Wide Glass Defend Falls from the Sky to Isolate the Town, Even Missiles Can No longer Ruin

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The town suddenly shakes violently the wind was dusting in the streets at first everyone thought it was an earthquake then a strong force hit the ground hard Dale was immediately shocked the cow in front of him was split in half was he hallucinating he didn't realize it was real until he touched the cow's blood then he put his hand in front of him.

When he touched the wall of air he also felt an electric current the small bungalow on the side was also split in two a bright red palm Mark was fixed in midair Joe who was passing by was curious when he touched the barrier he was also electrocuted even the crows in the sky broke their necks apparently the Airwolf was higher than he thought then.

A plane passed overhead it hit the wall and exploded instantly Jill was still in place waiting to be smashed in the face fortunately Dale was able to save his life looking at the black smoke from the plane high above everyone didn't know what had happened all internet signals were down a woman was driving on the highway of a small town at that moment a.

Big truck came across across the road and then at the critical moment the woman driver actually hits the brakes in the end they avoided a tragedy and the head of the truck was hit by the huge impact into the car several people were terrified when they saw it the girl was stunned on the spot on the other hand a fire truck.

Saw the crash and entered the town Dale saw the situation and rushed to stop it but it was going very fast in the nick of time the firefighters stopped the car the unsuspecting driver was about to punch Dale in the face but he was stopped by a wall of air because the barrier cut off both voices Dale could only communicate by text the Town police.

Were at a loss when they arrived they called the air wall Dome there were a lot of casualties in the town those who were unlucky were even split in half by the Dome soon a large number of outside journalists and soldiers arrived the military immediately sealed off the place several scientists stand the Dome with instruments and then sprayed water.

On it to test after some operations not only the water could not penetrate the airwall even the corrosive liquid cannot penetrate it people realize that the town was closed off by the air w all the sheriff here was inspecting the perimeter he was curious to put his hand on it and once his chest felt a little uncomfortable the next second his.

Pacemaker exploded and so he lost his breath on the spot after this incident the town was on edge someone tried to dig a hole under the dome but was stopped by neighbors because of what happened to the sheriff they found out that if the machine touched the Dome it would be detonated directly since we cannot dig now then let's try a bomb.

Shelter 100 meters deep I did not expect that the Dome still existed underground it seems that this thing is not only terribly high and also unfathomable after contacting the Dome the flashlight immediately exploded by now someone had lost his mind he fired two shots at the dome in anger but the bullets bounced back this led to the death of his.

Colleague next to him this action made everyone feel more and more uneasy this is an invisible but palpable wall of air the whole town was cut off from the World by it people lived like this for six days the town's water and food supply was depleted Dale thought he could go to the lake to get water instead he saw many white belly at the.

Lake they took a sample and went back it turned out that the water could catch fire it turned out that Dome had cut the pipe resulting in the flow of chemicals into the lake meanwhile the outside military started to evacuate the crowd thought that the government outside had abandoned them the situation instantly went out of control people broke into.

The supermarket without a second thought grabbing what was left of the food and drinking water the former neighbors also became enemies in the fight for supplies in desperation the town's police used tear gas but this did not stop them she had no choice but to pull out her gun fortunately the second before she fired rain fell from the sky the rain eased.

The people's anger but Dome did not disappear this place is a world apart from the outside world it seems that the Dome has its own microclimate at night people people are still storing water at dawn the military brought in everyone's outside relatives because neither side could hear each other's voices we can only communicate with words or gestures.

It looked like a reunion of family and friends but Dale sensed danger he found a woman who could speak lips to communicate with the outside world the soldier tells him in order to prevent Dawn from causing panic in the outside world the military decided to use a nuclear bomb to destroy the Dome all the people in the nearby cities will be.

Evacuated as for whether the people inside Will Survive or not it will be left to fate after learning this news everyone had to enter the bomb shelter for refuge for the impending death they seem to have no fear anymore all they had was a sense of sadness for their families a nuclear bomb fell from a high altitude the Dome was hit and exploded.

Violently however the result was beyond everyone's expectation Not only was the Dome undamaged they didn't even hear a sound they didn't know whether to be thankful or sad such a strong Dome it meant that they would probably never get out the city outside had been completely destroyed by the explosion as far as the eye could see there was nothing but.

Rubble outside this incident made everyone in despair again but things soon took a turn for the worse Joe and Angie didn't know what they were doing in the woods they accidentally found a raised Haystack Angie reached over but was electrocuted straight back they didn't have to think twice before they plucked the weeds then they rinsed it.

With water a small Dome appeared in front of them there was also a black egg inside Angie thought that the black egg was controlling the Dome of the town then she said to it hello who are you talking to seeing no response from the black egg they put their hands together on the top then a strange scene happened Angie saw her mother right in front of.

Her when they removed their hands the mother was gone again Angie vaguely felt that this was a sign of danger so she ran home right away sure enough something was wrong her mother had a heart attack due to the limited Medical Care in the town it didn't take long for her mother to die Angie came to dome in anguish she kept asking him what he.

Wanted to do at that moment the black egg in the woods actually reacted by the next day little Dome appeared in the storage room of their house was a very strange little black egg three people put their hands on it at the same time the next moment it emitted a dazzling blue light and then emerged the fourth vacant palm print then they found.

Another little friend now it's amazing little Dome is like a fingerprint lock when the fourth Palm was placed on it the pink light inside quickly gathered suddenly the light went out immediately after the small black egg emitted countless small Stars although it looks beautiful but it did not solve any problems the next day a butterfly.

Emerged from the small Dome it struggled to break through the barrier as it hit the Dome black stains appeared they could not let it out after some torment the butterfly did not respond just then the Dome outside also became dark black patches gradually covered the entire Dome people's fear spread rapidly the 10 it's an oppressive atmosphere made the.

Temperature inside drop to the freezing point in the blink of an eye the whole town was plunged Into Darkness perhaps the real end had come everyone gathered in the church to pray they thought they had to get the butterfly out at this moment four palm prints emerged from the small black Dome everyone pressed their palms together without thinking too hard.

The Dome first emitted an extremely blinding white light then he broke to pieces fortunately the butterfly inside came to life but not even three seconds before everyone was happy the black egg appeared abnormal it swayed while emitting a dazzling light as if it was about to explode the air raid shelter.

Was about to collapse everyone was ready to run away but Dale's girlfriend who was not afraid of death picked it up surprisingly earthquake actually stopped even the awakened butterflies are around her because of the several times to touch the little Dome it did not show any useful information they took the black egg back to the original woods and.

As expected here they all saw the image of Angie's mother but she said she was an alien she took on the faces of her relatives to facilitate communication the Dolmen town is a test of their Humanity just put the black egg in the water the town Dome will open so Dale's girlfriend threw it into the middle of the lake the next second the pink Stars.

Inside the black egg burst out of the water they Rose slowly with the light like falling shooting stars going home people in the town also saw this magical phenomenon finally they gathered above the Dome the darkness of the night became light but the Dome did not disappear is this a joke played by aliens what kind of conspiracy are the.

Aliens hiding what more secrets will the Dome have subscribe and comment if you like this video see you next time

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