Who Is Lancelot?

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Who was Lancelot Lancelot is a member ofthe four Nets the apocalypse and is deemed the Knight of War he is half human in thatfairy due to his parents being fond of the seven deadly sins and Elaine the guardian of thefairy King's Forest he is incredibly powerful and has inherited his mother's ability to read thehearts and minds of people he also has gained her ability of fairies Transformation Magicso is able to change his appearance the one he used the most is a red fox goes by thename of sin which he uses for stealth and information gat hering missions that he doesfor meliotis he is incredibly powerful and was able to take on multiple chaos nights allat once and even fought Arthur to a stalemate his main ability is not stated but he primarilyhas immense magical power to the point where.

Any weapon he has will break upon contact heis a brilliant strategist and he knows how to recess with situation very calmly and notand tends to be in control of most situations he is also highly proficient in the use of arrowscombined with his Close Quarters common abilities he's a master of long and short-rangedcombat so all that stuff to ask about

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  1. I mediate Lancelot incarnation Yhwach I imply all that impossible powers he has oh so his weapons bow and arrow upset foresight he can read minds I imagine he reborn himself shimmering you disappear is PowerUp future must stop anyone else I imagine Guinevere has that energy that's why the two of them Destin together

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