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Switch Quality to 480 (FOR BETTER EXPERIENCE) Switch Quality to 480 (FOR BETTER EXPERIENCE) It seems that the second level is going to be successful Big brother, Uncle Xiao Yulan Congratulations on opening the second level space Your cultivation speed is indeed very fast.

Uncle Lan Is this your image or consciousness Can talk to you Do you think your soul is condensed into a golden core I guess it must have been taught by her Uncle Lan knows Senior Zuo Qiumei, let me try your current strength.

And found it. You are considered the pinnacle in the fairy world , but you are still powerless in front of you. That's because of you I come from a different background . Are.

You so smart? You must have already guessed that Li’er is really in the God Realm. Xiaoyu believes that you will soon ascend to the God Realm. In fact, Li’er is also working hard in the past. She doesn’t like to practice, but now she is working harder than anyone else. It’s just a start . It's.

Too late and I can't leave the God Realm freely I will work hard Xiaoyu Waiting for you to open the third layer of the Jianglan Realm I will find a way to let you meet Li'er Hey hey hey I called you here for tea Big brother disappeared so.

Will there be any danger in a long time ? It 's dangerous. The Jiang Lan world is dangerous . I'm afraid there is no safe place. Brother, I 'm worried. I have nothing to worry about.

In Jiang Lan's world. I've opened the second floor . It's only been a year for the outside world and a hundred years for the inside. The outside world is ten.

Times stronger than here in a year! I have ascended and I have already reached the ninth level of the demon emperor realm. There is no need for this. Mr. Wulan, do you know what the state is after the soul is completed? After the soul is completed, it will form.

A golden core. I don’t know how long it will take to reach o6. Don’t think too much about it. 6 o6 Your current strength o6 The understanding of space alone is invincible.

In the world of immortals and demons. Nine turns, the ninth floor of the dark golden body should be able to get close. It seems that we can succeed this time, and we need to get closer to success. It’s strange that I’ve collected the cold lake.

Why is it still so cold ? Could it be that this golden ball is the real source of coldness ? What the hell is it that can freeze the soul? The teleportation array turned on,.

It's amazing! For a 15-star emperor-level powerhouse, Mr. Meteor has been in the dark star for three thousand years and is eligible to be awarded a 15-star emperor-level token. Please wait a moment for Mr. Meteor to verify it with a drop of blood. Lord Meteor , wait a moment , this is a message from Jin Xingjun. Jin Xingjun.

Meteor, as a practitioner of my Jinxing sect, as long as you reach the fifteen-star emperor level, you will be a candidate for the next Jinxingjun. You are eligible The competition for the next monarch, your strength has been recognized, the sect invites you to be enshrined in our holy mountain,.

Thank you for the elder's message, but I have something important to do, sorry, I am not interested in enshrining , the most urgent thing is to go to the fairy, demon, and demon world, in the boundless dark star world Among.

Them, Jin Xingzong is the most powerful. According to what you said, Meteor used to be an interstellar ascetic, but now he is a member of Sangyuan Star. This person is similar to Your Majesty. Your experience has been unknown before and suddenly passed through the High Emperor. The first-level trial.

Is indeed similar to my experience. Now he has passed the fifteen-star emperor-level cultivation. The next candidate for Jin Xingjun should be counted as his majesty.

. The power is no less than the flow of broken gold! Stop who trespassing into the Temple of Mystery ? My name is Meteor, I hope to enter the Temple of Mystery.

To find some opportunities. Who are you ? The entrance has been sealed by the three monarchs with the treasure of inheritance. I am just a small supervisor. I can’t open the entrance. How to open it requires the consent of the three monarchs.

. It is such a trouble. What if I break the seal? Master Meteor , the three monarchs I once said that if someone can break the seal , just break the three monarchs. The seal is so strong. Why.

Is it so strange that you can make the seal vibrate ? A 17-star emperor-level master hit the seal with all his strength, and he didn't react at all. Meteor,.

Your blow is comparable to the strength of three monarchs. I don't know your real strength. It doesn't matter. I'm asking you to break the seal , but there are other ways. The access tokens refined by three monarchs can also be used.

You have to go to the Jin Xingzong to come out. 1 Metal beast, you beheaded my brothers before. Today, I want to avenge them. With your 12-star emperor-level strength, you are the previous one. The second child of the metal beast that escaped, wild wild beasts wantonly killing innocent people,.

what will happen to you today, this trap is still satisfying, let’s try that lord’s tricks, hahaha, that lord, it seems that there are still people behind you, so what.

Today you will die without a place to bury you Hahahaha hide and hide.

Is what a man did Our attack on Sanna Village was actually aimed at Mr. Wenfeng , but unexpectedly, Mr. You intervened and caused a loss Who is he?.

He is a good way to kill people.

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