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In 1999 Nippon animation debuted their adaptation of a manga series that had only started a year prior yoshihiro tagashi's Hunter Hunter it was actually my first anime and was what turned me into an anime fan in the first place with its adaptation of the series all the way up to a point part way through York New City eventually finishing it.

And covering the Greed Island Arc through ovas 12 years later a brand new team at Studio madhouse launched their remake of The Hunter Hunter manga adapting all the way through past the election Arc ending on what tagashi refers to as the series's first ending it's now 2023 12 years since the 2011 adaptation debuted and the same amount.

Of time between the two series showed their versions have gone setting out on this journey and so naturally with tagashi's return to writing and his becoming the most followed mangaker on Twitter I can't stop wondering what would a 20 23 hunt on to look like okay I'll be frank I've wanted to make a.

Hundred video for years when I was a teenager I discovered the manga in my school's library and when I finished reading all the volumes they had I turned to the 99 series even to this day there's nothing quite like it so gashi built a framework in which he could explore any genre or tone he wished and created nion Psychopathic characters who.

Wouldn't hesitate to come along with us no matter how dark things got arcs featuring death games a tournament heists and a trapped in a video game scenario he even invented a supernatural battle system that was as logical as it was ridiculous always having a justification no matter how smart or stupid a power was I originally wanted.

To just make a video about how much I love Hunter Hunter but my takes aren't particularly unique it's the best son and jump manga then I thought about comparing 99 and 2011 but forgotten relics said it better and more thoroughly than I would have in a video about the gun vs Hanzo fights so let let's talk about the anime that doesn't.

Exist but absolutely should foreign despite its hiatuses and despite tagashi's decline in health Hunter Hunter has never really waned in popularity instead continuing to capture generation after generation until it reaches those that weren't even born.

When it started will there be a new anime absolutely the industry is hunting for Nostalgia bait right now with returns to stuff like Fruits Basket Ursa yatsura and Trigun it won't be this year but someday hunt Hunter will return but here's the thing it won't be a remake and it won't be long running foreign.

the anime industry has been in an overproduction crisis for years now affecting almost All Souls produced today in some way or another this has also had an impact on the viability of long-running programming which used to be more commonplace even back in 2011 I can stick adhesive 148 episodes were by.

No means easy to create despite being produced by madhouse the vast majority of production took place elsewhere Hiroshi kojuna the director is the president of his own studio studio live and they along with plenty of other teams across the industry took turns creating episodes until it could finally reach its finale these days creating a.

Reliable system like that is much more difficult when all those teams are already busy with the increasing number of series being produced it's now gotten to the point where the number of shows that run for longer than a year consecutively has gone down and most are barely able to release more than 12 episodes at a time without having to.

Take a break even Pokemon which has been constantly airing for the last 26 years is finally ending its run following repeated delays and production issues in its latest season to be replaced with what is likely a more viable format it's not a fate anyone would wish on Hunter Hunter a production collapse before we even get to the boat in fact a sorter.

More Focus series would actually be more in line with shuisha's current production philosophies around the time of the hunter hunter reboot it was normal for the biggest Shonen Jump series to get longer adaptations toroko had 147 episodes sket dance said 77 basil Bob had 60 but according to Shonen Jump producer hiroyuki nakino in 2019.

Those kinds of long-running shows have become less viable and so they've instead sought to deepen their relationships with Studios that instead focus on saucer late night anime that's how we get bones as my heracademia youth for tables Demon Slayer and mappers chainsaw man it's more viable and arguably more profitable to create 12 to.

24 impactful episodes with quality animation and then have the creative team reassemble in a year or so for a second batch and in terms of a format that would suit Hunter Hunter best to be honest we've already seen it bleach was done dusted finished there were fans yelling about how it hadn't.

Properly ended for over a decade but we as a community just decided to ignore them until surprisingly it did come back 10 years after the original noriyuki our big show had finished bringing with it a brand new creative Direction and format from the team behind akudama Drive bleached Thousand-Year blood War aims to complete the story in one core chunks.

Battling against the industry's overproduction issues by having a gap of six months between part one and separation there is a small overlapping team between it and the original namely the return of character designer Musashi Kudo but it's largely a new interpretation of the source material and it features plenty of things that.

Just weren't possible back in 2004 compositing director kazahira Yamada has been ahead of the pack for a long while but even he couldn't have made bleach look the way it does today back then Innovations in VFX and 3D across the last decade have allowed him and his team to create a new identity for this guy and his friends I'm sorry it looks.

Good but I was a one-piece kid I don't know who any of these people are but the point is this is kind of the future I see for a hunter hunter return in an interview with Hiroshi kojana the director of the 2011 anime he says that if he was asked to return he would but he'd actually like to see a new younger director take the reins and he's not.

Kidding about returning either despite not being a fan when he was first offered the job he was happy to direct a PV for a mobile game titled Hunter Hunter Greed Adventure in 2018. in the four years since completing the anime they'd all moved on to new projects but despite being busy kojana found it easy to get animators to return to.

Takayashi's world foreign here he's trying to recreate the visuals of the 2011 series which were often quite for a lack of a better word plain despite being a decade older the 99 series often had more to say with its use of light and color modifying it based on the atmosphere of each scene with York new being a highlight and this.

Was intentional the goal of 2011 was to recreate the story in a way that's easier to follow accessible to children at least until it changed time slot in 2013 and has clean distinctive character designs and I think they succeeded on all fronts but if you ask me after 12 years of this a new Hunter Hunter should have a new look and if it's going to.

Cover the Dark Continent and succession contest arcs that look should be 3D no I'm kidding but it's not the worst idea despite their awkward Unreal Engine looks in Jump Force I went to the 40 showing at Universal Japan last year and it didn't look bad at all given previously examples like berserk 2016 Saint SEI and most recently Trigun.

Stampede it's not unlikely that a producer might come out and say hey let's try something new here but I don't think it would be the right fit unlike berserk the characters of Hunter Hunter have simple Line work and are easier to draw in two dimensions in fact it's been that anime adaptations that have added detail to tagashi's drawings which.

Succeeded in making just a few Choice lines feel iconic and striking it's open to new takes and that's kind of what I want for a new Hunter Hunter like how now Yuki asano reinvented the Matsu Brothers for osamatsu-san giving them gooey faces and blue lines or Devilman crybabies team going for loose demonic shapes and a color palette that's either.

High contrast or low contrast depending on the scenario I'm not saying it needs a stampede level reinvention but if it's going to be adapted for the third time then I reckon it needs something Beyond just being more of a show that aired 12 years ago but with prettier compositing but that's not necessarily the majority.

Opinion I threw a polyp on Twitter and only 32 of my followers agreed that a new Hunter Hunter anime should have new character designs with 60 saying they'd prefer the look of 2011 to continue and the bravest of the lot saying they'd want the reboot to go 3D we've already established that given the chance the director of 2011 would return and.

Likewise the chief animation director and character designer takihiro yoshimatsu likely would as well being a big fan of the manga himself and having also returned for the greed Adventure PV the changes between this 2018 iteration and their final days on the show in 2014 are as you'd expect slight the designs are a bit smoother and maybe the.

Lighting looks a little better but these essentially could have been shots from the original show the core team is around in 2023 as well Hiroshi kojana is directing the second season of his the vampire dies in no time so at mad house and yoshimatsu was animation director and character designer on artscore ishizuka's film goodbye Don glees also.

At madhouse basically if the 2011 series were to continue the production would likely be managed by madhouse again as the lead creators still have ties there in response to my poem some questioned whether it would be possible for the look of the 99 show to return and honestly I get it for me this is kilua and this is karapika not only that but.

The show in general had stronger layouts and despite being created before digital Productions have become mainstream it is able to achieve more with less with its atmospheric lighting foreign technology and Trends I don't think it would be possible to totally mimic the.

Look of 99 today in fact the show itself found it difficult enough with constantly changing character designs inconsistent animation quality and most drastically a switch to digital coloring in the Greed Island ovas at a time before Anime creators had worked out how to stop things from looking so glaringly flat and bright there have been attempts.

To recapture the aesthetic of pre-digital shows but it's never quite there and rarely popular Megalo box was by all means a great show but people had mixed feelings about its attempt to adopt a retro aesthetic through grainy textures and a reduced quality similarly despite being led by the original character designer and chief animation.

Director of mobile also Gundam in 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam the origin still looks like a modern anime the director of Hunter 99 kazuhiro furahashi still does work in the anime industry today it's serving as the Director of spy Family 99's character designer and chief animation director takiyukigoto a founder of that Anime Studio production.

IG making up the latter initial is also still around doing animation direction for the galactic hero films but even if we got these two old men in a room and asked them to make the same kind of show they once did I don't think they'd manage some things would work sure but without the full package the painted backgrounds the grain of the cells the.

Distinctive colors it'll only ever be a shallow imitation of a Time Gone by oh that's kind of a downer note to leave the video on but I will say the reason I want to see a new approach is that we've already seen these two shows that are made for audiences of those particular eras they fit common standards and.

Design Trends and they'll always exist even 99 will live on in hard drives if not on streaming services I don't think Hunter Hunter needs to copy its other adaptations because if it does return it's as a relevant 2020x show not just a throwback to yesteryear yoshihira tagashi didn't just write a story he wrote a scaffold a world in characters.

That he could use to explore any great ideas that came to him and I feel the anime should be the same way exploring different ideas and Aesthetics if not new character designs then at least something as iconic as bleachers return thanks for watching the canoper effect this video was meant to come out in early January but I've been doing a.

Bunch of home renovations that are now finally complete thankfully Hunter Hunter is never not relevant and I'm looking forward to making an animation Spotlight when the anime makes its long-awaited return but that aside thanks to all of these people for supporting the channel in particular I'd like to thank Alan bakero Austin.

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  1. On your Twitter poll I said this: “Realistically, I'd have not any likelihood to be open to new personality designs since time will function folks from 2011 be much less and much less readily out there. I enact certainly take care of the designs from 2011 so in the event that they’d maybe well then that'd be trim but when no longer it wouldn't be the discontinue of the enviornment for me”I mild stand by this but I enact agree a brand new learn about would perchance be extra creativly attention-grabbing in particular if we're true going to proceed on from where 2011 left off and fascinated with what the fable is take care of now.

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