What if Rengoku Accredited Akaza’s Provide? | What if Rengoku Grew to became a Demon | Demon Slayer Outlined !

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Have you ever thought what would happen if Rengoku accepts Akaja's offer and becomes a demon? Well, when Akaja was fighting with Rengoku, they were giving a tough fight to each other and Rengoku had a The only weakness was that he was not able to regenerate, but Akaj was easily recovering the biggest damage and so and Rengoku had spent a lot of his energy in saving the passengers of the mugan train and fighting Ainmu, but Rengoku didn't let even a single passenger get harmed and fulfilled his duty and thats why we love rengoku so when akaza comes there after ainmu does he offers rengoku to become a daemon let's say rengoku here that offer Accepts as we believe na in mathematics like it is X or Y like here also let's assume after Rengoku becomes a daemon there can be two possibilities here and here we will know both the possibilities.

If Rengoku After becoming daemon acts like daemon means is loyal to muzan so he will do the same thing which makes muzan happy and because akaage came there to kill tanjiro only but rengoku took him child but now rengoku himself is a daemon So he along with Akaja tries to kill Tanjiro but Inosuke Zenitsu and Nezuko together try to save Tanjiro here but none of them can stand here in front of Akaja and Demon Rengoku and all get killed and Rengoku is only a few In time with a little bit of training Egili would have defeated Akaja and Doma and gained the position of Upper Moon 2 but he would never have been able to gain the position of Upper Moon 1 kaise karega bhai woh ko kokushibo hai saala kab kya karde kise pata ok possibility one yahi Pay ends now its time for possibility 2 If Rengoku remembers his mother's words after Rengoku became a demon so that he can control himself and Rengoku.

Help people and fight with Akaza while fulfilling his duties Egili can kill akaja because before becoming daemon rengoku was giving a tough fight to akaja as i told in the beginning of this video and rengoku's only weakness was that he was not able to regenerate but now rengoku Can also regenerate himself and use flame breathing along with blood demon art so said rengoku is very powerful now so rengoku will kill akaja to save tanjiro and as soon as this news reaches muzan muzan will get angry Now because me can control almost all the daemons then he will be able to control daemon rengoku as well and control him and kill him and if rengoku becomes special like nezuko then here muzan will not be able to control rengoku like he can control nezuko Can't control same way and in the end rengoku will also help all hashiras against muzan so guys this was my theory if you like my theory then friend like this video and also subscribe the.

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