What is Characterization — Articulate vs Oblique Characterization Outlined

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nearly all narrative films rely on characters come on let's get in character a complex thoughtfully realized character can leave a lasting impact on a film goer and sometimes on the entirety of pop culture are you sure this is the suit.

Right perfect how a filmmaker builds a character is referred to as characterization a crucial tool which can make or break a film this is what is characterization but before we get started be sure to.

Subscribe and click the bell for more filmmaking videos that are characterization is how a character is revealed to the audience and by Robert McKee characterization is the sum of all observable qualities of a.

Human being everything knowable through careful scrutiny it includes details like age occupation and sexuality as well as insight into a character's personality and point of view let me just get this straight you know whatever tip huh I don't think because society says I have to.

All right I mean I'll tip it somebody really deserves a tip if they really put forth the effort I'll give them something extra but I mean it's tipping automatically it's for the birds it is through these details the true character is revealed therefore characterization is an essential part of Storytelling all right what is this.

What's this Arrangement Mr Drysdale CSI KFC characterization can take two forms direct and indirect in this video we'll look at how the forms work and when filmmakers use them starting with direct characterization in literature direct characterization is when an author tells the reader.

Qualities of a character rather than show them for example in Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen describes Mr Darcy as proud and disagreeable film this can take the form of a voiceover the boy Tom Hansen of Margate New Jersey grew up believing that he'd never truly be happy until the day he.

Met the one but many filmmakers avoid this approach a voiceover which simply describes the traits of a character runs the risk of coming across as lazy filmmaking more frequently direct characterization in film refers to the objective details about a character that can be easily observed such as their appearance.

In life we may be told not to judge a book by its cover it's not what you did son let angers me so it's who you did it to oh the in nobody that nobody it's John Wick but an audience will often do just that.

When introduced to a new character what they wear and how they present themselves will inform how the viewer sees a character for the rest of a film in my Holland Drive Adam is introduced at a board meeting wearing all black with tinted glasses and spiked up hair and sitting with a golf club in front of him.

These details quickly tell us Adam is a Hotshot Hollywood creative especially when contrasted with the formal attire of the other characters in the room hey that girl is not in my film it's no longer your film Sun's Up in Legally Blonde we are introduced to L Woods through appearance.

Everything about her is perfectly manicured telling us that she is a character who might be Vain and shallow a characterization she eventually comes to subvert unless the defendant attempted to contact every single one-night stand to determine if a child resulted in those unions he has no parental claim over.

This child whatsoever why now why this sperm I believe you've just won your case Irishman costuming emphasizes characters generational differences Frank and Jimmy wear suits while their younger counterpart Don's more casual attire making a point just like that.

Is that you're just for a meeting this is how you dress in Florida and a soup for a meeting anywhere Florida Timber too I just sent a suit for a meeting and you're late what you leave setting can also act as effective direct.

Characterization in seven we learn about John Doe before we even meet him by seeing his apartment the set decoration tells us he's an obsessive religious fanatic with nothing in his life beyond this killing spree there are 2 000 notebooks on these shelves and each notebook contains about 250 pages so it looks like a life's work.

If we had 50 men reading in 24 hour shifts it'd still take two months no I know I know I know Edna Mode's estate in The Incredibles tells us she's a wildly successful designer yes things are going quite well quite well my God no complaints we prefers a Chic minimalism yeah something classic like a diner guy oh he had a.

Great look a little cape and the boots nuggets filmmakers can also use cinematography for direct characterization in June the villainous Baron hawkinen is introduced in an ominous fog for his close-up the camera is placed behind him and the key light is placed on the short side of his face.

These choices obscure harken and make him all the more mysterious and terrifying where is a gift not a gift their Trader's voice is rising the emperor is a jealous man direct characterization is an immensely powerful tool to tell your audience all.

About your character before they even say a word but indirect characterization can be just as potent direct characterization reveals character information through their behavior allowing the audience to piece together what these details mean for themselves.

As Robert McKee notes true character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure what characters do is an essential form of characterization and can even counteract the direct characterization of their appearance in Captain America Steve is going to be overlooked for the Army's experimental.

Program because he's too small and therefore seen as not Tough Enough but his actions tell his superiors and the audience otherwise is a superhero at heart is this a test he's still skinny Jack Sparrow's introduction in Pirates.

Of the Caribbean shows his actions contradicting his setting he stands proudly on his mast only for it to be revealed that he's in fact on a minuscule boat the moment perfectly encapsulates Sparrow's character the Perpetual Underdog who is never deterred by the odds stacked against him.

You are without doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of but you have heard of me often actions will speak louder than words In There Will Be Blood we are introduced to Daniel Plainview in a largely wordless sequence Plainview remains undeterred even after.

His prospecting goes horrifically wrong showing us that he will stop at nothing to become a mogul Robert McKee writes the revelation of true character in contrast or contradiction to characterization is fundamental to all fine storytelling in Star Wars Han Solo repeatedly makes clear in his dialogue that all he cares.

About is his own bottom line I'm not going anywhere they're gonna execute her look a few minutes ago he said he didn't want to just wait here to be captured now all you want to do is stay marching into the detention area is not what I had in mind but they're gonna kill her better her than me but again and again.

His actions speak differently despite what he says in the end he's a crucial Ally to the Rebellion this is his true character while action is important to indirect characterization sometimes dialogue can do just as much work as for any charges stemming from the breach of security I believe I deserve.

Some recognition from this board I'm sorry yes I don't understand which part in the opening scene of The Social Network screenwriter Aaron Sorkin characterizes Mark as a single-minded social climber with no regard for the people he may hurt along the way.

If I get in I will be taking you to the events and the Gatherings and you'll be meeting a lot of people you wouldn't normally get to meet you would do that for me or dating in this scene from Lord of the Rings dialogue is used to externalize gollum's internal conflict.

Have the precious there are two warring sides to Gollum Peter Jackson accentuates the characterization within the dialogue through camera moves precious false and editing immersed is my friend you don't have any friends Jackson visualizes Smeagol and Gollum as separate entities.

A dialogue doesn't only inform the person speaking oh hello in this Exchange in Before Sunrise screenwriters Richard linklater and Kim krizan use the two characters Telephone Game to have them describe the other person I think that's when I fell for him just the idea of this little boy with.

All those beautiful dreams in doing so link later characterizes the two protagonists through the other's eyes while also revealing something about themselves Jesse and Celine have fallen in love She's super smart very passionate um beautiful.

Let's look at a film which you both direct and indirect characterization to great effect consider this your spoiler alert Casablancas Rick Blaine is one of the most iconic characters in film history of all the Gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine.

To achieve this legendary status director Michael Curtis and writers Julius Epstein Philip Epstein and Howard Koch used nearly every characterization technique in the book here's looking at you kid film follows Rick as he reconnects with a long-lost lover and is forced to decide whether he will help the rebel.

Cause in 1940s Casablanca or take his second chance at love and happiness with ilsa Rick is even on screen his character's reputation is established by way others talk about him Madam he never drinks with customers never I have never seen it when we are finally introduced to Rick.

We first see the props in front of him he's signing a check for a lot of money and playing chess against himself these details tell the audience he's a man of significant financial power and a strategic thinker when Rick is revealed he's wearing a crisp tuxedo and he's deciding who gets to enter the lounge with the shake of.

The head he's a Suave bar owner his dialogue emphasizes that he doesn't interfere in others business if you're thinking of warning him don't put yourself out he cannot possibly Escape let's take my neck out for nobody wise foreign this point is repeated when Rick does.

Nothing to help the man who appeared to be his friend from being arrested when they come to get me Rick I hope you'll be more of a help I stick my neck out for nobody Rick's a magic lifestyle is emphasized so heavily because it becomes the crucial Obstacle of the film he was once a freedom fighter but.

Withdrew from the cause when his heart was broken now he has the power to help the resistance only if he's able to get over his own bitterness it's this conflict rooted in Rick's characterization that builds to one of the most famous scenes of all time.

Rick is finally able to make the ultimate selfless act sacrificing his potential future with ilsa and the names of Mr and Mrs Victor Laszlo but by my name Richard because you're getting on that on that thing here with him the plane gets safely away Rick's true character is revealed helping make the scene as.

Cathartic as it is he's looking at you kid with the help of direct and indirect characterization Casablanca cemented its Legacy as one of the most revered films in cinema history Louie I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

There are many ways to reveal characters to the audience as there are types of characters characterization is one of the most important strategies in bringing characters to life whether this information is communicated directly or indirectly aspect of a character's actions.

Dialogue that green for lack of a better word is good appearance and more can play a role in communicating who they are good characterization means good screenwriting start earning your next film with Studio binders screenwriting software.

And remember subscribe to catch the latest filmmaking analysis and advice from Studio binder don't forget to enable notifications goodbye for now and good luck with your next great film you can do it it's in your character foreign.

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