When Nagi And Reo Grew to become A Pair Of Unstoppable Monsters [ Blue Lock ]

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Nagi wakes up tired as always, as he gets uphe says goodmorning to his pet cactus choki after that he does his dailyroutine which contains of gaming, eating breakfeast, brushing his teethsand putting on this clothes for the day after that he says goodbyeto choki before leaving when he goes out he is greated byreo who is in a super fancy car, he tells nagi to hop in and that he came to gethim, nagi tells him that he didn't ask for this but reo tells him that he promised the otherday that they would play soccer together after that reos servant ba-ya comes out togreat nagi, and the first thing nagi thinks about is that she has the nose like a witchreo asks nagi if he lives alone and nagi tells.

Him that he does, he tells reo that he came tothis prep school so that he could join a good company and have an easy life in the futurereo tells him that for a officer worker if you get a really good job and invest pretty well,you'd have a hundred million by the age of 45 but for a soccer player, if your a worldclass pro you get around one billion per year nagi is shocked at the pay but asks him,if it isn't a reflection of how much of a hassle it is with stuff like workingwith people, matches and offsides and nagi dosn't even know the rules to begin withreo slams the table and ensures him that he is gonna be fine as long as he does as reotells him, he tells nagi that the two of them will win the world cup togetherbut nagi just tells him that it sounds.

Troublesome, but reo dosn'tcare and greats him again before telling him that he can call him bosswhen they have arrived at hakuho high school, reo is greated by a bunch of girls and one ofthem comes forward, telling reo that she really enjoyed their study session the other dayshe asks reo if he is free today to have another one, but reo tells her that hewon't be able for a while as they are gonna play soccer as he hangs onto naginagi asks reo why he is so obessed with playing soccer but right after that nagi looksannoyined and thinks that he might have asked something he shoudn't, as reo startstelling him the story behind his dream reo tells nagi that his faimly owns miakgecorporation, reos father and mother has always.

Wanted to make him their successor so they havegiven him everything for his elite education nagi tells him that he envyshim and that he got a easy life, but reo tells him that's the reason he hates it.he dosn't want to end up with comfortabnle life becuase of the things his partens gave himinstead he wants to carve his own path in life with his own hands or thats what hethought before he came across the world cup, its the first dream reo has ever desired inhis life, a dream that proves his existence as reo gets more and more invested inhis story telling nagi sees this has his chance to leave so he sneaks why, andreo wonders how he can persudade him reo asks around his classmates about nagi, someonetells him that he is called the thousand year.

Netaro becuase he sleeps through the whole classsomeone else tells him that he is a werid one and that he best that he dosn't haveany friends even less then he himself the last two tells reo that you'll get cursedif you talk to him while the other one tells him that happniess would come his wayin class reo looks over to nagi who is sleeping but suddenly wakes up to the soundof his belly, the teacher asks nagi to answer a question on the board but instead nagitries to bribe him with some melonbread which sadly dosn't workafter that nagi is on the rooftop playing on his phone when he suddenly getsa soccer ball shot at him, he looks over and sees reo telling him that he is very persistentReo tells him that nagis smartphone trap gave.

Me chills, reo also tells him that he iscertain that nagi has talent for soccer Reo screams that nagi will be the best in theworld with him and that its nagis destiny, Nagi should even be proud that reo found himnagi thinks to himself what a pain it is before telling him to shut up and thathe will go, but with that nagi asks reo how they will play because there isn'tany soccer club here in the first place reo looks confident and tells him thatits already fixed, in the soccer club room reo is greated by a warm welcomenagi is shocked and asks reo how he managed to do all this, reo tellshim that its all about connections but the players tells him that they wll getinvited to parties with their idols if they.

Managed to go all the way across the countrynagi dosn't look suprise and says that this is the power of the hier of mikage corrparation,Reo tells them that currently their team is still in the best 8 of the regionalqualifiers but now that reo si here it's an absolute that they will make it to thenationals and everyone gets hyped, but just then a player enters the room and says that they havereceived an application to hold a practice match against a very strong team that competes regularlyin the nationals the aomori dadada high school everyone suddenly gets shocked and asks whysuch a well known school would come to them, just then Ba-ya comes into the room andsays that they were sent by reos father Reo looms fired up and says that thisworld cup dream is the first treasure.

He has found for himself, he says that he willmake every effort to obtain it and that he is willing to bet everything he have on itit's the debut match of their dreams, he grabs nagis shoulder and turns himaround and asks him to grant him his talent the day of the preactice match has arrived,the aomaori dadada soccer club enters the stadium with a great intiminationone of their players nameoka ryo asks their coach why they have to player agasintthese weaklings, he says tells him that it is adult stuff but someone else from theteam says that he defently was bought off Ryo goes over to reo and tells him that hewill crush his rich kids fantasies into tiny pieces in no time, reo tells him to shut up andtells him them that they are the naive ones.

As he tells them to not talk abouthim at thier insiginificant caliber, Reo ends it with telling them that theystill dont know who the real genius is which gets the aomaori players to laugh,Ryo tells reo that he will crush him with vevery thing he's got and makes funof reo calling him the real genius reo tells them to try it and tells themthat the genius isn't him but all of them aomori starts with the ball, reo has alreadyanalyzed the opposing teams style and knows that their base tactic is to get the ball totheir striker captain nameoka and to use his steel body, unlike any other high school studnetsin a power duel style to dominate the field, they know that they can't stop nameokaswrath so instead they make a triangle.

Formation to cover his dibbling courseNameoka calls them weak for using the power of numbers and passes the ball to his teamatewho passes it on to another teammate making their own trinagle and breaking hakuhos trinaglehakuhos players can't keep up with their press and nameoka tells them that they are just abunch of nobodies just like their school but just then reo comes in and steals the balltelling him that its going just as planned, Nameoka is schoked and reo tells him thatit would be a pain to get past him alone so its easier to make use of others for thatreo has the ball and tells hakuho to go, Reo planned for the team to switch up wheneber he getsthe ball, both wings run forward and spread out creating a wide cap, leaving the center wide openthen reo can use that space in the center and.

Trade short distance passes to bluid up momentumwith a low chance of losing the ball. Aomaori is quickly loses the advantage of thegame and naemoka tells them to sandwich reo but thats nothing to reo who makes a awesomenutmeg and a roulette to get behind them Reo thinks back to one of his and nagistraning sessions, Reo tells nagi that he needs to be somewhee where he can score agoal from and wait for reos passes there nagi is confused and asks reo if footballisn't a game you player with 11 players and asks if its okay to do something soself-centred but reo tells him thats its fine because reo is gonna prove to theworld that nagi is the best there is so the only thing nagi has to dois play football while trusting reo.

Back in the game reo sees nagi running andboth of them have a very meanceing look to eachother as reo makes a insansepass to nagi telling him to go but just then Nameoka comes from behindnagi and moves his center point which gets nagi into a position where he can'tshot from or thats what he thought because nagi is fonfused and wonders what itis that nameoka is talking about and thinks that he can reach the ball just fineas he jumps up and trapps the ball with his heel makign a scorpion trap and thenhe makes a crazy roulette volley in the air and shots the ball right into the netwhich geoes in without any trouble, everyone in Hakuho is over the moon running to nagiwhile the players from aomoari looks deavasted.

And thats when nagi and reo became apair of unstable abnormal monsters, while they are celebrating we can seeanri looking at the game from a far anri makes a phone call and says that shehas found a extraordinary par. we also get to see some small shots of other people gettingtheir invetation to blue lock such as isagi, kunigami, chigiri, barou and zantetsuafter that reo tells nagi that they will become the top of the world together but nagiis just thinking that its a big pain as always Reo and nagi contienus to makehead lines after lines while they are showing off their incridble skillsBack in school reo got nagi a present, he got him a pair of cleats that nagi had menetion before,nagi says that its cool while focusing on his game.

So reo shoves the new cleats up in nagis faceand nagi tells him to stop and that he will die, reo sitts down and offers some bread butnagi tells him that even digetsing is a pain and i have to just say that i lovenagis and reos bounds with eachother, they are such a new duo and compliments eachotherperfectly they are honeslty the ideal friend duo anyway back to the video,Reo and nagi is back in traning and reo tells nagi to run one more lap whilenagi falls to the floor with no enegry left So reo decieds to give nagi apiggyback, Nagi tells reo thats its comfy before asking for a limousineand reo agrees because of nagis hard work Nagi tells reo that he is werid and reo tellshim that he dosn't have to tell him that,.

Nagi continues and tells him that he is weridbecuase he isn't bother to hang out with him Reo laughs and says that he can toloerate himjust fine besides he thinks its fun being with u Nagi looks shocked and reo asks him if he'sstarting to have fun and nagi tells him that he dosn't really want to play soccer butbeing with reo isn't a pain so its fine They continue their traning and nagi tells himthat he is tired and that its time to go home, Reo tells him that he knows and asksnagi to do one more just for him Nagi tells reo that he is doing more thenusual today and reo tells him that its becuase his shitty father told him thatunless he can carry the japanse national team on your back he won't acknowledge himand thats why both participating and winning.

The nationals are reos stepping stones and afterthat he will keep on winning and become japans representative in the shortest time possibleHe looks over at nagi and tells him to join him until they win the world cup, But nagi justsays that he is hungry. After that Ba-ya comes telling them that they did a good job todayand asks to speak with the young master reo for a while, Reo asks her what it isand she tells him that he has gotten a letter form the japan football unionshe tells him that there were a chance that his father would throw this away if hefound it so Ba-ya hid it to bring it to him, which makes reo smiles as he thanks herNagi recongize the letter and takes out a similiar looking letter and tells reo that it was deliverdto him aswell, Reo tells them to open it together.

In the letter it says that they have beenselected for a special player traning program, Reo looks super excited and thinks thatthis might be a sudden japanese team traning camp or a u-18 delegation summonsbut nagi isn't as excited as reo is and tells him that he hates stuff like traning camps and that heonly wants to keep playing games and taking naps This makes Reo bring out his inner demon formand says that this is a big chance for them and that if they make an impact here, it couldbe the quickest way to join the national team Nagi looks over at Ba-ya-san and asks if she canget reo to stop but she tells him that she can't, she tells nagi that he has beentaking care of young master reo since he was born so she will respect his willNagi thinks for a bit and decieds to tag along,.

Nagi asks Ba-ya-san to take careof his cactus while he is gone reo is suprised that nagi keeps a cactus in hisroom but nagi tells him that he likes to have a companion in his room, When nagi bought it heasked for the least annoying and got Choki reo laughs and tells him what obscurechoice it is and after that nagi and reo goes into into the football unionReo clenches shirt and nagi asks him if he is job hunting which actually is prettyfunny but reo tells that who knows what kind of guys are in there, he tells nagi that he can'twait for the two of them to kick thier asses nagi asks reo what would happen if therewas someone better then him in there and asks if it woudn't be better for reo to teamup with him instead, but reo laughs and says.

That he won't do something that heartlesswhen they enter the room they are greated by a bunch of players, Reo is shocked at the numbersand nagi comes up with another great one liner and says that they might be trying to create an armyReo spots some familar players in the crowd like Aomoris messi, Neishioka orShonana's predator saramadara and kagoshima's titan god warrior shigumaReo is excited to see so many great players but nagi on the other hand sits down ina corner and starts playing his game Just then the door opens and Kira ryosukaenters, Reo is once again in shocked that the rumored to be in the u-18 japan nationalteam, the jewel of japan, kira ryosuke is here Nagi looks over and mumbles the jewelof japan and asks if it is that avergae.

Looking shorty aka IsagiBut reo sqiues his cheecks and says that its the tall handsomee oneJust then the lights go out and someone enters the scen, he says that all 300 of youguys are the best striker under 18 and reavels his name to be ego jinpachihe tells them that he was hired to make japan a world cup champion and says that theone to survive blue lock and be the last one standing will become the worlds best strikerReo is shocked but excited and when he turns around he sees that nagi is about to leave,Nagi tells him that he is gonna go home and that from 300 people to 1 is bound to be though,I'm not motivated it's impossible for me he says Reo gets a hold on nagis arm and says that thetwo of them can do it if they just particapate.

For the time being, But nagi looks at him andsays the two of us what are you saying reo that guy said we'd fight until only one of usis left right, If so then wouldn't that mean that you and i will be enemies someday, reois to stunned to speak but just then Ego says that if you don't become the worlds top egoistyou can never be the best striker in the world and asks them a question, he tells them to imaginethemself at the final match of the world cup eighty thousand specatotors and youron that field, The score is 0 to 0 and it's the second half's overtimethe very last play you've received a pass from your teammate and itsnow a 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper But… there's a teammate six meters to yourright, if you pass you can almost certaininly.

Get a point, tje expectations of all of japanat such a critical point in the championship and you shoot without hesitation, onlysuch crazy egoists may procced ahead, Ego tells them to take pleasure in their own goalsabove all else and live only for that moment isn't that what it means to be a strikerand when he says that Isagi yoichi starts running to door which starts a chemecalreaction making everyone rush to the door leaving only Reo and nagi behind, Ego asksthem if there arn't coming but reo says that they are going and tells nagi to go toblue lock, but nagi tells him that he isn't going and that it sounds like a painNagi says that he probaly get bored and want to leave right away, Ego asks nagiif he were bored by his explanation and.

Nagi tells him that he was because after allit was easy for him to envison the winning goal of the world cup, but ego tells him thathe is wrong and that he woudn't make it he tells nagi that he still dosn't understandhis own ego, Ego tells him that there are plenty of self proclaimed geniuses like nagiin the world, who grows up without a fight Ego isn't intrested in some self-consciousovergrown bastards who just want to live without getting hurt, he tells nagito go ilive in fomfort and rot away and just as nagi is about to go reo stopshim, He tells ego that nagi isn't like any of those genisues out there andhe tells ego that they can make it Ego questions him and asks whathe means by the two of them and.

That there can't be two best in the worldthats when reo grabs nagis shirt and tells nagi that if thats the case then reo will make nagithe best striker in the world and thats his ego Nagi tries to stop him and tells himthat he dosn't want to but reo tells him to shut up and believe in him, Hetells nagi that he will take him to a life more enthralling than any nap or gameand promoses to never make nagi feel bored, Finally nagi agress and asks reo to promisehim one thing to stay with him till the end reo laughs and asks nagi if thats his ego andwith that the blue lock project is in go and thats the untold story about nagi and reoi just want to say that i love this spin off series and how they show off nagis and reoslife before blue lock but also in blue lock.

Because there some more chapters goinginto nagis and reos life in blue lock so if you guys like this video and want meto cover more chapters of the spin off then please subscribe and show this video somelove so that i know that you want more also please comment what you think off this spinoff manga, do you like it or do you not like it? and if you are curious to see HowNagi Became The Best Player In The World then please watch the video whichwill be poping up at the screen now anyway thanks for watchingand have a great day bye

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