When this man realized that his sister become if fact be told his mother, he went entirely loopy.

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The man just shouted The entire city's electrical system is completely paralyzed This is because the man has a midnight eye It can control all the electronic devices in the world The man's name is Goku. He's a private investigator. Now employed by this beautiful woman Help her find her missing brother Not long ago the girl was molested by her boss.

She warned her boss If her brother finds out. He would kill him But the boss didn't care He told her her brother is the failure of the experiment His body has become animalistic He has to rely on drugs to maintain Sooner or later, he will lose his mind.

He will become a horrible killing machine. Just then… -A figure appeared at the door. It was the woman's brother, Ryu. Ryu heard the conversation between them. He was so angry that he was ready to kill him. Just then Two robotic dogs jumped on Ryu and bit him on both arms. He broke through the glass of the room.

And escaped. He was never seen again. This woman's name is Yoshiko To find her brother who had disappeared She hired a private investigator, Goku. She asked him to meet her in a remote place and made a request She wanted to participate in the search for her brother As soon as the words were spoken.

Yoshiko gave a frightened look The next moment The manhole cover in front of her began to glow Inside, a robot dog ran out. Goku spotted it immediately. and he took care of it easily. He then took Yoshiko into the underground pipe Countless robot dogs followed But for Goku, who has the Midnight Eye.

It's all small stuff The battle was quickly resolved As soon as the employment relationship started, they were attacked. Goku knows Yoshiko must be hiding something from him. But Yoshiko still refuses to tell him the truth. Goku scans Yoshiko with his Midnight Eye. I didn't expect this woman to be a big deal. Goku reveals Yoshiko's identity and told her.

His left eye can access all the information in the world. Yoshiko doesn't believe him and thinks he's a liar. Goku continued to read the information without panic. He finds out Yoshiko's brother died 15 years ago. And uttered the news Yoshiko had to tell the truth She told Goku She and her brother were adopted as children by General Zenzo In order to train her brother as a secret weapon.

Zenzo faked her brother's death. Because of the experiment's failure Ryu was about to become a monster. It has to be before the worst happens Bring Ryu under control Goku's work begins. From Yoshiko's mouth He and his brother grew up in Yokohama So he planned to go to Yokohama first to find out about the situation.

Meanwhile In the ruins of Yokohama A group of punks caught a girl and prepared to molest her The girl ran into an abandoned building Ryu was found next to her The punks came after her At that moment, Ryu's whole body emitted red light The punks were all killed.

When Goku and Yoshiko arrived. Ryu had already disappeared. Goku used his Midnight Eye to detect residual energy and began locating it using satellites. Ryu was found to have gone underground and headed north. Yoshiko said This is the direction of the National Defence Agency. He was going to seek revenge on General Zenzo. At this moment, Ryu defeated the guards and took the elevator all the way up. The officer ordered his men to cut the power.

Let the elevator fall down The elevator fell 90 stories from the building Ryu's ribcage began to glow and his whole body went into a beastly state. With a flash of red light The elevator is completely destroyed But Ryu was safe and sound. Ryu takes the stairs to the top floor His adoptive father, Zenzo, was right in front of him. This is the man who experimented with Ryu's body.

He didn't want to lose Ryu, his secret weapon. In his heart, he doesn't even think of Ryu as a human being. Ryu responded with his own He reached out his hand and fired an energy attack. But what he didn't expect was to shatter a mirror. And then The ambushed soldiers began shooting at Ryu. Angry Ryu destroys the entire building. Goku and Yoshiko have arrived.

They saw Ryu lose his mind in the flames. Yoshiko felt it was too late. There was no one left to stop Ryu. But Goku told Yoshiko with style He could stop him. He chased Ryu to the top of the subway train Yoshiko ran up to him and shouted Kill Ryu! Goku was shocked to hear that.

He didn't know why Yoshiko was doing this. The priority now is to get Ryu under control. With his left eye, he opens all the doors of the train aisle Finding the right moment He lengthened his vajra and pushed Ryu off the train. Then he chased after him. Ryu launched a sneak attack in the ruins. Goku controls the excavator with his left eye Attack Ryu.

Then several more steel plates were hoisted Blocking Ryu's way out Ryu has no hostility towards Goku At that moment, the sound of police sirens came from the distance Ryu said, “See you later. And then he disappeared into the ground and left. Goku found Yoshiko. He asks Yoshiko why she killed Ryu What made Yoshiko change her mind?.

Yoshiko doesn't answer He continued. Ryu didn't want to become a killing machine. He was just a sacrificial lamb. Hearing these words, Yoshiko's eyes filled with tears She said she would try to save Ryu But he was turning into a monster so fast. No matter what medicine is used now, it won't help. There is nothing anyone can do to save him now.

Yoshiko just hopes before he hurts more people Let Goku end Ryu's life At this moment, Yoshiko has only Goku to rely on. Looking at the beautiful Yoshiko Goku kissed Yoshiko with affection and took her home. This was the only way to soothe her broken heart. It was another sleepless night. A tired Goku lit a cigarette.

He quietly thought about how to deal with Ryu. Finally at dawn Goku had a flash of light To break Ryu's powerful energy defense he had to use a powerful weapon He used Midnight Eye He used his Midnight Eye to search the world for military data. Finally, he found a special weapon. So Goku set out immediately.

To a technology lab Using his left eye to control the production of machinery and equipment When the finished product is ready It was a cool sports car The weapon in the car could penetrate Ryu's energy defense Blast directly into the target's body So Goku drove off. At the same time Yoshiko, who had been working hard all night, woke up.

But she was greeted with a big slap in the face. The man picked her up by the hair It was Yoshiko's adoptive father, Zenzo. When he saw that she had spent the night with another man He had to teach her a lesson. At this time Goku also found Ryu. Just as he aimed at Ryu and was about to fire his weapon Yoshiko appeared on the screen.

And Ryu also found Goku at that moment Reaching out and launching an energy attack Knock Goku's car out of the sky Ryu's body is spiraling out of control Zenzo's arrival makes him even more furious But when Zenzo took off his hat He looks exactly like Ryu. But what he said was even more shocking. It turns out Ryu is a clone made from Zenzo's cells.

He didn't believe Zenzo's words. Turning his head to look at Yoshiko But Yoshiko's attitude said it all Zenzo went on to say Yoshiko's brother died 15 years ago. Yoshiko surrogated him from a cell into a fetus Then placed in an incubator All his memories were implanted into it He is actually only a month old.

In other words Yoshiko is his mother When he learned the truth, Ryu went mad. Powerful energy poured out at Zenzo. But Zenzo mastered this power himself through his experiments with Ryu. Ryu has no more use Just as Zenzo was about to kill him. Yoshiko stood in front of Ryu's body without any thought. Then a powerful force struck both of them.

At that moment, Goku came with the dead Yoshiko in his arms. In the face of this crazy guy Goku doesn't want to talk nonsense Take out the vajra stick and attack him But Zenzo was stronger than Ryu. A short fight pinned Goku against the wall. He activated the launcher with his left eye Using the weapon he intended to use against Ryu using it to attack Zenzo at this point.

In Zenzo's surprised eyes The missile exploded in his body All is quiet. Goku looked at Yoshiko on the ground. She didn't say a word of truth to Goku even at the end His left eye can see through everything. But he still couldn't see through the women. This is the second episode of Goku Midnight Eye. For those of you who don't understand the plot.

You can check out the first episode I posted earlier See you in the next video

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