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Previously, Emperor Gaojun learns the trueharrowing history of the Raven Consort by Shouxue's tongue. Gaojun realizes soon enoughthat his reign will only flourish if he has the winter king, Shouxue by his side. With Shouxuedoing her hardest to keep the Emperor away, will Gaojun be able to erase the distance between himand Shouxue? Let's uncover it in today's recap! Suddenly, the spirit of Bingyue takescharge of Jiujiu’s body. When he tries to threaten Jiujiu’s safety, Shouxueshows him just what she's capable of. As she's about to send him toheaven, Gaojun stops Shouxue. Bingyue finally discloses that he tookover Jiujiu because he wanted Shouxue's help to free his lover, PrincessMingzhu. After listening to Bingyue,.

Shouxue quickly realizes that for Mingzhu tofind peace in death, they'll need to retrieve her glass comb. Once the comb is located,both Bingyue and Mingzhu transcend to heaven. Late at night, Shouxue travels to help Gaojunget rid of his night terrors by dispelling the curse Empress Dowager had put on him. Touchedby her gesture, Gaojun asks Shouxue if she hates him. Shouxue tells him curtly that shedespises the old winter and summer kings. When Gaojun offers his gratitude to her, Shouxueaverts her gaze and runs away from the palace. After returning from her meeting with Huaniang,Shouxue finds Gaojun and Wei Qing at her door. Gaojun reveals that he has dissolved the lawthat demands the heads of Luan dynasty. He bows down and says that when they're away from thepublic's eye, he'll treat her like a winter king.

Should be treated. Gaojun concludes his businessby stating that he wishes to befriend Shouxue. One day night, a cloaked woman greetsShouxue in a state of distress. She pleads with Shouxue for resurrection. Shouxueexplains that her powers are limited and she can't oblige to her wishes. The lady runsaway in tears, leaving behind her veil. A young boy, Yi Siha, enters Shouxue'spalace for business. Shouxue immediately detects injuries on him and orders him tolie down so she can tend to his wounds. Yi Siha states that he sees a boy who looksgloomy. He expresses his wish to help the boy. The next day, Shouxue and Jiujiu enter theFeiyan Palace to look for the ghost. When the two get a sighting of the boy, they note how sadhe looks. Shouxue then meets with Siha's master,.

Kang Lan to inquire more about theghost. When he refuses to speak, Shouxue expresses her anger and the man ends uprevealing what little he knows. When she's gone, the man states in fear that hesaw a monster in Shouxue's eyes. With Gaojun and his eunuchs' help, Shouxuefinds a man that knows about Yuisha, the ghost boy. He reveals that in order toappease the Swallow Consort, Yuisha murdered a swallow bird which is punishable by death.Shouxue concludes that it's Yuisha's guilt that torments him. After using her powersShouxue gives the boy a passage to afterlife. Later, Wen-Ying begs Shouxue to take in Sihafor he knows about the hardships of an Eunuch. Without the moon illuminating the night, RavenConsorts fail to contain Niao Lian inside them..

Shouxue too shares this terrible fate as thecurrent Raven Consort. Her painful yells engulf the entire palace while a mysterious man, FengXiao Yue reveals his intentions to kill Shouxue. At night, a woman called Huliang comes seekingShouxue's help. She states that she hears Wanlin, the consort that committed suicide. Shouxueconsoles her that she'll help her and the next day she visits the lake where Wanlin drownedherself. Shouxue inquires more about Wanlin from Huliang. She reveals that after her loverwas caught and beheaded, Wanlin carried a pouch of dirt that was tainted with her lover's blood.Huliang expresses her remorse for taking away her pouch and driving Wanlin to her death. Shouxuequickly comments how selfish she was. The old woman falls to her knees and begins to cackle.She admits that she reached out Shouxue for her.

Own sake as she was afraid of Wanlin's curse.Shouxue calmly states that Wanlin has reached the afterlife. She further says that the voiceshe hears is her guilt as she has already died. Shouxue labels Huliang a ghost and true enough;Huliang takes the appearance of a hideous woman. Huliang falls in the lake after seeing her disfigured face. Shouxue puts on acharm in hopes of saving her soul. One day Gaojun's scholar, He Mingyun informs himabout the recent ghost haunting when Chancellor Yun Yongde greets him. Yongde mentions how he'sbeen hearing about the Raven Consort recently. He advises Gaojun to maintain his distance and ifhe's unsatisfied with his harem, he can regale him with his youngest granddaughter. Gaojuncurtly tells him that he's fine and walks away.

Shouxue meets up with Xue Yuyong and thetwo talk about the old Raven Consort. Gaojun finds Shouxue talking with Yuyongand says that he knew she'd be here. Since Shouxue's form of love is berating,she tussles with Gaojun and tells him that she's leaving. Shouxue notes toWei Qing that Gaojun looks dejected. Later, Gaojun greets Shouxue with the hauntedcloth mask. He informs her that it's a mask that's commonly worn by musicians. Shouxue sends wordfor Wen Ying who gives her further information. At Aozhi Hall, a musician called ZuoqiuYao shows a rare treasure to Shouxue. A lute with five strings. With Yao's strumming,Shouxue determines that the man must've had some attachment with the lute. Upon hearingthis, Yao reveals that he has a hunch that the.

Ghost is a man called Qifu Shicui. Yao thenconfesses that he was the one behind Qifu's suicide as he took his beloved lute from him. Hepleads with Shouxue to free Qifu of his misery. Shouxue puts her powers to use andsends the damned soul to the afterlife. Night, the lady who had left her cloak behind is found brutally mangled in the forest.Jiujiu relays the news to Shouxue. Meanwhile, Gaojun tells Yuyong that Shouxue takesgreat pleasure in learning about the old Consort Raven from him. Shouxue, dressed in an eunuch'sclothing, greets the two men shortly. After Yuyong retires from the Emperor's presence, Shouxue andGaojun enjoy a board game. When Gaojun defeats Shouxue, she begins to pout and sulk. Gaojun,being a gentleman, hands her some sweets. Later,.

Wei Qing identifies the dead woman as acourt lady working for the Magpie Consort. In her palace, Shouxue determines thatthe lady who had come to her isn't the same woman who was found dead. Wen Yinginforms Shouxue that Magpie Consort has fallen ill and though she remainssecluded, she allows one eunuch near her. He shows Shouxue the drawingof Xiao-Yue confirming her worst fears. When night falls and Wen Ying hasn't yet arrived, Shouxue grows apprehensive and runsto check up on him. In the forest, she's greeted by Gaojun who consoles her whenshe blames herself for putting Wen Ying in danger. Shouxue tells Gaojun about the Owl akaXiao-Yue and his murderous intentions for her.

They all rush to the Magpie Consort's palacewhere they find Xiao-Yue waiting for them. With the incense burning and something farmore sinister in the air, Xiao-Yue meets the group with a smirk. Without sayinga word he disappears. The frail Magpie Consort begs for Gaojun's forgivenessand reveals that she had approached Shouxue with the hopes of resurrectingher brother. When she was turned down, she ran into Xiao-Yue who made her wish cometrue after blowing life into a clay mould. Shouxue locates Wen Ying in aroom filled with cups brimming with blood. As the blood sucking fiendgoes on a rampage, the Magpie Consort offers her blood and pleads with Gaojunto have mercy on her brother. Suddenly,.

Shouxue slays the monster bydirecting a magical arrow towards him. In the dead of the night, Shouxue callsfor The Owl. When the two face each other, Xiao-Yue reveals that he doesn't wish to hurt herbut the Raven, Niao Lian trapped inside her body, must perish. As he's about to hit Shouxue,Gaojun and his troops come to aid Shouxue. While fighting, Xiao-Yue states that they can't kill himas he's using a decoy body. He also reveals that the first Raven Consort, Xiang-Qiang is the oneto be blamed as she trapped the Raven inside her. When Xing-Xing appears out of theblue, Shouxue uses his feather to kill Xiao-Yue. So much for being indestructible. After her fight with Xiao-Yue, Shouxue endsup fainting in Gaojun's arms. In her dreams,.

She recalls her conversation with Xiao-Yueon how Xiang-Qiang started the tradition of feeding Niao Lian the flowerswhich in reality is harmful for her. Meanwhile, Gaojun learns that an insiderabetted Xiao-Yue to sneak inside the inner palace to kill Shouxue. After learningthat Yuyong was the mole all along, Gaojun spreads his eunuchs in search of him. Meanwhile, Yuyong greets Shouxue at the innerpalace. While playing a board game, Yuyong recalls his childhood days with the old RavenConsort. Once the game is over, Shouxue states that she's aware of his intentions to kill her. AsYuyong draws a knife, Gaojun comes to the rescue. Yuyong angrily asks why Gaojun stayedby Shouxue's side when she already has.

Friends unlike Li Niang who was alwaysalone and uncared for. Gaojun calmly replies to him by stating how Shouxue was LiNiang's salvation as she took care of her. After allowing Yuyong to retire, Gaojun asksShouxue if she would've accepted her death at the hands of Yuyong. Shouxue tells him thatwhen she closed her eyes in the face of death, she saw his face and recalled hiswords. Gaojun was her salvation. There are very few Japanese animeset in chinese background recently, and this anime is very well done.Hope that season 2 will be soon! I’m Jenny from Quick Anime Recap, thanks forwatching and see you all in next video!

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