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I don't want to. Just play by yourselves and leave me out ofit. There's a guy called kim taejin among ourcrew members, and. He totally blasted your bike. Saying how you sure seem to ride around wellon that piece of junk. Well, i don't care if you come or not, But It's kind of funny to see that talentlessguy boasting around, only trusting his own bike. It seems like you've been riding that bikefor quite some time.

I just hoped that you'd beat the crap outof the saejin bastard who only thinks of a bike's specs. We'll be gathering this evening at green park,Decide for yourself. I won't bother you about it anymore. Zephyrus Crew. Cold! Why're you so surprise? Here, take this. Ah, Junsoo-hyung.

Hyung is used by males to address males olderthan themselves. It's getting late, well he really show up? I get the feeling he won't. If he doesn't, then oh well. If he doesn't then let's just ride by ourselves. But why are you so suddenly so obsessed withjahyun? It's not an obsession! Don't cause misunderstandings!!. Then what is it?.

Does there have to be reason to want to ridetogether? Being able to control his bike that well,it probably means he's been riding alone for quite some time. And, riding with others is more fun than ridingalone, you know. Hey, Yoon Menwoo when will that oh so greatschool president show up? Isn't he awfully late? Just be patient. Hey, could it be that he's just too scaredto show up?Kekeke. Stop running your damned mouth and just wait.

Or if your body is itching to move that much,Do you want a warm up against me? Can you even ride with those legs? Actually, I've been wanting to ride againstyou. Menwoo he's here!! Oh! he came. He's the one who did that downhill before? I heard he's taeyang High's student President… Ah… Too bad.

I wanted to try going against taejin carbonbike, but let's do that some other time. He's the one minwoo called? I'm looking forward to this. hehehe. I didn't thin you'd show up, but you camein the end, huh? Just passes… hahaha!!! That Bastard. I was nervous, and starting to think you mightnot come. Let's not waste our time and get to the point.

Phew. Ok. Junsoo, Our sunbae from school, will explainthe details. Hello! There's three taeyang high members gatheredhere. I'm third year Lee Junsoo. Nice to meet you. I'm second year Jo Jahyun. What's with this bastard?.

He damned ignores me, But he's unexpectedlyrespectful to a sunbae. Damn… Here take this. I'll quickly explain the race. The rules are simple. It's 1 on 1 and you'll start here at the park. Then, following this route, the first oneto arrive back at this park is the winner. It's a path you are familiar with, so youshould know it at a glance. Incase of emergencies, we've stationed safetyguards on the corners, so you just need to.

Follow the course without straying. And the one you'll be riding against is thatmamushi-looking bastard. him! Hehehe.. Taijen's is fired up! After today's race, Don't bother me with yourcrew's business anymore. Alright. Now! Just in case, Be sure to wear helmets.

This, guy he took off the brakes to reducethe weight. Well, it needs to be even a little bit lighter,so it'll start atleast 0.1 second faster. Taejin, fighting! Ride slow for him, Taejin, Hehehe… Taejin's new carbon bike is sure making aflashy debut. It'll be hard keeping up with this carbonbike on that shitty bike of yours, so do your best. Hehehe.. Taejin.

Quit your bragging an focus on the race. That Bastard! Spouts nonsense! whenever i talk. I'll just follow along to record the race. Alright, Let's get started. The starting signal is when this Cog Hitsthe floor! Ready? Cog.

One of the parts of a bike's driving system. Set!

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