Why Does NOBODY Talk About Blue Exorcist!?

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Blue Exorcist is one of the best Manga ongoingright now no contest there are a lot of great manga but Blue Exorcist is a great one andunfortunately nobody is talking about it and I think I have an idea as to why in this videoand I'm fairly certain blocks those fans will probably agree with what I have to say hereand to those of you who have not seen or read Blue Exorcist or those of you who have onlywatched like the first season of the anime and are curious as to what's going on withthe Lexus now stay tuned because I'm going to get into My reasonings for why no one istalking about the series and why you should also get Heights for the series as well butbefore all that only 26 percent of the people who are watching my videos on this channelare subscribed which if you're already watching.

My videos why not subscribe like the videoand hit the notification Bell to be updated on future videos because then you can watchmy videos whenever I go live and you won't have to search me consistently whenever youwant to look up a series that I am covering or just by random happenstance it'd be verymuch appreciated and it shows you guys like the content I'm making this Channel enoughfor me to make even more of this content but without further Ado let's get into the video now I did a video similar to this on world trigger likeover a year ago on why is nobody talking about.

World trigger but this one's gonna be differentbecause instead of me recommending the series in detail like I did with World trigger Ijust go over briefly why I think blue Lexus isn't being talked about in the mainstreamanime manga community and how it could actually break into the mainstream or at least be inthe general conversations again because on Twitter and YouTube and even Instagram andTick Tock I don't see biloxious brought up at all it could be how my feed works but fromwhat I see from like major trending stuff going on bullaxis has never brought into theconversation at all same with some other monthly manga and this is a problem with a lot ofmonthly manga unless you're like boruto or Dragon Ball super or attack on Titan or relatedto some larger big Shonen series or have a.

Massively really well done anime adaptationgoes into the first reason why nobody is talking about Blue Exorcist it's already existinganime adaptation that seems to be kind of done for a moment so let's go over the animethe first season of the anime came out April 17 2011 and ended October 2nd 2011. which the first half of that season is Canonthe first half of season one was Canon and the rest of it was filler and an anime originalArc that took up the rest of the season there were some decent enough ideas in this andone of which was actually close enough to the manga but not not that great due to howthe manga portrayed things a hell of a lot better made more sense more build up and actualgood writing in terms of like stuff with backstory.

With Rin and Yukio and how they were bornbut this isn't a comparison video for the most part so what I'm getting at is that alot of people originally thought in the end an ending of 2011 that polarxus was done andthat's how a lot of anime onlys tend to be and not a lot of anime onlys were also mangareaders because they were anime onlys so no one really thought to check out the mangato see if there's anything changed or not because at that point what was out was outand that's what most of us watched I know that's what it was like for me and a lot ofanime fans until more stuff came out on Crunchyroll and eventually we ended up getting a seasontwo in 2017 six years later before I get into that Blue Exorcist overall consistency wisein terms of animation and art style was very.

Consistent with its anime it was done by A1pictures in both seasons and they were done relatively well and I do have to say thisthe animation for a lot of the moments very good and consistent like I stated but it wasaround the time in the early 2010s and even mint late 2000s were a lot of anime were eithergetting anime original endings or were left off on Cliffhangers to never really get aseason 2 until many years down the road and that was a shame because it's not just mangabut also it was some light novels from what I can tell I hear it happened to Spice andWolf to an extent I haven't watched the MAF but now we're getting a reboot that's supposedlygonna adapt the entirety of the light novel so I'm excited for that that's kind of mypoint a lot of series even Soul Eater which.

I believe for like 50 or so episodes 40 episodesthey were adapting the manga but then they won anime original towards the ending it wasstill good it was still a good anime but the ending was not that great or good at all dependingon the fans that you ask and the manga is complete right now and I'm currently collectingit so I can read the full series as it was intended in the manga and people are hopingthat there is a reboot for Soul Leader to adapt the entirety of the story and many ofus blew extra's fans want that for Blue Exorcist because with six years between season oneand season two that's over half a decade and people who watch season one will probablyassume that biloxious is done and if they didn't know there was a manga for the Lexusor they weren't interested in getting the.

Manga because and the story's done I don'treally care that much and I want to see and collect the manga of series that are currentlyongoing like for instance the big three for instance one piece Naruto and bleach as by2016 Naruto and bleach were both done and there were other series like fairy tale thatwere done and you can't deny that series did numbers and was popular for a good numberof years but that's kind of the thing with ongoing anime or if a series was seasonal gave a conclusion to the story even thoughit wasn't that great or good people thought that was it that's poor access the story isdone then 2017 happens and we get the announcement of a new lurks this season and people arelike oh is this a continuation season one.

With everything that happened then how arethey gonna top the end that season the Kyoto sag the Kyoto Arc that covered in season twostarted from the Midway point of season one which confused for sure a lot of fans I knowbecause at my college there were people that there were some people that were Lexus fansand they were confused as to what was going on and I found out that the mom it was stillongoing at that time because I was confused after watching the first two episodes as towhat was going on is this like material that was skipped and technically yes but this isthe actual material that should have come after the first half after the maimon uh fightwhich ended with rin's identity being fully revealed to his classmates and the Knightsof the True Cross as a whole and then we got.

Anime original content Kyoto continues fromthat Midway Point as we go more with ring and it's a good story builds up some charactersfrom the Side cast primarily Bond who has grown to be one of my all-time favorite charactersin this series and I love the guys so much and then that ended but even though that seasonI think was done relatively well even to this day because I rewatched it a little whileago very consistent and the pacing was pretty well done but a lot of people were probablyput off by the fact that a good shot of the first season meant nothing and now they'regoing into this other season not knowing if this is going to be Canon or not or if thisis just damage control chances are people just weren't interesting because they werelike the scenes series was done I don't want.

To go into this but I'll give it a try gotconfused and just decided to drop because there was other stuff airing at the momentkind of together with the fact that since it was originally done and not many peopleRead Manga out of the original Pace when Bluffs was coming out with its first season and inbetween season two not many people were talking about it because there was all these big up-and-comersand Shonen Jump getting a bunch of popularity same with like weekly showing a magazine includanciaso many new series that were weekly constantly talked about on Metro's message forums websitesTwitter and even YouTube people were talking about all these big kids and now people werenot many people were talking about the series that kind of got left in the shadows likeBlue Exorcist and here's the thing a part.

Of that aside from how the anime was treatedand handled was the monthly release schedule now I'm all for arth authors and artists gettingthe timing and I think blue X is a good example of monthly series being consistently goodand being given certain aspects of a story where it does not feel dragged out or toorushed a lot of times it feels fairly well paced with what the author originally intendsand that is a good thing and I don't mind waiting a month for my manga because I knowit's gonna be good and I enjoy the story and I cannot wait to see how things progress butas the years went on people ended up getting smaller attention spans for the most partwaiting a month for a series that you aren't entirely sure is going to get another animefor you to re-watch these moments or the fact.

That you just can't wait a month for yourfavorite series to release a new chapter you end up printing or watching other stuff andeventually it fades into the background I wanted to read the book says manga back in2017 that was when I was first getting into the wider variety of anime on my first crunchroll account and binge watched a bunch of different anime and slowly got into mangastarting with like one piece of my hero Academia and then I completely forgot about Lexus tolike 2020 when the pandemic happened I'm like oh right this series is still ongoing I betterread it I love the anime and I'm sure I'm gonna love the manga and sure enough I lovedit but one basically a part of the problem too aside with the combination of the animenot being given as proper Justice and just.

Giving an anime original conclusion wheremost people thought it ended for well over a decade no no one really talking about iton the big sites at all and the manga being monthly where not many people are going totalk about it every single month because other stuff happens in between unless like supersuper hype with a lot on a fan base it's not gonna break into the mainstream or Goldbergtalks about what's going on in one piece or black hole or my hero Jujutsu kaisen or evenboluto which is another monthly manga but that has to do with also the fact that asan anime running consistently with a bunch of filler and not adapting a lot of its Canonmaterial for the most part until there's enough material to adapt which also accounts to boruto'ssuccess yeah to be honest it is successful.

In Japan but in Japan Lux is also very successfulit ranks in the top 10 if not top five of the oricon charts along with one piece injjk it does good numbers it does good sales and why is it not talked about outside Japanit's because people are more prone to going to the next big thing or continuing with whatis already currently airing or getting Suggestions by the bigger and wider manga anime communityand a lot of those uh guys don't really do much with Blue Exorcist or even talk aboutit at all because there is a lot of stuff for them to look into and read and watch tomake content and there's not much time for them to do stuff on their own for their ownenjoyment a lot of time so they select what they want to do after on their free time thusresulting in web Lexus along with a bunch.

Of other really good manga that are most likelymonthly to kind of Fade Into Obscurity and into the background which is a real shamebecause a lot of these series are done very well in the terms of art pacing and storynow you can blame the fan base also for not making a big enough stink but here's the thingthe blue excess fan base is actually a fairly small compared to a lot of the others fromwhat I've seen and aren't as vocal as the unfortunately to say kind of obnoxious fanbase of a lot of the other big wide Shonen series that are out there on Twitter on YouTubeon Tick Tock blue exist is hardly ever talked about as I stated earlier and it has to dowith the anime the manga being monthly and the fact that with so many different seriesnew manga coming out or bring on new chapters.

Consistently weekly for a lot of the biggertitles them getting New Seasons or if they're weekly ongoing with their animes they're constantlytalked about every single week in Blue Exorcist being monthly kills the hype for a lot ofthe time two blue exorcists disadvantage but there is a strong chance that blue exist willget a Renaissance inner terms of a new anime you see at the end of 22 22 during jump Festabullocksist had a panel where they quickly announced that there was a new blue existanime project nothing has been said to buy this but there has been links that withinthe next few days or months or weeks we will get new Blue Exorcist material and news onthis new anime now we'll say to be a new anime project and that's very vague we don't knowif it's a season three continuing from where.

The Kyoto Saga season 2 left off which I thinka lot of us hope it's not really the case because even though us manga fans would loveit it doesn't fix the problem with no new anime fans jumping onto the title once seasonthree is announced because it's kind of a bit of a challenge or kind of going out ofyour way to just watch half of a season and jumping on to another one when you have otherstuff you want to watch at the exact same time and so what a lot of us are thinkingand hoping for is that this new anime adaptation is a reboot that flux just I and this getssaid a lot for a lot of manga that never got properly adapted the Full Metal AlchemistBrotherhood treatment we want plexus to get the Brotherhood treatment so we can adaptthe entirety of the manga the manga is still.

Ongoing it's monthly and it's gearing up towardsits final Arc from what I can tell with how signatures are set up it's not been announcedyet that it's entering the final Arc but that's how it feels things are going and it's monthlyso it's going to take its time to properly build up to it but if this is a full-on rebootof the anime and what would make it better if it was seasonal with 13 episode seasonsEvery year or two block resist with a good studio if it's aiming pictures or some otherbig Studio that can consistently give us good content will get newer anime fans interestedin blue actresses they'll jump on it they'll probably fall in love with it within the firstthree episodes varxist had a great start with its anime I have to admit those first openingchapters the first opening episodes were great.

And it got you invested it was emotional itwas tense it made you fall in love with the characters and want to see where things goand it made you feel concerned as well give you a bunch of different emotions and it setup the story properly so with a good anime adaptation with a reboot starting from thevery beginning new anime fans will definitely jump on it especially since if it comes outbetween Seasons like jjk and Chainsaw man some other Supernatural anime people are goingto want to fill that void and Blue Exorcist is more than capable of doing so if not beingmuch better because it is a really good series I'm not gonna say that blushers are betterthan jjk djk is good or chainsaw man channel man is good as well I'm not saying one isbetter than the other but I'm saying you will.

Get that Supernatural troll uh demon slayingactions shown in series that you will get from either of these three big ones from theLexus if it is done for a reboot it and what the amount of material we have in the mangait's monthly so a lot of the chapters like 40 to 60 pages and what they're being over140 Chapters at the moment we have roughly enough material for four to five 13 episodeSeasons at the very least works is a lot of material and if it's done as a seasonal Seriesin a reboot it'll go on for a while and people will end up talking about it to the pointwhere I think by the time the anime characters to the manga the manga will be almost or ifnot finished by that point if that's the case and I am praying and hoping that that is thecase but what did you guys think what's the.

Reason blue X's is essentially dead in theanime among community in terms of discussion and why no one brings it up do you agree withmy points about the anime the manga being monthly and some people having short attentionspans as well as the fact that it just gets drowned out by all the newer series new hypeanime and manga constantly coming out leave your thoughts opinions in the comment sectiondown below and if you haven't already like subscribe and hit the notification you'veuploaded some future videos it really helps I like doing discussion based content likethis on any series but if you want to see a little more bullets just definitely letme know and in the comments if you like luxist say Satan slash manga fans will know whatthat is and I hope anime onlys will get excited.

For when they eventually get the contactsfor that iconic line at this point for Blue Exorcist but with all that said and done Ihope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you all have an awesome day

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  1. Blue Exorcist is a chain I repeatedly knew about from abet in heart school (which is quite of authentic to think of since it became as soon as between season 1 ending and the initiate of season 2) but I never purchased into it till round 2018 or 2019. It's now one of my all time popular anime/manga sequence interval. And I am no longer somebody who reads a bunch of manga on the contemporary time but after finishing the anime, I surely desired to gain into it for no diverse reason than I wished more of it. I finally purchased my buddy to seem the anime and he also loved it. As long as what you're coming into into, I'd imply it, personally.

  2. Immense display! Most wonderful loyal enviornment the anime model has is the bank of filler episodes on the conclude of season 1, 18-25- as they haphazardly tried to assemble a compelled ending for the display regardless of season 2 selecting up with the Kyoto arc that became as soon as canon . Fair appropriate skip 18-25 and likewise you'll peek a considerably better flowing storyline unfold.

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