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Imagine a world without gotcha games and waifu figures people would starve society would crumble and hentai would only be accessible in some form of hieroglyphics Heavenly delusion is an underrated post-apocalyptic anime that immerses you into an abandoned world full of mystery and danger and it might give you similar Vibes to the promised.

Neverland hopefully just the first season Maru and kiruko are two kids who weren't old enough to remember what the world was like before the apocalypse happened so at least they didn't have to watch season 2 of The Promised Neverland a normal day in their life consists of exploring the deserted civilization Scavenging through houses for food and.

Supplies and that routine probably gets pretty depressing because there's a lot of dead bodies and other sad you don't really want to see but in spite of that kiruko keeps a positive attitude and always makes the most of her unfortunate situation something that makes her a great character is her ability to find joy in anything a fresh.

Pack of toilet paper jackpot boys let's go to be fair though I've already seen videos of people fighting over toilet paper and there hasn't even been an apocalypse in Florida yet but to kiriko it's the simple things in life that really matter like using a toilet that may never be flushed again you see in a world without Plumbing toilets are.

A delicacy I mean how could anyone resist plopping one into a clean starving toilet that hasn't tasted poop in years this toilet can't even remember the last time it got shot in its lonely porcelain skin Longs for the touch of a warm human ass every night this poor toilet closes its lid and dreams of one day being flushed again it really makes.

Me appreciate the I took this morning hell after launch I might even go back for seconds anyway kiriko's life isn't just rainbows and toilets and sunshine she has to deal with being assaulted by Bandits just because she's a girl because for some reason whenever there's an apocalypse men suddenly start acting like Andrew Tate whenever they.

Find a defenseless woman so luckily kiruko stays strapped at all times to protect herself because it's mandatory to keep that blicky on you in a world where safety isn't guaranteed survival is a privilege so Scavenging supplies and fighting off Bandits is just another average day for Maru and kiriko but occasionally they stumble upon something.

Unusual and that's where this anime gets especially interesting for example one day they come across a building that used to be an inn except somehow it's open for business they walk inside and The Innkeeper offers them a warm dinner and a place to sleep in exchange for a pack of double a batteries I guess Bitcoin wasn't an acceptable form of.

Payment I like this detail because a realistic apocalypse would Grant immense value to a lot of the Practical Goods we often take for granted while at the same time rendering luxury items completely useless that perspective really makes you think twice about investing in stocks waifu figures and Yu-Gi-Oh cards because if you run out of toilet paper.

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Free and get an extra 50 Stellar Jades by using the promo code hsrver damn that's a big one guys I think this might be a nuclear launch code either way I'll just put it in the description and you guys can copy and paste it from there thank you again to honkai Star rail for sponsoring this video now back to the apocalypse anyway The Innkeeper lady is.

A bit Goofy and there seems to be something off about her for some reason she randomly warns them about the dangers of their incestuous relationship even though they aren't related nor are they even in a relationship later that night though the mood changes and the whole vibe of the anime does a 180. suddenly I started to understand how.

This apocalypse might have happened the main characters are attacked by a man-eating monster and we learned that the weird Innkeeper lady has been drugging people to feed to it ever since her son was eaten by it long ago she's been taking care of it and keeping it fed even though the evil dick chicken literally ate her son her motherly.

Instinct forces her to love and protect it because it's the only part of her son that she has left and then that happened exploring this post-apocalyptic World honestly seemed kind of appealing to me at first but I changed my mind real fast I'm perfectly happy in our pre-apocalyptic world so.

stockpiling toilet paper and collecting bottle caps I'm just gonna hide in my room and play gotcha games instead feel free to join me believe it or not there's actually a second storyline progressing at the same time as the one I just told you about a large community has been living safely inside these massive walls with a roof.

Completely isolated from the outside world and undisturbed by the monsters as well also there's a lot of different kinds of monsters too this one can fly and cut things but this one can go invisible and this one is of fish with arms it doesn't really do anything it's basically just a fish with arms they could have given it feet instead but I.

Guess they wanted to keep it family friendly anyway the children born in this walled off civilization are unaware of of the outside world the adults keep them trapped here and monitor them with security cameras it's by far the most advanced Society we've seen in this anime and there's also some creepy experimentation going on because all the.

Kids are born with weird abilities this girl can climb walls this dude can go invisible and these two girls can well so far they're just gay I'm only on episode 7 so I don't really know what's going on but regardless this anime introduces a new mystery like every other scene and it's actually insane how many questions and theories I have.

There's only 13 episodes so I have no idea how they plan to tie everything together but I can't wait to find out every episode feels like it ends 10 minutes early and leaves you dying to watch the next one it also bounces between like five different genres at once and still manages to nail it every single time my favorite kind of anime.

Though is one that makes you think and Heavenly delusion gives us plenty of questions to ask but rarely ever provides a straight answer you guys will notice this due to my seamless editing but episode 8 just came out so I'm actually gonna go watch it right now and I'll get right back to you with my thoughts after it's over.

That was wow I don't even know what to say without spoiling it but damn easily the best episode of the Season 10 out of 10. that was up amazing episode but I kind of feel like now if you guys aren't watching this anime yet just trust me on this one it's worth your time I need to like go outside or something after that God I feel like I.

Just got pegged in the heart anyway Heavenly delusion is amazing and super underrated I can almost guarantee that it's going to make it to S tier in my upcoming tier list video so stay tuned for that I'm not gonna claim that it's better than oshinoko but I've been enjoying it just as much and it's definitely the anime I've been looking.

Forward to the most every week I apologize for not uploading anything this past month I was just very busy working on a very important video all right you want the truth I was training agility in RuneScape yeah I know some of you thought maybe I was dead but in reality I was only dead inside thanks everyone for watching I'm.

Out for now peace

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