their masters words to Heart wagyu Chi chin KRON spent the next hour exploring the area around the arena as well as visiting a few small vendors who have temporarily set up shop to capitalize on the tournament's popularity though wagy wants to keep.

Going especially when he comes across the row of food vendors Gigi forces him and Krillin to return to the intro and their hours up and it is good that she does there's barely five minutes later they're called to participate in their first matches for the prelims each fighter is placed into one of eight brackets with the winner of each making.

It to the main stage where they can compete for the championship fortunately the three total students are sort into separate brackets meaning that for now they don't have to worry about fighting a friend with each easily advancing to the top of their brackets as a result the krilliness is especially sweet as he gets to show just how much he's grown by.

Clobbering his old bullies from the orange Temple and do so in front of chichi who proudly cheers them on while waiting for a next opponent finally the top eight is selected with them being wagyu chi chi Krillin bacterian Ron Fawn giren Nam and Jackie Chun who Chichi immediately recognizes roshi in a wig excited their success the kids attempt.

To seek out roshi to celebrate though oddly enough he is nowhere to be found with a trio only holding their search when it comes time to fight first up among them is Krillin who face off with bacteria like in Canon resulting in a very similar fight the only nurse will differ foreign is slightly stronger due to having a second rival and it is.

Chichi reminds him he doesn't have a nose while snapping in him to stop fooling around following this is Jackie Chun vs Nam with Chun or rather roshi being surprised at how serious of a fighter Nam is considering how the rest of the fighters have turned this tournament to a glorified Carnival peeking into nam's mind to look at what.

Might be fueling this attitude roshi finds the young man's motives are pure with nominee the prize Murder by water for his arid Village feeling great sympathy for his opponent rushi kindly informs him that he did not worry about the tournament because he knows another way to get the water to nam's Village thinking the old man is mocking him Nam.

Goes on the attack proving himself a formidable Fighter by employing death kicks and chops to try and knock his foe out for the most part roshi is impressed but being a master martial artist he quickly finds the floor and nam's technique it is too rigid and serious and so to combat this Rishi begins utilizing the drunken fist the lurching.

Unpredictability of this fighting style throwing Nam off seeing no alternative the younger man resorts to his finishing move the heaven cross with him leaping into the air and coming down like a missile and in a humble voice he apologizes saying the old man will be left comatose for several days there were the faint drunken stumble rushu.

Proves This Wrong by dodging at the last second only to slam a kick into arms falling backside that redirects him so he crushes his head first into the wall around the spectator's area disqualifying him by ring out hanging his head in shame Nam apologized to everyone back home for failing them the hopping down from The Ring to stand.

Beside him rushi hands the other man a capsule promising they should be able to hold enough water for everyone causing numb to break down in tears as he declares the great Jackie Chun has saved his village smiling kindly roshi tells an arm to think nothing of it though if you'd like to pay him back there is one favor he might ask and so it is that.

When Chichi enters the ring for her match against the purple head fighter Ron Fawn she's shocked to see Master roshu waving at her well beside him stands Jackie Chan throwing her previous theory about him into doubt nonetheless she is bigger mads to concern herself with right now such as how she's going to defeat an opponent to his older and.

Likely more experienced than herself however as it turns out this is giving ranfon way too much credit as though she looks confident that side inside she's sweating bullets why the hell did she have to get matched up with the girl if she'd gotten any of the men she could have used her tricks and walls to score an easy win but against this kid she's.

Got nothing well almost nothing there's always plan B to this end when the gong sounds Ron Fawn stands still allowing Chichi to charge at her only the collapse at the last second sobbing that she's too frail to withstand another hit while this might have fooled one of the guys Chichi just watches this with disgust tongue could knock it off since.

She's giving female Fighters a bad name before giving her one last chance to get up and fight honorably seeing that plan B has failed Run fun improvises lunging a Chichi from the ground in hope that you can push her out of the ring figuring she can't wear that much being a kid and all unfortunately this was taken on counter Chichi is also a true.

Martial artist meaning that when Ron fun makes contact with her the girl just stands firm negating the attack and causing their eyes to meet for a moment before Chichi's size that Ron fon's family clearly raised her wrong as she smacks her on top of the head and ends the match by knockout following this is wakey's match with giren which goes like.

Canon including him regrowing his tail and terrifying the dinosaur man to surrender likewise krillin's match with Jackie Chun also plays out like him Cannon securing Roshi's place in the finals and setting up the second semi-final Clash to be Chichi vs wagyu ever since they made it through the preliminaries both siblings knew that it.

Could come to this though it doesn't make it any easier at least not for Chichi who admits that she doesn't want to beat on her goofy little brother in contrast wagyu seems over the moon at this opportunity telling his sister not to worry about it since this is a chance for them to test themselves and see how much they've really learned under master.

Roshi truthfully Chichi isn't entirely convinced the figuring will be disrespectful to pull her punches she knows that she supposes wakey is right for claspy his hand and declaring that may the best martial artist win at this moment they are joined by a trio of supporters those being roshi now looking like himself again as well as Krillin.

And Ox King smiling at the side of their friends and Dad the twins ask what they're doing here with roshin KRON saying they want to wish the siblings luck while oxen gives a blastery chuckle as he declares that he wouldn't miss watching his kids battle it out in their first tournament for all the riches in the world he then bursts into tears at.

The side of them in their Turtle School geese saying it reminds me of his own youth with Gohan while roshu gently pets him on the back telling him to come along since it's time for the kids to begin their match stepping into the ring Chichi and wagyu take their places then on the gong rushes one another exchanging a flurry of punches and kicks.

Of roughly even power thanks to his natural genius when it comes to combat wagyu soon begins to pull her head pushing Chichi back though the ox princess will not go down without a fight having worked herself to the Bone to keep up with her brother and Krillin subsequently it is from the latter rival whom she draws inspiration now dodging.

Out the way of a hit and grabbing hold of wagyu's tail and attempt to spin him round however what she does not expect is that the moment her hands lock around the furry appendage her brother goes limp collapsing to the ground and groggly muttering that he feels weird briefly Chichi considers letting go and checking on wagyu that this instinct is.

Quickly pushed to the side and she reminds herself of her promise to hold nothing back reason that you can check on her brother after she Rings him out she then hoists the boy into the air like she's done countless times with a banjo fan and swings him by his talent until she has a good rotation going in which point she lets go and sends him.

Flying for a moment it seems like her Victory is assured that just before wagy can hit the ground another Oddity occurs in this case it is what the boy does with his tail as by drawing inspiration from his sister he spins it like a helicopter blade allowing him to hover over the grass then float back to the ring meaning the match is not yet over.

Laughing like you asked his sister whether she thinks this new trick is neat too this is only met by an onslaught of blows as Chichi draws more on a fiery Spirit like wagyu and Krillin had taught her to grinning that she's really taking things seriously the ox Prince begins to fight more strategically using what he learned from.

How to match his twin with the ensuring display of fisticuffs wailing The Spectators with how much proficiency these two young martial artists have attained however being young there is only so much exertionists more bodies can handle the quickly becoming a question of who will Tire first unsurprisingly the biology of a race.

Bred for battle proves Superior in this regard with wagyu being the one who remains standing after Chichi collapses from exhaustion though when the tencan finishes the boy helps his sister to her feet and thanks her for an amazing battle following this comes wagyu vs Jackie which goes like Canon there was one distinct difference that being the.

One the rising of the full moon causes wagyu to transform into a great ape Chichi recognizes this form as the ape demon who attacked Fire Mountain rounding on her father she demands to know if he knew about this with a bearded giant blustering that he did but he swears he had a good reason for keeping it a secret as he didn't want it.

Getting out and wagyu becoming the target of fear and hate or Worse being used as a weapon by those who to only see the power of the film grants and not the danger seeing the wisdom in her father's words she forgives him for keeping this secret they'll ask what they're gonna do the dog suggesting you could cut off wagy's tail again however.

From The Ring Russia retorts that he is a more permanent solution firing off Kamehameha and destroying the moon following this the events of the fight returned to their usual path with Roshi's longer legs still winning the day as he had hoped this imparts the lesson there will always be a stronger opponent so they cannot afford to be.

Complacent to his students but then promising to train even harder so they can win the next tournament in three years satisfied with this result roshi decides to take everyone out to dinner having mysteriously come into a large sum of money recently however it seems not everything can be good news it's just before the Disciples of the turtle.

School both past and prison can dig into their meal a most troubling bulletin flashes across the television screen located in the corner of the restaurant The Red Ribbon Army have just begun their campaign of global conquest and their first Target is none other than Fire Mountain and that's where we'll leave things for now thank you so much.

For listening I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please don't forget to like subscribe and leave your thoughts suggestions or screams of Rage in the comments below thank you

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