Why Is This Romance On The Next Stage? Loid x Yor, Anya x Damian and beyond! (whine 11.ai)

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Romance fills our hearts with joy. That is why when we see 2 people loving eachother, but not being romantically together, we wish to yell: “Just kiss already!” And romance authors know that we desire tosee the resolution, that they have the audience grabbed by the balls. That is why, (“the dark side”) romanceauthors develop relationships slower than snails and make the audience beg for scraps. For example, “Rent a Girlfriend”, whichultimately does not let go of its status quo for more than 200 chapters.

But there are also the light side romanceauthors, who respect the audience and even give more than asked. For instance, “Horimiya”, “TsuredureChildren” and “Gamers!”. In all of these, we see constantly shiftingstatus quo and meaningful payoffs, because the authors are not scared to go beyond juststarting relationships, because in the grand scheme of things, it is just crossing a startingline. There are so many unexplored payoffs, maybeeven more intense than starting dating! Such as discovering a partner's kink (“Onesmall slap!”) and having some (“hot roleplay”). If this type of romance floats your boat andyou wish to go (“to infinity and beyond!”),.

Then let's dive deeper into one of my favoriteromance anime, “The World Is Still Beautiful”. So be ready for a few small spoilers! Like all balanced, multilayered meals, theanime has fanservice (“FBI, open up!”), but it is kept classy and in moderation, so nothingtoo spicy. (“This is the moment he understood, he fuckedup!” “FBI, up!”) That is why, if you are in the mood for goodwriting, but are looking for more hardcore stuff to tickle your pickle, then you bettercheck out the description for some cultured content.

Still, this anime took a lesson from Sonic(“gotta go fast!”); the main couple meets at the end of episode 1, they kiss and evenspend the night in the same bed in episode 3. (“He hey, boi!”) All of that, while also making so much sensewhy it is happening so fast. For example, the male main character conqueredthe world, so conquering a girl is no biggy. So as a man on a mission, no wonder that hecould from the get-go shamelessly admit loving some sado-maso roleplay, of course being thetop (“hot roleplay”), and ask certain favors from his playmate, such as to likeand sub.

I know that you wish to touch them! Not to mention episode 9, when he does theimpossible for almost all other romance main characters, (“I never been more lost ina maze that is your mind.”) he can tell that something is wrong with his beloved,even when she tries to hide it, because the male main character knows her so well. What do you think, how long lasted the lovetriangle with the male main character's childhood friend? From introducing the love rival and showingwhy she is so attached to the male main character, to her admitting defeat to the female maincharacter, took 1 episode.

(“Gotta go fast!”) Do you see how this anime really respectsthe audience’s intelligence? It did not pretend even for a second, thatthe childhood friend had a chance. Moreover, each obstacle is not to pad time,but to flesh out the main couple and strengthen their relationship, that is why the payoffsdo not feel cheap. This anime also shows that true love can begrown and does not depend only on the whims of our hearts, because for them it was hatefrom the 1st glance, at the beginning they were ready to even beat up each other. That is why it is so enjoyable to see howthe female main character peels the male main.

Character's layers one by one and they getcloser, grow the plants of love in their hearts by learning to appreciate each other, untilin episode 5 (The male MC:”I don’t need some ring or some throne. If it means that I won't lose you… I’ll happily throw it away!”) (The female MC:“I’m sorry. I didn’t know how else to stop your trembling. Besides…” “If you weren’t the Sun King, you wouldhave zero appeal, you know!.

If you strip away the whole kingship thing,you are just a perverted, sneaky little brat!”) Only a few anime, such as “One Piece”, cango from being super serious and touching, to being goofy in an instant, without feelingjarring. Moreover, the contrast enhances each other,making funny moments funnier and serious parts hit more. It feels natural for the main characters tochange depending on the situation, because they are multilayered, usually do not havea straightforward response reaction. That is why I cannot nail the female maincharacter to a concrete archetype. The closest thing is a tomboy, but it massivelyundersells the complexity of the character.

On the one hand, the female main charactercan be brash and even use brute force to get her way, but, on the other hand, other timesshe is very gentle and even swallows her pride for others' sake. In the same way, saying that the male maincharacter is a sadist or male version of himedere (“ohohohoho”) is another understatement. His sadistic tendencies are just a protectivereaction, because does not know better, so it is not an integral foundation of his personality. Such as even at the beginning we can see howmuch he cares to make own citizens' lives better.

And although he is a king of the world, heis humble enough to take advice from his butler and other people he has deemed worthy. Also confronted with uncomfortable truths,he tends to reflect. Because everything can go either way, youcan never be sure if even a fight will be a funny blowout or somebody will be in gravedanger. If you are expecting “JoJo” level fightsor “Demon Slayer” animation, then the princess is in another castle. Instead the action sometimes involves songsso beautiful, that summon rain from my eyes, and is more about the determination of people,how far they are ready to go for their beloved.

Ones, so we can feel their love not just throughwords, but also actions during the darkest night. And believe me, it goes places, such as losinga dear person and how it’s caused trauma pushes to dark places, even to hurt otherpeople just to alleviate the neverending pain. Or how people can become heartlessly toxic,even if they have good intentions. By exploring such darkness, the anime showsso many deep ideas, which can improve people's lives, such as how futile it is to try tofill a mental hole with material things. How sad that in such a situation you can evenbe a king of the world, but still cannot enjoy life.

And that path toward happiness is appreciatingmore what you have, even the little things. Or that by being super stubborn and rigid,we will gain less than by being flexible and compromising during appropriate moments. That we need to lead by example, instead ofwaiting for the other person to act 1st. If you have seen the anime, then in the commentsection share what useful life lessons you have noticed. I really love how this anime masterfully jugglesfanservice, romance, comedy, action, deep ideas and sadness. Also if you wish to enjoy even more high-qualityromance anime, then check out the pinned comment.

And if you desire even more analysis, thenenjoy this spicy video reviewing well-written off-brands, or this video diving deeper intowhy Yor and Loid are a great couple.

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