When an 11 Yr passe orphan woman ran away by myself to Paris to apply her dream #disney #cartoonmovies

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Friends, have you ever set out to fulfill your dreams in a new city from Anjan, in this song also 11 years old girl leaves without telling anything to go to the city of Paris, she doesn't know anyone and she doesn't know anyone. Thikana Hai In the beginning of the story, a girl named failaisi who lives in an orphanage tries to escape from the roof there, then her friend Victor sees her and suddenly he ass asks Victor what have you seen, he says Hai that I don't know anything about this but the guard angrily asks him to find some water again in the canteen Victor tells Felicie how could you do this without me having already blessed him to change Liye says that it is not me, I was looking at her beautiful view from there and anyway if we come as friends, then we will come together. Victor says that you will.

Not be able to stay outside alone without me, in fact these two would have been very good friends. and then starts having fun with Victor from before, due to which both of them get scolded by Mother Superior and she tells in advance that I know Is it that you are dreaming of becoming a dancer , obviously everyone dreams but keep this thing in your mind that dreams have no relation with reality; becomes sad in the evening Victor shows a picture from before in which there is a famous dance school of Paris operrari Paris asks Victor from before to give him the picture but Victor says only on one condition if you will be with me tonight If you run away from here, I will definitely take you to this dance school, from which you will become a famous dancer and I will become a famous inventor and I have a great plan for that. He is very cute with her.

And she suddenly gets up but then Victor makes sister's base and asks her to walk with him but the guard recognizes them so that they start running from there and Victor grabs two big wings like chickens. Wings are made, even the guards reach them, that's why Victor takes Felicio and immediately flies from there. And they both fall in the handcuffs of a fodder after some time, at the same time Kam falls from the hands of the music box and starts running away from Victor, but the guard is continuously following him with a bike, that's why he Both of them run to reach the train and after getting rid of the guard with great difficulty in the moving train, they both board the train, now both of them are very happy that finally they have done it, then they already see their music box which is a little broken. but Victor fixes it for the first time and in the morning when they wake up, they see that they are in Paris, they.

Say that Paris is really very beautiful, this is the time when the Eiffel Tower is being built in Paris. She is already a little sad and says that maybe we have done stupidity by coming to Paris, after all we are children and sometimes Victor suddenly falls into the water and he tells the first size that both of us will meet tomorrow on this bridge because he Doesn't know how to swim and the fruit becomes very sad and nervous because she doesn't know anyone, that's why she comes in front of her. See in the same picture, she sees the opera dance school and she happily starts running towards it and goes inside only then she sees the card there, first she reaches inside the room while roaming around and she sees a girl. The one who is practicing dance very beautifully before seeing her owner, she looks like a lajawabina , keeps looking at him even before and when that dancer jumps the highest, she starts increasing her more than before. That's why he.

Pulls her as a donkey and takes her with him and says that you must have come to steal the memory. At first she repeatedly believes that there is nothing like that, then a lady goes there and asks her to leave immediately. She says because if she does not do this then she will also be punished because how did this girl come inside you and he leaves her, this lady is none other than a really honest cleaning lady, her name is audit, but she has one The condition of the leg is not good, she first asks him to leave from there, she comes out from earlier and starts following him and this time she also considers him a thief. But first she says that she wants to thank her, she asks him about the girl and also tells that she is separated from her friend and she has no place to live, she is an orphan but she is a lady. She tells him that I hate orphans very much, only then she sees beforehand that the building owner of the opera comes near the audit and cleans the stairs again.

Asks to do only then first Siya tells Audti that I can help you Adith says you can stay with me only on one condition now you will not ask any more questions she already tells them that she wants to become a dancer wants and will she help them and she questions him a lot and soon it is morning and when the building wants to be in the morning, she says that it has not been cleaned properly yet and all that water again Drops from which she already sees that she is very bad and then she sees girls of her age practicing from before, on seeing her a girl says to her that you must have never seen me such a good dancer but from before Says that you are not even that good whom I saw yesterday and on saying this she tells the first Sikh that she is very talented and her man and she is waiting for the letter coming from the opera and anyway the famous director of the opera Loves the key to my man's hand.

I'm going to be a ballerina and a star and you're nothing and her amazing you just throw it out the window gives it already goes to pick it up only then you have come from you the postman must have brought the letter which is for camel and his man whom she had just met takes the letter already and goes to the opera where the same guard tells her That's what you can't meet, at the same time the director of the opera comes to them from the other side and first thinking it as family asks them to go inside and now Philly gets ready on belly dance costume which is very new for her. And we see the famous opera dance teacher starting to warm up with the rest of the girls by changing her name to Camel and they all look at their teacher and tell everyone that which of you will be in the first performance on Christmas. One will dance with Ruchita Mori You all have a great chance it will start from tomorrow and everyday one girl.

Will be out of you Teacher Faisy who has stopped the camel doesn't like her because she came here on recommendation And the next morning she meets Victor and he tells her that he got less from a famous inventor. Tells how people helped him and how he found a friend and that he is going to become an inventor soon and tells him like before that she is also taking dance lessons in opera and Victor suddenly gets trapped once again. Goes and asks her to meet again on the second day, first during this practice she is doing everything wrong because it is very new for her but she does not accept everything, everyone is feeling that she is already going to go today. The girl is the first one but she survives. Fruit hides after seeing this audition where she sees a boy performing very well first but he makes fun of her and goes from there only then audition sees felixy. And.

After coming home, Aud says that I do not like lying at all, but she says beforehand that it is her dream to become a dancer first, and she apologizes to him, and when she comes outside, when the building owner comes, she asks about some letter, then Aud will soon comes and stops the first Sikh from telling and she first tells him that if you can dance then be ready at 5:00 in the morning and the next morning he cheats her first. Bringing anga, she asks to save the bell, she is surprised that what is all this, if it is not a dance, then she comes to his feet with water, that whenever you bajaogi, keep in mind that the water will also nauchle from your feet first. Ko finds all this impossible but she tries and tries continuously and after making many mistakes she shows balance and now during practice every time a girl is taken out by the teacher and now the same boy who had Uday is joking with Se and he invites her to meet him on the terrace where they both.

Watch the beautiful view of Paris and the boy first reveals his name to someone and tries to impress her. She goes to meet Victor earlier in the evening. and tells him everything that she found a new friend yesterday who told her that she can be whatever she wants to be. Winter takes her to see his office where he is a simple guy who does odd jobs, so he first no one tells anything about it he tells her that he works with a famous inventor and then audit fellico belly dance punch we pose Told about Shan which is very important pahlesika The journey to become a berry dancer was becoming more and more difficult day by day as her fingers should be soft like cotton and at the same time hard as stone and also without using hands to clean glass doing and walking without falling and then one day Victor comes to Audrey's house to meet her already and says that she wants to take her out tonight.

You are taken in a full atmosphere, there is a lot of dancing, singing and feasting and both of them have a lot of fun, where she is already covered by her belly dance, so that her fair teacher present there also sees her wonderful performance, Victor is happy. There he tells everyone that she is my girlfriend and when he throws her everyday, she falls badly, first she still needs a lot of practice, her teacher also warns her about this, first in this house. She comes and says that she had a great day with him, thanks. Next morning, when she reaches for practice already, she is the same real girl Camel and her man, that is, now everyone has already come to know about her and audit also goes there. Hai teacher says you lied to everyone your beginning was very bad but I give you one chance to work hard in audition and get selected and if you can't then you will always have to leave opera house.

Alone She asks to take revenge from earlier by winning. She already's teacher tells her about the audit. She was a great belly dancer of the era but one day she lost everything due to a fire on the stage and today she is all. That's why she has to do it and as much as the camera can because she is also no less a dancer. During practice, Camel tells Felicity that she is nothing in front of him, then the same boy comes and says that he is with her no matter what. However, he does n't need any practice and tonight he goes with her. On the other hand, Victor, after talking about his man, wants to return one of his Lata music boxes to him and invites him to meet him on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, but already Audition leaves without saying anything. Audition stays for Philic's practice but she believes him too and.

Leaves from there and the same girl meets Rudy and on the other side there is also Victor. Rudy starts insulting Victor. But beforehand she tells him that she is his friend and they have grown up together but without listening to her they both start fighting which leads to She walks away from Shiv and falls asleep on the terrace dejected and when she wakes up it is time for the audition and she is very late. She goes to the jaldbaha poster but she is completely tired And she hasn't even done any practice, she falls twice during the performance, due to which Camel is selected by the teachers, due to which she already starts crying, only then the mother from before forcefully sends her to the orphanage again, so that you Even the audit can never see her again when Mother Superior the guard there first sees her then they also come to know that she is already badly broken first this night once again she.

Tries to run away from the matter but The guard sees her this time too but this time he asks her to come with him and they both leave for Paris where she meets Audrey from earlier and also goes to apologize to Victor and says that Victor you Camel is selected to be my best friend and there are steps in her dance but she does not have that delicacy and emotion on her face and when the teacher asks Camel and Felicity Asks why do you dance then Camel says because my man tells me but first she says that dance has always been a part of my life when I was young and even today because of audit dance taught me to live And because of that I am today because of which Camel also says that there should be a chance to perform some dance in advance and now the first Sikh is given that golden opportunity to perform as a partner of the famous belly dancer of Opera, friends in our life. Whatever we want to.

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