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Friends, we have seen many such people who have shown the bravery of not being afraid of death throughout their life and when one day death stands in front of them, then in the beginning of the story, we see the famous push which In reality, he is a most wanted looter but he has done many such adventures that people like him very much, similarly he celebrates the victory with the people in a village, but there is no news of the governor there. He doesn't and after a few scares we see the governor and him face to face which starts a fierce fight between them too where we see him fighting true without any courage but because of his ruckus and fireworks the terrible devil sleeping in the forest there He wakes up so that he becomes free all around, but he said to the flower-bearers that he has to face the devil very bravely and kill him, but at this moment a heavy vine falls on him, when he opens his eyes, he is.

A Lies on the hospital bed, at this time the doctor tells him that he had died but he is on his button and says that pushing goods Don't be afraid of him but laugh at him so that the doctor asks him to look at his button, then Poochingoods remembers that cats have 9 lives, out of which he has died eight times and now he is dead. He will give up his life forever. Some days Goodes leaves from there and milk father comes at once to remove his sorrow. A fight starts between Pushpa Goods and Hunter, some of them are not able to stand in front of him much fear and start getting injured, the reason for this is nothing but the fear of his death, due to which he runs away from Pushpa and now he kills her . Jaa decides to go to the place where the doctor told him to go to the house, before going to the house, he will have to.

Hide his name forever and less people and he makes his grave and goes inside the house like a common cat. Video woman loves cats so much that don cats have a place in her house in which you can include anything and give it its new name Hai Pickles starts considering it as his life and after some time he is completely clouded and he meets a brown cat but when he talks to him, he comes to know that it is not a cat but a dog. who is living there for a house by lying and only then Puswa sees three bears and a girl named Gold. They don't recognize him from there and seeing his news, he comes to know from his button that they want his help in stealing a map which he.

Can reach to a mister so that he can be the first person to reach there who has any If a world can be completed, whatever it may be, everyone decides that he also wants to complete his own world, for which he has to reach the map and now he is taken out with his real buffalo near Jack's Corner, which is a Wanted and along with that he has many such magical weapons which have the power to destroy anyone easily [music] if he does not reach Someone is already sitting inside occupying the map and it is none other than Wanted 's Dish of Pose . Kitty and Pus are good friends but for some reason they don't support each other. You arrive and now all three are face to face for the map. Pushing Boots Jack and Goldie gang all steal the map from each other and run away but kill him and kitty map and run away from there only then they find a dog there who kills him. Budhi was found at the woman's house and he.

Helps her to escape from there. The girl has a fight over the map and when the treasure falls in it, she asks him in the name of the public to open the map. So it is written on it that first of all they have to go to Kali Jungle which is very dangerous and terrible no one has come back alive from there till date they all decide to go inside and after reaching there they see that they are extremely dangerous . It is a beautiful garden and after the jungle yesterday, it was unbelievable to change it by opening my innocent eyes when I was not given a map for confirmation. Mr. tries but in response I do the same and now together they find out the next stop from the map where the map has chosen different paths for all three of you in which each path has different ways. Will have to face trouble but Dog's way seems easy enough to Kitty and Pushp, so they both ask to keep this map with them.

Just then they see the Goldie gang coming in. Everyone looks at them and starts pushing them forward. The path chosen by Dog is beautiful if Kitty is with him and it is very difficult for him. On Kitty's request, Dog tells her his story. Begins that my story is very funny his family tied him in a knot and threw him in the water so that he can't go back to them which makes someone very sad and he finds out it's not funny very sad The story is that it is shown on this side that Jack Corner attacks the Goldie gang very badly and moving forward from there we try to eliminate all the poisonous flowers, only then he gets magicka from his magic bag, which he gets every time. Will help to tell right from wrong no matter how proud he is that he doesn't help his companions and spends today in the jungle. Here kitty tells dog that he shouldn't trust anyone because whenever he has trusted.

He has been cheated. And nothing has been found except dishonesty, like him asks for help to clean his beard, he is upset and And she does the same which brings him back to the day Buds with his earlier look Tip gives him to keep his knife since he doesn't have a sword Jack corners Push when the dog disappears and Kitty gets him To save the map, he asks to hand it over, then on the other side the gold ring is also there and now everyone starts fighting for the map . Once again he is told in fear and runs away from there without taking the map. He wants to ask for a new life for himself in detail, which Doggy asks to tell all to Kitty so that she can understand, but tells Pujo.

That Kitty will never believe him, that's why Shantaka is listening to all these things in Caloma. I had gone to the church to marry someone , but I ran away from there fearing that I am sad even today. She doesn't tell him anything and they all go behind the map. The map is near the Goldie gang. In front of the Goldie gang, there is a house that looks exactly like their house. In fact, it is all a magic fantasy that they are trying because Saves him from falling and now tells him that in the church I ran away because of fear seeing myself like this for the first time I should n't have done this to you you were there waiting for me all alone Jack tells her to Tide in words That he has got everything since childhood, a good parent's house, mostly a lot but he wants to become the most powerful person in this expansion and he gets all the people killed for his greed, so that the grasshopper feels.

Helpless for his act. Kar warns Kar but he turns her away from him too. Dog tells his team to take on a new name, Team Dosti Se Khanna. Both don't like the name and they go out to Goldie's gang to steal the map in which Kitty and Push are together. Together they compete with the dog's life more than their team because they go out to save him and then get stuck in one place. Rann tries to get out of there, he encounters his past life which starts to seduce him. Kitty goes missing after stealing Goldie's gangster dog. He is once again confronted by Wolf, a Yamraj band . Kar has come to do it or Goldie gang tells everyone the truth that she wants a real family in detail she doesn't consider them as family she has the last puzzle with Star only then Kitiv comes and tells her that you cheated me again You know what my world was like I found someone I could.

Trust and feel comfortable with and I thought it was you but I was wrong you are still on the run Same old confirmed boots that tells you he needs the world She leaves with the map, only then everyone reaches there and once again Jack Goldie gang and some are face to face and the fight starts . Seeing this situation , she leaves the map and rushes to save him . Dog puts the band in the bag and comes to him with the map and he tells him that one life is enough for him because he has become more special because of your and kitty's arrival, then he saw his death coming in front of him. Because of which he starts getting scared, he remembers all those bridges which he had spent with his friends and now he decides that now he will not run away from this last life due to the fear of death and.

Now the fight starts in the middle of Wolfto Ghus and both of them attack each other continuously . He can never accept but you didn't kill him and he tells her the same thing that Simran was told by her husband in DG where Ji Le Poonam Ji Le moves towards his life but Kitty says I got what I wanted. And that is not less than a magic, then on the other hand, Jack stands in front of him with a big avatar from his magic box and starts asking for a map of the world of China, only then the dog rocks it and opens its eyes after many attempts. When Goldie Push and Kitty tear for the map, he is trapped forever in the magic bog, and many stars fall from the sky, only to ask for a world. Goldie is.

Also very happy to consider her real family as permanent and now team friendship is taken out to do new adventures. We hope that you must have liked this story, please tell us by liking and commenting and do not forget to subscribe to our channel, thank you, ok bye [music]

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