What If Reincarnated As Cell [AU SI OC] – Dragon Ball Sizable Chapter 1 to 6

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Chapter 1 to 6. my name is Ken Lee I've been living in this world for seven years now in those seven years I have become one of the strongest man alive where might I be you wonder well I am in a world that most people would have considered fictional I'm in the world of Dragon Ball.

I know sounds crazy right even I thought this world was fictional that is until I tried to be a hero and got killed the key word is tried thinking back sometimes I wonder why I did that I don't even like Heroes that much anyway my mother passed away when I was born so I never knew who she was.

My father though I never liked him very much I used to live with him along with Grandma it seems like Father blamed me for mom's death although he never tried to be a father to me he was not an abusive father either.

That's unless he's drunk even then he doesn't hit me he just yells a lot for even the tiniest of reason grandma was the only family member that really took care of me when I was small she always seems to find a way to cheer me up whenever I feel down she took care of me in place of father.

Who didn't and mom who couldn't unlike father she was the best grandma anyone could ever hope for even though father was never a big part of my life grandma was always there for me so I never felt that I have a bad family in fact I was that one kid that always seemed to have too much energy to spare.

Everything was going good for me until a week after my ninth birthday Grandma fell sick and was admitted to the hospital without her there at home I start to notice how much I depended on her still being nine I thought she had something common like a cold and that she will return home after a while.

Every day after school I'll always visit her this became the norm for me for the next three months it was Friday right before summer vacation started I went to the hospital happy I can spend more time with Grandma it was then that I got the news of.

Grandma's death for a few days I try to understand what's going on not truly knowing what it means for someone to die it wasn't until later that I understand that it means I won't be able to see her again about a month after the grandma passes away.

Father dropped me off at an orphanage and never came back I don't blame him as we never really like each other much the only reason he didn't put me into an orphanage sooner was because of Grandma still pays for my school even after he left me at the orphanage with Grandma gone I felt like there was.

Something missing in my life although I try to not show it at school my teacher and friends still noticed that I was less energetic than usual as I got over grandma's death and accepted it I slowly got back to my old self even then I never feel complete this went on for about a year until one of my friends introduces me into the.

World of anime and manga I was instantly hooked on it with my favorite series being Dragon Ball Pokemon Naruto and one piece Dragon Ball was my favorite because like me the owner of the orphanage was also a big fan of it being an orphan it was kind of hard to get copies of the shows to watch or read.

But because the owner was a fan too he was nice enough to let me borrow his manga to read he even brought all the dragon ball movies and would sometime put it on to distract the kids when the adults needed a break at 11 I'm getting ready for middle school after a long winter break.

At the bus stop city bus not a school bus I'm waiting with a kid from the same orphanage as me his name is Kane and he's about three years younger than me one of the caretakers is supposed to be here with us but he has to use the bathroom so we were left alone for a bit with nothing to do I start to read the.

Latest Dragon Ball super manga I borrowed as I'm getting close to the ending I hear Kane scream he before the sound is suddenly cut off looking over I saw two masked men carrying an unconscious cane into an alley near the bus stop I know I should go look for help but.

Instead of doing that I dropped the manga and run after the two kidnappers as I was got close to the alley I overhear one of the kidnappers which I will now call kidnapper one says hurry up we have to leave before the caretaker comes back we don't want an ex-military Soldier.

Behind our back the other who I named kidnapper to ask what about the other kid hearing them talk about me I quickly hide behind a dumpster what about him he's too old for what we need kidnapper one you think he might have seen us.

Kidnapper too no I checked he was too engrossed in what he was reading to pay attention now hurry up and help me move him into the car kidnapper one I thought before hearing he what are you doing to that kid making the kidnappers turn toward me.

I wonder who would be stupid enough to alert the kidnapper before looking around and realizing that it was me not knowing what to do the kidnappers and I just stare at each other a few seconds passed before kidnapper 2 said I thought you said he didn't see us well I was wrong now go take care of him before any more.

Trouble comes along kidnapper one reply annoyed why don't you do it kidnapper too cause I said so kidnapper one glare at him fine just hurry up and get the kid into the car kidnap her to grumble double what am I supposed to do now.

I look around for something anything that can help me in this situation not finding anything I look back at the kidnappers only to find kidnapper to write in front of me m I I don't suppose we can talk about this I ask as I nervously back away sorry kid nothing personal but I have a.

Job to do kidnapper once said confusing me for a second before feeling pain from my abdomen looking down I can see kidnapper holding the hilt of a knife with the blade in my stomach realizing what happened I wanted to scream but instead I grunted in pain as.

The knife as removed from my stomach making me fall to the ground is this it I thought to myself is this how I die hey will you hurry up I hear kidnapper one from the distance right kidnapper 2 said before he hurries back to the van.

No I don't want it to end like this I have to at least do something otherwise I would have died for nothing I muster up some energy I didn't seem to have before and look up at the kidnappers I can see the kidnapper one close the back door of the car before moving to.

The driver's seat that's it I thought mustering all the energy that I have left I move one of my hand to the wound on my stomach and feel blood on my hand using my blood I start writing down the car's license plate number on the ground in front of me.

Making sure it's far enough so when I bleed out my blood won't cover it just as I complete it I can hear the car engine starting in soon darkness overtook my vision as I pass out after I don't know how long I managed to wake up with a painful groan what happened I thought I was stabbed but I feel like.

I was forcefully pulled by some massive Force that would be my doing not expecting anyone to reply I was surprised so I quickly try to stand up and defend myself except I can't feel my arms or legs in fact I can't feel any part of my body at all.

This made me feel more uneasy than I already am checking my surroundings I found that I can still move my head there seemed to be an endless expanse of white all around nothing finding anyone around I nervously ask who's there huh oh right I forgot you can't see me.

Right now just a moment hearing the voice again this time behind me I quickly turn around just in time to see a bright flash of blue and white light making me close my eyes on reflex opening my eyes again I can see a middle-aged man who seems to be in his.

Late 30s standing there who are you I subconsciously asked I'm many things God Rob or even devil depending if you are enemy or not but you may call me Rye Rye his voice seems to have a calming effect to it as I can feel myself relaxing.

Where am I you are in the void Between Worlds Rye again I seem to feel calmer as he talks I should be freaking out not knowing what's going on but instead I just feel normal how did I get here the last thing I remember is.

I thought back to what happened right I died didn't I yes you did that's also why you can't feel your body by the way being dead you don't have one right what.

I quickly looked down and around me not being able to find anything I start to freak out again before another wave of calmness appears and well calm me down before you asked you're just a soul right now so you can't really see in the traditional sense that's why you should only see white all around you.

You can see and hear me because I'm transmitting my image and voice directly into your mind Dot right I assume you are also calming me down too thank you for that no problem now you should have more questions so ask away.

Right what happened to Kane did he manage to survive you don't have to worry about that rye said then he waves his hand in a circle his hand left an outline behind and as he completes it the circle shines brightly before showing a picture of the two kidnappers being taken into a police.

Car and Kane standing beside one of the orphanage caretakers as you can see Kane has been saved and the kidnappers have been captured thanks to you they were able to find the car and hide out of the kidnapper before anything happened Rye is that so.

Then how did I end up in the void I thought I was supposed to go to an afterlife there is an afterlife right yes there's an afterlife for this world there is a heaven and hell or you can choose to give up your memory and reincarnate as for how you end up here I pull you.

Here Rye hey well that explains why I felt like I was pulled but what does a god want with me haha you see being all-powerful get boring sometimes so I pull you here to give you a second chance at life in another world with your memory intact.

Right and if I refuse I'll just put you back and you continue on how you are supposed to and you forget this ever happened right is there a catch to this it seems too good to be true at least you're a little smart.

No there isn't I'm just bored and sending someone to another world to see what going to happen will give me some entertainment if you refuse I'll just pick another person and ask until someone agrees right I'm not the first no there were three before you.

They were old guys that just wanted to rest so they all decline that's why I picked someone young this time so what's your answer right there isn't really a need to think about this yes I agree.

I said excitedly great as the first person I'll be sending to another world I'll let you have three wishes to help you along right smile before that what kind of world will I be sent to it's a world you know well you know that world as one piece.

Rye one piece can't you send me to a different world I don't want to go to a world where it's mostly water not to mention the fact that the only way to get a cool superpower is to get rid of your ability to swim I complain.

I can change it to another world but you'll have to use up one wish for it right what why because I already set everything up I just have to send you there if you go want to go somewhere else I'll have to do it again making the previous one useless.

Rye replies calmly but I can tell he's a little annoyed yeah I said scratching the back of my head using one wish to be reborn in a world I want doesn't seem that bad most people won't even get the chance to do this and I can go to my favorite world.

All right I'm ready to make my wish good before you start the wish has to be within reason or I won't grant them at all so no wishing to be omnipotent like me or something similar right I don't want to become too powerful.

Anyway it'll be boring that way anyway my first wish is to be reborn on Universe 7 Earth in Dragon Ball Sai now my setup will go to waste granted continue on right my second wish is to have the traits of the top three races with the most.

Potential for combat huh Rye smile widely well this one I can easily do feeling unease from the smile I asked why are you smiling like that right just laugh at that ha don't worry about it I just remember something fun right smile again.

Right as if that doesn't sound specious at all right my third wish is a system that will help me survive and become as strong as possible done now off you go rice said then he snapped his finger.

Wait I still was all I get to say before the world turns black again so Rai you're going to send someone to another world when did you get here Rye just now what world are you going to send him to.

Rob looks at the ball of light that is Ken's unconscious soul Dragon Ball Rye said smiling and I have a surprise for him too ho ho I assume it's something I'm going to like RB smile too yes by the way you haven't told me your name yet.

I can't keep calling you rob all the time right ah yes my name is I forgot hehe arobi said embarrassed you forgot Rye said giving Ro B A deadpan look hey don't look at me like that I haven't used it in a long time I just.

Been going by Rob or God hmm just call me zero if you want zero zero it's an okay name I guess anyway the Dragon Ball Multiverse Zeno should be on the level of a god king right.

Right yes and the grand priest is on the level of a powerful first-class god with the two guards right below him in power just barely reaching first class all other angels are second-class gods and the gods of Destruction are between second and third class as for the grand kais they are at the.

Ranks of title doloa zero a slash n I'm comparing them to dolu adalo it doesn't really have any impact on the story just something I made up for fun that seems about right what about Salama the creator of the Super Dragon Ball right Salama.

He already reaches omnipotent I actually met him a while back when I was traveling to different multiverses a few thousand years before I send you to dolu adalu zero he already left the Dragon Ball Multiverse no wonder we didn't see him in the show Rye a slash N I also made this up.

Yes he became omnipotent then made the Super Dragon Ball before leaving so you can save the Super Dragon Ball is as powerful or even more powerful than a god king zero well should have known considering that the Super Dragon Ball can undo what Xeno did anyway I'm going to the Dragon Ball world to set everything up tell my.

Wives that if they returned before me Rye what don't leave me alone with your wives they're scary to everyone but you zero said in a panic ha don't worry I won't be gone for long I'm just going there to set everything up then I'll return.

Rai said then he snaps his fingers again and disappears from his current Multiverse less than a second later Ryan Ken's Soul appear in front of a floating house that is the shape of the Japanese character all with four Rock pillars around it a second later the grand priest father of the Angels appears in front of rye the.

Grand priest can feel danger form Rye just standing there something that he doesn't usually feel unless Zeno is angry being cautioned he respectfully asks Rai may I ask who you are and why you're here I'm Rai and I'm here to see Zeno about something fun Rye replies casually.

Before the grand priest can answer a childlike voice said fun there is something fun where where before Zeno pokes his head out from behind the grand priest seeing Zeno Rai walks up to him and said yes you see I came to see you about this guy.

Rye points to Ken's soul I want him to be reborn here with his previous memory if you watch his life in the future every couple of years there will be cool explosions and fun fights Rye continued making the grand priest worry Lord Zeno the grand priest said but Rai interrupt.

If you are worried about him causing meaningless destruction don't be the type of guy that would try to stop any destruction he sees which is why he would be fighting a lot right Zeno question watching fight is fun yes Rye said looking like he's trying to trick an innocent kid into doing bad.

Things Xeno happily yells fun fun let's do it alright I'll be leaving after he is reborn so just watch his life from here right yes Zeno with that done Rai leaves for Earth set everything up then return back to his Earth.

Thank God you're back your wives haven't returned yet zero they haven't then what do you suggest we do while we wait for them Rye zero thinks for a sec I know why don't I introduce you to author.

Author Rye yeah unlike us he is not omnipotent instead he's omniscient he likes to go around recording people's Adventures he recorded your adventure too zero really where can I find it right it's on this website call Web novel.

The name is dolua dalu lightning god Ascension zero right check the novel based on his Adventure it's dropped why did he drop it when it was getting to the good part I don't know you should ask him later.

Though I do remember him saying something about a jump John coming after him zero jump John well I guess you're not the only one that has trouble with women then right hey.

I don't have trouble with women it's just that your women are scary zero sure tell yourself that Rye said before leaving to find this author and maybe make him finish his Adventure hey.

Get back here I don't have women problems zero run after Rye Rye stopped as a piece of paper fall in front of him on the paper is dear Rye I won't be finishing your adventure as I lost interest in it after running away from jump John.

Also tell zero that I won't come back to that world anytime soon as jump John will arrive shortly love author I guess omniscient being will be hard to find if they don't want to be found jump chanha I guess things will get more interesting later Rye.

98 percent 99 percent 100 percent ding assimilation complete waking host sounding alarm ding ding.

Ding ding ARG who left the alarm on turn it off as I wake up I can see wait I can't see what's going on am I blind I panic and try to open my eyes but it feels like I don't have eyes at all at this point I'm really scared until a.

Familiar wave of calmness swept over me what's going on host is currently an embryo so host will not be able to see or talk who's there post I thought back to what happened and tried to figure out what's going on remembering my conversation with Rye I thought system.

Yes host so you are the system where I give me yes damn is that the computer look at this I'm sure this is what's going to become cell the voices sound familiar.

System what's going on who's talking that would be Trunks and Krillin host what are the Z Fighters are doing here okay let's destroy it all hey wait a second these are blueprints what are they the blueprints for sell.

No it says number 17 right here I better let Mom have a look at this she might be able to figure out their weaknesses okay I'm worried now system why does this sound familiar don't tell me this is what I think it is it is host.

Now I'm scared is this body who I think it is affirmative F asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk K what the hell Rye did you send me here just so you can watch me die for fun Sai calm down Ken you won't get anywhere being angry unless you are a Scion but.

That's beside the point anyway system boom crap they started blowing up the lab starting system introduction and tutorial asterisk boo everything went quiet s system what's going on Creator allowed time to stop for the.

Introduction and tutorial of the system you can do that it's a power given by the Creator to only be used once for this purpose please choose introduction or tutorial huh Creator means right right phew that means Rye didn't send me here just to see me die do introduction first I want to know.

What's going on affirmative host is currently in Universe 7 of the Dragon Ball Multiverse planet Earth age 767 May 12th host is currently in t he embryo state of cell and now I know why Rai was smiling when I made my second wish.

Of course he would put me in cell's body cell has the DNA of three of the most powerful race to ever exist in this universe Scion zenkai Frost demon survivability and namikian's regeneration wait system don't you have better regeneration.

Shouldn't my second wish let me have the traits of booze race no host's wish was for the three race with the most potential for combat bu has been alive for time immemorial and was still suppressed by the Scion who was not even close to a fraction his age huh I guess that makes sense.

What about the gods and angels since host soul is Immortal host won't be able to handle the key of gods without training first otherwise the god key will cleanse host's Soul making him be reborn of God that doesn't sound so bad it mean host will lose everything that makes up host including host's memory.

Right never mind start tutorial yes starting tutorial system support system stats skills inventory store.

Select one to continue the explanation no Quest or mission system no there isn't the creator doesn't like the mission part of a system so Creator didn't make one what then how can I get currency for the shop please select shop to continue.

Arc all right shop weapons contain all weapons wearable contain all armors clothing and accessories Tech contain all machine and machine parts note does not include full Android.

Martial arts contain all martial arts that ever exist including key moves magic Arts contain all magic ever develop miscellaneous everyday items currency zero EP earned from converting key 1000 key equals one EP per min note only contain items from current.

Multiverse that's a lot of shops hmm system it says that the tech does not include full Android does that mean I can buy individual parts to create my own Androids yes but host has to learn how to put them together first.

I guess that's okay so if I ever need help I can just build helpers though I probably won't build Androids just regular robots system the last note does mean I can unlock more options in the shop if I manage to go to another Multiverse.

Yes but you will need to reach close to the Creator's power level to be able to go to another Multiverse how powerful is Ry then information not available yes but the sword won't contain old Kai as the old Kai would seal inside the Z sword he is not part of the sword itself welp there goes an easy power-up.

How does the key to EP works for example if I get the infinite power cores of 17 or 18 does that mean I can get infinite EP no host can only convert key to EP based on host's PL power level if host has 1000 PL then host can only convert 1000 key to one EP per minute ah and here I thought I found a cheat.

Stats stats unavailable due to hosts not being born yet huh I thought it would at least so something oh well skills skills zero skill should have expected that too inventory.

Inventory can store up to host PL one zero zero zero cubic meter cannot store a living being can store plant life but not one with a conscious as they would be considered a living being tutorial complete introduction complete displaying creators message Rai left a message.

I thought he's just going to disappear like all other robs or gods do after sending people to another world just like what Rye did before the system transmits rise message directly into my mind Ken good to see you again you should be seeing this message right.

After you finish with the system tutorial and introduction so you should know who you are right now anyway I'll keep this short I know you probably don't want to look like a beetle forever so I took the liberty to change cell a little there are a total of three important change.

First you don't need to absorb other Androids to reach your perfect form anymore all you have to do is train once you reach double the pl cell is supposed to be born with you'll unlock your semi-perfect form double the power of the semi-perfect form and you'll unlock your perfect form.

The second thing is you can choose a base form for yourself you can unlock your base form by getting to your perfect form your base form will have about 10 times less power than your perfect form but the upside is you can make your base form anything you want from how you look all the way to what.

Race you'll pass down to your offspring rice smile wide at that and said that means you can make a certain thing as big as you want anyway in all seriousness though your base form will have a certain impact on you so choose carefully now for the Third change I know you'll want to have infinite energy and will.

Probably try to get yourself an infinite power core so in the interest of not having to watch you study for years trying to put a different core into yourself I remove the cord that allows you to absorb key and put the infinite power core there instead that means you can't absorb key anymore.

But in return you won't run out of energy well that's all the major changes there are other minor ones too but you'll just have to figure those out by yourself anyway have fun and goodbye I guess Rye is not as bad as I thought but he's still an ass for putting me.

Into cell's body and right before he's going to get destroyed too speaking of that hey system did I leave anything that I can use to save myself from this situation yes Rye left a starter pack in their container one-time use item with no name it will absorb all the key and energy.

From the surroundings to help host grow into imperfect self that's great that means I don't have to wait years just to be born open starter pack yes opening starter pack starter pack contains.

One one-time use item absorb key one indestructible plain T-shirt shirt is indestructible but doesn't provide defense one indestructible plain Gene pant is indestructible but doesn't provide defense one key control manual a manual on how to control key.

No overpower item I guess I was expecting too much system Rye says something about a base form starting character creation starting character creation please choose your name I guess that answers that now for my name.

I guess I'll keep Ken as my first name as for my last saru in respect for the previous owner of this body even if he was evil was so evil I mean he's a bad guy but I don't think he's full on evil like freesia now that I think about it cell is more like a kid with the power and thinking of an adult.

I'm getting off track set the last name to saru in first name to Ken a slash n saru translate to cell in English affirmative name set to seru Ken select sex male female my eyes went wide at that I can change sex nope not going to think about it I'm.

Keeping my little Kentucky mail select race of offspring can only select one of the following Frost demon Scion namekian human hmm if I ever have a kid I don't want them to be weak but I still want to look human at least.

Set to Scion please imagine the look of the base form I can look however I want but system set appearance to look like my past self and set little Ken to be at least nine inches when it fully grows setting complete well that was embarrassing if I have a face I imagine I'll be.

Blushing really hard right now confirm selection yes no warning host won't be able to change after confirmation so choose carefully I won't be changing them anyway yes confirm confirmation complete time starting suggesting for host to use the one-time.

Use item what a little warning beforehand will be nice warning time will start after completing character creation Ark not what I Maya asteriskum boom crap use item.

Use item confirm using item host will enter a deep sleep until the body is complete and that was the last thing I heard before blacking out again in what feels like the blink of an eye I.

Woke up again system you there yes host where am I host in a space created by the shield of the item when the lab explode how long was I out it took one week to grow host's new body a week.

That means future cell already reaches perfect form yes oh well I can leave it up to the Z fighter to stop him system I can't just call you system all the time is it okay if I come up with a name for you.

Yes hmm I got it how about Oracle confirm setting system name to Oracle stats stats name saruken race Frost demon Scion namikian human.

Sex male age 0 11. power level 350 million zenkai zero skills flight key blast key sense Kaya a force generated from ki use to.

Knock an opponent back a slash n similar to how they blow everything away when they transform telekinesis I laser Kamehameha variant Big Bang Attack variant mouth energy wave death beam freesia's finger laser Spirit Bomb.

Regeneration solar flare Android barrier special beam Cannon gallic gun Destructo disc self-destruct clone eighty percent power created by Rye from cell Junior and multiform.

Traits zenkai tail a tail used to grab attack or defense Frost demon physique able to survive anywhere even in space like a frost demon infinite key as in doesn't run out not infinite power level Oracle can you set my age and birthday to the same as my last life.

Affirmative setting complete by the way how come my PL is so high I thought cells start out with 250 million PL and what's with all the skills I'm pretty sure there was smaller robot going around Gathering DNA for future self that has been destroyed by Piccolo creator has taken DNA from all original.

Donor and add them to the body before putting host soul in I guess Rye isn't nope not going to tempt fate like that or rye if he's listening Oracle how long will it take to dig out of here I suggest for hosts to stay here and practice key control first as host have.

Unlimited key and can easily survive here due to frost demons DNA don't I already know key control because of my DNA yes but the experience from hosts DNA is not host's experience hosts will need to practice to gain better control of host's key if not then host key will feel like a.

Jumble of different key like futurecell I guess that makes sense okay get me the key control manual done hearing the sound of a book dropping I look around only to notice that I can't see anything I guess I spend too long just seeing black and white that I forgot I need.

Light to see Oracle buy me a lamp insufficient funds right I'm broke right now how do I convert key into EP host can meditate and imagine storing key into a jar or let the system do the work I imagine there are pros and cons to.

Both options yes doing it manually is faster but host won't be able to move letting the system do it will suppress hosts PL by whatever amount that is set to be converted with half the efficiency 2000 key to one EP for now let the system do it I still need to practice key control.

Set conversion rate to half my current PL affirmative done I suddenly feel as if half my energy left me making me two times weaker it'll take a while to get used to suddenly having half my power after taking a minute to adjust.

Oracle what's my EP and buy a battery lamp if there is enough EP current EP 87 500. battery lamp cost 2 EP current EP 87498 my eyes open wide at what I just heard isn't that too much host current power is 350 million right.

I forgot about that not used to being so strong anyway can you drop the lamp with the switch on next to me done as soon as I heard that a Bright Light appear blinding my eyes ah my eyes I already said warn me if something like.

This is going to happen I suggest host close his eyes until it adjusted to the light level not helping just just give me a moment I sigh as I close my eyes and wait until it stops hurting opening my eyes I can see that I'm in a.

Spherical room made of dirt and building debris phew I glad my eyes are okay host has the DNA of a frost demon so his eyes Will Survive even more intense changes of light Sai let's just get started on learning key control.

I said as I got down to pick up the key control book opening the book I sit down to start my first training in my new life even with the experiences from experienced Fighters like Goku and Piccolo it still took me a week to get the basics of key control down.

Oracle why did it took so long to master the basic I thought cell is supposed to have Limitless potential like the fighter he was made from cell is the perfect fighter but host will have to get his perfect form first until then most of the body's potential is locked.

So that means training like a regular person until then go figure I probably did this on purpose so things won't be too easy for me what's my current stats main character name Sarah Ken Ken Lee system name Oracle race Frost demon Scion namikian human.

Sex male age 11. power level 225-000 400 million I was just training the basic how did my PL jump so much before host just has a mess of different key that host forcefully controls with the experience of others now that host finishes the basic host.

Has made the key his own resulting in an increase in power so that means I shouldn't expect such a big increase in the near future huh host is correct what's going on outside right now based on host memory cell game begin tomorrow well me going out there won't have any.

Impact aside from getting myself killed so I should just continue training Oracle shop martial arts affirmative martial arts shop King Kai fist 100 million EP a martial art created by North Kai focuses on removing one's internal limitations and allow a greater yet more controlled flow.

Of key contain moves such as keoken World King Fist and jenkidama Spirit Bomb came San in Rio Turtle School 50 million EP created by mutant Rashi is focused around endurance and strength contain moves such as Kamehameha and Destructo disk surusen and Ryu crane school 45 million.

EP created by rashi's lifelong Nemesis sarasenin crane hermit is similar to the crane Style kung fu using advanced moves to avoid the enemy and perform a precise application of force as well as redirecting the opponent's Force basically flying and dodone Ray Cami Style 75000 don't I already know most of these.

Oracle yes but like key control it's better if host learns them himself all right then what is my current EP current EP 882 million okay that's a lot of EP stop the EP conversion I think there is enough for now affirmative.

I suggest for hosts to get ready for an influx of power thanks for the warning this time go ahead I'm ready done this time like the opposite of what happened before I feel a rush of power entering me making me feel like I'm unstoppable.

Is this what the Scion feels like every time they turn Super Saiyan if so I can understand why they would be so arrogant wait no super Scion would probably feel 50 times better than this I should make sure I won't let this power goes to my head when I reach my.

Perfect form I need to focus on my control for now so Oracle by King Kai Fist and suicide in real I can buy kamesen and Ryu later when I got my control down affirmative buying King Kai fist 100 million EP buying surusen and Ryu 50 million EP.

Current EP 722 million after getting my martial arts in the form of a book it's time to leave this place and find a better spot to train as I was getting out of my small training space I thought so far I was only practicing my key control so the Z.

Fighter didn't notice or find out about me but now that I'm going to do more intensive training I'm sure my key will be like a bright Beacon for them I suggest hosts by a training room that can block key huh oh I forgot that you can read my thought.

A training room how much does it cost basic training room cost 100 EP IC training room that can handle host power 100 000 EP catch in training room 10 million EP unknown material from Tournament of power training room 1 billion training room mod.

Basic artificial intelligence 1000 EP capsule form 100 EP gravity control 1 1 to 100 Earth gravity 10 000 EP gravity control 2 1 to 500 Earth gravity 10 million EP gravity control 3 1 to 1000 Earth gravity 1 billion EP key concealment one one to one million.

Place 10 000 DP key concealment 2 1 to 100 billion PL 10 million EP key concealment 3 1 to 1000 trillion PL one billion EP that's a lot of stuff Oracle for now by catechin training room with gravity control 2 key concealment 2 and capsule form.

That should last until after busagas which is years from now I can't buy the higher tier one anyway as for AI hey Oracle can you take the place of the AI during my training yes I can but only if host is also inside the training room well that's good enough for me.

Other people won't be using this training room anyway all right Oracle buy everything I listed confirm purchase current EP 692 999 900. that's still a lot of EP left Oracle do you have any more suggestion host can buy magic Arts Magic.

It's not really that strong compared to key in Dragon Ball is it magic itself can become stronger than key it's just that most magic users in this universe don't study combat magic so they seem weak against Warriors hmm I guess I'll look to see if there are.

Any useful Magic shop magic Arts teleportation marker 100 000 EP allow user to teleport to any place marked with by the user telekinesis 1000 EP a technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind.

Guru potential Unleashed 1 million EP can only be used on other old Kai potential Unleashed 1 billion EP can only be used on other energy absorption 1 million EP IC materialization that's more magic than I thought there were Oracle I thought kaikai was also a magic.

Art the kaikai require GP to buy GP God EP you can get by converting God key into EP that means I won't be able to get it for a while is there anything else I know that require gep.

Yes Senza bean and trees of mites fruit slash seed need GP to buy as it requires Divine water to grow along with other Godly items like protein earring I thought the Tree of Might uses the life of a planet the correct method is to use Divine water but if there isn't any Divine water the seed will pull energy all.

Around it to grow resulting in it taking the life energy of a planet Alright by telekinesis teleportation marker and energy absorption confirm purchase current EP 691 998 900. as soon as that's done another two books appear and I quickly put it in my inventory.

Oracle isn't there a way for me to just know new information and skills that I bought instead of having to learn from a book I can switch to downloading the information directly into host's memory but it'll hurt depending on the size of the information you can do that.

How much does it hurt it'll feel like an object is being shoved into your head the larger the information the bigger the object feel ha right I'll just stick to learning from a book until unless there is something I don't understand.

After that I spend the next three hours looking for a place to train I finally found a small clearing in the middle of a forest that looks like a peaceful place settled down and landed there throwing down the training capsule I went and start the next phase of my training.

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