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Welcome back to enemy hour I'm your host the animeguy and today we'll be diving into the exciting world of my hero Academia and we'll be ranking allthe students in class 1a but before we get started keep in mind that these are just personal opinionsand not all the rankings are set in stone so if you feel like a student should be ranked higheror lower do me a favor and comment down below but without further delay let's get started with our Dtier list starting off in the D tier list aka the trash terms this list will consist of Heroes whoin my opinion are more fun characters and bring comedic relief to the story let's start off witheveryone's favorite tummy ache I mean Yuga ayoma AKA Naval laser his Court gives him the ability tofire a laser from his stomach which is extremely situational and given that he can only use it in alimited number of times before having to rest and.

Recharge if not he gets a tummy ache this easilyputs him in the d-tier category fear not for Naval laser is not at the bottom bottom of the list byhimself he's paired alongside the infamous minera AKA great brush he is The Quirk pop-off which hegrows purple balls on him that look like grapes these grape-like balls stick to surfaces which canhold objects and even people down but there are a ton of drawbacks to this Quirk for startersthere is a limited number of quantity he can produce which overall drains his stamina the morehe uses the more draining this could be he even starts to bleed after a while this puts greatbrush in the detier category the next Hero on our d-tier list is none other than KOJA Coda AKAanima his Quirk is Anna voice which allows him to communicate with animals this Quirk comes with aton of disadvantages for starters he can only use.

This on animals that are in the nearby vicinityso if the only animals that are nearby are turtles then he better hope it's the Ninja Turtles Thistruly shows the lack of offensive capability of Anima While others have insane destructivequirks anima doesn't this doesn't even factor in his shyness which really sets him back a lotthus putting them in the detier category wait why can't I see who's next oh that's because herability is invisibility see what I did there never mind our next hero is taru hakakir alsoknown as invisible girl she comes in a d-tier category with the Quirk invisibility her Quirkis simple invisibility which has some advantages and disadvantages for starters she can easily getthe jump on any enemy let's not forget that when a mission calls for some reconnaissance she'syour girl for the job as for fighting skills.

To sum it up you can't hit what you can't see buther invisibility comes at a cost she needs to get naked to do so or wear a special uniform or suitPlus in low light situations and Dark Places her ability is null and void ultimately putting herin the detiered category moving into our C tier category we have Han tacero aka the cellophanehero his Quirk is known as tape which allows him to dispense tape from his elbows making him thenumber one hero when it comes to office supplies just kidding the tape dispense from his elbowsis strong and stretchable allowing him to use it like a Vine similar to Tarzan as you cantell he is great when it comes to search and rescue missions since his ability can be usedto save multiple people but he can also use it to restrain the bad guys as he waits for properauthorities but does this mean he's limited to.

His team dependency making him a team playerrather than the main star of the team when it comes to offensive abilities Cerro needs to makeway for other Heroes to beat at the bad guys so he can restrain them at the end of the fight thusputting cellophane hero in the sea tier category one second if you're liking the video so far do mea favor and click that subscribe button so you can stay up to date with all my anime videos our nexthero is every six-year-old kid Sugar Rush is The Quirk that belongs to rikito Sato AKA Sugar Manhis Quirk allows him to temporarily enhance his strength and speed by consuming sugar essentiallyhe is a man-child the main takeaway from this is his power is limited and once the effects were offhe's essentially useless but keep in mind that if he can time the consumption of his sugar to thosecrucial moments to those big boss fights he's a.

Huge benefit to himself and his teammates lastlyhis Quirk makes him durable meaning he can handle more damage in battle giving him the advantagefor today's video sugar man gets a sugar crash into the sea tier category our next student can bemistaken for the Mortal Kombat character Goro we have mezzo Shoji AKA tentacle his Quirk is duplaarms which grants him multiple tentacle-like arms with his multiple arms he's both a great offensiveand defensive support here with multiple arms he can perform multiple tasks at once which isgreat for rescue operations but due to the lack of power he can generate this puts him in ac tier category for today kyokajiro more commonly known as earphone jack is next on the list andher Quirk is earphone jack this allows her to plug into objects and amplify sound pounds thisis a great offensive attack and even better for.

Reconnaissance being able to provide valuableinformation especially reconnaissance to any team is valuable she can use her earphone Jacks toattack opponents with powerful sound blasts or she can use her Quirk to eavesdrop on conversations ordetect the location of enemies for today's video earphone jack lands in the sea tier categorymoving into the b-tiered category we have a fan favorite well more like deku's favorite wehave ochaku uraka more commonly known as uravity she has The Quirk zero gravity this allows herto make anything she touches weightless she can make herself teammates enemies and even floatobjects but she can also help with large-scale evacuation immobilizations and aerial support withher Partners but let's not forget that she's very smart when it comes to utilizing her Quirk this iseasily demonstrated in the fight with bakugou when.

She was the underdog but use her smarts to almosttake him down this easily put puts her in the b-tier category next on the list we have Mr followthe rules Tenya also known is ingenium he has The Quirk engine which grants him super speed in whichthe lower part of his legs turn into engines talk about being on point with his engine leaks thisgives him the ability to move at incredible speeds making him fast to execute attacks and even rescuecitizens in distress with his speeds this enhanced Tanya's ability to deliver devastating kicks anduse his speed to create strong whirlwinds being the class representative this shows his strongleadership role coming from a family of Heroes this puts Tenya in the b-tier category we have afan favorite up next we have suyu asui AKA froppy she has The Quirk frog this allows her to haveseveral frog-like abilities such as the ability to.

Stick the walls extend their tongue for attacksand rescuing and let's not forget her great swimming capabilities with her frog-like abilitiesthis gives sue the advantage when it comes to speed movement and Agility thus making her aharder Target to hit I've mentioned it several times in this video but an intelligent student canreally take their cork to another level and Sue is one of them with her analytical thinking thisputs certainly be to your category ashiaro ojiro AKA tell man is next on the list he is The Quirktail and you've guessed it he has a tail similar to a monkey this gives tail man the ability toperform acrobatic Maneuvers since this provides him enhanced balance and Agility with this talehe can strike opponents with a powerful Tail Whip or use it to Grapple and restrain them the samegoes for grasping and interacting with objects.

Or surfaces giving him more Mobility optionsthroughout the anime you see Michelle demonstrate great strength and stamina which only enhanceswith his tail ability tailman whips his way into b-tier category the last student in the b-tieredcategory is minoshito AKA pinky her Quirk is acid which allows her to produce and manipulate acidfrom her body this includes shooting acid from her hands which can corrode and dissolve variousmaterial Wheels aside from her asset abilities Pinky has impressive agility which is demonstratedin several fights one ability we did witness is her covering her entire body with acid thus givingher a shield of some sorts minoshito ranks in the b-tier category Momo yarurozu is our first a-tiercharacter she has the court creation which allows her to create any object from her body if youwanted one of the most versatile quirks on today's.

List this is it with a quirk-like creation sheneeds to be a quick thinker and even fast when it comes to execution with her ability to analyzesituations and create useful objects on the fly makes her a valuable asset on the battlefield thereason she didn't rank in s tier was due to her limitations Momo's Quirk has certain limitationsshe needs to understand the molecular structure of the object and the more complicated the object isthe longer it takes to create thus ranking Momo in the a-tier category ijiro kiroshima more commonlyknown as red right has The Quirk hardening and for a character that isn't the main character hehas the most significant character development in all of my hero Academia his Quirk allows himto harden his body like a rock which makes his skin extremely durable and resistant to physicalattacks this is a great feature especially when it.

Comes to a blow to blow with a very strong enemylet's not forget that he can withstand extreme temperatures when he has his Quirk active whichis a great option for rescue operations dealing with Fire Red Riot finds a comfortable spot inthe a-tier category our next student is known for his high energy output his placement willshock you okay all jokes aside we have kaminari AKA charge bolt his Quirk is electrification thisallows him to discharge electricity from his body this can be a useful tactic in both offensiveand defensive situations if this was the start of the series I would have easily ranked themin the D tier category for for how many times he short circuit his brain during battle but as theseries progressed he learned how to control and understand his limitations when it comes to takingdown a ton of enemies kaminari has no problem at.

All at generating a ton of electrical output todisable all of them for today kaminari climbs into the a-tier category our final student in thea-tier category is none other than tokiyama his Quirk is dark shadow this allows him to manifesta sentient shadowlike creature from his body Dark Shadow can be used in both offensive anddefensive situations and his Quirk is Amplified even more at night time in which Dark Shadowbecomes immensely strong keep in mind that a dark shadow becomes more powerful than tokiyamaand it tokiyama loses control of his emotions this can cause Dark Shadow to lose control overall ifit wasn't for that right there that little thing right there about losing control tokiyama and DarkShadow would have easily been ranked in the S tier category but with the limitations and the brightlight limitations this really hinders tokiyama's.

Slot and puts him in the a-tier category finallywe made it to the S tier category these are the best students in class 1a and there's no betterplace to start than everyone's K-pop Idol Shoto Todoroki his Quirk is half cold half hot thisQuirk allows him to control and manipulate both Fire and Ice this is a quirk combo from bothhis father the current number one hero Endeavor and his mother a Wilder Vice aside from theprestigious hero fam he has mastered the ability to use both ice and fire to create barriersimmobilize targets and create powerful attacks todoroki's Quirk comes in handy often from searchand rescue to all-out battles rather than today's ranking putting him in the S tier category thebigger question is what hero rank will Todoroki be in the future our next student is the commonstudent in class 1A all right who are we kidding.

Here he's always mad we have the Hot Head himselfbakugou his cork is explosion which allows him to create and manipulate explosions from his sweatbakugou is an exceptional fighter who is driven by his sheer will of not being surpassed by anyonewhen it comes to combat skills his hand-to-hand combat is exceptional this is easily displayedin the 1v1 against Deku when it comes to overall movement and Mobility bakugou is special he useshis explosiveness to move around at rapid speeds out of all the students in class 1a bakugouhas the best character development from being izuku's childhood bully to being the classhothead to sacrificing himself to save Deku it seems like bakugou has no limitations to hisgrowth as a character ranking bakugou was fairly easy if there was an S Plus tier he'd be on thatlist but for today he easily ranks in the S tier.

Category our final character is the wielder of theultimate power one for all we have Azuka midoriya more commonly known as Deku Deku inheritedthe power of one for all from his predecessor Almighty Deku was chosen for multiple reasons oneof the main reasons he was chosen was due to his determination on becoming a hero midoriya beingpowerless would run towards danger without regard to his own safety in order to save his childhoodBully from danger after inheriting the powers of almight Deku continued to grow and hone his powersat the same time facing new threats and overcoming each one of those threats over and over with thepowers of all for one combined with his critical thinking and analytical skills Deco uses hisabilities to quickly discover ways to overcome each new phone izuka midoriya was the easiest oneto rank on today's list he's the main character.

And if you've heard the opening monologue at allthen you've probably have heard this this is the story of how I become the world's greatest herothis is the main reason Deku ranks in the S tier category and there you have it all of the class1a students ranked in a tier list thank you so much for watching are there any students inclass 1a you'd move up or you'd move down I would love to hear your opinions Down Below inthe comment section don't forget to subscribe to anime hour for more anime videos If you'relooking for more anime content check out these two videos on screen the one on the left is theultimate anime rule book and the one on the right is ranking all of the magic Knight captainsfrom the anime Black Clover thank you again for stopping by and watching anime hour nowgo out there and go watch some anime.

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