Why The Death Wolf In Puss In Boots: The Closing Desire Is The Most Feared Villain In DreamWorks History

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Puss in Boots The Last Wish is an amazing movie that adds so much more to the Shrek universe and is it just me or are the second movies always better this movie has so many different elements that has made it super popular and successful one of the main reasons for its success is the main villain The Wolf of death this movie created the most.

Feared villain in DreamWorks history that Sinister whistle those red piercing eyes POI DreamWorks really didn't hold back with this guy we have had so many great villains throughout the history of DreamWorks movies and each of them have different qualities that make them well villainous but when we start talking about the most feared not only for the.

Characters within the film but for the audience as well I believe characters like Tai Lung from the first Kung Fu Panda movie Pitch Black in Rise of the Guardians and Vincent the Bear in Over the Hedge are arguably some of the most fair to date what is crazy is that the wolf of death in Puss in Boots The Last Wish is the most fit of all time because.

He has all the elements that make all these other characters so frightening combined into his own character and they are shown arguably better through him as well Tai Lung was greatly feared in Kung Fu Panda because other strong heroic characters were frightened by his impending doom throughout the film combining this with his insane combat.

Skills and Bruce's nature really created a feeling of hopelessness in these Heroes when it came to trying to defeat him the wolf of death Builds on these characteristics and adds so much more we see how skill death is in the first battle between him and Puss in Boots we already know how great of a warrior Puss in Boots is in the Shrek franchise and.

His first movie so to see him get completely outmatched creates this initial feeling of uncertainty and fear for purse this battle really created the foundation for the fear the wolf brought in this movie seeing blood run down from pussy's head after a close call with death's blades really created a shocking feeling for the audience and made us.

Question if puss is first encounter so with this character we know nothing about really just ended up in his blood getting drawn puss finally realized he was not Invincible we finally saw our confident never fearing hero broken down and completely riddled with fear and anxiety by this villain in a matter of seconds not only did our unwavering hero.

Fear the wolf's impending doom like the characters did in Kung Fu Panda in regards to Tai long but in comparison puss literally ran away it created a cat and mouse predator hunting prey situation where Puss was the mouse and this Chase carried on throughout the movie we really felt this every time death was shown pursuing purse the way.

The wolf mentally broke purse and tore his ego down with his taunts and insults showed that death had a frightening ruthless and cunning side to him this is a characteristic we've seen before in another Kung Fu Panda villain Shen Shen's knowledge of post-past allows him to exploit her by playing on his vulnerabilities this breaks down the.

Mental state of the hero and most times it is actually harder to break the hero down psychologically than physically so when we see that a villain can do this it makes us fear them even more this is exactly what the wolf of death does to purse he has been around for every one of puss's lost lives and has had to watch him waste them laughing in the.

Face of death and now puss is on to his last life and as a result is fearful of death and this is what the wolf uses as a psychological weapon he marks puss for ever saying that he laughs in the face of death he lets him know he was there for every one of his deaths and instead of letting him waste his last one the wolf is there to take it by force he.

Humiliates puss whilst completely outmarching him in combat calling him slow saying to him that he does not live up to the legend he calls himself and everyone believes he is telling him to pick up his sword every time puss would drop it in combat and the Wolf was just outright mocking him completely whilst playing on his vulnerable psychological.

State this makes the wolf of death such a fair villain because he has those spine chilling characteristics that made Tai Lung and Shen such amazing villains this made viewers question our main hero seeing puss get completely outskilled embarrassed and traumatized by this villain makes us wonder who can really defeat him the wolf of death brought a.

Horror style Affair that was similar to Vincent the Bear in Over the Hedge but the way in which it was shown in Puss in Boots The Last Wish was much more effective the main horror theme to Vincent the bear was that he was going to eat RJ if he did not return his food to him which created a Race Against Time type of scenario and feel to the movie.

Whereas in Puss in Boots the wolf was actively hunting plus down throughout and although it was an animated movie they were able to capture the same type of horror level as some real life Thrillers the whistles of the wolf were used in a similar way that popular horror movies such as Predator use a distinct sound to instill fear in the.

Characters and the Audience by letting them know that this terrible creature or villain is coming the effect the whistle had on purse really created this horror aspect for the audience and the way they showed puss his first standing up on end and the complete fear in his face really captured the spine chilling effect it had on him the method of completely.

Stopping the music before these frightening whistles added to the Thriller movie effect the wolf gave and it created a disturbing atmosphere for the wolf's appearance before even seeing the wolf once that music stopped and the Sinister whistle started you knew who it was you knew it was nothing but bad news and you knew puss was in danger we were.

Always anticipating when the wolf was going to show up again because of the traumatizing psychological effects he had on Puss in Boots seeing puss genuinely succumbed to fear which would lead him to having anxiety attacks was really worrying he could not escape the feeling the wolf of death had on him the fact that the wolf was literally death.

Itself added a supernatural element to the character that made him seem Godlike he was not just a bounty hunter that we we were first led to believe even before this reveal he was already a frightening character but with this Immortal side to him being as he says to pus I am death straight up completely intensifies the fear we have for him as a villain.

Because it means that he can never truly be beaten he is the one that beats all at some point everyone must Embrace death it is similar to the fear we have of Pitch Black from The Rise of the Guardians the fact he is a mythical reimagined version of The Boogeyman and has supernatural abilities makes him such a feared villain as a supernatural.

Being pitch also has different intents to his villainy he does not want money or power like any mere mortal villain he loves to instill fear into children turning their dreams into nightmares because well he is the Boogeyman it is just what he does his whole being has no end goal or justification other than the fact that it is what he is designed to.

Do this is exactly why death is such a hard villain to shake he too has no need for money or power he is death and so his only reason to be a villain is to comfort those who have lived long enough to meet him or in pussy's case come for those who have been wasteful and take their lives from them the fear that puss faced is also a very real one just as.

How nightmares are a very real fear that pitch portrays in animation being taken by death too quickly or feeling chased by death is also a very very real fear that a lot of people feel and it is portrayed by the wolf in this animation perfectly this is another reason that sets the wolf apart from other DreamWorks villains he takes pleasure in.

Taking Lives because that is just what he is designed to do to see that imperson Boots the last wish this already completely frightening wolf is actually death itself and keep in mind he is not a mythical being like the boogeyman but something far worse personified into a villain on top of his other characteristics strikes further.

Fear into us as viewers when we see this character the color schemes of the Boogeyman and the Wolf are also very similar both have gray design which is a very frightening and striking color what makes the wolf scarier than the boogeyman here is his piercing red eyes there are certain scenes where he would look so blended into the background.

Suddenly you would see his deathly red eyes also Puss in Boots was a very colorful and vibrant movie so having this villain with such a dull color scheme which by the way was very fitting for death made his contrast against the bright colors whenever he appeared set the intense mood no matter what was going on in the scene no matter how.

Vibrant things looked you couldn't take your eyes off of him he was captivating comment down below what you think about the wolf of death and what other villains you feared in the DreamWorks franchise make sure to like subscribe and hit that notification Bell to never miss one of my videos thanks for watching guys until next time.

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  1. Wolf wasnโ€™t a villain, he taught puss he wanted to charge his life, he also is death all people dies at one point in time. Furthermore death wasnโ€™t the first scandalous guy it used to be that other guy

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