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Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! 20 years ago In order to get a snake spirit’s core I tracked it to a village known as Xi Di What I didn’t expect was also finding something else strange monster girl Hit her, hit her strange monster girl, hit her, hit her A six year-old.

Who has already reached the Late-Stage of Qi Condensation. She has a body which has been able to self-cultivate since birth This is a rare super spirit root I’ll get her and use her to remedy my terrible intelligence He's so accurate, it's awesome Little friend, stay here a moment But she unexpected refused me So, in order to get her.

I massacred her entire while village disguised as the snake spirit And used a magical grass which can make yaoguai go crazy To make that snake spirit get lost itself The girl thought it had killed all those people but couldn’t take revenge So she asked for my help in killing the snake spirit The cost was to follow me and cultivate under my education Not only did I get you, a nourishing super spirit root I also got the core of that snake spirit My dear Ruyue.

Hearing this story How does it make you feel? Little snake, little snake You evil monster I’ll kill you Ruyue Muzi, I’ll chase her, it’s too dangerous for her to fight alone Yingxiong It seems that'll be the only way.

Go to hell! You are still so naïve Controlling Art You kid, you hid the weapon behind Ruyue You are just as insidious as I am. Ling Er, come back Ruyue is emotionally impulsive, so she easily fell for your trap But you're overconfident You think everything is under your control.

You deserve to be hurt Kid I'll tear you to pieces Controlling Art To fool me with such low art, I’ll show you a real Controlling Art Come here Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Butler.

1982’s Lafite is terrible for rins ing one's mouth I need a 1970's next time Yes, young master Butler, what’s going on? Is someone blocking the road? Young master, no one would block an airplane Something terrible happened, young master I lost control of the airplane, it's gonna crash soon It will crash in about 2 minutes.

I’ll leave first if you don’t mind I won't be in need of this month’s salary Are you kidding me, where's my parachute? Not good, young master Our young master must leave first This kind of power Could it be… I’m still a virgin, I don’t wanna die Butler.

Am I hallucinating? I saw a girl fly by Young master, I can’t see anything This is the real Heaven's Punishment Start My Foundation Establishment Heaven's Punishment This will smash you into flesh and mud I finally can use part of the ability of my Dark Sky Is this….

Heaven's Punishment? I have to rely on the power of the thunder from the Punishment To kill this monster Passing the Heaven's Punishment while fighting? The thunder is even being absorbed by her Could she be the rare thunder spirit root? I'm lucky, that you're just in Foundation Establishment Or I’d have to escape Muzi.

You're… Go to hell, old monster But even if I can absorb just you, the thunder spirit root of Foundation Establishment I will reach the Late-Stage of Core Formation Muzi Old monster, I have to thank you for helping me pass my Heaven's Punishment Little girl Go die Muzi, watch out!!.

Yingxiong, stay back Muzi No This is the charm Muzi gave me Even with all your various ways of staying alive, I will still kill you Muzi Lend me your power.

Old monster Open your eyes and just look This is My Heaven's Punishment Girlfriend Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! It's the whisper of wavesWaken at nightfall The scenery outside the window is dyed red by the afterglow Blank moodScattered time No one is along with me to the dawn time.

Ear is listeningWind is passed Could I hear the sound of your heart beat? Let this wind blows hair to the air Bit bit drops into my heartPitter-patter is perpetual Rose in the vase rises her white body sideways It rejects of dying alone

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