Why Demon Slayer Composed Leaves Me Speechless In 2023

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Growing up I always aspired to do great things achieve my wildest dreams and strive to impact those around me in some meaningful way my only barrier to these thoughts was the lack of courage and confidence to dig deep and manifest those things into reality during those times of Doubt insecurity and reflection shown in anime brightened my spirits and.

Made me confident that if the main protagonist can go from Zero to Hero then who's to say I can't either rub Naruto proclaiming to be the next Hokage would be striving to be the pirate king Goku just wanting to be the strongest fighter in the universe and Asta trading his ass off to become the wizard King despite having no magical abilities this.

Optimistic message gave me a new level of confidence that I didn't think could be replicated then I stumbled across a small little anime called Demon Slayer in amazing and eye-opening fashion this show taught me and so many others that Shonen an anime can come in many different shapes and sizes almost surprisingly the show's protagonist.

Doesn't want to slay every demon he comes across become the Pinnacle of strength in his universe verse or even obtain any kind of status in the world he's a part of so you may be asking then what does he want well he just wants to save his little sister I was hooked right then and there as I watched more and more and read the entire manga I.

Came to realize that the message sprinkled throughout the show redefined and set the course for the potential Shonen manga had in the future so in this video we'll be exploring three reasons how Demon Slayer redefine the Shonen genre and captured my heart in the process what's up anime fan base it's Dill back with another video to.

Explore the very depth of all that anime has to offer if that sounds interesting fun or insightful be sure to subscribe for regular analysis content injected straight into your YouTube feed as a bit of caution there will be some spoilers talking about the later parts of the Demon Slayer story so if you're an anime only viewer who doesn't want to know how.

This story ends please proceed with caution I know in the past when Demon Slayer first came out there was a ton of controversy regarding if it had lived up to the hype it was gay getting so I would love to hear what you guys think in the comments now that we've had time to sit with it for a little more than three years now so without further Ado.

Let's get into today's video part one of why I believe Demon Slayer is an amazing show are the characters I believe without a doubt the characters and Demon Slayer are some of the best written that I have ever come across like I had alluded to in the introduction there is a very big difference between Demon Slayer and the main Shonen series that.

It has been compared to oftentimes I see that there are many one-dimensional characters in other series who are just there for the sake of being there and not providing any value to the story or just being a product of a one-dimensional character trait while I'm not saying this is bad in any way or the criteria for a show being made well.

Is the inclusion of a very complicated character I personally find it most interesting when there's more to each character than what they show on the surface with the case of Demon Slayer it seems that every character has their own interesting Quirk but in addition to this they have a unique and complex backstory that fleshes out why they are.

Truly the way they are like what I talk about in my various Demon Slayer analysis videos linked to my playlist in the description the characters in the show all seem to be connected in some way to a tragic event or past that shapes them and molds them into the characters they develop into as we learn more about them what I love most of all.

In particular is how each of the characters in the story feel almost strangely relatable and connect through the struggle and perseverance that they show through each of the characters specific trials and tribulations in life I connected with them on a level that very few characters in The Shonen genre space were able to replicate I think.

It's due to the refreshing themes of maturity that are present throughout Demon Slayer that really solidified the main cast for me and made me fall in love with the series in a sea of Shonen characters who are immature and short-sighted tanjito's level-headedness and kindness stood out to me and showed us the viewer that the genre didn't have.

To be associated with main characters who didn't fit this ignorant Persona yes I'll be first to admit that each character throughout the show has their interesting unique and annoying qualities but see each character grow together and overcome their large life obstacles quickly dismiss this annoyance for me moving on to part two of why.

Demon Slayer is an amazing show are the visuals and music with you photoable as the animation studio tasked with adapting the manga I think there was no question that Demon Slayer was going to have some god-tier animation and it really did deliver in this department oftentimes and I've seen this a lot CGI can absolutely ruin a specific fight.

Scene or key moment that the animation studio is trying to convey but Demon Slayer CGI not only doesn't fail at doing this it actually enhances the fights into what we see on screen as a mesmerizing spectacle of scale and environment whether it's tanjito training in the mountains being placed in the final selection exam and being.

Asked to survive trudging through the snow with his demon sister on his back or aboard a living train that preys on its passengers demons there does an absolutely amazing job at placing a huge emphasis on the surrounding environment and showing us that the location of the fights plays a part in the battles that are fought on it paired with the.

Breathtaking soundtrack these environments true really feel alive and leave me genuinely speechless I sometimes feel as if reading the entire manga was a big downside because it leaves me wanting to see how the entirety of the show will be animated and let me tell you I have yet to be disappointed the third and final reason.

Why teamless player is an amazing show is the pacing story and storyline as a whole it speaks volume to the nature of the story when so much of it can be conveyed beautifully and elegantly while also not wasting any time in the process assuming that many people watching this video are Shonen fans I'm sure we all know the struggle of watching a long and.

Drawn out Arc like the war Arc and Naruto for instance sorry if I just triggered any Naruto fans out there similar to tanjito being thrust into the world of demons and Demon Slayers you feel a certain sense of momentum and that you're being pushed along with the plot as quickly as tanjiro is acclimating to the new life.

He's now living this notion works perfectly too since all the things he learns on his journey serve as a tool to explain the new world to the audience as well from topics such as nietzschid and swords the upper Moon demons to the pillars and breathing techniques the influx of information never made me feel overwhelmed in the slightest and.

Reflecting on the show now actually accomplished a ton throughout the 44 episodes we've been presented with thus far on top of this I think the pacing and the overall story as a whole plays a huge part in many of the fights we see throughout the story I find the fight so refreshing in the story since oftentimes it's a team effort more so than any.

Individual person taking down the big bad at the end of an arc the infinite Castle Arc demonstrates this perfectly taking down kokoshibo took the combined efforts of moychito sodomy gyome and genya all working in tandem to overcome this major obstacle this show does a fantastic job of emphasizing that teamwork is more important than the.

Contributions of any single person which I found amazing and novel about the Demon Slayer story as a whole all in all while simplistic in nature Demon Slayer checks all the boxes for me when it comes to what I love seeing from a show beautiful visuals amazing fight choreography relatable character development development and a sense of.

Humanity that I find genuinely grounding in the Shonen genre this show demonstrated a unique and interesting Twist on the anime we all know and love and leaves me so excited for what's to come in this new age of Shonen but what are your thoughts on Demon Slayer as a whole do you agree that it's unique and beautiful or just another.

Run-of-the-mill anime let me know in the comments down below if you like this be sure to check out my Demon Slayer playlist discussing many of its amazing characters also I started a newsletter titled the anime Iceberg where I post weekly write-ups discussing content similar to what I post on this channel if that sounds interesting there's a.

Link in the description where you can sign up free with your email as always if you made it this far thank you so much for watching it's mid bill from anime analysis and until next time stay curious anime fam peace

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  1. I mediate demon slayer (kimetsu no yaiba) is a dazzling anime for some, and even for lots of others treasure me to be the well-liked anime, but it for sure looks liking kimetsu no yaiba in recent times has grow to be a crime, the haters hang increased lots and attain no longer admire any concept , the purpose to doesn't deserve so great detest, the haters discuss lots but never leave out an episode or news, there are even folks that are disturbed/embarrassed to claim they treasure demon slayer, it makes me very offended with the cyber web, that's why I don't hang many pals on the cyber web.

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