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“Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 16 [292] Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! There are so many people with similar talents as me Damned A person is missing Has he risen yet? What do you think of this 4th floor? wanna go back up Tsk.

Impossible I've reached my limit I still have some energy But I'm afraid I can't go to the 5th floor Looks like it's just me… Duan Jian and brother Yuyan who still looked normal Then you can practice here My sister and I are going upstairs to try it Duan Jian stayed behind to protect everyone.

And I don't know what other surprises there are… that will be at the top Nie Li, be careful Do not worry Tsk The 5th floor of the Black Flame Pagoda Is it just a place, easy to say A very powerful Black Flame.

Already climbed the sixth step Strange I have never seen this young man before, nor the one who has just ascended Where are they from? Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! The burning Black Flame in the Sea of ​​Souls grows ever stronger But I can also draw more power from it Goddess Brother must have absorbed more of the fire laws Correct.

The Black Flames here cannot harm me On the contrary, it can help me recover Apparently so Does Sister Dewi know then… the origin of this pagoda? In a time that is even older than antiquity They are two strong men… who understood the legendary Boundless Mystery They fought a great battle…

For something Her cultivation bases were extremely extraordinary Not even the spirit gods dared to interfere in their fight This Black Flame Pagoda is the treasure they left behind When this treasure fell The entire plain became a land of fire It was rumored that of the two strong men, one was killed and one injured But nobody saw her anymore Apparently so.

I think this pagoda is also managed by the lord of the underworld Nobody can dismantle this pagoda And no new owners The spirit gods of later generations… Use it as a test page Who imprisoned the celestial unicorn demonic beast? There's no way to find out The secret of infinity? Could it be that the two strong men were the disciples of the great Emperor Kongming?.

I learned earlier from the Ascension Monument There are five heirs to Emperor Kongming… plus me And in the great battle there was one dead and one wounded That means there are four more That is good news And this crazy old man I met in the Black Prison Kingdom I'm afraid he's also one of the heirs infinity without beginning.

Without a beginning there is no end He appeared in front of me three times and recited Daoist truths He must have known my identity Why do nothing? With his power he could easily kill me… and gain 'Infinity' from my body Then there is only one reason I am too weak I'm just like that heavenly unicorn demon beast.

Is fattened and then killed Unfortunately even let me go You will regret it I didn't think we would meet here Attack without saying a word you are so rude king of the devil “Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 17 [293].

Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! You really already know who I am Wouldn't that be too stupid… When you can't even guess? This was actually an eight-armed black prison demon beast I don't even know much about this type of demon beast… who only appeared in the Black Prison Realm But I can feel it The demon lord understood…

Black prison laws to the max And the distance is very small… From the spirit god you have many hands 10 times the vitality explosion of light and darkness is it dead Such a small space… It even affects me What?, so fast.

No, the Tiger Tooth Panda was not his opponent shrinkage Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Very interesting I have to admit… That your talent is exceptional Actually mastered the power of the three laws But compared to my largest body You are still too far.

There is such a power of perception bone wall Damned Couldn't find any loopholes at all Upon arrival at the 5th floor His strength kept growing The mastery of the force is even more perfect Now I'm the opponent The law of death huh.

Useless Your minion is finally ready to appear Don't worry, I still have a way to save my life But fear that there is no chance of winning… If I keep fighting The strength he was showing at that point It can destroy me And I still feel An even stronger magical power lurked in his body.

When this force is stimulated It gets even more complicated I will do my best You accomodate yourself Enough Fighting you can at least convince me You are not a spiritual practitioner I am just curious How did you achieve your current cultivation and insight?.

Today I will not rush to kill you And see what level you can reach in the future Hey Can you kill me? This is still a question Ach are you confident enough See you in the realm of the dragon ruins These two people All of his talents are extraordinary.

The fused demon spirits are also very strong It seems hard to tell the difference I think grey-haired teenagers are stronger But both have their own advantages This person is really not easy Very interesting It's my first time Interested in people in the small world Unexpectedly.

Even Yu Yan moved as well Yu Yan was only the lowest Geistgott Maybe not even knowing that the realm of dragon ruins exists, right? Although Yu Yan was the lowest spirit god But in the Spirit-God battle Even the attacks of many strong people could not wipe out his soul After that, he could only be held under the Black Spring He was one of humanity's most feared spirit gods from the clan of demonic beasts After me.

Should she follow him… to the Divine Feathers sect to accompany him? It is up to you to decide this matter You all pay a lot of attention to your face We have visitors from the underworld I'll see him right away visitors? Could it be… “Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 18 [294].

Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Because it came Why don't you say hello? Zhu Lang I didn't think we would see each other again so soon Ming This is the small world of Linglong People from the Demon God Sect cannot enter Ah, I'm in.

Then all I can do is throw you out Hahahaha Ming You're still as arrogant as before Our demon clan isn't what it used to be If you keep insisting Then don't blame me for being rude Übergib Your Yan Stop protecting it.

I can stop doing other things Unless… Zhu Lang Dare to speak crazy words in my underworld Hm your cultivation base It's way better than the last fight Ming You're not bad either.

You have condensed a heart lotus Correct You are no longer my opponent Ming Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Land of Nine Deaths 8th floor It was even frozen by the mysterious Ice Laws Zhu Long's strength increased so quickly Far beyond my imagination.

As long as you are willing to submit to me This little Linglong world Our world will be together You want to control the Linglong Tiny World… It won't be as easy as you imagine Oh Could it be that you can still turn the situation around? you are not alone I think you felt it from the start.

I said last time As long as you surrender to Yu Yan We can fully control the Linglong Small World together If you keep insisting Once I subjugated another spirit god people like you Can't escape anywhere Zhu Lang Simply because your cultivation is invincible.

Do you think you can control the Linglong Tiny World? Abyss World, Lava World and strong practitioners of other races You really think you can control it You can't even break through the dream cloud realm of humanity now But dare to brag about wanting to control this Linglong Small World Dieser Yu Yan Here you are right now But you must remember this Sooner or later.

I will catch him Are you all right? It does not matter If you know that I should have done my best to kill him back then He had just condensed the heart lotus It's scary, even when the six of us get together Nor is it his opponent Luckily he doesn't know much about us.

So he dared not act rashly Hmm The battle between the Demon God Sect and the Divine Feather Sect earlier I have died three times If not is not suppressed by him We need to regain our strength quickly You want to go to the 6th floor with me Hm I will go there.

This is good Always make sure… Don't let me enter into a state of selflessness “Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episodio 295 [19] “Anime Xin” Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Be careful not to bake it Tsk let me calm my mind first He is alone.

This egg has an extremely strong killing aura. This should be a hidden power within his bloodline. His ancestors had been through countless murders. And left this terrible breath such a ferocious beast Do you still need to incubate it? It's very dangerous I have to find a way to destroy it. It's too late?.

Nie Li, what kind of creature is this? The energy that was released just now… Too big I do not know either Now there is no trace of power fluctuations on it. First of all, it absorbed a lot of my ley power. Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! This little creature doesn't look like a threat either. If you don't want it, leave it.

Mmm Even though the murderous aura in his bloodline was terrifying. but just born and without sin By guiding him from birth It should not be the same as its ancestor. So we left it Mmm you will follow us from now on.

Be sure to obey, you understand. This little creature seems to understand what I mean. So disrespectful from birth Better kill him? brother yu yan You may have misunderstood Your skirt was altered by the power of the Laws So he just devoured the power of the Law, right? This creature absorbs energy non-stop since before it was born.

It seemed like it was swallowing energy to stay alive. naughty boy A woman's skirt cannot be torn without care. You understand, right? does not seem to understand anything So I couldn't help it Brother, you must wear a normal skirt in the future. Aren't they normal skirts…? lost in battle?.

So both are also good. ordinary skirt… Along with a legal skirt Impossible It seems that the black flames here have been devoured by him. the entire 5th floor I can't feel the black flames anymore This little creature is simply extraordinary. This is a monster that devours everything.

It's been so scary since newborn How do we face it in the future? Oh That's enough Change it slowly later What kind of monster was this newborn little creature? He even has so much strength. this creature I'm afraid it's not a monster.

But spiritual beings “Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 20 [296] Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! spirit beast Ancient lineage Apparently so Only spirit beasts… who have such skills It was rumored that once the spirit animal hatched, it would automatically recognize its master.

And establishes a soul connection with his master Even had a soul connection… who will not change his master The luck of this young man was very good We all… Cannot even see a lower spirit animal What is a spirit animal? I also raised spirit beasts in my past life. After the spirit animal hatches.

The master will establish an inseparable soul connection with the spirit animal But I can feel only a faint connection to him It seemed like it wasn't just a spirit animal to see you spinning around… I call you Jindan (Golden Egg) It doesn't matter what it's called I hope you don't eat my skirt anymore Let's go to the 6th floor brother Yu Yan Hm.

There is no more Black Flame on this 5th floor I can't practice anymore The Black Flame on the 6th floor is amazing The demon lords probably don't trust us anymore Is this the 6th floor? What happened? The demon king left too? This floor seems to be an illusory floor Illusion?.

You feel it don't you? Bruder You Yan In this huge room Countless powerful breaths stare at us This is really very scary The intensity of the Black Flame was almost at its limit here Whatever it is As long as I can cultivate to the egoless state of mind I will be able to pass the exam.

You practice quietly I will take care of you Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! If straight down I have touched the border of the egoless state of mind Unfortunately, after I felt the change in Jindan, everything ground to a halt I just need to recapture that feeling What a calm and peaceful feeling Extraordinary.

Infinity has no beginning Without a beginning there will be no end This soul can even enter my sea of ​​souls Also full of intent to kill A cheeky immigrant Ha ha ha ha I don't know how many years I was in this damn hole Now finally able to meet another heir Finally I had the chance to see the sky again.

Another legacy of Emperor Kongming This person invades my sea of ​​souls like crazy do you want to take over You think I'm too easy too Ach Also use the power of the law When you're young you actually have some skills But want to fight me This is not possible.

This person is difficult to deal with Tiger Fang Panda, Shadow Devil You boy, where are you from? Aside from understanding the power of the three laws Even still being able to combine two demon spirits Ha ha ha ha This body is better than I thought If yes Today I will fight against it.

Old man, get out of the ocean of my soul, quick Otherwise, don't accuse me of being reckless be mean to me? You think too highly of yourself too Even if I'm just a leftover soul But more than enough against you I'm sorry guys I need to borrow everyone's soul power again Soul formation.

You can actually control the soul power… And increase your power The power of law throughout the body was extremely disordered Could there be a problem with cultivation? How can it be like that Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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