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“Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 13 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! It seems you can be injured even at Core Formation level, I thought you were invulnerable. What is that dagger? This weapon is called the dog killing dagger it professionally kills dogs like you Fool This is….

Monster, you seem to be quite fast I almost fell for your trap It’s the dragon blood’s feature These bodies, I can't tell which is real even though I have such a good cultivation base It’s awesome right? I think it's awesome tooIt’s awesome right? I think it's awesome too Do you know which is the real me? Body Separation cannot be maintain for a long time.

It will disappear after two hours Master’s spirit energy can also create no more than two bodies I think that's right But I found that there’s also a special use What is it? I can transfer my soul between the bodies You mean that you can freely switch between those bodies? If you can move from body to body You can avoid fatal injuries when you are in danger.

And also confuse the enemy That’s right We need to rely on the dagger's special ability to fight against that monster I can see that your Body Separation must be the skill of that dagger How bright of you You're pretending to be relaxed, so I make the first hit and you can hurt me again, right? A good scheme Too bad it didn't work You have no chance now.

Now let me show you my Fiend Art Oh no No Our spirit energy is being sucked away I didn’t expect his Fiend Art to be this powerful It also dries your blood Is this the end? Ling Er I shall obey my master’s conjuring.

Who are you? You're not qualified enough to ask Leave here immediately or I will kill you Master, leave here now I can only hold him for two hours at most Ling Er, you I even can’t identify her cultivation base Could it be… no Even though she has a high cultivation base.

If she was able to attack She wouldn't wait this long I don’t know who you are But I know there must be some limitation keeping you from attacking me Do you want to die? I’ll show you the way Could she… Have the tides churned in our favor? Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Indeed, just as I thought.

No one can leave! Muzi, Ruyue, leave now I’ll hold him here with Ling Er for a while Master, you go with them, I can deal with him alone No way, Yingxiong, I won’t leave, even if we die here we'll just die together We need to think of a strategy while he's trapped there Your spirit energy is so powerful, yet you still don't attack me? So you…I see, you called him master just now You must be a weapon spirit or something similar.

No wonder you can’t attack He knows everything We need to get out of here While she can still stop him We can think up another plan later Yingxiong, Ruyue is right We can’t defeat him now Ling Er has such a high cultivation base, she won't have a problem stopping that monster We'll have enough time to start the Array.

Then Ling Er, come back after you hold him here for a little while, we'll leave first No problem, master Damn it You can’t escape Ling Er is back, but I’ve almost run out of spirit energy That monster must have used a lot of spirit energy as well He definitely thinks we have nowhere to escape to In his condition, he won’t know we've placed a trap.

Why did you stop running? Are you going to make your last stand? How naïve Yang Flame Array Start-up What is this? Is this… We trapped him, attack now Hey, monster, taste my flame fist You.

You didn’t expect this, did you? Li fire You fools Yingxiong Why did The Yang Flame Array have no effect on you? Ruyue, you secretly read my Fiend Art book All the weakness of my Fiend Art that are recorded in that book are fake If.

If that's true, the record saying Fiend Art fears yang things was my trap for you The Yang Flame Array didn’t weaken him, instead it made him stronger That’s right Such Arrays containing yang don’t weaken me but instead make my Fiend Art many times stronger If my acting wasn't this great Then how would I hide in people and eat them without ever being realized I wrote the fake weakness in that book.

Its purpose was to trick you into using thisArray to improve the power of my Fiend Art So that I can kill you all here And then take your spirit energy to reach the Late-Stage of Core Formation Run Trying to escape? No way Since I’m here, I won’t let you hurt my master Again, you damn weapon spirit Damn it, She’s blocking my way, my food will escape soon.

It seems there's only one thing I can do… My dear Ruyue Old devil Don’t stop, he wants to move you with your kinship Take it easy, i'm not a child Actually for many years, I've wanted to tell you a secret About the truth of the slaughtering of your village What?.

Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Mountain breeze sends words from the distance Reverberate in the village,in the silent moon night Want to give ear to listen but out of reach Push aside clouds one by one,stars congeal intoglittering and translucent water-drop Girl's voice passes through the overlapping forests Take branch by hand to frolic,go and find out how many secrets hidden in the cave Rithe reflected the silhouette of snuggling up to each other Wish you can be like that moon,and I,will be stars in the sky.

Enhance each other's bright at every restlessly night Mountain breeze took girl's somniloquy away Dissipation of cloud and mist,wipe out solidified dew drop The light get through the forest,light up the footprint The moonlight covered the boundless roadand can accompany with you again

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