Why Reincarnated as a Sword is a Better Isekai than Expected

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As the popularity of isekai continues to rise many new and unique stories are being created from this genre the unconventional protagonists the fantasy elements World building and overpowered characters make it the perfect genre to escape into some isekai hits include rise of the shield hero Overlord and sword art online but unfortunately for.

Reincarnated as a sword it'll take a while before people give it some recognition but don't be fooled by the absurdity of its title folks that time I got reincarnated as a slime is ridiculously sounding as reincarnated as a sword do we need to be reminded what a fantastic anime that turned out to be now we're here to show you why.

Reincarnated as a sword should definitely be up on your to watch list PS this video is packed with spoilers but we promise not to ruin the thrill if you haven't seen it with that said let's get straight to it like many isekai tropes a character dies and gets reincarnated into a fantasy world so far we've had a dragon a skeleton opposite.

Gem under and now we have this ridiculous idea of reincarnation as a sword but why a sword the author probably wanted to be unique and honestly the audience is probably tired of seeing Kirito lookalikes but hey it's a second life at least for our sword protagonist luckily for him he could move on his own despite being a sword.

Thanks to his telekinesis ability usually when you're born into a fantasy world the first thing to do is level up your magic and skills and this is precisely what our talking sword began doing after defeating several monsters and obtaining their skills he leveled up quite a bit he can use sorcery appraise others and even skillshare wow whoever.

Wields him is about to be op unfortunately he explores a force that drains magic abilities on contact and gets stuck in the ground for months this is where it Dawns on him the story isn't all about him initially he dreams of having a perfect wielder but after months of loneliness he becomes desperate for anyone to pick him up and.

Save him from his dreaded Solitude then by a chance encounter we have a young slave girl on the brink of death making contact with our sword in that instant both realize their need for one another from the moment the girl withdrew the blade this tale went beyond what is typical in an isekai adventurer story We soon discover that this story isn't.

About an overpowered sword but rather it's about the growth between a person and their weapon this is where the series starts to distinguish itself from the others instead of a perspective of An Almighty ruler we are now witnessing the World Through The Eyes of Weaponry then with the addition of an expressionless yet adorable friend it.

Plants the seeds for a refreshing and heartwarming story of two comrades who come together to protect and grow so what is it about this dynamic duo that is so unique first off shisha from the beginning the sword can acquire skills from any monster it defeats by absorbing its crystals what sort of skills we're talking about the ability to float.

Instant regen and quite possibly every Elemental spell well as much as this gives him a range of skills to choose from it also boosts his physical stats which he shares with Fran with access to unlimited skills and physical capabilities Fran quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with but is that all to Fran nope friend starts off with.

Very little our cute young protagonist is one of many black cat Demi human clan members belittled by Society if you're born into this defenseless race life will be challenging and most end up as slaves other races like the dwarves are known for their craftsmanship or as the black cats have no remarkable traits in an effort to create a better future.

Fran's parents sought the theory of evolution Unfortunately they passed away before even realizing their dreams alone at a very young age Fran grew up with slave traders who had an anticipated run with wild beasts it was a brutal moment as both slaves and Masters alike got ripped into shreds desperate to survive the world heated friends struggle and.

Her tenacious thoughts reached shisho even though her clan was doomed from birth Fran was determined to escape this fate using her opportunity to wield this Mystic sword she devotes herself to becoming a true Adventurer despite her young age with this goal in mind what follows his friend and shisho's adventure to become stronger and free.

The shackles of Fran's black cat Clan although you'd expect shisho as the star as the title insinuates Fran completely steals his Spotlight this story follows an unconventional approach to the isekai fantasy series here the story is about the growth of an ex-slave who wants to change her Clan's reputation her dream to prove that black cats can also become.

Powerful warriors since shisho can't do much by himself he doesn't fall under some of the typical tropes like becoming a lord or getting himself into an alluring Harem instead he decides to stick with Fran and share his powers with her shisha meaning teacher really lives up to his name by becoming France Mentor Guardian companion cook and.

Literally adulting dad who does everything to support his princess unlike our lovable slime who goes about naming monsters shisho gets named instead given a second chance at life only to be an inanimate supporting character sheesh that's rough however as the story progresses we see that shisho becomes more than a weapon to Fran they.

Rapidly develop a father-daughter relationship that's as cute and wholesome as can be did we mention that Fran absolutely adores her sword this is the premise of reincarnated as a sword we watch Fran who grows from a lone orphan and a slave to a beginner adventurist she also means business and doesn't hold back in battle with.

Shisho's support she has been able to hone her swordsmanship in magical abilities beyond the standards of a typical Adventurer but more importantly she builds deep connections with adventurers and wholeheartedly Works towards her ultimate goal of evolving if there's one thing worthy of note in this show it's Fran not only is she just.

Downright adorable but she also has a lot of quirks and habits we can never get enough of for instance she's as blunt as they come this sarcastic and brutally honest attitude makes her funny but unlikable at the same time did we also mention that she's merciless and would happily stab someone when enraged but there will always be those who love.

Her unconditionally and we are talking about you Amanda overall Fran's character is a mix of refreshingly light-heartedness and Purity with a hint of candidness so with that let's talk about how deep this series actually is has the isekai genre typically follows the same pattern you need to add something worthwhile for a series in.

This genre to stand out we incarnated as a sword does just that with its character depth there's nothing more captivating than an excellent old tragic story for Fran that's a check off the list Fran had already gone through hell as the life of an enslaved child wasn't easy with no one to trust or give her affection growing up in such conditions.

Was bound to significantly affect her now have those events impacted her personality this is where it gets interesting after Fran and shisho become companions she heads to a nearby Village to become an adventurer during her adventures she meets many people such as the A-Class Adventurer Amanda who's a bit too obsessed with Fran we are.

Talking about proclaiming her love for Fran and coincidentally running into Fran too many times but likely because of her history as a slave Fran tries to keep everyone at arm's length and prefers to take matters into her own hands as you follow this series it's not so much an overpowered character in a fantasy setting instead the show.

Explores how an unloved child discovers love with the help of her sword but she's no Damsel in Distress one of her main characteristics is her winning mentality since her faithful encounter with shisha she has continued to push forward with determination and resolve resulting in her quick rise in ranking but this is so unheard of Fran gets.

Misunderstood and ends up fighting with other adventurers it's clear our cute swordsmate is not one to back down and always take on any challenge head on like battling a highly regarded a-rank Adventurer head-on on like most isekai shows reincarnated as a sword can be very wholesome with Fran fixated on her Curry or Amanda's exaggerated love for.

Fran but it also includes some pretty intense battle scenes with a few near-death experiences Fran is constantly in danger and the battle gets more complex as they go on for instance the struggle between Fran and the unexpected appearance of a formidable greater demon was the start of what Fran and shisha were capable of with a unique.

Combination of double casting and the sword having a willpower of its own together they are both strategic and Powerful it's these sorts of battles that will make you Ponder what other fights the series might have in store for now let's just say her lightning skills will leave you amazed All Things Considered there are a few.

Distinguishing differences between this show and other isekas however the story is quite entertaining because of its unique perspective and well Fran we have a cute cat-eared Adventurer her op sword companion super strong Adventure and monsters Dungeons and some good-natured humor it's no surprise that the second season has already been announced we.

Hope you enjoyed this video if you want the rundown of other titles that might have slipped out of your radar check out this video here thanks for watching

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