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Imagine being a regular teenager when all of a sudden you're summoned to another world you become a king tasked with saving a kingdom which is burdened with overwhelming debt in an alternate World King Albert of alfreden and prime minister Marx decide to summon a hero to face a dire threat cosmosoma a young man training to be a civil servant finds.

Himself summoned as their hero Albert and Marx explain that demons appeared 10 years ago and took over the northern kingdoms the remaining kingdoms managed to keep them from invading but maintaining armies is expensive therefore Casio was summoned by the bankrupt Alfred and Kingdom to trade with the grand chaos Kingdom instead of.

Gold kazia convinces Albert to keep him as he was training to be a civil servant for three days kazua learns everything he can about alfreden's economy on the fourth day Albert announces that he is abdicating the throne to a shocked kazia who will also marry his daughter Elisha lysia is convinced that kazia stole the kingdom but is surprised to find that he.

Has already found the money for Grand chaos by trading Alfred and jewelry to the neighboring emodina principality lysia realizes that his other plans are also well thought out elsewhere Duchess XL of Walter sends her granddaughter Canaria to spy on kazuya and decide if he is as capable as he appears Marx puts kazia through an aptitude test to see if.

He can use magic kazia discovers that his magic can copy his Consciousness into objects which then behave as if they are him so he and chance pens to do his paperwork he also puts his assistants to work identifying overspending and fraud in the Kingdom's budget kazia then invites Licia to alfredman's Farms where he explains that.

Too much Farmland is growing cotton which is now worthless due to supply exceeding demand while lysia is impressed with his Insight she is concerned that kazuya still talks about one day abdicating and returning to Japan kazuya later meets Captain Ludwin of the royal guard and explains that Albert's advisors are not of much use as.

They caused alfredon's problems in the first place so he needs new advisors kazuya magically transmits a message to the entire Kingdom based on the teachings of his hero cow cow he states that if anyone has an exceptionally useful skill he will hire them regardless of age social background or level of Education this inspires the.

Whole Kingdom and hundreds of people begin flocking to the city to audition their skills lysia wonders if Kazu would remain King if she agreed to marry him as people begin auditioning their skills kazuya meets five individuals deemed the greatest Aisha udgard a dark elf with exceptional military abilities swears fealty to him after receiving kazuya's.

Knowledge on saving the dying trees of the god protected Forest Juda Doma a human singer with Lauralee ancestry sings a Japanese song from kazuya's phone lifting the spirits of the entire Kingdom Pancho panicata a nervous human Glutton is noted for having sampled every Cuisine kazuya is excited to meet him as he plans to use his knowledge to.

Save the kingdom and grants him the title of a shizuka seeing their King honor a man previously seen as useless many others are inspired to audition hakuya Kwan Min a human with unrivaled knowledge and memory asks to be kazuya's advisor after deeming him a good King based on how he treated Pancho lastly Tome inui a Mystic wolf girl and.

Homeless Refugee reveals that she can talk to animals nervously Kazu leaves his throne and kneels in front of her where she Whispers something important in his ear kazia reveals to Marx lysia and Ludwin that Tone's skill allows her to speak to Demons a major barrier in the war is that no one can understand the demon language however with tome's.

Ability there is hope for negotiations and the potential for peace kazuya is concerned that if news of tome's power leaks out it could lead to war with other kingdoms who may want to possess her power for themselves Marx suggests that kazuya adopt tone but kazuya can't do that unless he is married Licia suggests letting her parents adopt Tome.

As well and bringing tome's mother and brother to live at the palace kazuya accepts the idea Licia later becomes annoyed when kazuya claims that the only place he can be left alone to relax is her bedroom Pancho returns from a food gathering mission and kazia immediately broadcasts a rudimentary cookery program to the entire Kingdom demonstrating.

Unfamiliar foods from other nations that they can survive on until he solves the food shortage examples include octopus burdock root and giant Locust kazuya also happily discovers that salted beans and fermented Mash water taste identical to miso in soy sauce Poncho reveals the final food item which causes quite a stir this item is a creature called.

Galen which when prepared properly creates a dish similar to Kudzu noodles Marx announces that he is retiring as prime minister and suggests kuya as his replacement kazuya agrees and gives Marx a less stressful job hoping to use his experience to navigate Kingdom politics hakuya insists that kazuya take the afternoon off to relax and at the same.

Time take lysia on a date with Aisha serving as their bodyguard Aisha reminds kazuya to visit her Forest soon as some Elves are refusing to cut down any trees even if it makes the forest healthier kazia Licia and Aisha disguise themselves in Military Academy uniforms and decide to eat at the cafe where Juno Works while eating it becomes apparent.

That Aisha has a secret gluttonous side that almost Rivals Pancho kazuya learns that polygamy is legal and socially acceptable and he is surprised when lysia claims she would be willing to let kazia have up to eight wives including herself ensuring that she gets him to herself at least one day a week while considering the implications of this.

Kazuya overhears a young lady arguing with a man at the next table kazia narrates that because Alfred and royalty are humans the generals of the Army Navy and Air Force are from non-human species to ensure equality however the generals are currently ignoring kazuya in Juno's Cafe the lady a Mystic Fox named catafoxia argues with her friend Halbert.

Magna who is considering supporting the Carmen duchy against kazuya kaide has correctly guest kazia's intentions for trying to better the kingdom kazia reveals himself and points out that as a mage for alfreden's Army kaide would have to fight if Duke Carmen starts a civil war meaning she might die and there's a slim chance Halbert might have.

To face her in battle realizing that kazuya is wiser than he thought Albert sides with kazia Licia is impressed that kazian noticed halbert's feelings for kaiday but is concerned that he still talks about abdicating and marrying for love instead of politics glaive halbert's father asks kazia for forgiveness for his son's actions.

Instead kazia promotes Halbert to a staff officer in his royal guard and transfers him to the same unit to be Kai day's subordinate in gratitude glaive asks for a private meeting to give kazia important information magic comprises six disciplines the four elements plus light and darkness fire Mages join the Army wind the Air Force water the Navy.

And Earth The Forbidden Army while light becomes Medics dark abilities are varied kazuya uses his magic to possess a doll called little musashibo who joins him on adventures mapping tunnels beneath the city during their exploration they encounter a salamander that forces them to flee with little musashibo saving one Adventurer the adventurer develops a.

Crush on little musashibo thanks to kazia's secretaries he secures the funds for project venitineva which involves building a new port on alfredon's coast and constructing hundreds of New Roads kazia visits venetineva but learns that construction was halted by a village Elder named urip who claims the land belongs to Cayenne the god of the sea.

And is guarded by a sea monster after speaking to you reap kazia determines that the monster is actually a legend warning about the dangerous nature of the land and deduces that a tsunami strikes that area every few hundred years as a result he decides to relocate venetineva and has Earth Mages construct giant flood defenses this impresses.

Lysia as it shows that kazia is ensuring the Kingdom's safety even thousands of years into the future kazia also considers the differences in technology between Alfred and Japan as the elf population is short of laborers kazia assigns 50 soldiers from his forbidden Army including kaide and Halbert to construct the road Network kazuya.

Inspects the roads and reveals that they improve Transportation while ensuring that Wildlife is not negatively affected Aisha receives word from her father chief woden that a landslide in the god protected Forest has buried half of their Village kazia mobilizes the 50 soldiers and sends lysia to gather reinforcements as the forest is a.

Two-day Journey on foot Casia devises a plan to have his men travel faster using wagons pulled by Earth dragons they begin the disaster rescue operations and with the help of a prototype made of wood and mice controlled by kazia's Magic they locate all the missing Dark Elves whether they are alive or deceased lysia arrives with reinforcements to.

Start providing medical treatment clean up the landslide area and begin rebuilding the village woden's brother Rob Thor is devastated by the loss of his wife and the serious injury of his daughter Aisha reveals that Rob Thor was one of the main opponents of kazia's suggestion to thin out overpopulated trees which could have potentially.

Prevented the landslide lysia is surprised when kazia privately blames himself for not ensuring sufficient disaster preparedness for the entire kingdom kazuya is having trouble sleeping due to stress sojuna begins singing him to sleep Air Force General Castor Vargas contemplates rebelling against kazia with the support of the.

Amadina principality however Navy general Excel Walters is hesitant to join the Rebellion Army General gory Carmen despises kazuo for removing authoritative figures in the name of efficiency in the amadina principality King Gaius Reveals His ultimate plan to betray both sides kazia declares that the food shortage in alfreden is over.

And now must focus on a plan he considers cruel but necessary for the Kingdom's security despite Minister Colbert's warnings about violating the ban on inter-kingdom conflict Gaius ignores him and fires him gaius's daughter Aurora involves Colbert in her own plan instead kazia holds a meeting with the generals and warns them that.

They must either submit to his rule or be considered traitors Excel is satisfied to hear that she will not seek revenge and that legume City will remain alfredon's Naval Base she submits to kazia's rule on the other hand Caster refuses to accept kazia as king and becomes a traitor joining forces with Georg lysia cuts her hair which is seen.

As a vow of absolute resolve to a lion man like gorg kazia expresses his gratitude to Juna for arranging peace with her grandmother Excel prior to the meeting meanwhile the nation of emodina begins planning their Invasion with the intention of occupying altamura the Southernmost city of alfreden altamura's Lord Weis Guerrero surrenders to King.

Gaius in exchange for time to convince his soldiers who are loyal to kazuya to surrender Halbert and kaide lead the Forbidden Army kazia's royal guard and the elves in a battle against Carmen's Army defeating them however Carmen who had sheltered corrupt Nobles berates them for their lack of Battlefield experience and secretly hatches his own.

Plan it is revealed that wise has been disloyal to kazuya and has been taking orders from Excel who had been in altamura the entire time to delay Gaius as much as possible Castor sends his Air Force against the Forbidden Army and is surprised when kazia sends his largest Battleship Albert straight to Caster's Fortress Castor sends his daughter Carla.

To destroy the ship and capture kazia however Carla regrets that she could not convince her father to side with kazia she destroys the ship's Wheels but finds no crew or kazia only a wooden hand she realizes that kazuya was controlling Albert himself entirely by Magic to draw out the remaining Air Force allowing Kazu and his army to attack Castor in.

His Fortress without any defenses Caster is defeated by Aisha lysia and little musashibo he accepts his defeat and he and Carla are fitted with slave collars becoming subordinates Tallman is given command of the Air Force in order to support the Forbidden Army Carla is surprised that kazia allows people he considers friends like Halbert and kaide.

To speak to him casually on the other hand Carmen declares to the corrupt Nobles that they have lost when they suggest using citizens as human Shields Carmen has them arrested along with himself and all of them are fitted with slave collars kazia reveals that Carmen was never a traitor he had been loyal to kazia the whole time but posed as a.

Traitor to expose the hidden treason of the corrupt Nobles this allowed kazia to remove them for good this was the important information that Glade gave during their private meeting Excel reveals herself to Gaius who realizes that he had been tricked kazia broadcasts to the entire Kingdom announcing his defeat of Carmen and.

Castor and his intention to invade amadina Gaius attempts to return to amadina but loses half his army to forbid an army ambushes along the way by the time he makes it back to Vaughn and amadina's Royal Capital kazia has already captured it Gaius orders his army to attack but kazuya is troubled by how easily he declared war and concludes.

That he must actually act like a king Gaius orders his son Julius to retreat and personally enters the battle to kill kazuya kazuya attempts to give a verbal last will and testament to Carla naming lysia as Queen if he dies however Carla refuses and insists on killing diaspora Carla is overwhelmed by Gaius until he is distracted by kazia's arrival.

Allowing little musashibo to grab Gaius and explode Gaius survives long enough to contemptuously throw his sword at kazia's feet before being shot by kazia's archers Aurora receives word of her father's death and despite her dislike for him begins to cry knowing that he cannot legally claim amadina due to the ban on inter-kingdom war and that.

Amadina's citizens are bitter against alfreden kazia decides to sell their stockpiles of weapons to raise funds for rebuilding efforts and orders food supplies from alfreden to combat amadina's food shortages he also broadcasts a musical program hosted by Aisha and Juna which includes Margarita Wonder amidonia's most popular General.

Singing their national anthem this is done to prove that he has no ill will against amidonia now or in the future Maria Euphoria the idealistic leader of the grand chaos Empire who created the ban on inter-kingdom war sends her sister Jeannie to meet with kazia kazia exhausted from his efforts since ending gaius's oppressive military dictatorship.

Finds that amidonia citizens are constantly celebrating Pancho discovers a type of Lily with edible roots similar to potatoes that could potentially solve Amazon adonia's food problem however due to the Lily's toxic pollen they can only be harvested by orangutans kazia arranges for tamoy to negotiate with the orangutans and he takes her in Juna.

Shopping sometime later Janine appears and confronts kazuya revealing that she had been watching him and is happy to see that he is wise and just she states that the rumors of him Gathering a harem of famous women are false and acknowledges that he has been proven to be both humble and amusing Janine also apologizes partially attributing the.

Empire's fault to alfreden summoning kazia from Japan to settle their debts kazia understands that for alfreden it was a political necessity and he holds no grudge unfortunately Janine explains that his invasion was still illegal and he will have to answer to Maria posia returns home with Tomo and Juna and she gives gifts to Aisha and lysia thanks.

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