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Episode 15 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! You've completely pissed me off Now I’ll show you the Fiend Art made through absorbing people’s blood My most powerful attack Blood Absorption Oh, no My spirit energy.

Master, you're quickly losing spirit energy I can’t remain much longer Ling Er’s energy comes from me If my spirit energy is absorbed by that old monster Ling Er will be influenced as well Ling Er, return to the Hun Tian Beads I’ll handle it Master I won’t let you hurt Muzi.

Relying on that dagger? This is the real Controlling Art My blood is burning he real dragon blood on the knife can corrode blood You hurt my arm After absorbing blood, my Fiend Art becomes Fiend Blood It is now at its strongest I'm losing spirit energy My strength.

The cultivation level I just reached will… You, bitch, hurt my arm I’ll kill you first Muzi Yingxiong Muzi Go die No Don’t worry, after I absorb your spirit energy.

I’ll kill you softly Little snake, little snake Damn it, I wasn't able to take revenge Muzi Muzi Wait for me Take this spirit energy Wha…what is this? This is the Soul of dragon blood.

Meaning that is dragon's blood, of course It stopped? No, how could this be? Monster, go to hell! Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Revenge My fellow Senior apprentice will surely take revenge I’ll leave this voice curse on you You’ll live in immeasurable fear.

My parents and neighbors Little snake I finally avenged you Could you see it? Elder Have you seen enough? Your purpose is to get the Hun Tian Beads, right? Incredible, you noticed me When Muzi entered my psychonauts and contacted the Hun Tian Beads.

I felt that Dimly some other power was watching I’m not sure of your actual purpose I even worry that debunking your existence this early will bring destruction upon us If so, why are you doing so now? Because.

You might be able to save Muzi If Muzi dies whether it’s brings good or bad What's left would be meaningless I never expected you to be so foolishly sentimental As long as cultivators still have a little life left There’s always a way of saving them But What reason do I have to help you?.

If you have any demands I’ll satisfy them Just please save Muzi I have been keeping an eye on you in order to get your Hun Tian Beads Please take it If I could take them now, then I wouldn't need you Then how can you receive them? The place I’m in.

Is different from your space I’ll make a three years’ covenant Bring me The Hun Tian Beads in three years Could I know the name of the space you're in? Saying the name is restricted by the highest rule of this place You'll need to find those answers for yourself What if I can’t fulfill the agreement in time? I can save her when she is close to death I can also kill her easily.

I understand No matter how far it is I, Ma Yingxiong Will reach the place you live in time Enough, I’m going to save this girl You just stay out of the way My new plane is ruined Butler, I want to say something It’s ok, young master.

The plane is gone, just buy a new one Wait How much was this plane? Maybe four or five hundred million yuan It’s… It’s so cheap Buy more planes next time Yes, young master How are we getting home now?.

Butler, you are the best Faster Yes, young master I want to experience the feeling of running in the wind D cup Haven't we arrived yet? No need to rush I’m not rushing I just don’t know.

Where master Muzi wants to take me to It’s so hot out here If you're afraid, just go back If I’m going to face something terrible Then I shouldn’t leave you alone You can take it off now This is the last The last? When I was young, my mom and I usually came here for picnics.

She taught me a lot here Including How to find a good husband Are you satisfied? If you're not satisfied I have thousand ways to satisfy you When you say it like that, how could I be not satisfied… You seem to be being dishonest~ Maybe I still need to do something.

Just let me go Miss Muzi “wild fight” You don’t want it? Wild…wild fight? I Wan…want to try Come You mean this kind of fight?.

What did you think I meant? Of..of course it's… If you can say it, then I can give it I won’t let you experience anything terrible I promise So just rest easy You don’t need to worry anymore You won’t be alone anymore.

There's no need to force yourself to do something you don’t like whether it is fight or anything else you don’t need to suffer alone but I still have something to do Revenge? Or… I have to take back my real first kiss Pass through boundaries of life and death, stride over the peak of the sky Look at this dim dark sky from the distance.

Glowing tears on fair skin Melt this dark night Souls entwine both on watch Protect the candle-like warmth Under the night sky sunflowers are swaying in the wind we meet again, little snakeUnder the night sky sunflowers are swaying in the wind we meet again, little snake As the night will always pass bywe meet again, little snake As the night will always pass by.

Let's embrace the new dawn Thank you(Let's embrace the new dawn) Let's embrace the new dawn Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! It's the whisper of wavesWaken at nightfall The scenery outside the window is dyed red by the afterglow Blank moodScattered time No one is along with me to the dawn time Ear is listeningWind is passed.

Could I hear the sound of your heart beat? Let this wind blows hair to the air Bit bit drops into my heartPitter-patter is perpetual Rose in the vase rises her white body sideways It rejects of dying alone Muzi:Let's co-cultivate tonight

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