Why DreamWorks’ Trolls 3 Used to be Repeatedly Gonna Happen…

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you got a secret brother oh well I guess that was to be expected we can't always have too much of a good thing sometimes you just gotta make something to pay the bills the Billion Dollar Plus bills trolls lives on it was awful the first time doofy the second time and now we're here a third time because this franchise.

Just speed runs money did you not see how much money trolls 2 made over director streaming that being said is it pushing the boundaries of the trolls universe and stepping into territory of genuine good cinema with creative ideas original storytelling and a compelling execution trolls was never really for that in the.

First place what we've come to see has become of the trolls Universe now is the next step in the relationship between branch and Poppy marriage yeah oh cause that would be weird if we got married wow standard typical were they even a pair beforehand I barely remember it but what's more there's a new character to add into the.

Mix in branches I kid you not just long lost brother oh sorry bit slower branches long lost brother just another cliche typical plot Trope you know how it starts you can imagine where it goes oh my God love triangle You Know How It Ends add on a new genre of music and you've ticked off all the boxes for a simple trolls.

Edition that's sure to be added on repeat by all kids everywhere because you're riding on the successes of already established songs to fill out your jukebox musical just this time it's boy Burns now not relegated to an entire species of troll but just a family on the side one that's never been addressed before.

This point and of course was pulled out of absolutely nowhere come on Daddy I'm the cutest little flower man with a splash of the basicist conflicts of all time seeped in there but you know what I find particularly perplexing trolls one had the whole element of troll eaters in the Bergen look at all that World building just for.

Trolls 2 to completely disintegrate this entire corner of the universe and go with their own categories of trolls idea and now that we've loot round to the third we've done a Uno reversal on it all we're gonna have the best family reunion ever but not giraffe kids family or whatever the pooping cake guy's name is now the Bergens are back it's a.

Sequel to the first movie and all the other types of trolls you know the ones they learn to collaborate together with to bring back the heart and spirit of music or something they're gone now a troll sequel could never handle more than two concepts at a time are you mad too much hustle is a thing.

The PAW Patrol's existence is to only have segregated PAW Patrols again and no one else would even dare to touch the Bergens again or something and if I am wrong in the Centaur country trolls make some sort of appearance again or something why not show it here why would the trailer try to hide them so much when surely they too would be pretty.

Popular based on the popularity of the entire second film and you make the cutest Little Flower Boy the trolls movie doesn't need to do much and demonstrably it's not doing much if the plot is to be believed but why is it not even staying consistent within its own Canon eh who needs it when you have Bland shallow gags to follow through on.

With naria thought that's your party uh Cloud guy don't feel so good that being said the visuals are great and DreamWorks aren't exactly bad at what they do this past year has especially shown that to be true and perhaps that's bleeding out onto the trolls universe as well sure it makes my eyes roll that it's hidden under a Do.

The Hustle button Oh you mean the button is taking every fiber about being not depressed but if this scene is to be believed then there is some serious 2D animation prowess going on frame by frame here assuming it's not computer generated 2D animation as well as some extra 3D flares what with branches arm rainbow trailing after the fact it's not.

Much but Health suggests this movie is improving with little flourishes here and there as the tales continue droning on in all its standard ways and on the topic of visuals I've always praised the Paper Mario Vibes I get from this franchise with how the whole world seems stitched together by scenes cotton and glitter it's a nice specific branding.

And you know nice that dream Works sold their soul to the bad guys aesthetic entirely that boots ended up aligning a lot with by keeping trolls to their more classic pseudo-generic design but of course that does only add more to the vibe that this is just a popcorn movie it looks kind of samey because the movies have always.

Been kind of samey no James Cordon shoved in your face this trailer oh I think he might have dipped third movie is looking better already and in a typically samey ways we're gonna look into family and be all about boy bands this time Branch we're out of sync and now there's only one direction for us to go the back streets you know.

All the songs that are going to be included in this playlist you know the central theme of marriage is gonna pop up at the start and end of the movie and you know despite the genuine strides of pushing the limitations of the animation industry going on in several other corners of the industry this movie will likely top all of them trolls is a Cash.

Cow of standard kids entertainment and it's Gonna Keep cowbelling On that that how identity works this this ain't a time travel plot I'm not surprised I'm not disappointed I'm whelmed if anything it's nice to see that DreamWorks can do both it's not an all or nothing that will remove the future of Puss in Boots.

All the bad guys they're just doing it all sometimes for Artistic integrity and sometimes to make a billion bucks on the sides it's time we find the rest of our brothers and get the band back together I can't say I fault them but boy do I look forward to finishing the terrible Trilogy of this franchise until they make a quadrilogy and then a quint and.

Then it's just more of the same but also possibly with half of the franchise's Legacy thrown in the bin just like last time there was a sequel my brothers walked out on me and never came back Justin Timberlake has said he's willing to make many many more trolls movies and that's good news for everyone it's low stakes no need to get.

Into a fuss over it all I still will though because that's a strange hobby of mine one day trolls movies will outnumber the amount of boy bands there even are and there's now any of us can do to stop it oh brother correction used to be my brother yes because that's how relatives work too just like how because singing kill my grandma okay.

Hopefully piece by piece they'll keep adding these little spices to keep it a hint off the ground of mediocrity huh look at that but we can only find out by spending our money and fueling the fire of the franchise's frivolous Fortune ourselves and we will for now my name's been Daz you didn't really care and I'll see you.

In a bit oh boy Zone where's they bro I don't know

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  1. I in actuality detest that some of us here in the comments are asserting that Poppy is “Toxic” when in actuality she isn't AT ALL or that she's the pass persona. Listen, Poppy is young Troll who grew up without any care field off from the main movie she grew up in the brand new home and she used to be a literal princess, and consider NOBODY knew that Chef used to be banished from Bergen Town field off the Trols escaped in the morning and the Chef used to be banished at nightThe Beat Goes On series had A LOT of detest for her when in actuality the whole pass things she did there WERE FOR A REASON NOT BECAUSE OF HER STUPIDEST REASONS! In S4 she literally said that she would possibly perchance perchance simply no longer frequently agree with Department nonetheless she values him the WAY HE IS That's the trace that Poppy loves Department for who he’s, and she cared for him for a in actuality very lengthy time, she wanted for him to be contented and it didn't would possibly perchance perchance simply restful be all loopy with events or the relaxation savor that on the conclude of S4 of the series she did said “I lawful settle on as soon as you stopped traumatic about hazard” moderately about a of us had been pressured about it nonetheless she had a clarification for field off she used to be listening to the identical thibg over and over and that can procure worrying AS WELL as for other of us in the event that they dud that too, so shut up! S8 finale wasn't even Poppy at all, IT WAS BRANCH'S IDEA TO BLOW UP HIS BUNKER!!! World Tour, lawful takes place about a years later after the main film and the main special, she is restful new to the whole queen ingredient and she's restful studying, and the design in which used to be she supposed to know that Department had feelings for her, now don't converse in the comments “Oh it used to be in actuality evident” lawful shut up! She in actuality had fings for Department aid nonetheless she didn't said the relaxation field off she didn't are searching to create things unfamiliar and lawful saved it on the aid of her mind and that dislike makes me sick to my abdomen. Poppy is one in every of the most loving and caring characters I've considered and I’m able to present to myself, on the conclude of World Tour after Department said that he loves her she used to be vexed for a motive, she used to be vexed on epic of even after that fight that they had Department will never terminate loving her for who she is genuinely and used to be in actuality contented to search out any person savor Department, on Twitter used to be confirmed by Tim Heitz. She already has sufficient oressure on herself and she saved pushing till she realized her mistake along with Department AND HAVE YOU SEEN THE FRANCHISE OR THE 2ND SPECIAL!? Clearly no longer Plenty of of us toughen Poppy the model she is, whereas you guys converse that she's a terrible persona. Listen, humans aren't agreeable, lawful savor characters nonetheless that's what makes us special the model we’re, and reasonably about a of us jumped on that conclusion that she's the pass man and even after she made lil errors then I'd rather for Broppy no longer going down at all dude! Fair field off any person made even runt minstakes doesn't mean that they're terrible persona/person all of us create errors in lives and we learn from them veritably to create better choices in the ruin. In Vacation In Harmony Poppy clearly presentations an increasing number of emotions heck we even saw her worried, she WAS worried that she acquired Department nonetheless didn't reward it that's a relatable ingredient of us and she's being willing for adventures with Department and her traffic, It's a ingredient called Character Style while you happen to haven't heard

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