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“Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 12 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Ru Yue Ma…master Have you finished the mission? Master, I failed Did they have a better Cultivation Base than you? or did you not take the mission to heart at all?.

Neither I’ll explain for you You already colluded with them and plan to kill me, right? That’s not true, I wouldn't dare betray you Everything is under my observation Do you remember that uncle who was cleaning up the school? You…you secretly disguised yourself It can be more convenient to suck some students that way,.

And sometimes I learn of something unexpected Such as you betraying me Old devil I’ll indulge you in this game of chase and finally reach a perfect end to our teacher and pupil relationship You bought this dagger Yes, Ling Er chose it for me This is a sealed spirit weapon A Real Dragon Soul was sealed inside it.

It is said that a senior killed a red dragon that was bringing disaster as it walked the world, and he sealed its soul into this dagger The Real Dragon blood on the dagger is extremely corrosive A real Dragon soul? Real Dragon blood? You seem to be very familiar with the history of this dagger Yes, I've existed in the world for a long time so I've heard of it before Master, it was actually Li Xuanzi who killed the dragon So that's how it is.

I really got a valuable dagger Let’s see what happens after I release the Real Dragon to bite that old monster The Real Dragon is a yaoguai beast Most yaoguai beasts are hostile to humans If master really does release it… I’m afraid that it will only cause more trouble And I don’t know how to release it Then it makes no difference whether or not we possess it Awkward….

No, after all the dagger is still a magical treasure So it must have some special technique Master can try putting spirit energy in it and see what happens Let me try Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Body Separation! Just this ordinary technique? I don’t think it is, these three bodies I can't tell which is real even though I have such a good cultivation base.

It’s so amazing, right? By the way, you can use use spirit energy freely now? It’s all because of Ling Er’s help That old monster knows everything and wants to kill us, converge at the designated location Ru Yue started the plan, we need to go Yingxiong, do you really want to do this? To fight that old guy… Of course Put this on.

Promise me, no matter what happens, stay alive Muzi, no matter what happens, I will protect you Master Old devil, you've planned to kill me for a long time, haven't you? Correct, your intelligence is enough to allow you to reach Core Formation. If that happens, I won't be able to control you at all You must have planned to do this back when you took me as an apprentice So what? Now that things have gotten this far, there's no need to lie Starting from the moment I saw your intelligence.

You were definitely the invigoration I planned to raise for 16 years to help me to reach Late Stage of Core Formation Damn it He's in Core Formation, we can’t defeat him straight up We need to try to find a way to use the Array, it’s our key to wining I hope we succeed I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling No My dear disciple, just give up, you will only make me more excited if you continue struggling.

Now that I can’t escape, I’ll try my best to fight with you till the last moment, maybe I'll have the slightest chance You have no chance, now come and give me you spirit energy Look over here Yingxiong Body Separation, little kid This isn’t ordinary Body Separation It doesn’t make sense, now that you are here I’ll kill you all, bloody palm Ru Yue, Muzi, let’s attack together, I can't always rely on you to save me.

The old devil’s cover is too strong, we need to find its weaknesses We attack together I am slightly amused by your struggle Flame Fist You silly ants, you know nothing about the power of Core Formation Li fire Here Your skill is insignificant Core Formation’s spirit energy is so powerful, but there is Real Dragon blood on this dagger.

Maybe it can break his cover Let’s gamble Your action ends now, just lay down and die This is my chance Old devil, we won’t simply wait for death Sword in fist Piss off Yingxiong, is that? It worked.

Old devil, accept your death Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! It's the whisper of wavesWaken at nightfall The scenery outside the window is dyed red by the afterglow Blank moodScattered time No one is along with me to the dawn time Ear is listeningWind is passed Could I hear the sound of your heart beat? Let this wind blows hair to the air.

Bit bit drops into my heartPitter-patter is perpetual Bit bit drops into my heart Rose in the vase rises her white body sideways It rejects of dying alone

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